15 Best LoopNet Alternatives 2024

LoopNet is a business realtor search engine that helps buyers and sellers find properties like offices, multi-family, or industrial properties for auction or lease.

You can search for listings via neighborhood videos, photos, addresses, and financials.

The platform lets you save properties and create email alerts on interesting listings similar to your search criteria, such as measurement, building type, valuation, etc.

Additionally, LoopNet allows you to find and link with property dealers via email and sort your searches by expertise, type of building, and address.

Nonetheless, LoopNet might not be the perfect relator platform for everyone. Luckily, there are multiple available alternatives based on user preferences.

For instance, agents and appraisers may need lease and sales comps or off-market deals.

Other users may be put off by calls from LoopNet agents instructing them to update their property profiles now and again. Again, LoopNet’s paid plans may also drive away CRE professionals to cheaper alternatives.

Below are some of the best LoopNet alternatives you can consider.

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Best LoopNet Alternatives

1. Zillow

Zillow is a property and rental marketplace designed to provide consumers with information, motivation, and knowledge of their properties and link them with the ideal local pros and investors.

The Zillow search engine allows you to browse thousands of properties for sale or lease, using a reliable search criterion to narrow your preferences.

Zillow property listings are pretty comprehensive – from 3D walk-through videos to publicly accessible tax information. Besides, if you find a property for sale or rent, you can directly reach out to the owner or agent.

Below are some of the key features of Zillow that make it a better alternative to LoopNet:

Over 135 million properties in the database – Zillow offers the most extensive online property information that you can exploit to find your preferred property. Furthermore, it aggregates data from nearly all MLS systems across the US.

Unlike some of the property apps listed in this review, Zillow allows you to purchase, sell, or rent assets.

Reliable search filters – Zillow allows you to narrow down listings through multiple search filters. The filters comprise property basics like measurements, building type, number of rooms, and amenities.

Once you enter your preferences, you can filter your search results through lists or geographical map views.

The Zillow app has a comprehensive directory of property agents. You can find thousands of brokers in your locality and check their Zillow ratings before seeking their services.

Apart from saving searches and favorite properties, Zillow allows you to tag and share property listings.

Zillow provides a wide variety of mortgage features, making the mortgage finding process seamless. You can press “Shop Rates” to view the latest and lowest mortgage rates.

Explore the best alternatives to Zillow in this post.

2. CompStak

CompStak is a popular business realtor data platform specializing in lease and auction comparables – a service LoopNet doesn’t offer.

It curates information from more than 20,000 experts at business brokerage and appraisal companies.

CompStak’s major strength is that its data is not readily available on other real estate platforms. Commercial lease comparables – how much commercial tenants pay in rent – are often treated as private information.

This data is primarily available in small, confined groups of realtor experts, and CompStak is the only real estate platform enabling CRE experts outside those groups to trade comps for comps.

CompStak’s data is more reliable than that of LoopNet. It specifically relies on certified business realtor professionals to source information, which is further analyzed by an internal team of data scientists.

CompStak also allows you to examine crucial details – more than 80 details. The detail-oriented nature lets you enter all your preferences, improving your satisfaction.

CompStak offers property market intelligence by combining multiple data points into reliable analytics, like market and submarket rent trends.

If you work in a business brokerage and appraisal firm, CompStak is a free tool. Basically, you will exchange your information with what you want and gain access to comps and real estate data across the US.

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3. CREXi

CREXi is a modern commercial real estate data source. It has more advanced management features to improve your experience – from listing to closing.

Some of these features include lead management, marketing automation, lead analytics, and secure data storage.

Most people acknowledge CREXi for its hands-on customer service, which makes it outdo LoopNet in drawing customer interest.

Its interface is also user-friendly, and people find it easier to use than some social media websites.

If you want to buy or sell a property individually, CREXi is your ideal partner. Most platforms, including LoopNet, are suitable for commercial property experts like appraisers, dealers, lenders, property managers, private equity investors, and CMBS investors.

