50 Funny Zoom Backgrounds 2024

Work from home is the new trend. In the years to come, we are going to rely heavily on video chat and conferencing tools like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet to connect with friends, colleagues, classmates, and family from the comfort of our homes.

Fortunately, you can now make these remote video calls a little less boring and exhausting and add some fun to them with the aid of Zoom’s newly introduced virtual background feature.

It’s also handy for protecting your privacy and preventing others from seeing your messy environment when you haven’t had time to tidy your home.

If you’re a PC, Mac, Linux, or iOS user, you can swap out your actual background for something more exciting and add some laughs to your virtual interactions by using hilarious Zoom backgrounds.

I have handpicked 50 of the most awesome and funny Zoom backgrounds that will make your fellow Zoomers chuckle or laugh out loud.

Feel free to check them out and download your favorites.

Best Funny Zoom Backgrounds

1. Be a real housewife

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a pop-culture classic at this point. The show has timeless replay value and everyone enjoys watching the characters squabble.

One of the most beloved scenes in the show is the dinner table fight between Camille Grammer and Taylor Armstrong that gave birth to this iconic meme.

This background is sure to have everyone struggling to keep a straight face and it might even spark lively debates about everyone’s favorite Real Housewives cast member.

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2. Get locked up

Be honest. Having to stay at home this past year without being able to go out and do whatever you want or have friends and family over whenever you like has kind of felt like a prison.

So you might as well pretend you’re having your Zoom call from an actual jail cell. You can even take the metaphor and joke one step further by wearing scrubs.

3. Shine like the sun

Anyone who grew up in the era of Teletubbies is going to love this delightful throwback to simpler times.

Yes, you’re all grown up now and you’ve learned that life can suck on so many levels. But that doesn’t mean you can’t reminisce about your childhood and laugh a little.

4. Host your own TV show

Is there a better time to live out your fantasy of being famous and having all eyes on you than in the middle of a work call where everyone has no choice but to look at you?

Didn’t think so. Put this funny Zoom background to good use during your next meeting or virtual hangout.

5. Let the distracted boyfriend ogle everyone

This meme of a guy turning to check out another girl while walking with his girlfriend is one of the most popular images on the internet.

No matter how many times you see it, this meme still has the power to make you chuckle. Your fellow Zoomers might even get a confidence boost from feeling like they’re being checked out by someone who is taken.

6. All hail Titus Andromedon

If you’ve seen The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the larger-than-life Titus Andromedon has probably made it to your list of favorite TV characters. I mean, look at him feeling on top of the world while rocking a knock-off Iron Man costume.

7. Pretend you’re Leslie Knope

If you’re a fan of the comedy series, Parks and Recreation, this background is your chance to turn your home office into Leslie Knope’s office.

Some of her fire, productivity, and creativity might even rub off on you. At the very least, your fellow Zoomers will get some laughs out of it.

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8. Welcome to the Rosebud Motel

Relive your favorite Schitt’s Creek moments with this background of the Rosebud Motel.

The image will probably conjure up a memory of a funny scene from the show in the mind of anyone who’s seen it. And for those who haven’t, it’s an opportunity to introduce them to this incredible fictional world.

9. It’s a zombie apocalypse

The Coronavirus pandemic made it seem as though you were living through apocalyptic times. You couldn’t leave your house without the fear of getting infected and the news cycle was filled with rising death toll numbers.

So why not cosplay that by putting yourself in the center of a zombie apocalypse.

10. Let the garbage do the talking

This funny Zoom background is going to have everyone wondering why you’re making a call in front of a dumpster.

Save it for the days when you’re sick and tired of everything, so when people ask how you feel, you can point to the bin behind you that’s overflowing with trash.

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11. Be the confused math lady

If you want a background for Zoom that’s funny and relatable, go with this one. The expression on the woman’s face upon seeing complex math equations is one we all know too well.

The events of the last year alone are enough to leave you feeling lost and confused.

12. Every hour is happy hour

This background of a brewery barrel room will have everyone on your Zoom call craving their favorite drinks. If you’re talking to friends or family, feel free to cap things off with a glass of wine or a cold jug of beer you can sip from while you play catch up.

13. Be President for a day

Surprise your Zoom attendees by reporting to the conference call from the Oval Office and try to use your powers as one of the most powerful people on earth to do some good before you leave the seat.

14. Take it back to the conference room

If you’re missing in-person meetings, this virtual Zoom background will make you feel like you’re back in the office. Your co-workers will get a good laugh out of it. They might even share a couple of jokes about some of their best office moments.

15. Sip coffee as everything burns

So what if the world is on fire and things aren’t exactly perfect right now? Take a page out of this popular meme and just stop worrying. You’ll be fine. Put on your best nonchalant impression and take things easy.

