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11 Best MultCloud Alternatives

With the help of technological advancements, storing files and documents is easier than ever before. As a result, the storage space keeps expanding, and you don’t even need a physical drive to store your files.

Instead, cloud storage services such as MultCloud are the next best thing since you can never lose your data, and you can always access it from any device as they give you a chance to keep more than one cloud storage account in one place where you get to transfer files between them easily.

MultCloud is one of the best cloud transfer storage services, but it has its downsides, such as increased complexity of use and security issues that might put some users away from Multcloud.

Luckily, down below, you can find the 11 best MultCloud alternatives that will make the perfect choice instead of MultCloud, and yet you only have to choose which one fits your cloud storage transferring needs the best!

Best MultCloud Alternatives

With so many similar cloud storage services to MultCloud, the wide range of choices can make it tricky to find which alternatives work out the best for your personal needs.

Down below, you can find more about each one of these 11 best alternatives so you can quickly make your choice and choose your cloud storage transfer service.

1. cloudHQ

cloudHQ functions similarly to MultCloud, but its biggest advantage is that it offers free unlimited data transfer on certain free apps.

If you’re lucky enough that your old and new cloud storage platform is listed as free in cloudHQ, you can take full advantage of it without paying a thing. But if that’s not the case, cloudHQ offers an unlimited data transfer from any cloud storage service for a very affordable price.

cloudHQ also includes additional features that can help you improve your productivity and back up much more of your data. These features include storing your emails as PDFs, backing up any app in the Google Workspace, exporting emails into Google Sheets, etc.

On top of that, you can even save Gmail email templates, calendars, and all other apps you can find within Google Workspace. Inside cloudHQ, you can also find an integrated free email tracker and a labeling feature that allows you to share and collaborate on your files with others.

These are some advanced features that are missing in MultCloud and yet are why cloudHQ might be a better choice if you plan to collaborate or work with others on the files you store.

And with so many integrated features that work well with Google Suite, cloudHQ is a much better choice than MultCloud if you’ve kept or want to keep files in Google’s cloud storage.

2. Mover

Mover is a very specific cloud transfer service designed to help you transfer all your files from other cloud storage services to Office 365.

While MultCloud allows you to transfer your files from different sources to different platforms, Mover is a very specific platform that will work much better than MultCloud if you plan on switching all your files and data to Office 365 storage.

Mover’s biggest advantage over Multcloud is that it is a completely free service, and you are not limited by storage. In addition, the migration process is very simple and is not as complex as it is with MultCloud, which is another benefit.

All you need is a Microsoft account to get started, and the whole moving process is also pretty fast, no matter the amount of storage you have to transfer.

However, keep in mind that if you don’t plan on using Microsoft cloud storage, Mover might not be the best choice.

3. Rclone

If you are looking for a free and open-source alternative to MultCloud, Rclone is a great pick because it is based on a command-line interface that is still very efficient at helping you manage your cloud storage from various sources.

Rclone supports up to 40 different cloud storing services, as well as S3 object stores, and consumer file storage services such as social media platforms.

Even though it’s a tool based on a command-line interface, there aren’t too many commands to learn, and getting used to Rclone is fairly easy.

Rclone has the ability to keep timestamps, verify checksums, transfer files at the highest bandwidth rate possible, and still keep security high.

MultCloud has a user interface that is straightforward, but Rclone provides better versatility and it doesn’t take a lot of time to learn how to use it to your advantage.

You can use Rclone on Windows, macOS, and Linux, and you won’t have to worry about storage limits or pricing plans since it’s absolutely free to use and yet is as efficient, if not even more efficient than MultCloud.

Find out the best alternatives to Rclone here.

4. oDrive

Suppose you are worried about MultCloud’s security issues. In that case, oDrive is a similar cloud storage transfer service that has improved the security as they’re relying on zero-knowledge encryption, which means that not even oDrive can access the files you transfer, let alone someone else.

Another oDrive advantage over MultCloud is the desktop app that makes transferring files and accessing them from your computer much easier than if you used MultCloud’s slightly complex process in the browser.

Yet the biggest difference between oDrive and MultCloud is that oDrive works slightly differently by allowing you to sync all your cloud storage services into one platform and access all your files from one place instead of transferring all your files to their servers.

oDrive’s free plan with unlimited linking is more than enough for average users. However, keep in mind that this also includes collaborative features to share and work on your files with others via easy access sharing.

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5. CloudFuze

CloudFuze is a very similar alternative to MultCloud, and its biggest advantage and strength is the ability to migrate files and data from 40+ cloud services, which places it as one of the most versatile alternatives in the industry.

On top of that, CloudFuze is also excellent for collaboration as you get to add users and even assign permission levels to each user so everyone in a team or even in a company can work together.

Even though CloudFuze doesn’t offer a free option like MultCloud, it has a very affordable pricing plan that offers 50 GB of storage.

In comparison to MultCloud, CloudFuze has a slightly better interface since it’s user-friendly and easy to learn, and the separation between personal and business files is very convenient. Combined with reporting tools, CloudFuze can be an ideal pick if you are looking for a simple cloud storage transferring service.