If you need a business realtor marketplace that lists and handles transactions, then CREXi is ideal for you. It focuses on modernizing the traditional CRE services.

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4. Total Management

Total Management is an online real estate management software that gives SMBs a centralized platform for managing residential, commercial, and student hostel management processes.

It integrates web-based rent payments, order monitoring, and tailored Common Area Maintenance (CAM) with a screening and self-service tenant system to offer users an inclusive real estate management solution.

Unlike LoopNet, Total Management consists of a complete accounting portal, allowing you to handle security deposits, non-sufficient funds (NSF), occupant service charges, and tax settlements correctly and efficiently.

The platform runs a cloud-based service, giving users the flexibility to receive real estate information from any part of the world.

You can also traverse several screens in one web browser without the need for tabs, enabling you to multitask effortlessly.

Furthermore, Total Management uses a self-service tenant system that lets tenants process work orders and payments conveniently. Lastly, the platform enables tenant screening by examining their credit, ejection, and criminal records.

5. PropertyShark

PropertyShark is a real estate data aggregation platform for US businesses and residential properties. The platform is not only for CRE professionals since investors and homebuyers can also use it.

While PropertyShark caters to various property opportunities, it places a high emphasis on real estate data and foreclosures.

Its geographic access is generally across the US, but it seems to have a better exposure in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Yardi Investments – a real estate investment and management software firm – bought PropertyShark in March 2010. The management change has brought significant improvements to PropertyShark, such as launching a user-friendly interface.

Unlike LoopNet, PropertyShark utilizes public and private data to provide a clearer image of the US property market.

The real estate data provided by PropertyShark includes zoning information, nearby toxic sites, title deed history, and neighborhood and market demographics. In addition, you will also access property pictures, comps, neighboring new listings, maps, and mailing lists.

6. VTS

VTS is a popular leasing and property management firm established with a mission to transform CRE via innovation.

The platform enables landlords and agents to attract, convince and retain tenants by unifying essential data and workflow processes.

Below are the significant features of VTS that make it one of the best LoopNet alternatives:

Business Intelligence – This feature will enable you to create a more potent strategy with valuable business insights and portfolio risks delivered right to your inbox.

Inventory Management – You can picture your office, retail, and industrial properties via vibrant and filterable real estate plan reporting.

Tenant Management – Gain visibility of your tenant relationships like contacts, feeling, and health through this tool.

Deal Management – Discover and track all opportunities from the moment they emanate.

Deal Approvals – Get notified when you are needed to discuss, approve or reject business deals.

7. RealMassive

RealMassive is a real estate listing platform that focuses on Austin, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Orlando, FL, Atlanta, GA, Oklahoma, Minneapolis, and Phoenix, AZ markets. However, plans are underway to expand its market coverage across the US.

The platform collects information from more than 3,000 national brokerages to curate almost 100 unique data points for every property listing.

RealMassive website integration tools are the ones that make it one of the best LoopNet alternatives. It’s packed with cutting-edge tools in a seamlessly designed interface that is user-friendly.

For example, if you are a broker, you can use RealMassive’s GIS software tools to integrate local listings on your website. This will save you time and resources and quickly avail listings.

Further, the platform facilitates listing optimization through specialized tools and campaigns.

Better still, RealMassive provides unconventional analytics to establish property valuations based on location and property features. RealMassive’s real-time market surveys help property owners, dealers, and tenants to interact well throughout the search process.

Besides, you will enjoy real-time notifications of new listings, customized promotion channels, and CRENow (a service that facilitates social media syndications) by using RealMassive.

8. Truss

Truss is a niche-based LoopNet alternative ideal for small businesses. It’s designed for tenants rather than agents as it has an internal brokerage team.

The Truss search engine can help you search, match, and find office, co-working, residential, and retail lease listings. The company is the only small business realtor platform with total price transparency when comparing standard and co-working space rates.

