15 Best Wordtune Alternatives

An AI21 Labs creation, Wordtune is a writing assistant that uses deep AI to provide you with a wide array of alternative sentences and phrases to pick from.

The language models in the software quickly help provide you with many different ways of extracting what’s most important in a sentence.

It also has a highly-rated Google Chrome extension which has several great reviews on the company website. However, is this editor software really for everyone? There are a few places where this particular piece of software falls short.

For starters, its free version is a bit frustrating. The software counts down daily allotment even when the user decides to stick with their original sentence.

If you highlight a phrase or sentence and then scroll through the rewrite suggestions provided but you move your mouse off the tiny window by mistake, Wordtune will still count it as a rewrite. This means that you need to pay close attention to the mouse and choose your rewrites carefully.

Another small downside with Wordtune is it’s a bit pricey for what it does. What the paid versions offer isn’t reciprocal to what it asks you to pay for because there’s really not that huge of a difference between the paid versions and the free one.

Lastly, the tool can be a little distracting when you’re actively working. If you’ve enabled the add-in application or browser extension while you’re creating content, each time you highlight something on your page the tool’s tiny purple logo will appear.

While this may be okay when you’re editing work, it can get a bit annoying during the actual writing process.

With all that said, if you find that Wordtune isn’t for you, don’t worry. There are many other great alternatives out there you may want to strongly consider. Here are some of the best Wordtune alternatives.

Best Wordtune Alternatives

1. Jasper

Jasper, formerly Jarvis, is one of the leaders when it comes to AI writing tools. Choose a form of your choice and a subject area, fill in the requisite details and the software will create content for you.

One of the most interesting features it has is its long-form document editor. This powerful tool allows users to write whole documents with the help of artificial intelligence-assisted outputs.

One thing that you’ll find here but not on Wordtune is the speed writing application, which helps you create outstanding articles and blog posts in a matter of minutes. It can also integrate with SEO Surfer, meaning you can optimize the content and analyze keywords to help you rank better on search engines.

You can create almost any kind of content with its automated article writing software. All you need to do is key in enough parameters and wait for the AI to write your novels, blog posts, and articles for you.

A huge reason why Jasper is so popular is because of all the commands and recipes you can use to create written content. You can do many creative things, including creating movie scripts and the like.

2. Rytr

This AI-based content writing tool uses algorithms that focus on historical data to help you create compelling and unique articles and blog posts with the right style and tone, whilst still being grammatically correct. Rytr can create your content in 60 minutes or less and you won’t have to intervene during that time.

Where Rytr one-ups Wordtune is its Form Generator feature, which allows users to personalize their content without sacrificing that professional touch. It has a grammar checker to ensure the content is professional and a plagiarism checker to make sure the finished product is of the highest quality possible.

This AI-content writing software is ideal for content writers and bloggers who want to create many blog posts and articles quickly. It can also write this content in real time and help you search for interesting ideas to use.

Currently, Rytr can help you create content for a wide variety of niches and topics, including reviews, business articles, sports articles, tech articles, blog posts, and so on.

3. Copy.ai

Unlike Wordtune, Copy.ai has many automated creativity tools that can help users get rid of writer’s block. It also offers them a wide array of artificial intelligence-created templates to help them get started on their writing projects.

Copy.ai also features a long-form document editor application that allows users to work on all their ideas in one place. This is a feature Wordtune offers as well, so if you create a lot of long-form content but want something different, then you should definitely consider checking out this alternative.

You can use Copy.ai to create sales copy, blog content, eComm copy, web copy, social media copy, and digital ad copy in several different languages. It also has a very easy-to-use user interface.

It has similar templates to Wordtune, Jasper, and the like, but the things that help differentiate it from the rest are that you don’t need a credit card to get the most out of the platform and it’s got a completely free version.

As a power content writing assistant, Copy.ai is perfect for the power content writers looking to get past their writer’s block. Other than being an incredibly affordable alternative, because of the pro mode’s unlimited credits and its entirely free version, unlike Wordtune, you don’t really need the paid plan to really enjoy using the platform.

4. Scalenut

Another substitute to Wordtune is this content writing processing software that uses an artificial intelligence algorithm that combines NLP and SEO techniques to boost page rankings and creates captivating, engaging content. However, not only does Scalenut automate content creation but it also enables its users to create texts optimized for search engines.

