12 Best PriceSpy Alternatives 2024

Pricespy is a website and app that allows you to compare online prices for products, helping you find the most affordable deal.

You can set up alerts for price drops so you never miss out on a good deal. Users can also use advanced filters to search for products that recently dropped 5-50% percent in price, fall within a specific price range, and a lot more!

PriceSpy allows users to create product lists, check a product’s price history, and even scan barcodes while shopping in-store to find online prices and compare them to the in-store price.

Unfortunately, PriceSpy is not available for the US market. It only works in the UK, New Zealand, France, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

US consumers, fortunately, have other options, even though they can’t use PriceSpy. Here are the top PriceSpy alternatives.

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Best PriceSpy Alternatives

1. ShopSavvy

The best alternative to PriceSpy is ShopSavvy. Released in 2008, it’s one of the most popular ecommerce applications in the world, and its apps have tens of millions of downloads (over 10 million on Android alone).

Over 60,000 retailers are included in the ShopSavvy network, which is around 10x as many as on PriceSpy. They include not only online retailers but also brick-and-mortar shops near you.

When you run a search for a product, ShopSavvy will show you the prices the product is being sold for at nearby stores, including Target, Walmart, etc. It will also show you how far each store is from you and whether a store is selling the product as new or refurbished.

You’ll need to enter your zip code to see local stores.

Like PriceSpy, ShopSavvy allows you to set up price drop alerts. In addition, you can set up back-in-stock alerts for a product that is being sold for a good price at a specific store but which currently doesn’t have it in stock – and even get the estimated arrival date in advance.

The browser extension, which is available for Chrome, Safari, and Edge, also makes ShopSavvy superior to PriceSpy. While shopping online, you can see real-time prices from other retailers to ensure that you are getting the best price.

You’ll also see which retailers have the item in stock.

For example, while shopping on Amazon, you can check the product’s price on Walmart or eBay. You’ll also be able to view the different Amazon sellers selling the product alongside their seller ratings.

The price history chart will help you see how the price changed for a product throughout the day, month, or year. It will also display the retailer that offered the lowest price for any given period.

ShopSavvy is entirely free to use.

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2. Honey Droplist

Honey is a browser extension that’s designed to help you save money while shopping online. Its Droplist feature is a great alternative to PriceSpy.

It’s available in the United States, as well as a few other countries like Canada, and it works with major retailers like Amazon, Macy’s, Walmart, and Target. Honey is working on adding more supported retailers to the service.

When you see a product you like on a supported retailer’s site, you can simply add it to your Droplist, which is easy to do with the Chrome extension installed.

If the product has several versions available, you might have to be more specific about the size, color, and model you want to add to your Droplist. You can choose multiple product variations, though.

You then decide how much of a price drop is worth it for you. For example, you can set up alerts only if the price drops by at least 10%.

Droplist isn’t the only way Honey helps you save money. It also helps you compare prices online.

When you are buying a product on the web, Honey will scan various retailers and give you its Top Pick, which is the product that is at the lowest price.

Honey uses several variables to determine that. Not only does it look at the price itself, but it also looks at shipping costs, the potential to save money with automatically-added coupons, and the potential to earn cash back.

Unlike PriceSpy, Honey can automatically add coupon codes when you shop online, saving money. You can also earn Gold rewards (cash back) when using Honey to shop.

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3. CamelCamelCamel

Another fabulous alternative to PriceSpy for US shoppers is CamelCamelCamel, an excellent price comparison tool for Amazon.

Using CamelCamelCamel, you can set up a price drop alert for any product on Amazon. Simply select the percentage by which you want it to drop before being notified, and CamelCamelCamel will do the rest.

Users can create their own personal price drop watch lists. Just add any product to your list, from where you’ll see each product’s original price, your desired price, its current price, and more.

You’ll be able to filter for products in your list by category, price type, and more.

If you already have a watchlist on Amazon, you can import all the products on that list directly to your CamelCamelCamel list.

The tool will also give you price history charts for Amazon products, allowing you to see how the price has fluctuated over time, not only for products sold by Amazon but for those sold by third-party sellers on the marketplace as well.

You’ll see the highest, lowest, average, and current price for any product for all price types: sold by Amazon, third-party sellers (new), and third-party sellers (used). That will help you get an idea of how good the current price is and whether you should buy the item now or wait until the price goes down.

You can use CamelCamelCamel in one of two ways. One option is downloading the browser extension for Chrome or Firefox and using it while shopping on Amazon.

The other option is searching for Amazon products on the CamelCamelCamel website.

CamelCamelCamel is available not only in the United States but also in Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, and several other countries.