Truss leverages its AI chatbot, Vera, to collect and examine tenant requests and preferences that match customer prerequisites. Once you have found your preferred listings from Vera, you can virtually tour the properties from the comfort of your home.

These 3D property tours and Truss’ full price transparency minimizes the number of physical tours by half, ultimately accelerating the process for every user. This makes Truss superior to LoopNet, especially for busy small-scale property owners.

Property owners and brokers can now respond timely to inquiries from potential tenants. Likewise, tenants do not waste their precious time visiting properties that don’t match their preferences.

Truss also streamlines SMBs’ negotiation and leasing processes, which can be time-consuming for busy property owners who want to focus on running their errands.

9. NETfacilities

NETfacilities provides Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) services that enable businesses to perform work orders and maintenance controls.

Maintenance management can be burdensome. Whether you are in charge of facilities, equipment, or properties, you must be proactive with a preventive maintenance plan.

Such tasks can accumulate quickly, and while you are concentrating on clearing them, it’s easy to neglect time and efficiency savings.

The primary features of NETfacilities that make it stand out from the crowd include:

Work Order Management: NETfacilities’ SaaS and mobile platforms will enable your tenants and workers to make real-time requests.

Asset Management: Their Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) tool will let you apply best practice maintenance values and monitor the lifespan of your properties.

Jobsite Management: You can discard tedious spreadsheets and use an all-inclusive software to manage your business seamlessly.

Labor Tracking: This tool offers a real-time evaluation of efficiency, output, and compliance.

Inventory tracking: This feature monitors individuals and materials such as bulbs, pens, and books/printing papers.

10. QuantumListing

QuantumListing is a crowd-sourced realtor marketplace for commercial property agents, owners, and tenants.

QuantumListing is better than LoopNet because it doesn’t conceal any listings in a paywall. Potential tenants who are not interested in joining paid realtor listing platforms can access your listings on QuantumListing free of charge.

All QuantumListing listings are available to anyone. If you are a property agent or owner, you just need to subscribe to QuantumListing’s fixed package of $79.99 to enjoy unlimited listing.

The other unique feature of this platform is that it integrates with a CRE expert’s social media account. QuantumListing believes that as millennials play crucial roles in the property workforce, social media websites have become more integral for expediting deals.

Besides, QuantumListing exhibits listings on its social media profiles to expand its market reach. They also have a Group tool that lets you join exciting groups.

All QuantumListing sale listings have a loan checker tool that sources property financing information from StackSource lenders.

Additionally, Buildout and SharpLaunch users can avoid double data entry by syndicating listings to QuantumListing.

11. Brevitas

Brevitas is a digital commercial realtor listing platform for private, public, and off-market listings. It has modern marketing tools to provide a full package to CRE professionals looking for innovative LoopNet alternatives.

The broad selection of online private databases makes Brevitas one of the best LoopNet alternatives. More than 30% of its listings are only accessible by certified investors.

Besides, Brevitas is an international brand with property listings in more than 60 countries.

The company has an innovative machine-learning algorithm that enables its users to access investment opportunities aligned with the search criteria.

It also has a comprehensive package of sales tools, like email outlines, Google Analytics, marketing automation, Google Fonts, and in-built chatting tools.

The platform further streamlines property sales by letting owners and brokers manage leads, initiate tailored marketing campaigns, collaborate with stakeholders, secure essential documents, and quickly sign signatures.

Brevitas also considers the robust willpower of collaboration. This is why they are the only realtor marketplace specifically meant for teams.

The platform offers in-built communication channels to assist teams in sharing essential documents, managing their campaigns, and closing deals earlier.

12. Ten-X

Ten-X is a modern real estate transaction platform where you can find property listings that align with your objectives and property types like office, retail, industrial, particular purposes, etc.

Ten-X verifies its listings and vets buyers before initiating any transaction. Transparency and safe online transactions are the main features that make Ten-X one of the best LoopNet alternatives.