It also allows you to integrate with SEO Surfer and you don’t have to buy two separate tools to do so. Users write their keywords, and the tool gives them a document editor feature centered around the keywords they’ve chosen.

The AI commands in the document editor application are a bit more nuanced than what you’ll find in most of the other AI writing assistants out there. Instead of having a simple compose button feature, users can select from the tools’ AI Operators and AI Connectors to give the copywriting assistant more direction focused around their content.

Another interesting thing about this platform is its Managed Marketplace application, where users can hire writing professionals to help them with video content, design, or writing within the platform. You can literally set up your own team right there on Scalenut to help you handle all your digital content creation needs.

This AI writing tool gives users unprecedented control over their digital content creation workflows and is a great tool to use in place of Wordtune. It scales incredibly well from amateur to professional and allows users to easily integrate with all their favorite online platforms.

5. Writesonic

Writesonic is a budget-friendly, AI-authoring software that allows its users to create unique, compelling, and captivating content based on their needs and preferences. This tool also provides users with pre-written content, which they can use as outlines for their own writing.

Just like with most of the other alternatives highlighted above, this tool can also help you beat your writer’s block as well as help you reach your target audience more efficiently. If you’re finding it hard to think of your own new, fresh ideas, you should strongly consider taking a look at this alternative.

Not only can Writesonic help you create compelling, unique, and highly-engaging content, but it also allows you to share this content across different social media platforms. Furthermore, it has a free trial version and it’s available for Mac and PC users.

This is another tool similar to Wordtune with AI copywriting software that allows users to create content without them having to key in every word. However, arguably the best thing about the tool is that it features an email builder application that can automatically send emails with the user’s content already written, in turn, allowing them to concentrate on other important things.

However, one thing you’ll need to keep in mind is that if you want to get the most you can out of Writesonic, then you’ll need to sign up for the paid versions. But that’s common when you’re dealing with some of the best Wordtune alternatives in the market

6. Copysmith

This AI copywriting tool allows you to create content for your website or blog and it offers you an easy way to both promote and share this said content you’ve already created. One of the most interesting and popular features of Copysmith is the article builder application, which you can use to create blog posts and articles from scratch.

Copysmith uses AI algorithms to develop unique and compelling sales copy, landing pages, and blog posts based on your style of writing. It helps ensure that your digital marketing campaigns are effective for both the business and the customers.

Furthermore, not only can this tool help you create high-quality digital content in several different languages, but it can also help you handle time-consuming projects that need a lot of skill and creativity. Additionally, this artificial intelligence-based copywriting tool similar to Wordtune allows you to easily save your ideas in its cloud storage platform.

However, you need to use your credits accordingly and keep a careful eye on them because they can expire if you don’t use them within a certain timeframe. For instance, if you buy credits for $80 and don’t use them within a year (12 months), then they’ll expire and you’ll lose that money.

7. AI-Writer

This AI copywriting tool similar to Wordune provides content creators with an AI writing assistant to help them develop content ideas at scale. AI-Writer provides different types of writing services, including blog writing and content writing.

It’s an incredibly accurate content generation platform that uses high-tech artificial intelligence-based models to create articles and blog posts from scratch, just like Wordtune. It also offers users relevant and high-quality content that’ll match the needs and preferences of its target audience.

Additionally, all the content you create using this tool is automatically SEO-friendly, meaning you might no longer need SEO professionals when creating content using its software. Furthermore, its patent-pending algorithm guarantees content of the highest quality by ensuring every text is both original and unique.

The platform provides users with citations for each of their points so that they can create high-quality and accurate content. Also, seeing as how you don’t have to go searching online for the best article/blog post template means you’ll be getting value for your money.

AI-Writer is perfect for that beginning writer who wants to get their content out there in a hurry. Why? Because it has many interesting features that are all easy to use.

However, if you’re an amateur content writer, you need to be careful with this tool because it scrapes text from similar pages on the internet, and this content often references inappropriate language or trademarked terms.

8. Frase

This is a great AI writing tool for the creation of long-form content. The many different features it offers help make it an incredibly powerful copywriting software.

