40 Best Google Meet Backgrounds 2024

Google Meet is one conferencing tool that has grown in popularity since its release. And it comes with a virtual background feature that is now revolutionizing the way people present themselves during virtual meetings.

You can use these backgrounds in your home office, living room, kitchen, and any other space in your house. The best thing is that you can add a stunning Google Meet background to keep your meetings free from distractions.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re bored with using the same backdrop in all your Google Meet conferencing. I have rounded up below our 40 best backgrounds for refreshing looks and engaging meetings.

Let’s take a tour.

Best Google Meet Backgrounds

1. The Simpsons Couch

In the town of Springfield lives a dysfunctional family that depicts American life in a satirical way.

The Simpson family consisting of Homer, Bart, Marge, Maggie, and Lisa, stars in the show that premiered in December 1989.

It’s a funny show, and if you know it, you know about the couch in their living room where they sit and watch television.

You could pretend to be Homer or Lisa in your Google Meet sessions by sitting on the iconic couch.

The bright and vibrant colors in the living room are appealing and bring a wholesome vibe to anyone who sees it.

2. The White House Press Room

Maybe there’s a new company CEO or team manager who wants to address the staff. Or it could be a new company policy you want to share.

A good way to present any of that on Google Meet would be to use an official background like the White House press room.

That way, everyone will pay attention, as we all know, the White House is a serious place where serious business takes place.

3. A Waterfall

Wow! I can only describe this place as heavenly.

If you are a nature enthusiast, we can agree that this is nature in its prettiest form.

This waterfall is located in Iceland. It is known as Seljalandsfoss waterfall.

With this image as your Google Meet background, several people will ask you whether the place is real or an artist’s impression.

This background can come in handy when you’re doing check-in at the end of the week with your team. At this time, everyone is probably tired, which is why they need a relaxing view of a waterfall and the gorgeous green surrounding.

4. Library

Books are a major source of knowledge.

A neat bookshelf indicates orderliness and organization in character.

Using such backgrounds in your report or presentation on Google Meet sessions might imply that your work is based on intensive research, as the shelf full of books portrays. That’s subtle.

The library can be a powerful Google Meet background, especially when you are a tutor delivering lessons to your student.

Not only that, as an expert being interviewed, a library shows the interviewer that your opinion is backed by research and solid facts. It simply commands tons of respect from the audience.

5. Everything’s Fine

No matter how treacherous the road of life gets, never shy away from being the hope-giver.

You might or might not know what someone is going through.

You may find this background relevant when talking to a colleague who’s undergoing a difficult time at home. Similarly, during uncertain times for the company, employees may be anxious or feel hopeless.

So, using this as your Google Meet background might lift someone’s spirits even without your knowledge.

6. The Endless Road

Is there a road that never ends?

Maybe not. However, life is full of endless possibilities.

And imagine the setbacks we all face at work, home, etc. It makes some people want to quit.

So, this background can encourage everyone to stay focused and keep an eye on the goals despite the challenges they may be facing.

7. Airforce Army Cadets Ceremony

Humor is medicine to the soul and mind. It can liven any somber mood, just like this Airforce Army cadets ceremony background. Amidst the matching uniforms and salutations, what stood out is the plush foal toy.

Sharing Google Meet video calls all day can be boring, especially when sharing reports and other statistics-related material with stakeholders.

But you can brighten the mood in the conference room with a hilarious backdrop like this one. This way, people will find something to laugh about when they need to break the monotony.

8. Green Grass Field

Nothing brings freshness into a room like nature itself. This evergreen landscape backdrop is just what you need to draw the attention of your Google Meet virtual meeting attendees.

It creates a relaxed ambiance that says “feel at home guys, everything is under control”. This background can turn a heated meeting into a calm, interactive discussion with everyone collaborating to come up with a unanimous solution.

Green is soothing; it leaves no room for explosions.

9. Auckland Night

I like images of beautiful cities. Don’t you?

Well, this is Auckland, New Zealand at night.

If you like traveling and holding business meetings via Google Meet, this one’s for you.

