20 Best Roleplay Games Websites 2024

Modern roleplay games first came on the scene in the mid-1970s with Dungeons & Dragons, which was invented by Dave Arneson and Gary Gygax. Since then, the form of RPG games has proliferated with a wide variety of genres and characters.

Today, there are numerous roleplay games websites to visit. Among the more popular ones are 6d6 RPG, Immersion RPG, RetroRoleplaying and several others. However, the best roleplay games website is DriveThru RPG. The site has something for all with a wide range of genres.

More About RPGs

RPGs today take a hybrid approach, blending theatre, board games, make-believe, and fan fiction so that players can create stories collaboratively while playing with others.

Plus, RPGs involve more effort than imagination compared to board games like Scrabble or Monopoly.

The popularity of RPGs began to proliferate with the coronavirus-induced lockdowns, thereby attracting more players and reviving interest among veteran gamers. RPGs don’t need tactile experience so it’s easier to adapt to online play as almost everything happens in your imagination.

If you’re looking for the best RPG websites to get started, you’ll find a mix of sites that feature game enhancements and that you can sync to your preferred music.

You can also run your own game, play with others through video conferencing apps, or connect with game masters via message boards and marketplaces.

Here are our top picks for the best roleplay games websites.

Best Roleplay Games Websites

1. 6d6 RPG

Formerly 6d6 Fireball, this RPG website started as a way of taking a gaming hobby to the next level. Instead of the producers creating miniatures and writing games for themselves, they preferred to share with other gamers and launched a website with a small range of figures people liked but not many bought.

The site shifted its focus to publishing adventures, the oldest one being Savage Island, but it was too restrictive.

Consequently, the first published version of the RPG game was card-based and supported by the 6d6 online system that helps players create their own cards.

The following games had more freedom and flexibility, with more refinements based on hours of playtesting. Since then, more games have been launched with updated versions of existing adventures.

In 2015, they launched Age of Legends, which was the first full setting book for the RPG site and evolved from the card-based days of the first game editions.

2. Immersion RPG

Instead of playing a class, you can play a person while crafting your character with all the strengths, weaknesses, foibles, and traits of a living individual.

Immersion RPG removes levels and classes, so you can choose where your experience goes, and the narrator determines how the effects will unfold.

The mechanics of the gaming site are simple and detailed. A lot of care goes into the settings so as to make them as real and immersive for you as possible.

You get deep plots, complex societies, and motives, all of which live and breathe.

The game takes an approach of a world that has just survived an outbreak. The people are hurled into the ruins five years later trying to rebuild what’s left of a society that’s teetering on the edge of anarchy.

There are thriving settlements in a society where much has changed. Preying on the hubs of the society are warlords, cannibals, bandits, and crazies.

With the Infected series of games, you’ll encounter constant threats, new outbreaks, and be driven to the edge of extinction by bombings, wars, brutal quarantines, and purges.

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3. DriveThru RPG

DriveThru RPG is a family of sites including DriveThru Cards, Comics, Fiction, and Wargame Vault. The one-stop site offers role-playing games for all areas of interest and is devoted to RPG and related materials.

You can get titles from indie authors and publishers across a wide range of speculative fiction genres. They’ve also created DMsGuild in partnership with Wizards of the Coast and German RPG publishers to provide digital editions of the titles.

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4. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is based on a fantasy set in the world of Tyria. The game, which can be played by multiple players, involves creating a character based on race, character classes, or professions.

Players reassemble a group of adventurers called Destiny’s Edge who helped defeat an elder dragon. The storyline actually takes a different format depending on the player’s actions and decisions.

With each update, the game introduces new storyline elements, items, weapons, and rewards among other goodies. While the game doesn’t have traditional expansions like other games on this list, it adds seasons that are comparable to expansions.

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5. World of Warcraft

This roleplay game was released in 2004 and is the fourth in the WarCraft franchise. The game, which takes place in Azeroth, has received seven major expansions and become the most popular and most subscribed.

In this game, you can control a character from 1st or 3rd person perspective and explore the world, interact with other characters, complete quests, and fight different monsters from the universe.

You get different servers or realms, the latter which includes a player versus environment mode so you can complete quests and fight artificial intelligence-controlled characters.

You can also play against another player, contend with monsters and other player characters, or roleplay different scenarios.

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6. Star Wars: The Old Republic

This RPG game is set in the Star Wars universe and allows you to create characters, and join either the Sith Empire or the Galactic Republic. The game was released in 2011 and within a few weeks, it gained a subscription base.

