15 Best LeetCode Alternatives 2023

Best leetcode alternatives

If you are a developer, engineer, or data scientist, you are probably looking for a platform to help you improve your knowledge and skills in coding. LeetCode is a great platform to help you improve your skills and even practice for interviews.

In fact, there are several other platforms similar to LeetCode that help you become better at coding. HackerRank, AlgoExpert, CodeChef are some of the popular choices.

However, the best LeetCode alternative is Codewars which is perfect for beginners and professionals alike. Moreover, LeetCode collaborates directly with technology experts to impart the best of coding skills.

More about LeetCode & why explore alternatives?

LeetCode comes with more than 2,000 questions for you to practice. Also, you will get to prepare for interviews on LeetCode. Organizations can also go to the platform to look for talent.

You can also choose 14 popular languages on LeetCode, including Ruby, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, and C++. You can also utilize the playground feature to write, debug and test your projects.

Despite the great features available on LeetCode, some limitations will force you to look for alternatives. First, LeetCode has limited SQL questions, which may compel data analysts, senior data scientists, and BI engineers to find better tools.

LeetCode has limited video guides and step-by-step tutorials, making it challenging, especially if you get some answers wrong and don’t know the correct way to solve them.

The app isn’t very beginner-friendly, and doesn’t provide peer-to-peer mock interviews that can help you fine-tune your coding skills before the actual interview.

Not to worry though, as mentioned above, you can find better alternatives out there.

In fact, we explore 15 of them in this post.

Best LeetCode Alternatives

1. Codewars

Codewars is a platform you can use to improve your development skills through peer training. It uses code kata to push users to improve their coding practices continuously. You must complete an initiation challenge before signing up on the platform.

This LeetCode alternative has excellent features for anyone looking to sharpen their coding skills. Codewars uses kata, which are small coding exercises that are community developed to help you master your language of choice. Alternatively, Codewars has over 55+ programming languages that you can learn.

If you want to learn quickly, Codewars lets you learn by using test cases (TDD) to assess your progress. You can also use new, optimized, and creative approaches to retrain and identify the bugs in your coding practice quickly.

Codewars motivates its users by letting them earn ranks and honors so they can always push to achieve their highest learning potential. You also get access to the developer community to learn with and from your peers.

Besides, you can create your kata based on your interests or specific skills or train with the katas generated by the community. Because of this, Codewars has more tests for you to practice running your code than LeetCode.

2. HackerRank

HackerRank is a platform that matches developers with companies. The platform has two options. The first one is for companies looking to hire developers. The second option is for job seekers looking to improve their coding skills, prepare for interviews, and get hired.

Companies can identify the best talent globally on the platform. HackerRank will help them develop an efficient hiring process, screen potential employees, conduct interviews, and rank the candidates to identify one that’s the best fit for them.

Developers are required to sign up before they can code. After signing up, they can practice coding and prepare for interviews. Eventually, they can get hired by the companies.

HackerRank offers better features for employers looking to hire developers, and this is because developers can verify their expertise.

Also, the platform provides certification challenges in popular programming languages, including Python, Java, Javascript, and react. LeetCode only offers a platform for developers to practice for interviews.

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3. AlgoExpert

AlgoExpert is a great platform to practice for your coding interview. It comes with 160 handpicked questions so developers can easily ace their technical interviews.

You will also gain access to over 100 hours of video explanation. Each question has a two-part video to help you maximize your learning. AlgoExpert also comes with a data structure crash course that will give you basic knowledge of famous data structures.

All the information available for learning comes in nine programming languages, including Javascript, Typescript, Kotlin, Swift, Python, Go, C#, Java, and C++. Furthermore, the explanations available consider space-time complexity analyses.

AlgoExpert comes with a feature-rich coding workspace so that you can practice coding solutions to algorithm problems. You will also be able to run your solutions against test cases that are available on AlgoExpert.

If you wish to practice for a coding interview, AlgoExpert has four curated assessments that perfectly reflect a coding interview. The questions vary in type and complexity. You can also do mock interviews with other users on the platform.

LeetCode takes a different approach to mock interviews. Instead, they give you company-specific interview questions that are timed.

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4. CodeChef

CodeChef is a platform that lets you practice, compete, and learn. You will get access to programs for beginners to experienced programmers. There are more than 3,000 problems available on the platform that vary in complexity and popularity.

The platform comes with video editorials and information to debug your code. You will also get hints on how to solve your problems. You can also chat with their support so that they can help you earn and debug your errors faster.

The platform lets you compete with more than 200,000 enthusiasts in a contest. Every month there are more than six contests held every Wednesday and weekend that you can participate in. you will also be placed in one of the four distinct divisions based on your programming skills.

CodeChef promotes self-learning and some problems have been handpicked for you based on your learning path to speed up the improvement of your ratings. Also, you can choose to take the topical learning path if you prefer this method.

LeetCode is a platform that purposefully helps users prepare for interviews. But if you are looking for a platform solely based on helping you improve your skills and compete in contests, then CodeChef is the platform for you.