You are not limited to this image only; many other cities are likewise brilliant for Google Meet session’s backgrounds.

The lights, dark background, and magnificent buildings will leave your audience impressed. Just be sure to make your message as magnificent as those buildings.

10. Work Space

How about letting your audience have a glimpse of your workspace, with a clear view of your computer, desk, phone, chair, and everything else.

While every element is visible in this picture, the words ‘Do More’ on the computer screen seem to be the center of focus here.

By using this image as your Google Meet background, you’ll be motivating your team not to settle but to keep on working despite any failures or successes. The polite message here is: don’t settle

11. Final Fantasy VII Remake

The background is from an action role-playing game by Square Enix. It’s set in the Midgar cyberpunk metropolis where players control Cloud Strife, a mercenary.

Cloud Strife joins AVALANCHE, which is an eco-terrorist group that attempts to stop Shinra, a mighty megacorporation from using the planet’s life essence as a source of energy. The gameplay blends real-time action with role-playing and strategic elements.

I think you may want to use it as a Google Meet background when having a session with your team to discuss a strategy that can beat your competitors.

12. The Beach

No one hates sandy beaches.

Rolling waves, endless sunshine, and soft sand. There’s everything to love about that.

Beaches offer spectacular views and memorable moments to whoever is visiting them.

The beach above is found in Kauai, Hawaii. Isn’t the sunset beautiful?

Bring in the vacation vibes as you set your Google Meet background to this beautiful beach. Obviously, this background is better used around the holiday season.

13. Cozy Living Room

Your living room might be too messy to serve as the background of your video calls, but that doesn’t mean you don’t attend your meetings.

Check out the above chic living room background featuring an L-shaped sofa with throw pillows, a simple but stylish table with a flower vase, a beautiful clock on the wall, a cabinet, a potted plant, a wooden/metallic light stand, and more.

This beautiful background would make everyone pay attention during the Google Meet video call.

14. Ice-capped Mountains

To nature lovers, you can never get enough, can you?

Well, this picture is of the Himalayas.

Notice the ice caps and the lovely sky above. This is a brilliant image to use as a background in your Google Meet calls.

It could be a powerful background when you’re talking to the sales team, for example, and want to encourage them to meet targets and aim for the sky.

Beautiful, isn’t it?

15. Office Space Backgrounds

Back to where we all were; the office. You can never go wrong with office space backgrounds.

The picture above shows a simple yet cool and beautiful space to go about your business.

Office space backgrounds are especially suitable for those who want to maintain the professional feel even though your place of work is still your home.

The potted plants, gray wall, and wall hanging with the word ‘hello’ set a warm and lively tone for your meeting.

16. Rockefeller Center

Rockefeller Center is a massive complex comprising 19 commercial buildings that cover 22 acres between Midtown Manhattan’s 48th Street and 51st Street.

The fourteen original Art Deco buildings cover the area between the 5th and 6th avenue, divided by a sunken, private street known as Rockefeller Plaza.

Rockefeller Center was New York City’s landmark in 1985. It’s popular for the huge amount of art depicted in its vast underground concourse, Art Deco buildings, and an ice-skating rink.

Google Meet video conferencing can get boring at times. But such a beautiful art and architectural backdrop can change people’s moods in an instant.

17. Christmas Background

As Christmas approaches, you’ll want to cultivate the holiday spirit among your teams, customers, or family. What better way to accomplish this than by hosting your Google Meet conference with a Christmas backdrop?

Or maybe, you want to hold a virtual Christmas party before a holiday break? Well, if you want to tie a party theme with the holiday experience, include Christmas icebreakers, fun stories, Christmas Karaoke, and a virtual secret Santa to complete the occasion.

18. Valentine’s Day Background

A Valentine’s Day backdrop comes in handy when you need to profess your love from far away. When Cupid’s arrow flies this far, you need to celebrate the lover’s day in style with a Google Meet date.

Spice up your special date with this Valentine’s Day backdrop and create lasting memories with your loved one. Hang out with your lover in a virtual setting with aesthetically pleasing picks to spice up your date.

