15 Best Photopea Alternatives 2024

If you love good photos, you know a thing or two about photo editing. It is a process that gives you a chance to get your image right and allows you to apply your style and branding.

Various photo editing tools like Photopea enable you to creatively edit your previously taken photo and convey your intended message even better.

Photopea is an advanced photo editor that supports PSD, XD, Sketch, XCF, and CDR formats. It is loved by graphic designers, and besides being a web-based program, you can download Photopea and install it on your device. Additionally, you can use it without the internet if you first open it while connected to it.

However, not everyone is in awe of Photopea. For instance, adverts on Photopea can be annoying at times. Moreover, Photopea does not install on all browsers, has no cloud storage, and has limited color channels.

Fortunately, there are several good alternatives that you can consider using in place of Photopea.

Best Photopea Alternatives

1. Pixlr 

Pixlr is an image editing software that allows you to edit unlimited images and share them through different platforms.

Like Photopea, Pixlr lets you create outstanding designs from your browser, phone, or desktop for free. Pixlr covers various editing tools, including classic desktop styles or even something modern.

The top photo editing and design tool comes in two versions: Pixlr E and Pixlr X, which are AI-powered to offer a professional look to your edited images. Pixlr has an inbuilt BG remover feature that helps you seamlessly remove backgrounds from photos.

Unlike Photopea, Pixlr tools work on almost any browser, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. The tool also helps you create transparent images, and it comes equipped with over 10 million designs that you can use to generate new designs.

This tool also allows you to learn and inspire yourself with magnificent editing works from other global creators.

Pixlr offers a free version ideal for quick edits for individuals, marketers, and students. You can also enjoy additional benefits with their premium subscription for $4.90 per month.

2. Fotor

Another excellent tool like Photopea is Fotor. Fotor allows you to edit photos with a few clicks. The tool has various free online editing tools to help you crop images, resize pictures, make photo collages, add text to photos, and create graphic designs.

Fotor allows you to add effects and carry out touch-ups to transform your image into something outstanding. You can adjust light, color, size, or any other effects.

Fotor is also equipped with image shape editing tools that allow you to drag and drop photos and set different designs with the shape of your choice.

Unlike Photopea, Fotor gives you cloud storage space of up to 500 MB upon signing in, and you can save your edited images in multiple formats, including PNG, JPG, and SVG, among others.

Other editing features that will excite you while using Fotor include various text options, countless pretty stickers, clip art, icons, shapes with different themes and styles, color options, drop shadow, and distribution.

This tool allows you to use preset templates to make posters, photo cards, YouTube banners, or Facebook covers.

Fotor offers a free basic package with features that you can easily use to finish your quick project. It also provides Fotor Pro at $8.99 per month, ideal for designers, freelancers, and small businesses.

3. FotoJet

FotoJet is an excellent alternative to Photopea that lets you turn your ideas into stunning artwork. Like Photopea, FotoJet strives to meet your needs for editing photos, creating photo collages, and making quality graphic designs.

It gives you free access to tools such as OpenClipart to help you personalize your creations. You can access FotoJet immediately after you open it, and it does not require registration.

Additionally, FotoJet is endowed with plenty of templates in its free version that you can use to create outstanding designs.

You don’t have to be experienced to use FotoJet. You can create collages, posters, cards, social media graphics, banners, and more with a few clicks. This powerful tool helps you achieve high-quality results without any hassles.

Unlike Photopea, FotoJet gives you cloud storage of up to 500 MB and is equipped with many features like overlays, shapes, and fonts to enhance your images and designs. FotoJet integrates easily with OpenClipart and Pixabay to give you professional designs.

While FotoJet allows you to edit photos and create designs for free, it will enable you to upgrade to FotoJet Plus to enjoy its premium features and resources at $3.33 per month, billed annually or $6.99 billed monthly.

4. piZap

piZap is a photo editor, design tool, and photo collage maker that allows you to create anything you can imagine. piZap will enable you to add text, stickers, and borders, and you can choose to use basic or advanced tools to edit your images and create designs.

You can do a lot more with piZap. Aside from allowing you to transform your imaginations into stunning images, piZap gives you loads of extra fonts, filters, and stickers and lets you remove all those annoying ads with its premium version. piZap zaps your photos into perfection.

With piZap, you can make fundamental changes to your photos, including cropping, rotating, adjusting brightness, contrast, tint, and saturation.

Similar to Photopea, you’ll find tons of filters to choose from when using piZap, and you don’t need to be an experienced graphics designer to enjoy editing photos on piZap. It is fun and easy to learn.

piZap gives you free unlimited photo storage for all your edited pictures, so you can edit and save as much as you want.