You can choose to use the free version of CodeChef. However, you can subscribe to the Pro version at $8.25 per month if you want more features. The Pro version allows you to access beta contests, components, and personalized doubt support.

5. CheckiO

CheckiO is a platform with coding games created for different levels of programmers, from beginners to advanced levels. Using fun and engaging methods, you can use coding games to solve challenges in TypeScript and Python on the platform.

Unlike LeetCode, you can either start new games on the platform or register before starting a new game.

It is an excellent option for teachers who want to use CheckiO in their classrooms. It has fun coding challenges and various tools you can use to solve puzzles. You will also access numerous unique and exciting solutions.

The tool is ideal for teaching because you can see the class’ progress with a click. You can also monitor each student’s train of thought during problem-solving.

So if you are looking for a platform to use at school, CheckiO has better features than LeetCode.

6. Coderbyte

Coderbyte is a platform for developers and organizations. Developers use the platform to prepare for interviews, while organizations use it to assess potential employees.

The platform has over one million developers who wish to take their careers to the next level. Developers will access the challenge library and go through starter courses and interview kits to help them advance their careers.

The starter courses available on the platform include Algorithm, JavaScript, and Python, which you can learn in a week. You can also go through the interview preps available on the platform.

Developers can use the free coding challenges or upgrade to access more features by paying a monthly subscription of $35 or an annual subscription of $150. You can also make a one-time payment of $79 to access the pro features for 90 days.

The platform lets companies get the top candidate. However, they will have to pay a monthly fee of $199. The platform has over 500 challenges and assesses over 30 languages and 100 skills. What’s more, challenges and questions are auto-graded to make the hiring process more manageable.

Both LeetCode and Coderbyte prepare developers for interviews, but Coderbyte has a subscription option for employees to use when assessing potential candidates.

7. HackerPen

HackerPen is a platform that you can use to practice for tech interviews. The platform comes with an in-browser code pad and a cloud-based compiler that you can use for any mainstream programming language. Also, employers can use it for real-time interviews.

You can also use HackerPen for system design mock interviews. The platform supports hand drawing and shape-adding. Because of this feature, HackerPen is an ideal platform for remote interviews.

Moreover, HackerPen has a video and audio feature so interviewers and interviewees can easily communicate in the same session. You will not need access to communication platforms like Zoom in this case.

The ability to hold remote interviews makes HackerPen stand out from LeetCode.

8. Topcoder

Topcoder is a platform where companies and employers can go to get developers who can work on their projects. The platform offers crowdsourcing services where several developers can work together to complete your task.

Topcoder provides the following services to employers

  • Data Science
  • UI/UX design
  • Web development
  • QA and testing
  • Complex projects and professional services

Developers can also sign up on Topcoder to find work and get paid after completing tasks. The platform is ideal for developers who wish to pursue freelancing.

Unlike LeetCode, Topcoder is more of a platform that brings together people looking for developers and developers looking for work.

9. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is the perfect platform for you if you want a platform to teach children how to code. The platform offers world-class education for free and can be accessed by learners, teachers, and parents.

Compared to LeetCode, Khan Academy is ideal for students learning the basics of coding and programming. Beginners and other novice-level individuals can use the platform to learn about coding.

What’s more, Khan Academy offers more courses than programming. Here, you can learn math, science, computing, arts & humanities, economics, reading & language arts, and life skills.

Khan Academy also offers personalized learning. Students can practice at their own pace. If you have some knowledge of the topic, you can use the platform to fill in gaps in your learning before proceeding to the next level.

The content available on the platform is trusted. Also, there are tools available on the platform to empower teachers. With these tools, teachers can personalize learning for their students to ensure that every learning need is met.

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10. Talscale

Talscale is a platform that aims to help recruiters assess potential candidates and improve their hiring process. The app promises that employers will be able to hire the right candidate within two weeks of using it.

Talscale has amazing features to enable companies to hire people remotely. You can select the skill set you need for a particular job and then make assessments based on that. To get more from the interview, Talscale lets you pair your programming interviews with code sync.

Talscale also has features that improve the remote hiring process, which is unavailable on LeetCode. The features include advanced proctoring, ATS integration, facial recognition, plagiarism detection, and flexible continent creation.

With these features, you can:

Conduct live interviews – You can pair a code interface platform with video and text chat. You can even revisit transcripts and playbacks if you need clarification. Interview recordings can also be shared among colleagues.

Access advanced code review tools – The feature finds the right person to hire. You will be able to use auto-score coding reports so that recruiters who do not understand technical language can still assess candidates.

Use proctoring and advanced facial recognition to flag suspicious behavior – The tools include full-screen mode, tab change track, code video capture, plagiarism check, facial recognition, and impersonation tracking.

11. Codecademy

Codecademy is a platform whose goal is to educate people on topics relevant to the 21st century. Therefore, the following people will benefit from the platform.