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16. Play a game of bingo

This is a perfect funny background for your Zoom meetings. It makes fun of all the things that people usually say during virtual calls.

To make the background even funnier, say “Bingo” every time someone on the call says or does something similar to the statements in the image.

17. Let the good times roll

Remember when quarantine began and people assumed it was the start of the apocalypse so they bought and hoarded stacks of toilet paper?

And for what was probably the first time in history, toilet paper was sold out in most stores. This Zoom background is a fun throwback to that bizarre time.

18. Pretend you’re in the bathroom

Want to freak your coworkers out and make them wonder what on earth you’re doing? Use this Zoom background so it seems like you’re taking the call from the shower.

Make the scene even more believable by wearing a bathrobe. See how long it takes for people to realize it’s a fake bathroom.

19. The one with the turkey

Raise your hand if you’ve seen Friends more times than you can count? The show’s a classic and this particular image where Monica tries to cheer Chandler up by sticking her head in a turkey is sure to brighten up a few faces.

Don’t be surprised if the rest of the Zoom call is spent talking about everyone’s favorite episodes.

20. Lie on the beach

Take an imaginary trip to a remote destination and soak in the sun on a beautiful beach.

Even though you may not really be on a vacation, you can still gently let your Zoom attendees know you’d rather be chilling somewhere than participating in another meeting that probably should have been an email.

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21. How to eat a mango by Cardi B

The lockdown gave us a lot of gems like this image of Cardi B using her famously long nails to cut up a mango and eat it on Instagram Live.

What happened to all the knives and peelers in the world? Was the kitchen just too far away? We’ll never know.

22. I am Groot

Who doesn’t find Groot funny? His response to anything no matter how dire the situation is to remind everyone that he is Groot.

The Guardians of the Galaxy character has a huge fanbase. He’s simple-minded and everything he says and does just makes you love him more. Using Groot as your Zoom background will earn you a lot of smiles and laughter.

23. Intimidate everyone with Godzilla

With the King of Monsters as your Zoom background image, you’ll feel big, strong, and powerful. Your friends and co-workers will certainly think twice about getting on your bad side because you’ve got Godzilla to protect you.

But try to keep the monster under control so he doesn’t end up wreaking havoc on the world like his movie counterpart.

24. Welcome to Dunder Mifflin

Act like you’re a character in The Office and you’re in the interview room talking to the cameras. Add a little extra pep to this background by doing your best impression of different cast members throughout the duration of the video chat.

25. Pretend you’re in The Simpsons

One of the best gags in the beloved animated series is that many of the signposts in the town contain some kind of witty saying or play on words. This funny Zoom background is only one of such example. Feel free to look up more The Simpsons signs and put them in your backdrop rotation.

26. Set phasers to stun

If you’re a fan of Star Trek, you’re going to have a lot of fun using the Starship Enterprise as your background during video calls.

While everyone else is tethered to earth, take a trip to outer space and let them know you’re not on their level.

27. Come to them live from the Family Guy couch

Why not transform your room into a hilarious cartoon scene with this background of the living room from Family Guy?

If you’re lucky, you might get a few callers to sing along to the show’s theme song with you.

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28. Work from Parks and Rec

Treat yourself and your Zoom attendees to this background of the general office layout of Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation department. You can even turn things up a notch by roleplaying one of the characters.

Or you can refer to your fellow Zoomers by the name of the Parks & Rec cast member they remind you of, rather than using their actual names.

29. Put on your best drag queen impression

For fans of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, this background is a great opportunity to let your crazier side out.

Take inspiration from your favorite drag queens and put together an outlandish outfit that Ru Paul would approve of. Anyone with a sense of humor will appreciate your effort and creativity.

30. All work and no play…

This background of the hotel hallway from the horror classic, The Shining is a great way to add some eeriness and excitement to your Zoom meetings.

Feel free to start the call by holding up a placard with the words “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” written over and over.

31. Grab a seat at Bob’s Burgers

Another great image that can serve as a backdrop for your video conferencing is this snapshot of the famous cartoon eatery.

The person or people you’re chatting with will find the crossover between real life and fiction to be quite amusing.

32. Be “The One”

The Matrix trilogy has cemented its place in history as some of the best films in movie history. However, in this version of the story, you are the hero. Don a pair of dark sunglasses and play Neo with this dope Matrix background.

33. Go into the Batcave

Join the Zoom conference call from the secret den of one of the world’s most famous superheroes, Batman. Commit to the role by wearing a Batman costume or makeshift cape.

Don’t forget to engage in a discussion about why Bruce Wayne keeps a 10-foot poster of the Joker and a life-sized Tyrannosaurus in his Batcave.