The free-to-play game keeps changing its storyline, but it’s basically set about 300 years after the events of the Knights of the Old Republic in the same franchise.

Players get eight classes from which to base their characters and over 10 playable races and species.

Like Warcraft, you get to play against the environment and against other players. You also get servers with features like companions, space combat, and interactions with different characters.

The game has seen several expansion packs since it was launched, all of which come with more content, new items and chapters, gameplay updates, and more.

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7. The Elder Scrolls Online

This is another fantasy RPG game that’s set in Tamriel where the popular Skyrim version of the game takes place. The storyline is set over 1000 years before Skyrim, and you can play with other players.

You can build your own characters, pick from over 10 different races, or six classes. Whatever you choose will affect different skills from magic, attack, and passive skills.

As you progress through The Elder Scrolls online game, you level up your abilities and skills to become even more powerful.

The game has exploded in popularity since 2014 and has had three expansions plus a variety of downloadable content.

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8. RuneScape

RuneScape is a popular and established RPG site launched in 2001. The modern version of the game comes with several updates and exists separately from a relaunch of the Old School RuneScape release of 2007.

The site has thousands of subscribers and millions of players, making it an active and popular game.

The game is set in a fantasy world where players get to build characters and navigate various different gods, races, and guilds as they vie for control and battle.

You’ll notice a different look and feel compared to other RPG sites here, as RuneScape provides a simple and more easy-going gameplay experience.

9. Blizzard Entertainment Diablo 3

This RPG game can be played alongside a friend on its website or side by side. The loot-based RPG is all about finding new gear with each turn.

As you defeat each of your enemies, they’ll drop piles of gold or weapons that you can sell to earn more stuff.

The combat is fast-paced and you get to take out many enemies easily with each session. The storyline is complex, wrapped up in a ton of lore, with a choice of different character types.

You also get different powers and abilities with each class and ensure a different kind of strategy to take on bosses and enemies along the way.

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10. Divinity Original Sin II

This RPG website delivers a gaming experience with an isometric perspective. You can create your own character and its origin, skills, appearance, and much more.

You can also play with other human players or a crew of NPCs online while exploring the highly detailed and beautifully rendered world of Rivellon.

The game engages you in advanced combat so you can get more intelligent about how you defeat your enemies compared to hitting them with a sword in the head.

It’s an old-school type of RPG site with so much to see and do, fresh graphics with classic gameplay, and a rewarding, well-written story.

11. RetroRoleplaying

RetroRoleplaying website began as a site for unsupported, out-of-print, and out-of-style tabletop RPG games. The site has more than 100 pages devoted to such RPGs and free Microlite20 variant games so you can get the old-school feel and style of RPG game editions.

While earlier editions of classic RPGs have sold many copies, they’re still being played today with most people preferring them because of their easier-to-modify rules and less complex feel.

The emphasis here is on what the characters in the campaign world do compared to the feats and skills on their character sheet.

12. StoryBrewers

StoryBrewers is an RPG website that delivers imaginative, emotional, and collaborative play experiences. They brew roleplaying games that come to life at your table with the aim of creating the best games, making them safe, diverse and inclusive, and doing what’s right by the environment.

The site is home to Vee and Hayley, two game designers who created RPGs like Alas for the Awful Sea and Good Society: A Jane Austen RPG.

13. Chaosium

Chaosium is an RPG website that was founded by Greg Stafford, a gaming designer. The site has been online for over 40 years, captivating readers, gamers, and mythic adventurers across the world.

Their RPG games, fiction, and board games are praised as being innovative and engaging. They’re designed to help you construct the universe from its essential runes.

With Chaosium games, you too can dream the dreams of dead gods, and help construct the universe from its essential runes.

The first RPG they published was Dungeons & Dragons, followed by other imitative games. The RPGs like Call of Cthulhu, RuneQuest, HeroQuest, King Arthur Pendragon, and other classic board and card games are all from Chaosium.

Many of its product lines are also based on literary sources, but they also publish basic RPGs to use skills based on the d100 mechanic. The site began as a board game publisher and returned to producing board games again.

Over the years, the site has won several awards for its RPG games including induction into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Art and Design GAMA Hall of Fame.

14. Classic Marvel Forever

Classic Marvel Forever is a complete net resource you need for everything related to the Marvel Super Heroes RPG game.

Here, you’ll find details relating to many supervillains and superheroes in comic houses like Marvel, Dark Horse, DC, and Image. You get several rules, most of which are optional, more information on playing the game, and an engaging community forum.

You also get links dedicated to other sites for the comics or games that you can visit and find something you like.