The company’s data-based website provides predictive modeling services to establish the probability of closing a deal successfully.

Ten-X also has an end-to-end Portfolio tool that seamlessly enables agents and sellers to market their portfolios online. End-to-end implies that besides the actual transaction, they provide other services like digital, print, social, and email campaigns.

Their latest mobile app includes an up-to-date search engine, a detailed leads report, and a customer preference center.

The Ten-X PDP page focuses on clear pictures and pushes notifications, making it more functional.

You will be amazed at how the platform can streamline your processes and increase execution rates, enabling you to achieve maximum value for your listings.

Importantly, Ten-X offers data-based insights to agents, showing its market reach, real-time analytics, and other vital insights.

13. SharpLaunch

SharpLaunch is an all-in-one marketing website that enables busy property owners, agents, and asset managers to maximize their online presence. It has a user-friendly interface that streamlines property marketing, management, and visibility.

SharpLaunch offers a wide range of tools and services such as a listing website, lead management, marketing analytics, data portal, digital privacy agreements, and email marketing campaigns.

You can leverage these features to minimize time on administration and marketing production expenses significantly. Besides, as a property owner or agent, you can syndicate your listings to the US CRE websites through SharpLaunch.

SharpLaunch’s inclusive marketing dashboards allow you to comprehend and focus on your most important thing: creating more business leads. Its digital document portal will enable you to upload and share data through a single centralized repository effortlessly.

Besides, you can send unlimited emails with SharpLaunch’s email feature and monitor the activity of your target audience. Still, you can add or remove your team members and agents freely.

People define SharpLaunch as an effective and beginner-friendly LoopNet alternative. Its interactive real estate maps, inbuilt search engine, and all-around reports sum up why you should consider SharpLaunch when searching or listing properties.

14. 42Floors

42Floors aims to be the Google of property business with a database of millions of property listings.

Like Google, the 42Floors interface is elegant and has a search engine where you can search for property listings using your address, city, or market. Direct agent contacts and new listings notifications make this platform one of the best LoopNet alternatives.

The company collects its data by sampling US business real estate for auction, lease, sublease, or co-partnering. Additionally, 42Floors has a learning section about leasing, purchasing, workspace costs, consultations, space buildout, and selection.

The 42Floors research database offers property rates, measurements, and neighborhood and submarket rates. Its Elite package provides a better listing experience that resembles Google Ads.

On top of that, the Elite Tenant Rep tool lets agents market their offerings to interested parties.

42Floors’ Benchmarking services also make it stand out from LoopNet. Benchmarking is the process of obtaining insights through data analytics.

You can leverage this service to perform internal research on your business and compare it to your competitors to improve your processes and performance indicators.

15. The CRE Suite

The CRE Suite is a digital realtor data analysis platform that offers business property acquisitions and development teams the right analytical and management tools.

It gives its users the much-needed flexibility to work anytime and from anywhere. It also helps property owners, service providers, brokers, and tenants underwrite and model different data sets.

The CRE Suite services are not limited to due diligence, management, technology, financial analysis, and marketing services.

Unlike LoopNet, The CRE Suite will enable you to manage several property types, such as leased property, multi-family homes, operating assets, and specialized property.

Its due diligence services will help your team seal deals on single-tenant and multiple asset portfolios, prepare lease abstracts, update ARGUS models, and execute challenging calculations.

In addition, The CRE Suite provides comprehensive financial and modeling services, enabling you to streamline cash flows and returns for your assets, portfolio, fund, or business level.

The CRE Suite further allows you to develop tailored asset analysis models with Microsoft Excel.

Generally, this platform will offer you a comprehensive rent and sales comps service, making it one of the best alternatives to LoopNet.


Despite being a household name in real estate listings, LoopNet is not all things to every user. There are multiple alternatives that can replace it altogether, particularly for specific needs.

Zillow is the best LoopNet alternative because of its extensive listing database, robust search filters, agent directory, mortgage, and tagging and sharing tools.

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