15 Best WeWork Alternatives 2024

WeWork is a company that offers coworking spaces, which include office spaces, to start-ups and more than half of Fortune 100 companies.

They provide businesses with office suites, full-floor offices, and working spaces for remote employees near their location. Headquartered in New York, WeWork provides flexible workspace solutions in over 700 global locations.

The company allows people to work without the hassles of upfront funding or long contracts. To suit the demands of your business, you may choose from a selection of preferred layouts. It’s not just an office; it’s a workplace with choices for a welcome desk, conference rooms, and executive suites.

WeWork offers worldwide scalability and adaptability to businesses of all sizes, allowing them to adapt to change. It has a robust software-as-a-service solution for coordinating office space searches, bookings, access, and delivering engaging employee experiences in physical spaces.

WeWork also enhances the administrative experience for all owned, leased, or managed real estate assets, including inventory management, capacity planning, data analytics, and usage reporting.

Whether you need move-in-ready offices or customized premises, they provide various options for large-scale enterprises worldwide.

WeWork has limitations, though. It is expensive to hire for its amenities and services. It has greater costs than local co-working spaces because they are worldwide. Most start-ups cannot cope with the company’s pricing.

WeWork’s co-working spaces may have a factory-like feel, with no interactions between members and owners. Because their offices are large and have many members working together, having a hot desk or movable seating may often feel like a loss of privacy.

To get around these limitations, you may want to learn more about WeWork alternatives, and that’s the purpose of this guide.

Let’s get started.

Best WeWork Alternatives

1. IWG

IWG Is our first WeWork alternative. Its co-working spaces are vibrant and well-designed, giving a new dimension to your work. Also, it allows you to collaborate with other firms and work alongside like-minded people.

Their places are also flexible, as they are close to home, clients, or coworkers and may be used as frequently as needed.

The company provides serviced offices, co-working spaces, virtual offices, business lounges, meeting rooms, and video conferencing services worldwide.

Over 10,000 individuals work for this workspace provider in over 3,500 sites across 120 countries, making it most available.

Clients are given workstations on a “first come, first served” basis. They also offer mail processing services for long-term tenants.

IWG memberships provide access to tens of thousands of workplaces worldwide in more than a hundred countries.

Compared to WeWork, IWG has a lot of freedom regarding payment methods. You can pay per day or choose from five, ten, or infinite days of access every month.

However, the company advises that you consult an expert before proceeding with the payment.

2. Alley

Alley provides clients with workspace-related services. Small enterprises, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and individuals who require a workplace away from home are among its key clients.

They can design a personalized innovation solution, whether you’re attempting to address a specific industry problem or cooperate with a customer on a new solution.

Alley’s ecosystem of over 150,000 early-stage businesses supports bespoke start-up sourcing. Before entrusting the search to its worldwide team of specialists, they’ll sit down with the start-ups to fully comprehend their search criteria.

Alley’s pre-accelerator initiative assists early-stage entrepreneurs in taking the next important step, such as raising their first round of investment. That is a program that WeWork doesn’t have.

Alley designs a program that’s targeted to your exact objectives. It may be set up as ad-hoc weekend sessions or a year-long curriculum.

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3. Industrious

Industrious is one of WeWork’s main alternatives. Only experts with a successful track record of co-working with organizations in the same field are eligible to rent space from this company.

With approximately 390 people, the company has 95 sites in more than 50 cities.

You have access to various professional areas outside your office, such as conference and meeting spaces, a café, a fitness studio, phone booths, etc.

On-demand conference and meeting rooms are available, allowing you to wow a potential customer, delegate a task, or bond with your coworkers without committing to a full-time facility.

Compared to WeWork, there are various ways to get to know the people at your Industrious location. You can go to happy hours, meet at networking events, or have a cup of coffee in the member lounge.

Industrious’ rooms come fully outfitted with wooden workstations and cutting-edge chairs, ensuring that your team has everything they need.

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4. Impact Hub

Impact Hub is a co-working space firm established in the United Kingdom, created by Sara Anjargolian in 2005. Its headquarters are in Vienna, Austria.