The platform also has millions of stock images with vibrant and colorful filters. It also has unique collage layouts like mixed shapes and hearts and over 1000 designs and layouts.

piZap is a free online editor. To unlock more features and enjoy an ads-free editing experience, you can upgrade to piZap pro for $4.99 per month, billed annually or $9.99 billed monthly.

piZap Pro comes with a free seven-day trial, and what is more exciting is that when you cancel your subscription within seven days, you will not be billed.

5. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is one of the best online photo editing platforms that makes it easy to get your images right. This cloud-based platform provides you with everything you need to create, edit, organize, and share photos across all devices.

It is rich in easy-to-use tools like sliders and presets, which help you create images the way you like them. You can start your editing from your mobile, desktop, or web.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers cloud storage of up to 1TB or even more so that you can access your library whenever possible.

With Adobe Lightroom, you can easily adjust color and exposure and create photos that capture your vision. It is perfect for all skill levels and is essential, especially when you shoot in RAW, as this format captures more details than JPEG.

The tool also allows you to learn through guided tutorials in the app and find more inspiration from the Lightroom Community.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom offers plans from $9.19 per month, and the plan comes with a free trial.

6. BeFunky

BeFunky is one of the best Photopea alternatives that lets you easily edit photos, make photo collages, and create graphic designs.

The all-in-one online creative platform is a simple yet powerful tool that empowers amateur photographers and provides a sturdy platform to create pro-level and beautiful photographs.

BeFunky incorporates essential photo editing tools that allow you to resize, touch up, and crop images. It also lets you add watermarks and lens flares in post-production, allowing you to go the extra mile in creating collages and editing photos. You can’t do this with Photopea.

What makes BeFunky stand out are its innovative features like the option to convert photos into pieces of art using photo-to-art and picture-to-cartoon tools. It turns images into art using various presets.

The tool also allows users to transform mundane backgrounds into textured and transparent backgrounds, eliminating all redundancies and distractions within a photo.

Its Pinterest pin maker feature is helpful for social media influencers, and generally, BeFunky is a versatile platform for graphic designers and photographers.

BeFunky offers convenient monthly and annual packages that you can cancel at any time. Upgrade your BeFunky editing experience at $4.99 per month, billed annually, or $9.99 billed monthly.

7. Ribbet

Ribbet is an excellent online photo editing tool that works like Photopea. Ribbet allows you to create stunning images, photo collages, and easily touch-up images. It is a powerful photo editing software ideal for any occasion.

You can choose to start from scratch or pick a template and then proceed to add effects, stickers, and text based on your style and the need to empower your creative process.

It is an intuitive photo editor with an array of tools and features, filters, and a ready-made template to give you support for your seamless editing process.

Ribbet is more engaging than Photopea and gives you access to a library of over 2.7 million free stock images and fonts. Like Photopea, Ribbet has a range of templates, stickers, and special effects for your editing experience.

This tool lets you fine-tune your photos, T-shirt designs, art prints, or anything you wish to sell. Generally, Ribbet was created for people who love creative designs and great images with a large and growing toolkit to accommodate your photo editing needs.

Ribbet offers a free plan that allows you to work on up to five projects and upload up to five photos at once. But if you wish to have an ads-free editing experience for unlimited projects, and upload up to 100 photos at once, you can upgrade to Ribbet Premium for $3.33 per month.

8. iPiccy

iPiccy is everything you need to make your photo look awesome. The online editor functions like Photopea and is a photo editor, photo collage maker, and platform for graphic design.

It is fully equipped with easy-to-use and powerful photo editing tools right in the browser and allows you to auto-adjust your photo with a click. iPiccy also allows you to rotate, crop, and resize your image in seconds.

It has over 100 effects with inbuilt photo-enhancing tools, retouching tools, and frames to propel your editing task to a new level.

Unlike Photopea, iPiccy works flawlessly on any browser and is compatible with Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Its innovative and convenient collage maker allows you to create stunning photos. The collage maker has numerous adjustments and templates to make your creation process easy and fun.

With iPiccy, you can change templates and add color, size, background, and multiple effects to get a true masterpiece. iPiccy is also rich in graphic designing tools that let you create unique designs for any use. Generally, it works for both beginners and professionals.

iPiccy is also free to use.

9. PixTeller

Another excellent alternative to Photopea is PixTeller. It works online without the need to install it on your computer. PixTeller is an easy-to-use image editor and animation maker that allows you to bring life to your creative ideas.

PixTeller is highly customizable and gives your photo a fresh look anytime. It can be used by marketers in the digital industry, bloggers or website owners, or anyone who needs good designs for personal or professional use.

You can create images from scratch or choose and use any image templates that fit your needs. Unlike Photopea, PixTeller offers cloud storage, which you can access using your cloud account from any supported device, including Mac and Windows computers or tablets.

You can start your PixTeller experience with the free plan or go further with your creative work with one of its premium plans. Go for the Pro Graphic Tool for your photo editing at $7 per month or opt for the Diamond version at $12 per month.