19. The Great Barrier Reef from Nemo

The Great Barrier Reef is a background that can calm your nerves by creating a relaxing space for your Google Meet meeting.

The calming waters of the reef can be relaxing. It lets you swim through the conversation while enjoying the marine biology around you. And with that perfect feeling of the ocean, you’ll transfer your relaxing mood to your audience and ensure an impactful video conference.

20. Star Wars Rebel Base Background

Want to hold a Google Meet video call with your colleagues to brainstorm? Why not transmit your call from the Star Wars rebel base in a galaxy far, far away?

Star Wars allows you to catch up with family, colleagues, and friends in style. You can even make it realistic by dressing up as a Star Wars character. Your friends will definitely be thrilled with your distinct galaxy look.

21. Flowery Background

A flowery backdrop can brighten up the room and light up everyone’s mood. Imagine a room full of red and creamy white love flowers! Who doesn’t adore flowers?

Whether you’re conferencing with customers, team members, friends, or family, this background works for all, and everybody will definitely like this theme. It feels like you are in a room adorned with fresh roses with a fragrance that blows your mind away.

22. Skyscrapers

How about setting up a Google Meet conference in a room filled with skyscrapers near the waterfront? This city’s architecture is pretty elegant. With the blue color of the waterfront and sundown ambiance, the atmosphere in the room is refreshing.

This backdrop gives the feeling of a refreshing evening with a cool breeze rising from the waterfront – an incredible feeling of calm. You can have a relaxed conversation with your team, friends, or customers as you plan your next agenda, trip, or project.

23. Fantasy Football Background

A fantasy football background speaks volumes about your personality. As a football fanatic, you’ll want to feel ‘in the game’ wherever you are. We bet there will be many football lovers in your audience too.

You imagine an ongoing football match at night in a well-lit stadium full of hundreds of fans. Your enthusiasm, combined with that football feeling, will make your meeting very interactive and engaging.

24. Space Rocket Background

Holding a Google Meet video call in space can be very exciting, especially when talking on video with your kids, nephews, or some teenagers. Kids love adventure and this is one of the best ways to engage them.

With rockets and astronauts floating in space in their white outfits behind a blue, galactic background makes it seem like you’re really in space. It’s the best way to lighten up a conversation on a cool evening or a bright Saturday morning.

25. Modern Office Background

When meeting virtually with company stakeholders, you want to look professional at all times. And now that your meeting is scheduled for the weekend, you’ll like to give your home office an elegant, modern look.

The modern office backdrop will transform your study into a real office in no time. The space, colors, potted plants, office look, and other features make your office look spacious and bright.

26. Yakuza O

Every day you work so hard to accomplish tasks. By the time you leave for the video conference, you look and feel exhausted. But what if you use a funny backdrop to lighten up the mood in the conference room?

A funny background for your next Google Meet video call can make all the difference. It’s not just you who is exhausted from the day’s work; everybody is.

But upon seeing a backdrop of the Yakuza 0 adventure game, they remember how Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima engaged in a brawl over the “Empty Lot”. In no time, their exhaustion will definitely vanish.

27. Memorial Day Background

Everyone has their moment, especially if they’ve suffered pain and grief at some point in their lives. This is the time to show solidarity. A Memorial Day background will not only show that you remember, but you also care.

They’ll also understand that despite the bad memories, life has to continue. It is essential to know that working together for the greater good always pays off.

28. Winter Themed Background

Except for the snow, the cold and wet, and the wind, winter always feels nice. Look at the white trees, ground, stones, and other surfaces – everything looks white. Not many people are outside, and those who are put on heavy fur coats and hoods.

In a room, the winter-themed backdrop brightens the space. The snowy atmosphere gives the feeling of freshness. It is winter without the actual cold, and it feels good.

29. Star Trek Enterprise Bridge

If there’s a series I can watch endless times is Star Trek. The reason is simple: the characters in the show are cool not because of their wealth, social status, or looks but because they know how to do their jobs with excellence.