Impact Hub is one of the most important networks dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial communities and providing workspace for young start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Currently, the company operates in over 100 cities across 50 countries. It has held over 15,000 events worldwide.

There are about 16,000 people in the company’s active community. I like Impact Hub because of its diversity; they welcome people from all walks of life, as they believe in numbers and the significance of teamwork.

They link entrepreneurs and inventors with one another and huge corporations, investors, and government agencies.

LIVE with Impact Hub is a set of online events hosted by this company. These engaging events are for you if you’re a (positive) entrepreneur or just interested in impact entrepreneurship. This program makes Impact Hub better than WeWork.

Impact Hub can help you find entrepreneurial approaches to social and environmental problems, explore challenges and answers for a sustainable future, and influence policy.

They collaborate with organizations like the European Commission, the United Nations Development Programme, GIZ, the Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs, and others.

When compared to WeWork, Impact Hib works differently. It incorporates community participation into its operating system.

The company helps customers through the earliest stages of the project until it is completed successfully. The nicest aspect is that Impact hubs in the same city do not compete.

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5. Knotel

Knotel provides one-of-a-kind office space, cost-effective funding, and easy guidelines to follow to acquire and retain as many clients as possible.

Knotel has 250 shared co-working spaces in 15 locations. The organization has a total area of four million square feet spread over 200 sites on three continents.

Knotel works with your firm to better understand how you work now and in the future. It collaborates with your team on a place and collection of products and services that meet your global workspace requirements.

They monitor fitting out your space, from budget management to subcontractor verification, to ensure a fluid workflow with optimal efficiency.

Knotel uses workplace planning and design to create an environment tailored to your objectives, needs, and brand.

Knotel differs from WeWork in that it focuses on large professional enterprises.

To receive actual costs for their services, you may have to contact Knotel.

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6. SOMAcentral

SOMAcentral is a San Francisco, California-based shared co-working space firm. It gives a workspace to technology firms and fosters a community of top start-ups full of innovation and cooperation.

Grammarly, Instagram, Twilio, 99 Designs, Playfish, Socialgold, and AppJet, are just a few of the firms SOMAcentral has helped grow and become renowned.

SOMAcentral also keeps track of the success of start-ups and provides expert advice to established businesses, which aids in the generation of additional leads and revenue.

SOMAcentral members receive a special benefit, which includes free access to the company’s three physical locations, which are located on Broadway in Oakland, Townsend Street in San Francisco, and Mission Street in San Francisco.

It has communal areas with technology and various solutions for groups of up to twenty-five people.

SOMAcentral provides exceptional amenities to its clients, such as 24-hour service, kitty spaces, personal washrooms, distilled water, competent security, e-mailbox, standing desks, and meeting rooms for more than five people.

It works with BootUp, Founders Space, and Minds the Bridge.

SOMAcentral exclusively works with technology companies. It does, however, provide all of the other critical services that co-working spaces do.

Their plans are as follows.

  • The cost of renting an office for an hour is $35
  • Hot Desks are $ 375 per month
  • Dedicated Desks are $550 per month
  • Private Offices are $2050 per month

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7. Serendipity Labs

Serendipity Labs was founded in 2011 by John Arenas and is based in New York. It is a US-sharing workspace firm. The firm has more than 35 sites in over 30 cities.

Serendipity Labs provides a safe workspace, private offices, meet-ups, conference rooms, individual workstations, and start-up workplaces to its clients. In addition, the client may expect a professional and pleasant working atmosphere.

Compared to WeWork, Serendipity Labs’ hospitality crews will help to make sure that your event is a success.

Its secure venues offer enterprise-grade WiFi and dependable network architecture that delivers consistent performance while conforming to HIPAA, SOX, DoD, and other industry compliance regulations.

It recognizes the need for cooperation in ensuring company continuity; therefore, it has established professional and productive areas where you may connect without the fear of being judged.

Meeting rooms of various sizes and layouts are available for continuous separation. Each space has AV equipment to stream in people for hybrid meetings. Not to forget, guests might choose to have a health screening.

