38 Best Christmas Teams Backgrounds For 2024

Microsoft Teams is a very useful communication tool that offers a workspace for video conferencing, video chatting, studying, collaboration, and other purposes.

But one of the most interesting features for all users is the ability to use custom backgrounds during the video calls.

All you need is a high-quality wallpaper and a couple of minutes of your time to show up to a video call with a fancy background of your choice.

Down below, you’ll find 38 of the best Christmas Teams backgrounds that will help you share the spirit, feel in the mood for Christmas, and add a good vibe to the whole virtual room.

Best Christmas Teams Backgrounds

With 38 of the best Christmas Teams backgrounds you can find below, you’ll be able to choose not only one, but a couple of dozen of backgrounds that you can easily replace, even during your calls, to brighten up the atmosphere!

1. Christmas Living Room

If you could imagine walking into a perfect living room on Christmas morning, this background most likely represents the ideal Christmas living room.

With a Christmas tree, cozy decorations, and snow you can see through the window, this background can hide your current room and even improve the atmosphere on a video call.

This HD background is so realistic that if you position yourself correctly, some might believe that it’s actually your living room!

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2. Cabin Christmas Atmosphere

Christmas is all about warmth and this background ideally represents this with the elements of a wooden cabin, fireplace, a Christmas tree, and a cozy recliner chair.

If you position yourself correctly, you’ll be able to showcase most of these elements, and if you own a green screen, this HD background will look very realistic.

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3. Colorful Stockings in the Room

There are no better colors than red and green to say it’s Christmas time and that’s exactly what this background is based on.

With the elements of Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree, stockings, fireplace, and cookies and milk for Santa, this background will lighten up any Teams video room atmosphere.

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4. White Minimalistic Christmas

If white is your color of choice when it’s Christmas time, you’ll love this background because it’s a living room based on bright white colors.

By positioning yourself in the middle or slightly to the left, you’ll be able to showcase a minimalistic Christmas tree with wrapped gifts underneath it, and the beauty of the rest of this minimalistic yet modern living room.

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5. Bright Christmas Living Room

There’s no better way to replace your Teams background than to showcase your love for Christmas, but also show it in a vintage and stylish living room concept that hides your current background, whatever it is.

This HD background features a neat living room with a Christmas tree in the background and minimal decorations that say it’s Christmas time but won’t overwhelm anyone who isn’t into Christmas in your Teams meeting.

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6. Close Up Christmas Tree

If you need a background replacement for your living room, and you’d like to showcase minimalistic yet important elements of Christmas on your Teams background, this is the perfect choice.

This background is a close-up high-resolution photograph of a Christmas tree which shows true and natural colors that we all imagine when we think of Christmas.

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7. Christmas Decorations on a Wall

A simple brick wall with a wreath that says Christmas is more than enough to have a beautiful Teams background, and it also adds a bit of Christmas spirit to the Teams video room.

All you need to do is position yourself slightly to the right or to the left and you’ll showcase what Christmas is all about without overwhelming anyone in the video room.

8. Snowy Winter Christmas Trees

There’s no better way to show that Christmas is around than by displaying a beautiful photograph of trees, near a lake, covered in snow in the mountains.

This background provides that idyllic feeling, but is also a great reminder to everyone that it’s about time to get their own Christmas tree!

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9. Merry Christmas Background

There’s no better way to wish someone a Merry Christmas than to show up on Teams video call with a background that says it for you.

With this background, you will have beautiful Christmas decorations such as Christmas trees, ornaments, and snow, but most importantly, a book with “Merry Christmas” written on the cover. Position yourself correctly, and you’ll be able to have a very positive and bright Christmas background on your Teams video calls.

10. Stockings and Fireplace

One tradition that some people can not go without is hanging up their stockings right above the fireplace. And even if you don’t actually own a fireplace, you can always put this background on your Teams to spread some positive Christmas spirit.

With colorful stockings and a fire in the fireplace, there’s nothing more you’d need in this background to feel in the Christmas mood.

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11. Small Natural Christmas Decorations

If you’re looking for a simplistic Christmas Teams background, this is the one as it won’t take much space and will provide simple and small natural Christmas decorations.

You should position yourself slightly to the left to ensure you don’t cover most of this minimalistic background.

12. Dark Christmas Lights

When you don’t want to distract others, yet you still want to spread a positive Christmas vibe, even on your Teams call, this is the perfect background.

This background is taken in the dark where a lit Christmas tree is next to a piano. The focus is on piano and yet the bright lights make their way into this HD wallpaper, making it an ideal minimalistic Christmas Teams background.