People who want to build a career – Codecademy has a career path that will help you land your dream job. You will gain access to many beginner-friendly lessons in courses like engineering, and machine learning, among many others.

People who want to gain a skill – If you’re going to pick up a skill like coding, building a website, or even analyzing data with SQL, Codecademy has excellent courses for you.

People who want to learn a language – If you’re going to learn a programming language, Codecademy has beginner-friendly courses for languages like JavaScript, Python, HTML, and Java, among many others.

People who want to explore a subject – If you wish to explore subjects like web development, data science, and cyber security, Codecademy has beginner-friendly courses you can check out.

Codecademy, compared to LeetCode, is ideal for people looking to increase their knowledge and improve their skills.

You can check the pricing page for pro versions if you wish to access more features. The Basic version is free. The Pro Lite version is $13.99 and is ideal for people who want to earn a skill. If you wish to build a career, purchase the Pro version at $19.99 monthly.

In addition to pricing plans for individuals, Codecademy also has pricing plans for students and teams.

12. The Coding Cards

The Coding Cards is a platform designed to accelerate your tech skills using JavaScript and Data structure flashcards. The flashcards are great tools that you can use to reinforce your understanding of the basic concepts of programming using different languages.

The tool is ideal for developers looking to retain their knowledge of the core principles of programming.

This LeetCode alternative is a great tool that you can use to prepare for coding interviews. You can access concept explanations, and code snippets often asked in FAANG interviews, including core JavaScript Algorithms and popular Data Structures.

The cards are color-coded so that you can get a straightforward explanation of concepts. The cards also have illustrations and content that help you retain concepts like heap sort and recursion.

You can also scan the QR code on the platform using your smartphone if you need further clarification. The QR code will direct you to an article or youtube video with a detailed explanation of the topic.

The use of coding cards to master coding concepts differentiates the platform from LeetCode. You can buy either physical cards or digital cards.

13. HackerEarth

HackerEarth was developed for both developers and businesses. The application aims to link developers with world-class companies.

Developers can use the app to practice improving their knowledge and skills to compete with the 6.5 million developers on the platform. Businesses can engage developers, assess, interview, and upskill them on HackerEarth.

Developers can code with the 6.5 million individuals on the platform. Also, they will have the opportunity to practice and master new skills. What’s more, they will be able to solve real problems in some leading organizations.

HackerEarth also lets developers find their dream job by taking part in hackathons. In the process, they will sharpen their coding skills and thus stay ahead of their peers. Developers will also earn badges as they continue to use the platform.

While LeetCode is a platform that lets developers practice for interviews with specific companies, HackerEarth is a tech hiring platform

HackerEarth has different plans, which you can check on their pricing page. The Startup Package costs $119 per month, and Enterprises costs $279 per month. Contact them for a custom price specific to your needs

14. Edabit

If you are looking for a platform to improve your programming, check out Edabit. The platform has beginner tutorials in JavaScript and Python to help people who are new to this.

The platform lets you access challenges and practices to improve your skills and knowledge. You will be able to practice actual coding on Edabit so that you learn and perfect your skills quickly. Edabit gives you limitless, bite-sized exercises to advance your abilities.

You can start with an easy exercise for complex tasks on the platform. Also, you will learn at your own pace to master challenging codes.

Edabit uses game mechanics to ensure that you learn in a fun way. Also, it removes radius and noneducational parts, making the game fun and addictive. You will gain experience and unlock achievements as you rise from one level to another.

The programming languages available on the platform include Swift, Ruby, Python, PHP, JavaScript, Java, C++, and C#.

Edabit’s main aim is to improve the knowledge and skills of developers, while LeetCode focuses on preparing its users for interviews.

15. Screeps

Screeps is another LeetCode alternative with an MMO sandbox game for developers. The open-source games use programming units AI as their core mechanic. Developers can write JavaScript to control their colony.

The platform lets you play by scripting. You can perform actual programming by using libs from real projects. Therefore, it is not pseudocode. Additionally, the platform uses WebAssembly to combine other languages and JavaScript.

You also get access to game API and docs of a full-fledged platform on Screeps. Because it uses games as its basis of operation, Screeps is more fun than LeetCode.

The programmable world of Screeps is enormous, consisting of more than 70,000 interconnected game rooms. You also get access to processing player scripts that use Node.js.

Screeps is an open-source sandbox. But, you are free to change aspects of the hames behavior, the engine available on the platform has an adaptable program, and you can contribute to its development.

Final Word

My best LeetCode alternative is Codewars.

Codewars is an ideal platform that lets you practice to improve your skills. What’s more, you will still enjoy using it whether you are a beginner or an expert because the exercises vary in complexity.

Codewars is also an excellent community platform because it lets you and other users develop puzzles which are also known as kata. The community aspect lets you learn from others. The platform also collaborates with other technological institutions to educate software developers.

When you use Codewars, you will get excellent training to improve your skills and prepare you for employment. Additionally, there’s a job post platform on Codewars that companies can use to seek talent.