All meeting and event spaces have audiovisual equipment, food and beverage selections, and attentive service comparable to boutique hotels.

Serendipity Labs runs like a franchise. It sells licenses to landlords and property owners that want to utilize the brand name to increase property sales. The profit is then split between the landlord and Serendipity Labs.

Serendipity Labs offers a more diverse variety of price options based on the area and service requested. You can find out more about the locations and pricing here.

8. Techspace

Techspace is among the best alternatives to WeWork. The organization has a physical presence in six different cities around the United States. Individuals and corporations can use its infrastructure and co-working space.

Their tailored approach to community development makes their flexible offices, event spaces, and conference rooms particularly built to help forward-thinking teams operate at their best.

It provides users with better networking and IT systems, carefully selected technology partners, and an engagement schedule to promote future leaders.

Compared to WeWork, this platform helps make a difference in your health. Techspace offers free fitness courses both in-person and online.

It offers a service called ScaleUp Europe that aims to help up-and-coming leaders. Linking individuals with other ScaleUp team leaders to empower professional and personal growth.

Techspace offers a more diverse variety of price options, depending on the location and service you select.

9. Greendesk

Greendesk specializes in delivering low-cost, flexible office space. They are available to rent on a month-to-month or long-term basis to assist you in taking your company to new heights.

Users may use various services, including premium workspace, private offices, online meeting space, and conference rooms.

In addition, the firm offers office services such as email management, printing, document scanning, high-speed WiFi, and coffee or tea.

The organization has a modest rent cost, ideal for start-ups and other businesses that have not yet established themselves in the market.

Unlike WeWork, Greendesk provides a top-notch bonus to its clients. The package includes 24-hour support, cleaning services, completely equipped office spaces, and a kitchen.

Greendesk has a detailed price structure for its services, starting from $29 per day for a hot desk to $250 per month for a private office.

10. MakeOffices

MakeOffices provides offices to start-up firms, freelancers, small enterprises, and entrepreneurs as part of the co-working movement.

With amazing facilities like fresh fruit, unlimited coffee and beer, and relaxation rooms, you’ll have the office infrastructure with high-speed WiFi, 24/7 access, conference rooms, and printing. Just turn on your computer and concentrate on expanding your business!

Customer acquisition begins here as you share the area with other start-ups and companies trying to expand.

MakeOffices differs from WeWork in that it gives discounts to small businesses and start-ups struggling to pay their rent. In contrast, WeWork exclusively serves clients willing to pay for the services.

If you want to get their service, their prices are as follows:

  • Hot Desks start at $300/monthly
  • Private Offices start at $600/monthly
  • Virtual offices start at $75/monthly
  • Day Passes start at $35/day

11. Servcorp

Servcorp is a global provider of complete workplace solutions, such as real and virtual offices, conference rooms, and co-working spaces.

The organization has effective operations in 23 countries, 54 cities, and over 160 sites worldwide.

Servcorp provides your firm with customizable virtual office solutions that meet your administrative duties, support, and physical facility needs without incurring substantial, continuing, and unneeded costs.

Their flexible contract solutions include a variety of high-quality corporate office packages customized for you to give your company a professional image and a secure place to thrive.

With 150+ accessible and central locations worldwide, the Servcorp Office Space solution can offer your firm a prime location, a five-star interior build-out, cutting-edge conference and meeting facilities, industry-leading IT technology, and an administrative team to assist your business requirements.

Servcorp provides its customers with the space and support to be their true selves. Unlike WeWork, they supply their users with five-star business addresses and a receptionist who will take calls in their company’s name.

The company fosters an entrepreneurial attitude and passion by sending cheap gifts across the community.

Servcorp’s prices vary depending on the location and the service you want.

12. Venture X

Venture X is one of the best WeWork alternatives you should try. It offers rentable co-working space that is modern, high-quality, and adaptable. Their members benefit from flexible terms, a range of space alternatives, high-tech office options, and on-demand facilities in their professional workspaces.

Their opulent settings foster discussion and cooperation among like-minded business people, resulting in a vibrant, diversified community.