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13. Christmas Storefront

Nothing says Christmas better than a Christmas shop and this background features an idyllic Christmas store front that’s fully decorated.

No matter where you place yourself in the background, you’ll be surrounded with the holiday spirit and elements of Christmas such as trees, snow, decorations, ornaments, and more.

14. Christmas Lights on a Tree

Christmas lights are a big part of decorating a Christmas tree and this background displays plenty of Christmas elements where the lights are in focus.

Along with the beautiful fireplace surrounded by gifts, there’s a tree that’s decorated with warm yellow lights that give the whole room the holiday season atmosphere you can almost feel through the wallpaper.

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15. Simple Wood and Christmas Gifts

If you are looking for a simple Christmas Teams background that is minimalistic, doesn’t feature too many elements, and won’t be a distraction, then this is the perfect background for your needs.

This background is situated on wooden flooring that also serves as a great background. It features neatly wrapped gift boxes that mean one thing – Christmas!

16. Christmas Morning Through the Window

Christmas morning always feels special and this background portrays that feeling you get when you wake up on Christmas morning.

This background features daylight brushing through the window, shining onto the fully decorated Christmas tree which makes a perfect Teams background if you position yourself to the left.

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17. White Minimalistic Ornaments

When you need a Christmas Teams background that won’t distract anyone and will still put you in the Christmas mood whenever you see your background on Teams, this is the right choice.

This background features a simple white background with ornaments laid at the bottom so they’re not a distraction and will still catch someone’s attention since they really go well together.

18. Simple Christmas Lights

Christmas lights always tend to improve the spirit and atmosphere, especially during the holiday season, which is why this background makes a perfect fit as a Christmas Teams background.

This background features Christmas lights up close, but also their reflection in the distance during the nighttime. This alone really makes a great background.

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19. Blurry Lights

Not every Christmas Teams background has to be full of details and elements, so if you are looking for a simple background that doesn’t represent a lot and yet goes well with the holiday season, this is the one.

This background represents blurry lights, possibly on a Christmas tree, in the distance. And since the background is out of focus, you’ll be in perfect focus on your video calls.

20. Ornament In Focus

With so many different types and kinds of ornaments, they are truly a special accessory to every Christmas tree. And if you’re a big fan of Christmas ornaments, this background might be a perfect fit for your Teams meeting.

In this background, a single ornament is focused as it hangs from the tree while in the background, you can see stockings, a fireplace, lights, and other decorations.

With the focus being on the right side, you can position yourself fully to the left in the blurred section to be visible without worrying that this background will distract anyone on your Teams video calls.

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21. Christmas Tree

There’s no better feeling than getting a Christmas tree for the holiday season. This background is very simple as it only introduces the element of a Christmas tree.

With only some parts of it in focus and others out of focus in the background, you’ll be able to easily fit in. The background won’t distract you or anyone in the video call. Still, it will be a minimalistic yet pleasant Teams background for Christmas.

22. Ornament Up Close

If you are looking for a simple and minimalistic Teams background that will still include elements for Christmas, this might be a great background choice.

In this background, you can see one ornament on a Christmas tree, tree branches, decorations, and even Christmas lights in the distance but they’re not in focus.

While most of the left side is out of focus, this is the perfect place to position yourself to fit into the background while not blocking the elements.

23. Snowy Christmas Night

Christmas is also well known for idyllic snowy nights full of colorful street lights, just like you see in the movies and in well-decorated city centers. This background perfectly represents this.

You can find lots of snow, plenty of lights, and beautifully decorated Christmas trees. If you position yourself in the middle of the background, on the path, you’ll be well surrounded with this spiritual beauty.

Also, since the background is photographed during nighttime, it won’t be distracting even though there’s a lot going on in it.

24. Neat Christmas Setup

There’s no better feeling than having everything prepared for the Christmas season. This often includes a Christmas tree, neatly wrapped gifts, and other decorations that just lighten up anyone’s mood.

That’s exactly what’s captured in this background as it has a nice Christmas tree full of beautiful decorations, gifts, and a couple of other accessories.

With the background being based on the white wall, you’ll fit well and won’t blend in, no matter where you position yourself.

25. Toy Factory

Toys are a super important part of gifts for Christmas and this background represents a place almost like a toy factory.

There are elements of toys that are yet waiting to be wrapped, while others are wrapped and even have their name tags on for kids who have been on the nice list.

If you’re a big fan of gifting, especially to children during the Christmas season, you’ll love to have this background behind you on your Teams video calls.