Users don’t even need to register for an account to use CamelCamelCamel. To get email alerts about price drops, you will need to enter your email address, but you can also add the site’s RSS feed to your newsletter as an alternative.

On the website, you can also browse popular products and the most popular price drops.

Check out the best alternatives to CamelCamelCamel here.

4. Keepa

Another good alternative to PriceSpy for US shoppers is Keepa. Keepa is available as a browser extension on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Opera.

Keepa also has Android and iOS apps.

It allows you to set up price alerts right from the Amazon product page for three different price types: Sold by amazon, third-party new, and third-party used.

Alerts can be set up for a minimum of two weeks and up to 10 years! In the advanced settings, you can include shipping costs in your price alerts and more (some advanced features are only available to paying members).

In addition to setting up alerts on Amazon.com, you can search for products on Keepa using product details, ASIN numbers, or product URLs. On the website, you can also manage your watchlist, import products from your Amazon wishlist, and view recent price drop notifications.

On the Deals page, you can find Amazon products that have recently dropped in price. You can filter by new, used, refurbished, and more.

The price charts will show you each product’s price history for different price types (sold by Amazon, third-party new, third-party like new, etc.). You will also be able to see additional statistics, including the highest, lowest, average, and current price and when each price point was reached.

While Keepa is free, premium members get access to advanced product data. You’ll be able to see the best-selling products in each category on Amazon, for example – those lists are updated every six hours.

Premium members can also use the category tree to browse Amazon products, view top sellers, export huge lists of products, export variation data, and even set up price increase alerts.

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5. Shoptimate

Shoptimate is an easy-to-use browser extension that will show you if there is a cheaper price for a product you’re looking at online. It works in the United States, making it a good alternative to PriceSpy, but it also works in a lot of European countries (more countries than PriceSpy).

In the United States, Shoptimate works on the following online stores:

  • Target
  • Walmart
  • Best Buy
  • The Book Depository
  • Frys.com
  • Casa.com
  • Wordery

When you shop with the Shoptimate browser extension installed, you’ll see a bar at the top of the screen that will tell you if the same product is available elsewhere for cheaper.

One downside of Shoptimate is that it might tell you a product is available elsewhere for cheaper, even if the price difference is just a few cents. However, it’s still a very useful browser tool to use.

The Shoptimate browser extension is available for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and SeaMonkey. PriceSpy doesn’t have an extension for SeaMonkey, an open source browser.

6. Google Shopping

Google Shopping is powered by Google and is a great tool for comparing the prices of different products. When you search for a product, like “iPhone case” or “Pixel 5” on Google, switch to the Shopping tab to see available sellers and price points.

You will also see a few products at the top of the screen on the regular search results, even before switching to the Shopping tab.

Google pulls data from eBay, Walmart, Amazon, and many other small third-party sellers and shows you pictures, prices, and more data from each listing.

On the left side of the page, you can filter by price, brand, model, carrier, color, operating system, size, etc.

The exact filters will vary based on the product you’re searching for. Typically, however, you’ll be able to filter for products based on rating, seller/brand, item condition (used vs. new), shipping speed, and items that are on sale only.

Google Shopping has an interesting filter that PriceSpy doesn’t: black-owned businesses. It might not appear on every search, though.

In any case, Google Shopping also allows you to set up price drop alerts for products. Price tracking is only available in the United States, and you can do it from the Shopping tab.

The option might not be available for all products. When you see it, simply click on “Track Price” to start receiving notifications whenever there is a notable drop in price (if it’s just a few cents, Google usually won’t bother notifying you).

From Shopping.Google.com, you can open the left-side menu at the top of the screen and click on Tracked Products to see a list of products you’re tracking. You can then delete products.

You can also save products from the search results to different shopping lists and then view them from the Your Saved Items tab in the menu.

Some products can even be bought directly on Google, allowing for a quicker and smoother shopping experience. You can filter for products you can buy on Google in the search results so you don’t have to visit third-party merchant sites.

7. PriceGrabber

A good alternative to PriceSpy for US shoppers is PriceGrabber (it has both a US and a UK version). It’s another price comparison website that allows you to browse the best prices for millions of products from different online stores.

Start by entering a product in the search bar, or simply find and select a category on the homepage. Available categories include computers, auto parts, books & magazines, software, sports equipment, and many others.

For each product search, you’ll be able to filter by characteristics. For example, when searching for an iPhone case, I could filter by material, brand, features, amplifier type, and more.

By default, items are displayed in a grid, but you can switch from grid view to list view as well. You can also sort the results by relevance, lowest to highest price, and highest to lowest price.

If you see a product you like, simply click on the green “See It” button to be taken to the product page, where you can purchase the product directly from the merchant.