Their professional business environments are great for getting in and getting work done and collaborating, socializing, and networking.

Venture X can design an ideal virtual office for your company. They may help you improve your professional image by providing a physical location for your virtual company.

Depending on the nature of your job, you may use their physical location for the duration of your contract by using their sophisticated virtual offices.

The platform is your commercial office space option, with flexible terms and a footprint that suits your needs. They provide cost-effective solutions that can accommodate teams of various sizes, whether you require a suite of office spaces for corporations or a complete floor.

High-end facilities, cutting-edge technology, sophisticated finishing touches, and event areas for attending and organizing various occasions are all available in their adaptable offices.

Venture X’s main business model is to sell franchise licenses to prospective landlords, company owners, and developers so that they may expand their brand without having to pay for a lease or commercial space. WeWork doesn’t use this model.

The pricing depends on the location and the service you want to subscribe to.

13. Pacific Workplaces

Pacific Workplaces is another WeWork alternative. Through their membership, you can access private office rooms, conference rooms, virtual office spaces, and co-working.

It has a presence in more than ten cities. Packages are available for all budgets. It has a network of approximately 650 sites globally under the CloudVO brand.

Members may pick from various inexpensive co-working passes or a dedicated desk or workstation at Pacific Workplaces’ flexible office space locations.

They also provide productivity solutions for remote employees that blend coworking with working from home, such as digital mail services and live phone answering.

A Virtual Office is the company’s most convenient and cost-effective solution to improve your company’s image while increasing productivity.

Its ”Workplace-as-a-Service” concept gives work-from-home professionals, and mobile employees access to office space and conference rooms while also providing a full workplace infrastructure.

Unlike WeWork, Pacific Workplaces has stylish conference rooms that will surprise your clients and coworkers, a valuable asset for your company. To make a reservation, choose your preferred location.

The cost of their services varies based on the region and service you choose.

14. Carr Workplaces

Preferred Office Network (PON) is happy to have Carr Workplaces as a member. PON supports corporate clients with workspace needs in diverse markets, large or small, single or numerous, with over 700 sites in over 300 cities nationwide.

Whether you’re a long-term office user, a temporary office user, or holding an event in one of their meeting or conference rooms, their administrative team will help you.

Every Carr Workplaces site has a trained and competent IT team on hand to answer your technical problems and assist with troubleshooting. That makes Carr Workplaces’ IT department one of the best WeWork alternatives.

Carr Workplaces is quickly becoming a preferred partner for property owners and landlords across the United States. They collaborate with landlords to manage flexible office spaces and building amenities that attract high-quality clients. Leading to high occupancy rates and lucrative partnership agreements.

They operate 26 sites around the country; according to its website, it is a national co-working place for creative people.

They have a reasonable price for their services.

  • Private Offices start at $50
  • Virtual Offices start at $80
  • Co-working starts at $25
  • Meeting Rooms start at $50

15. Intelligent Office

Intelligent Office is the most effective approach for contemporary businesses to compete in today’s environment.

They help entrepreneurs reach their vision of success by creating customized corporate support solutions that include professional office spaces, OnDemand office settings, call answering, virtual administrative assistance, and a network of like-minded professionals.

Their conference rooms are suitable for various purposes, including board meetings and interviews, training sessions, client meetings, etc.

Unlike WeWork, Intelligent Offices’ virtual services and Virtual Assistants are qualified to manage insurance and scheduling concerns for medical service providers.

Intelligent Offices’ Virtual Office packages with phone services ensure that every call is handled by a local Intelligent Assistant familiar with you and your company and operates as an extension of your team.

Intelligent Offices’ pricing is based on the location and the service you want them to offer you.


All of the above WeWork alternatives are excellent, but I believe Impact Hub is the winner because it is in many global locations compared to the other platforms.

Besides, it has a mechanism to guide start-ups through their early stage until they mature. Its program, LIVE with Impact Hub, can help you link up with investors or other entrepreneurs worldwide.

Impact Hub has full conferences, meetings, and private offices like other platforms.

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