Wordtune’s user interface may be much easier to use, but that’s not to say you’re going to have a hard time knowing your way around the platform’s interface. It has tabs for analytics, templates, and documents, though each tab is a little blank.

With that said, sometimes simplicity is king, and the fact that there’s not much going on in the interface besides the side that prompts users on what they should do means you won’t have to worry about too many distractions while you work.

The user interface relies a lot on the guided walk-through approach instead of textual prompts and suggestions within the actual interface itself. However, it looks like they invested a lot more in the document editor.

9. Closers Copy

Unlike the other alternatives on this list, this AI writing tool doesn’t use the machine learning model known as GPT-3. Closers Copy claims that its AI models are trained to create real marketing content that can effectively sell the user’s products and services.

Furthermore, the company says that because it wholly owns this tech, users don’t have to worry about running into limits, restrictions, or content filters.

Closers Copy also provides its users with a course and access to a Facebook community to help them learn how to use the software, something Wordtune doesn’t have. However, you need to be a little cautious here because they don’t clearly define the value proposition of these resources.

That being said, as far as AI writing tools are concerned, you should definitely consider this great alternative if your primary goal is to write SEO-optimized text.

10. Peppertype.ai

This AI content writing tool also uses machine learning software to understand what you want to create. This technology helps provide you with the most relevant suggestions and responses.

Peppertype.ai is interesting because not only does it provide you with helpful insights into your emotions and moods, but it will also give you suggestions and responses on what you should write next.

The future looks bright for AI writing aids, with more and more corporations adopting this kind of tech and using them to generate both insights and content for their clients. Peppertype.ai is perfect for writers who want some assistance but don’t have enough time to learn how to use one themselves.

11. QuillBot

Anil Jason, David Silin, and Rohan Gupta founded QuillBot in 2017 with one main goal; to help make writing as painless and simple as possible. QuillBot uses state-of-the-art AI tech to paraphrase and summarize written content.

It’ll rephrase and summarize your sentences with unique words while keeping both the meaning and context of your original texts. However, QuillBot can do much more than just paraphrase content and this article will highlight some of its other interesting features.

However, before highlighting some of the other interesting features it has, one thing that can’t be discussed enough is how easy to use this tool is. QuillBot has an outstanding user interface that’s got excellent rewriting capabilities.

The text editor is pretty simple and it’s lined up next to where you need to write or paste your content, just like Wordtune. One side of the text is pasted or typed, while the other column is where the rewritten content is placed.

This is a common approach most web-based editing software use but the good thing about QuillBot is that it’s simple and doesn’t have a lot going on. It allows you to easily compare the original and modified texts without going overboard with the suggestions.

Furthermore, it also provides you with a wide range of writing tones and styles to choose from so you can make your content sound and read as you like. Additionally, there are also adjustment controls you can use to specify exactly how much change you’d like the software to make.

QuillBot will make very few changes if you set the level to low. However, if you set it on high, the software will proceed to completely rewrite the original content while still retaining the same idea.

Your results will be more accurate when you make fewer changes, and the accuracy level gradually drops the more changes or corrections you make. This is why it’s a good idea to set moderate on your Word Flipper so that you can get a good balance between distinctiveness and accuracy.

If you want to see how much it will cost to get the best out of QuillBot, check out its pricing page here.

Other Writing Assistants to Consider

12. Grammarly

This grammar-checking software, founded in 2009 by Dmytro Lider, Max Lytvyn, and Alex Shevchenko, is available on Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. This may not be an AI writer but it’s an incredibly popular grammar checking and editing software because it’s accurate and very easy to use.

Unlike other proofreading and editing tools, Grammarly has no learning curve where you need to get used to its interface before you can effectively use it.

If you install its Google Chrome extension, editing becomes incredibly time-efficient, and you can check your grammar on Gmail, LinkedIn, or Google Docs right from the start.

However, if you’d rather copy and paste your writing directly into its software, there are no hoops you’ll have to jump through and the whole process is pretty straightforward. All you need to do is go to the desktop app or website, paste the write-up, and you will get all your suggestions neatly arranged on the right.

Wordtune does have a similar interface on the website and it’s quite easy to use as well, but the Google Chrome extension part is where things become a little messy and distracting. Here’s where Grammarly comes out on top.