34. Relax in Love Island’s interview chair

For one reason, trashy reality shows make for good TV. There’s just something titillating about watching the private and intimate moments of other people’s lives.

Take advantage of this background to gossip about Love Island and other guilty pleasure shows with your Zoom fellows.

35. Use a fake living room

Your house may not actually be as pretty as this, but no one needs to know that. Trick your fellow Zoomers into thinking that your apartment is immaculate and tastefully designed.

When someone compliments your interior decorating tastes, keep a straight face while thanking them.

36. Lie to yourself

You might not be able to go on a vacation any time soon, but there’s nothing wrong with a little self-delusion. Pretend you’re walking down a street in Santorini, Greece having the time of your life.

You’re not plopped in front of your computer listening to your coworker give a rundown of a report you couldn’t care less about.

37. Take a trip to the moon

Some people say the 1969 moon landing was staged. It’s your turn to give people something to debate so boldly go out into the universe with this background of the moon.

Are you in outer space or just being a goof in your apartment? It’s your word against theirs.

38. Sit on the iron throne

Forget about the lousy and infuriating Game of Thrones finale for a minute and consider using this imposing image of the iron throne as the backdrop for your video call. Have fun being the most powerful person in the room.

39. Pose at an awards ceremony

Join Paul Mescal and Daisy Edgar Jones—the lead stars in the acclaimed series Normal People—on the red carpet at the Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards.

If anyone asks questions about your background, just tell them you’ve been cast in season 2 of the show and are trying to drum up some publicity ahead of its release.

40. Make your own mugshot

Bring out your law-breaking side and pose for a mugshot without the threat of jail time or a criminal record with this cool Zoom background. Have fun telling your date, friend, family members, students, or colleagues about the fake crimes you committed.

41. Recreate a hoarders house

Hoarders is an American reality TV show featuring people who for one reason or another have houses that are overflowing with decades worth of stuff like magazines, clothes, and even animals.

Shock your fellow Zoomers by pretending you don’t know what the word “tidy” means with this messy background.

42. Take the meeting outside your home

With this cool Zoom background, your video call attendees will assume you’re so interested in chatting with them that you carried your laptop outside with you to get the mail.

Or they’ll think you have a gorgeous house with a perfectly mowed lawn. Either way, you come off looking good.

43. The one with the coffee house

Do you miss being able to go to a coffee shop and watch time pass idly by while exchanging the latest gossip with your friends?

Grab a big cup of coffee and attend all your virtual hangouts from the picturesque Central Perk Cafe from Friends. Imagine your loved ones are all right beside you.

44. Hanging with the stars

In 2014, Ellen Degeneres inadvertently brought together a group of A-list celebrities for the most iconic selfie of the year. With this image of the spectacular selfie, you can place yourself right in the middle of some of the biggest stars on earth.

Before the chat really begins, take a moment to introduce everyone to Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Meryl Streep, and the rest of your famous friends.

45. Surround yourself with hand sanitizers

Hand sanitizers have been the must-have accessory in everyone’s handbag or pocket since the pandemic began. Using a stack of hand sanitizer bottles as your Zoom background will evoke laughter.

It’ll also serve as a gentle reminder that the battle isn’t over yet and people—especially those who haven’t been fully vaccinated—still need to take precautions to stay safe.

46. Bring on the rubber ducks

To really sell this zoom background, you’re going to have to do some acting with a straight face. When the video chat begins, greet everyone and say you’d like them to meet your squeaky little friends. Then make up names for the ducks as you do the introduction.

47. Attend a concert

Remember the old days when you rushed to buy tickets to watch your favorite artists perform in a setting that’s overcrowded with people who love them just as much as you do?

It might be a while till you can do that again. In the meantime, entertain your fellow Zoomers with this fun background that shows you having the time of your life at a rave.

48. Act like a news reporter

Amaze your fellow Zoomers by interrupting their regular broadcast to bring them stories about your life or work.

With the breaking news background, everything you say will carry weight. Use news/journalism lingo when speaking to make your statements seem more important than they actually are.

49. Star in Grey’s Anatomy

If you’ve watched all the episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, you’re probably qualified to practice medicine by now. So step into the operating room with this Zoom background and work some magic.

50. Bring on the nostalgia

This backdrop is a time machine ready to whisk your audience back to the 90s when they couldn’t get enough of Rugrats.

When the call ends, some of the attendees will probably rush to YouTube to rewatch clips from the show and recall other wonderful memories from that period.


There you go! Dozens of funny virtual backgrounds you can use to make your video calls more enjoyable.

Try to choose a location with good lighting for your videos so that your backdrop comes out looking great.

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