10. GIMP

GIMP is one of the best and most powerful photo editors available. The GNU Image Manipulation Program has many professional-quality functions to help you fine-tune your photos and create artwork from scratch.

It is safe to download and install on your computer, and the good thing is that you can get the official copy to download from their website. GIMP is available for Linux, MacOS, and Windows.

This cross-platform photo editor is ideal for graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, or even scientists.

GIMP allows you to enhance your productivity using its many customization options and third-party plugins. The tool also provides all the tools needed for high-quality photo manipulation.

With GIMP, you can carry out several functions, from retouching and restoring to creative composites; the only limit is your imagination! The tool also helps you produce icons, graphic design elements, and art for mockups and user interface components.

GIMP is free to use.

11. Let’s Enhance

Let’s Enhance is a simple yet powerful photo editing platform that helps you make your photos look the best they can be with one click.

Unlike Photopea, this image enhancer and upscaler for photography is driven by artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to help increase the resolution of images without interfering with their quality.

The software does not stretch your photo; instead, it expands it to the desired proportion to optimize texture, tone, color, and clarity.

Editing on Let’s Enhance is automatic and fast. With Let’s Enhance, you can upscale images from social media sites, websites, frames, or print projects.

Thanks to its powerful AI function, the tool works well with pictures with faces, which are often considered challenging to recreate.

This tool can improve image resolution, fix pixelation and blur, correct colors and lighting, and remove JPEG artifacts.

Start your editing experience with Let’s Enhance with its free version with ten free credits and unlimited storage for up to six months. You can also upgrade to receive 100 credits with priority enhancement for $9 per month, billed monthly. You can upgrade or cancel the plans at any time.

12. LunaPic

LunaPic lets you edit photos without software installation or signing up. You can either share the URL of the image you wish to edit or upload the photo from Facebook, Stock Photos, Chrome Extension, or directly from your computer.

Once you upload your photo, you can start editing from the edit section, which offers options such as a magic wand, cropping, scaling images, resizing, and rotating, among other possibilities.

Like Photopea, LunaPic allows you to add different effects, including color adjustment, color replacement, mirror, background, copy, flip, sharpen, etc.

The tool offers storage for images to its servers. However, the storage is temporary. Once you upload your photo to LunaPic for editing, it is temporarily cached or stored on its servers.

After the editing session, images are automatically deleted from the LunaPic sites. The good news is that there still are chances of your work being saved on LunaPic, though through third-party sites if you select the hosting or sharing option.

LunaPic offers a Premium API to access art effects, filters, and animations for $0.01 per image.

13. Affinity Photo

Affinity Photo is another exciting photo editing platform that is slowly becoming the first choice for photographers and creative professionals worldwide.

Affinity Photo has better speed, precision, and power than Photopea and was created to work hand in hand with the latest computer technology.

It could be the only photo editor integrated across MacOS, iOS, and Windows. Affinity Photo is fully loaded to take care of your photo retouching needs, including quick corrections or detailed retouching.

You need no subscription to use Affinity Photo. The better news is that you can own Affinity Photo on your Windows or Mac for $54.99 or $19.99 on an iPad.

14. PhotoKit

PhotoKit is another tool to use in place of Photopea. The tool is AI-based and easy to use and has processed millions of images.

Its AI algorithm, self-learning technique, and massive amounts of data enable the tool to work for your images. It allows you to remove the background of an image in a click, thanks to its rich foreground recognition and details to more refined edges.

PhotoKit’s Smart brush magically deletes objects from images, and the tool helps you improve the quality of your images and make your photos even clearer.

PhotoKit offers a free version that gives you full access to all functionalities and future AI tools but is limited in image downloads and is supported by ads.

To enjoy an ads-free editing experience, upgrade to PhotoKit VIP for $9.99 per month, $29.99 per year, or a lifetime package for $99.99.

15. FotoFlexer

FotoFlexer is an intuitive photo editing tool that allows users to edit their photos like professionals. This user-friendly tool offers one-click photo editing tweaks alongside advanced tools on par with any desktop photo editing software.

Like Photopea, FotoFlexer works in your web browser, so there is no need for software installation or configuration. It lets you edit photos from home, work, or the nearest coffee shop.

This tool is still a work in progress, and they plan on launching a more powerful, simple, highly-automated, and feature-rich version. While FotoFlexer gives you stunning results like Photopea, it works with any browser, a feature Photopea lacks.

FotoFlexer is free to use.

Final Words

There you have it! Fifteen excellent choices of photo editing platforms to help you transform your photo into something close to what you imagined.

While they all seem to have similar functions, each tool is unique in its features and has different capabilities.

If I have to pick one from the list, I will go with Pixlr. Not only does it allow you to edit unlimited images, but you can also create outstanding designs from any device. What’s more, Pixlr works on all browsers and helps you to learn from other creators worldwide.

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