You can also sign up for the weekly specials newsletter to be notified about awesome deals.

8. CNET Shopping

CNET Shopping is a free Chrome extension. Formerly called InvisibleHand, it allows you to compare the prices of products on different retailers and find the best price on the internet.

It supports US stores like Lowe’s, Best Buy, Target, Walmart, and Amazon, making it a great alternative to PriceSpy in the United States. Over 25,000 retailers are supported, making it one of the best price comparison browser extensions.

When you’re shopping, the extension will notify you when a lower price has been found.

Over 100,000 users have downloaded the extension, which also allows you to set up price drop alerts for your favorite products. Simply add a product to your list and get notified when it goes below a certain price!

CNET Shopping can help you save money in other ways. For example, it will search for coupons when available and help you apply them to your checkout cart to save money.

It claims that the average CNET SHopping user saves $232/month shopping online.

You may also want to check out CNET Deals, where you can read about the latest deals and sales on different products.

9. BuyVia

BuyVia is a website you can use to compare prices for different products in different stores. Supported retailers include JCPenny, Office Depot, Macy’s, Amazon, eBay, Target, Walmart, and many others.

The apps for iOS and Android allow you to find the best deals for your desired product. You can also shop the hottest deals from nearby retailers right now.

For the best price comparisons on desktop, go to BuyVia.CNXPartner.com.

If you’re shopping in-store, you can scan barcodes or QR codes to compare prices.

BuyVia is not only a price comparison app like PriceSpy but also a coupon finder app, helping you save even more money on shopping. The coupons page lets you search for coupons for Walmart, Target, Best Buy, and many other stores.

Another good reason to choose BuyVia is that it has an entire section for restaurants, including fast food options. You can find coupons and deals for restaurants like Applebees, Red Robin, White Castle, Papa John’s Pizza, and many other stores.

Coupons are available for both online purchases (on restaurant apps) and in-store purchases. You may get a printable coupon or a code you can use at checkout.

You can also browse the daily food deals, pizza deals, burger deals, and much more!

10. Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is an excellent US alternative to PriceSpy. Despite what many people think, it’s not limited to Capital One credit card holders – anyone can sign up for a Capital One Ssopping account and start saving money.

The tool supports over 30,000 retailers. When you’re shopping online, it will search for lower prices at other retailers.

The browser extension calculates shipping rate, taxes, and even membership fees before determining that another retailer offers the product at a better price.

There are two more advantages of using Capital One Shopping instead of PriceSpy.

FIrst, the tool automatically searches for and applies coupon codes when you check out. You’ll never miss out on an opportunity to save money.

In addition, it lets you earn cash back at tons of stores. You can redeem your cash back points for gift cards!

In addition to the browser extension, you can simply use the Capital One Shopping website to browse stores where you can earn cash back. You can also search for products or browse product categories to compare prices and see the best deals.

Capital One Shopping lets you add products to your watchlist if you want to get notified about price drops.

As I mentioned, you don’t need a Capital One credit card to use Capital One Shopping. However, if you do have a Capital One Card, you can qualify for additional cash back offers on your credit card purchases at select merchants.

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11. Yahoo Shopping

Did you know that Yahoo has a price tracking service called Yahoo Shopping? On the website homepage, you can browse the hottest deals or search for deals by category.

To use the price tracking feature, you’ll need to sign in to your Yahoo account. If you don’t have an account, creating one is quick and easy and will also give you access to Yahoo Mail and other tools.

Adding products to the price tracker is easy. Just browse products from any store in Yahoo Shopping and click on the star at the top-right corner of each product to add it to your tracker so you can get notified of price drops.

I liked how you can browse top stores and see exactly how many deals are available at each store.

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12. Shopping.com

Finally, the last PriceSpy alternative on our list is Shopping.com. While it’s owned by eBay, it doesn’t focus particularly on eBay products.

Instead, it allows you to see prices from a variety of retailers. You can browse the latest deals and top products, or you can enter a search term or search for products by category.

It has a US site, unlike PriceSpy. It also allows you to buy from up to five merchants directly on Shopping.com, without needing to visit each merchant store directly. Over a million products are available, and customer support representatives are available to help via live chat.

When browsing products on Shopping.com, you can click the “Add to Compare” box on products to create a comparison chart showing your selected products side by side, including product details and price.

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Wrapping It Up

Now that you’ve seen a few different PriceSpy alternatives, the answer is obvious: The best PriceSpy alternative is ShopSavvy.

Featuring mobile apps and browser extensions, it allows you to compare prices, find the lowest price online and at nearby brick-and-mortar shops, and see price history charts. It’s available in the United States, unlike PriceSpy, and is run by a trustworthy company.

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