26. Winter Cabin

Even though this background is an illustration, it is a well-thought illustration of a cabin where you get to fit right in the middle, on the chair, as you are surrounded by a snowman and a beautifully decorated Christmas tree on the sides.

In the background, all you can see is snow and yet with only a few elements, you’ll most likely have the most interesting Christmas background on your Teams video calls.

27. North Pole

The North Pole has a huge meaning for Christmas. If you’re still a big fan of the North Pole, no matter what your age, this is the ideal background to have on your Teams video calls.

This is an illustration of the North Pole with the elements of an igloo, snow, trees, and a couple of other decorations that really liven up the icy atmosphere.

28. Tree in the Snow

There’s nothing more magical than a tree covered in snow, in a small snowstorm, in the middle of nowhere.

This background illustrates a tree as if it was ready for decorations. While the back of the background is blurred, it seems like it’s out in the open, somewhere in the mountains where snow is the only thing surrounding the tree.

By positioning yourself to the right, you’ll be able to stand out from the background without covering any of its elements.

29. Glitter

Glitter is often a tradition when it comes to Christmas decorations and the best thing is that it goes with anything. Needless to say, this glittery background is a bold way of sparkling things up in your Teams video calls.

However, keep in mind that you will need to wear something darker to stand out and that this background might be a bit too much for some Teams video occasions.

30. Simple Gifts

Often, less is more and this is one of those backgrounds that proves it. This background features three simple, yet beautifully wrapped gifts on a neutral-colored back. You can position yourself to the right so you don’t block the gift elements.

With such a background, you won’t distract anyone and you’ll easily stand out without blending in, no matter what you wear.

31. Christmas Decorations

There are very few people that don’t like Christmas decorations, and if you’d like to show your love for them, this might be the perfect background.

The middle of the background is clear so you can fit right in, and yet the frame of the background is surrounded by decorations such as ornaments, gifts, and stars. All of these go well together which creates a great combination of bright and vivid colors that represent Christmas.

32. Vintage Lights

Vintage Christmas lights are hard to find and they definitely still shine brightly. So if you’d like to reminisce and remember the good old days, these vintage Christmas lights that take you back to your childhood, are the perfect background for it.

The background is based on the darker backdrop while the frame is surrounded by the vintage lights that come in all colors. As you place yourself in the middle, you’ll be surrounded by the beautiful colors of these lights that shine bright yet not so bright as to disturb anyone in your Teams video meetings.

33. Wrapping Paper

Wrapping paper has always been a big part of wrapping the gifts we get for our loved ones on Christmas – and it’s become a part of the tradition.

Therefore, this is one of the most interesting backgrounds as it combines the wrapping paper and turns it into a Teams background that will make you look cool, funny, and interesting at the same time.

34. Black Backgrounds with Lights

If you’re primarily looking for a background that will cover up the current room you’re in and yet you’d like a bit of Christmas lights to add to it, this is the one.

Here, you will have plenty of black space on the left to position yourself, and the beautiful stars make a Christmas tree on the right side that shines brightly.

However, keep in mind to wear something colorful or bright if you plan on using this theme.

35. Merry Christmas Decorations

This is another Merry Christmas background that allows you to wish everyone a Merry Christmas via the background which is a pretty unique and cool way to do it when using Teams.

The background also includes elements that make up Christmas in everyone’s thoughts, such as ornaments, trees, lights, stars, and more.

36. Christmas Market

Shopping for special gifts for your loved ones during Christmas season can feel magical and this background represents exactly this.

With bright colors, candy, lights, and plenty of decorations, you will stand out since part of the background is blurred, making it ideal for a Teams background.

37. House Outdoor Decorations

Outdoor Christmas decoration traditions are amazing and it’s really great to see what people are capable of. This background represents one of many attempts at outdoor decorating.

Everywhere you look you’ll see beautiful decorations that don’t attract too much attention, yet are very bright and they raise the spirit of Christmas.

Since the photograph has been taken from a distance, you can easily place yourself anywhere in the background and stand out since it won’t be too distracting to anyone on your video calls.

38. Overly Decorated

If you can’t stop yourself when you’re decorating your home and Christmas tree for the holiday season, you’ll definitely love this background.

This background focuses on a tree that has a lot of decorations going on, and in the distance and out of focus, you can also see that the house is full of various decorations.

You can place yourself to the left to stand out well without blocking too much of the background.


With so many Christmas Microsoft Teams backgrounds, it can be hard to choose which one to use for your next video meeting.

However, all of these backgrounds are based on different elements so you can download a couple of each and categorize them for different types of occasions you might participate in your Teams calls.

But one thing is for sure. You will find at least one or a couple of backgrounds that will match your preference!

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