The show depicts a meritocracy and follows the adventures of what really happened in the starship USS Enterprise (NCC-1701). One of the objects of focus in this show is the enterprise bridge. The bridge was the starship’s nerve center, and only top officials of each department manned it.

This Google Meet background is perfect when you hold a C-suite meeting with the top company management team. It has a royal feel that makes everyone feel in charge.

30. Love for Nature

Nature is naturally fresh. The lush green environment, cool breeze, and the smell of fresh flowers and pretty butterflies flying around – what more do you need?

While conferencing, you can use a nature-themed backdrop to show your immense love for nature. It creates a calm atmosphere that gets people to be more attentive and participatory.

31. Travel Background

Being outside the office doesn’t stop you from working. That’s how the people on the other side of the computer will see you – someone who can work on the go.

A travel backdrop will send a subtle hint that you can keep working as you travel. It shows how much you value your work, and despite your travel schedule, you’ll still get things done. Your team members will not relax even when you’re away.

32. Shared Workspace

A shared workspace backdrop shows how collaborative you are with projects.

During your Google Meet video calls, you can portray this background to show the others that you can work as a team to accomplish all business goals.

33. Private Office

A Google Meet video conference in a private office is an indication that you value discretion. Some company matters need to be handled discreetly to prevent company information from leaking outside.

The private office backdrop is not only elegant; it also sends a message that business matters should remain within the business.

34. The Alien Highway

Not all Google Meet calls should be about work or other serious matters. Even when you’re having a work video conference, your colleagues or bosses should know that you also find time to enjoy other things.

An Alien Highway background will show them that besides working, you also enjoy some alien fun.

35. The Tiger King Background

People always see you as the serious workaholic they know. Then Boom! They see you addressing them in front of the Tiger King backdrop during a Google Meet video conference.

This is a side of you nobody knew about. So you turned out to be humorous. Well, you have definitely inspired someone.

36. Leaves with Droplets

Dark green leaves bring the aesthetic feeling of nature. Having a background with such leaves will leave you feeling as if you are somewhere in the jungle relaxing as you go on with your meeting.

It also brings a feeling of fresh air, with this your team will even ask where you are. They would also like to be in such a serene environment.

The morning dew on the leaves gives them a sparkling look as the background is lit up.

37. Organized Computer Background

A neat workspace portrays your good organization skills and neatness. And for sure, everybody wants to work with a well-organized person.

With a computer set up as a background, it shows how focused you are on your work.

A white table in the background affirms your neatness. Everybody will be admiring your workspace and wish to have a similar one.

38. Wet Glass Background

Having a wet glass background is a cool feeling. Your mind switches on seeing the droplets and you feel like you are enjoying the cool temperatures that come with rain.

The wet glass doesn’t easily distract your partners and with this, they are able to pay more attention.

The background reflects light on your workspace and the place remains radiant.

At the end of the meeting, rain lovers will want to know where you are.

39. Sweet Victory

Sweet Victory is a screenshot from Band Geeks: an episode from the SpongeBob SquarePants animated series. Many critics and fans consider this episode to be the best of the whole series.

The song is performed by Squidward’s marching band at the Bubble Bowl to impress as well as challenge Squilliam who never thought Squidward could organize such a band comprising various Bikini Bottom residents.

Sweet Victory is a suitable Google Meet background, especially during a company’s anniversary or after reaching an important milestone. It’ll lighten up everyone’s mood and energize the meeting.

40. The Truman Show Stairs

This is another simple but fantastic Google Meet background.

The Truman show is a comedy directed by Peter Weir. Hanging this stair as the wallpaper reminds you of the show.

It’s a good one for people who are easily carried away by images. It has one image at the far end.

Your associates in the meeting will keep their focus in the meeting rather than roll their eyes over every corner of your space.

The sky blue color is breathtaking, especially if you are not a fan of having too many colors.

In Conclusion

A Google Meet background can make all the difference.

We know that a virtual meeting may not impact people the same an in-person meeting does. Being creative with an exciting backdrop is the best way to improve the mood and engage the participants.

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