6. RaiDrive

RaiDrive is one of the most affordable cloud storage transferring services where you can get eight drives, and you’ll only have to deal with the ads unless you upgrade to an affordable pricing plan which offers unlimited storage and drives.

This cloud storage transferring service allows you to connect up to 35 different cloud storage services to RaiDrive, transfer all files, and keep them well organized in an easy-to-navigate interface.

The interface is laid out so that it can actually increase productivity, and yet you’ll have much easier access to files in one place than having to search for your files across multiple cloud platforms.

What’s great about RaiDrive is that it is a desktop application that you can use without relying on a browser to sync all your files. Instead, the app does everything for you, and you can directly see, edit, and use files within the app.

7. Air Explorer

Air Explorer is a better MultCloud alternative for two main reasons; it offers a desktop app that’s quick and efficient, and it offers better file encryption, so it reduces security issues in the long run.

Inside the Air Explorer desktop app (available for both Windows and macOS), you can synchronize files between various cloud storage services and manage them in one place.

On top of that, Air Explorer also offers automatic file transfers and backups once you set up your cloud storage services. However, the biggest Air Explorer advantage compared to MultCloud is its versatility since Air Explorer even offers an Android app to access your files from almost any device.

Not only does Air Explorer have as good a user interface as MultCloud, but a small yet important advantage is the search integration which can help you find specific files with the help of various filters in only seconds.

Collaboration is also a possibility, and you can share your files directly from the Air Explorer interface via a link.

If you like Air Explorer and want to unlock even more features and capabilities, you can combine it with other Air tools such as Air Live Drive and Air Cluster to keep your files managed well.

8. Koofr

Koofr is another similar MultCloud alternative that only offers 10 GB for free, but it has affordable upgrades, is very efficient, and is very convenient as it combines additional features into the platform.

Besides keeping all your files in one place by importing them from dozens of cloud storage services, Koofr helps you keep your files organized by automatically backing up files from your cloud storage services.

Koofr’s biggest advantage over MultCloud is the ability to backup your phone and keep all your files from your phone safely stored in the Koofr platform.

A powerful search engine allows you to find all files within one interface, but you also get quick tools that will help you preview, edit, and create new files right inside Koofr.

Compared with MultCloud, Koofr is also a lot more versatile as it supports more operating systems (since it comes as a desktop app). It supports iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Linux, and even WebDAV.

9. We.Team

We.Team, previously known as Otixo, is a similar MultCloud alternative, but it is highly focused on teams that need a place to keep all their files in one place by importing them from various cloud storage services.

Therefore, We.Team is highly efficient at providing a way to import and transfer files to one dashboard from dozens of cloud storage services. Still, it also adds unique features that improve collaboration and productivity for teams.

These features include real-time communication, the ability to have online meetings right within the platform, communicate via chat, audio, and even video and screen sharing.

However, one feature that not many MultCloud alternatives include is the ability to collaborate within the organization as a team and collaborate between organizations.

All data is kept safe via encryption, and you even get to secure all files and chat histories, so your team’s and company’s information is always safe.

Therefore, the biggest difference between MultCloud and We.Team is the purpose of use, where We.Team fits teams and companies better, yet it provides the same service with additional features included to improve productivity and collaboration.

10. Air Cluster

Air Cluster is a browser-based MultCloud alternative that allows you to join all cloud storage services into one cloud so you can store and access your files from one place, the Air Cluster dashboard.

The biggest difference between Air Cluster and MultCloud is that Air Cluster joints the cloud services in one, so you don’t have to bother with transferring your files. Instead, it automatically syncs and updates one big cloud with all your files from as many cloud services as you have.

You get to search all your files using a centralized search engine, which is very efficient, considering it is synced with as many cloud storage services as you use.

Air Cluster provides a very simple interface that looks like a folder where you can quickly access and preview all your files. Therefore, there’s no learning curve at all, and once you configure your cloud storage services the first time, you wouldn’t have to spend much time configuring anything else.

On top of that, Air Cluster provides a decent insight via graphs into the storage you have available, the types of files you’re storing, and many other stats.

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11. Cloudsfer

Cloudsfer is a very similar cloud storage management service to MultCloud, yet its biggest advantage over MultCloud is that it can work with a lot more cloud services. This means that you can use Cloudsfer to transfer data between 30 different cloud services right within their dashboard.

On top of that, Cloudsfer allows you to store data and transfer it from social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Even though it has fairly limited free storage you can use (250 MB) while MultCloud offers 30 GB, Cloudsfer has a better free trial version and a pretty affordable pricing plan that makes up for the lack of free storage.

Cloudsfer’s biggest advantages are the ability to maintain metadata and it also has a reporting tool. Also, all data and files you transfer using Cloudsfer are easy to manage and organize in maps and folders, which is another big plus.

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In my book, the best MultCloud alternative is cloudHQ because it offers cloud storage transfers from certain services for absolutely free without any limits at all.

The pricing plan is relatively affordable and offers a decent amount of storage too. Features such as the ability to store emails as PDFs and backup Google Workspace apps, make it more than a useful service. In addition, there are plenty of collaborative features that improve productivity.