Yes, Wordtune uses the same AI approach Grammarly uses to give suggestions that are clearer than the originals but it doesn’t do this all the time. Sometimes its software offers tips that just use synonyms to improve word choice.

13. ProWritingAid

This is a premium style editor and grammar checker for business writers, bloggers, and novelists. This top-quality editing tool will help you edit punctuation and grammar, optimize words, and eliminate errors faster.

ProWritingAid is available through web browsers on Mac and Windows. But that’s not all because it also supports Google Docs and Microsoft Word.

Even though anyone can use it to grammar check and proofread their writing, it’s mainly designed for fiction writers and the like.

One of the best things about this tool is that you can load documents or texts of almost any size, even an entire book, and it’ll check the whole thing at once. You can’t do this on Wordtune, let alone all the other alternatives highlighted on this list.

Furthermore, it can also check your text readability, clichés, and passive voice (which is perfect for those looking to create more intelligible and readable content and stories). Unfortunately, though, you can only use the desktop application if you’re online, meaning it won’t work if you like writing offline.

Another huge upside with this grammar checking and proofreading tool is that even though it’s powerful, it’s still pretty easy to use overall. The premium version offers users style and grammar checking scores in real time.

14. LanguageTool

This next alternative is an open-source style, punctuation, grammar, and spelling software that can rectify errors in your written content. It is ideal for both non-native and native English-speaking writers.

Being an open source powered software makes this grammar checker one of, if not the most, unique alternatives on this list. The tool also works with more than 20 other languages and just like Wordtune, Grammarly, and the rest, you can use its software all across the internet.

Anyway, besides its grammar and spell check capabilities, which are pretty self-explanatory, it has a host of many other interesting features.

One of the most interesting of them all is the “Picky Mode” application. This function allows LanguageTool to narrow down both the tone and style of your content and make corrections and suggestions accordingly.

Additionally, if you’re prone to using the same phrases and words over and again in your texts, you can click the “Enable Synonyms” function which will then allow you to get some synonym suggestions when you double-click those particular words and phrases.

Another great feature on LanguageTool you won’t find on Wordtune is the “Mother Tongue” function. If you’re using non-native languages, enabling this function will allow LanguageTool to flag common errors you might not notice since you are creating content in a non-native language.

This tool also knows how to identify the different kinds of English, meaning if you are creating content using British English but you are used to writing and speaking in Canadian English, LanguageTool will flag those differences which, in turn, will help you avoid confusing your target audience.

Just like Wordtune, the grammar and spell check software on LanguageTool is very easy to use. If you have used Wordtune or Grammarly before, then navigating LanguageTool shouldn’t be an issue for you at all. In fact, it doesn’t really matter if you’ve never handled any of them or something like them before, you will still be fine.

15. Ginger

Last, but certainly not least, we have the grammar and spelling checker software known as Ginger. Even though this tool is primarily designed to watch out for both uncommon and common spelling and grammar mistakes, it can also educate you about the corrections and suggestions it provides.

What sets this tool apart from other software of its kind is that it actually tries to teach you how you can make your writing better.

This is done via its learning center application (made up of the Personal Trainer and Text Reader) which not only shows the user why something is incorrect or misplaced but also teaches them how to avoid making the same error in the future.

Getting Ginger will mean you’ll also have access to its Smart Word Prediction application, which predicts words and phrases as you write, hence allowing you to be able to type faster. Your past writing habits are what Ginger will use to produce the next word suggestions.

An interesting feature on Ginger that you won’t find on Wordtune is the “Emoji” function. This feature gives you hundreds of emojis to help you bring some fun and brighten up your text.

Additionally, because you can use Ginger for word processing as well, you can also change the colors and themes in the software.

Wrapping Up

The best Wordtune alternative is definitely Jasper. However, that’s not to say the other alternatives on this list aren’t just as effective.

One of the main reasons why Jasper tops all the Wordtune alternatives is because it has no learning curve and you’ll understand how to use it right from the get-go.

The tool has an incredibly easy-to-use interface and gives you access to a lot of interesting features.

In fact, it even beats Wordtune in this area as well.

With that said, hopefully, this article has shown you that you really don’t have to solely rely on Wordtune for all your AI-based content creation needs.

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