The game isn’t about hard facts or real-world conversion but requires at least two players with the gamemaster. The gamemaster controls everything within that world and describes the environment.

As a player, you can control your character and the game master tells you how the world reacts. The universal table is the medium through which you transcend into the RPG gaming universe.

You can get three to four players, a game master, and make the game world come alive for you. The game also has rules to play by, handbooks to help you along, and a plethora of material including character profiles and more.

15. Eden Studios

Eden Studios is an RPG game producer that challenges your imagination while giving you a fun experience. You can use the help of aliens, superheroes, and other characters to play on the infinite playground for new and old gamers to play in.

The site has received several nominations and won many awards for excellence from industry peers and their fans.

16. Roll20

The Roll20 website enables gamers to unite across distances using simple gaming tools. The platform lessens the technical hassles on the participants, makes barriers to entry fewer than possible, and facilitates the formation of new gaming groups.

You can play games anywhere, share with anyone, and enjoy limitless virtual adventures. You can also find people to round out your party or start with fresh player packs.

The site has a large community you can easily play and connect with, as well as features like text chat, built-in video, integrated rolling, and voice chat.

It’s a better, faster, and easier way to play RPG games, and you can make your game nights even better with immersive features like Dynamic Lighting.

17. Expedition

Expedition is a lightweight RPG game that delivers a fun experience for storytellers and players. Whether you’re new to RPG or a D&D veteran, you’re playing on your own or with a group of friends, you can learn to play Expedition in less than five minutes.

The site is powered by a free companion app with hundreds of new quests and free adventures every week. There’s always something new to play.

The game doesn’t require any experience and is created so that anyone can enjoy RPGs.

The creators say the Expedition game is fast to learn and play, and is one of the easiest to pick up. It also comes with endless possibilities, community-written quests, plus advanced game modes.

It’s also the first RPG game with unlimited, integrated, and free community-generated content that’s constantly improving your adventure experience.

Create your own quests, design your own cards so you can have the perfect adventurer, enemy, or loot, and add new features to the app while building new game modes built on the Expedition engine.

18. Revelation Online

Revelation Online is an RPG site where you can embark on several great adventures, enjoy multiple unique classes, and explore numerous player vs player modes. You can also embolden yourself through countless options for character creation.

The seamless world allows you to explore a vibrant ancient mystery world, admire stunning views of forests, cliffs, cities, and mountains using the power of flight to experience more freedom.

There are several story-driven adventures from where you can unravel the legend of mysterious artifacts that unfold in exciting scenes. You can play alone or play with others and experience fascinating group quests and various dungeons in an exciting and immersive adventure.

19. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an epic adventure set in the story of the Holy Roman Empire. The open-world RPG site immerses you in the game, located in Bohemia, Europe, which is rich in silver, sprawling castles, and culture.

In the game, you get to be one of the survivors in the midst of the chaos between the sons of the beloved ruler, Emperor Charles IV, whose death plunges the kingdom into dark times.

War, discord, and corruption are tearing the kingdom apart. Meanwhile, one of his sons inherits the crown but is the opposite of his kind and loyal father.

The half-brother kidnaps him and ensures there’s no king on the throne so he can plunder the region and seize its riches.

You play the role of Henry, the son of a blacksmith, and a survivor of the massacre.

20. Fireball RPG


Fireball is an RPG site you can use with your group or with players across the world. You can also invite friends and assemble the dream party out of the most interesting characters and like-minded players.

You can play all day via chat or use Live mode to play during a video call. Once the session is over, you can keep playing via chat or wait for the next session.

There are fewer calculus and rules, and more stories. The game also lets you select from various dice, and you can also roll with real dice and work with them.

The game makes combat easy as you can control your characters and see how challenging a game will be before starting a fight. You also get to see all available actions for a character so you can make the best use of your spells, abilities, items, and features.

On Fireball RPG, you can also customize the location and world maps, link notes and stick them on maps, create unlimited storylines, and build NPCs with characteristic personalities and backgrounds.

The site also allows you to play music and sound effects like the clashing of swords or a raging fire. You can also control the weather, switch between night and day, and get new assets to play with from the ever-growing content library.

If you want a more interesting and immersive playing experience, you can prepare action-packed fights, build more interesting locations, and give your players rarer items.

New quests are published regularly along with new locations so you can immerse your players. If you want, you can adjust and edit them for you or your group.

Wrapping Up

These days, RPG elements are available in many games. Whether it’s dialogue options or a skill tree, you can’t miss something to tweak and customize in your game.

If you’re looking for the best RPG sites, these 20 are among the best you can find online.

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