15 Best CamelCamelCamel Alternatives

It might be an understatement to say CamelCamelCamel is a high-quality shopping tool. You can see price history going back years, import your Amazon wishlist, and track millions of Amazon products in eight Amazon markets.

Yet, despite parsing billions in data every minute, 3C – as it is sometimes called – remains easy to use for the average user. That’s why over 600 thousand people use the extension on Google Chrome alone.

Best Sites Like CamelCamelCamel – A Quick Summary

Here is a quick summary of the 15 best CamelCamelCamel alternatives:

  • Honey – Price tracks across retailers including shipping costs
  • Amazon Assistant – Compares Amazon prices while browsing other sites
  • Keepa – Tracks prices in 10 Amazon markets with extensive stats
  • PriceGrab – Tracks any online store and applies coupons at checkout
  • Visualping – Customizable tracker for price changes and stock alerts
  • Earny – Gets compensation for Amazon price drops and late deliveries
  • Capital One Shopping – Finds best prices and applies coupons automatically
  • SlickDeals – Community-driven deals forum with price drop alerts
  • CNET Shopping – Compares prices across 25K stores and finds promo codes
  • ScanLife – Scans barcodes to compare online and local store prices
  • Price Tracker for Amazon – Tracks 9 Amazon markets with integrated search
  • ShopSavvy – Compares online and local store prices via barcodes
  • Price.com – Tracks new, used and rental prices across retailers
  • Smart Price Monitor – Simple but powerful cross-store price tracking
  • AMZ Radar – Previews Amazon links and tracks detailed price history

But CamelCamelCamel is excellent, not perfect. The website UI remains surprisingly dated, and the price tracking doesn’t include shipping.

More significantly, it only tracks Amazon marketplaces. You can’t use it to track prices on Walmart or eBay, which is a huge bummer when comparing prices across platforms.

Thankfully, the internet is full of plenty of alternative price trackers. Below, I’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best of them.

Let’s have a look.

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Best CamelCamelCamel Alternatives

1. Honey

Honey’s price tracking goes beyond Amazon, so it can do something an Amazon-based tracker like CamelCamelCamel cannot do – track shipping costs.

Alternate Amazon sellers share shipping data, so Honey considers this when calculating the best deal for a product. No more finding a good deal via 3C only to discover it’s over your budget when you add shipping costs.

At 120 days, the price history is not as deep as CamelCamelCamel. Still, it is comprehensive enough to help you make smart purchases.

Honey also finds active coupons from over 30,000 sites during checkout and applies them automatically to your purchase, allowing you to enjoy discounts without searching by yourself.

The extension is easy to use. A small Honey box shows up above the Amazon price box that tells you the price history and if you’re getting the best deal. And there’s an Android and iOS app.

You can also set price alerts for multiple products in your “Droplist.” You can specify how long you want to track and how much discount you want.

The cool thing about this feature is you can use it to track prices across different websites in one place.

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2. Amazon Assistant

Amazon Assistant exists for only one thing: to make your Amazon shopping easier. The extension tells you when the products you’re browsing on other sites have a better price on Amazon.

In the same vein, it lets you add products from other sites to your Amazon list. You no longer have to waste time finding the same product or similar product on Amazon.

The extension doesn’t do much compared to other options on this list. For instance, because it only tracks other sites, there’s no price history for Amazon products.

Non-Amazon sites’ price history only goes back 30 days, so you can’t quickly determine how far the price drops for seasonal sales.

Regardless, it is an excellent alternative for Prime members who do most of their shopping on Amazon. Everyday shoppers can take advantage of price savings on Amazon when they shop elsewhere.

Plus, it is a handy tool to check your recent orders and track shipping status and notifications wherever you are on your browser. You don’t have to open the Amazon website to access this information.

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3. Keepa

CamelCamelCamel tracks products across eight Amazon markets. Keepa tracks them in 10, including India, Brazil, and Mexico. As a result, it tracks several more million Amazon products, up to 2.6 billion of them.

It is easy to take advantage of that large-scale tracking. Keepa has a clean UI, and the price graph is identical to 3C, so the learning curve is mild to almost non-existent.

In addition, you don’t have to register to use the extension, and you can import your Amazon wishlist on the website.

Still, it packs a lot of details. With a filter feature to streamline your search, you can track reviews and review counts, price changes in days and months, and sales rank. Even more, you can track multiple Amazon locales at the same time.

Price alert works efficiently on Keepa. When you’re tracking a product and it drops or rises above a set price, Keepa sends email alerts. It also informs you a product is back in stock.

Most of the general features of Keepa are free. However, Amazon FBA entrepreneurs who want even more detailed analysis for product research will need to pay for a reasonably priced monthly subscription.

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4. PriceGrab

PriceGrab’s main advantage over CamelCamelCamel is that it works outside the Amazon garden. You can track products from any store online, Amazon included, in one place.

This also comes with the added benefit of coupon scouting. PriceGrab finds active coupons and applies them to products when you checkout.

It’s also more accessible. Like 3C, PriceGrab works on Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers and has an Android app. There’s also an iOS app for Apple users.

PriceGrab is easy to use wherever you use it. All you have to do is install the extension to start saving products to your list with the extension. To do the same on the mobile app, simply share the product’s URL and choose the PriceGrab icon.

The tracker notes the price when it was saved and begins keeping track of price changes. PriceGrab will send you emails and notifications when the items reach your target price.

Additionally, you can create multiple lists if you are tracking different products and wish to organize them by category. PriceGrab also lets you share this list with friends and family.

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5. Visualping

If you are looking for a CamelCamelCamel alternative because it only tracks Amazon products, you will like this tool. Visualping is a multipurpose tracker that tracks website changes and notifies you.

You can use it to track price changes and stock on an Amazon product, job opportunities on a company website, and house listings.

Simply create an account and copy the URL of the website you wish to track. Visualping will send a screenshot of the page to your mail, highlighting what’s changed.

You can set the notifications window. It can be every 5 minutes or once a month. Visualping also lets you select what to monitor on each webpage. You can ask it to track visual, textual, or elemental changes.

It is a handy tool if you want one place to track everything that matters to you instead of installing multiple trackers or using other methods.

Visualping is available as a web widget and extension and comes with 65 free website checks a month. There are different subscription tiers for personal and business use and a Pay-Per-Use payment option for premium access if you need more.

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6. Earny

Earny is an ideal companion app for Amazon users, from Prime members to everyday shoppers. From price tracking to price drop alerts, it is a direct replacement for CamelCamelCamel, and it still offers more.

For one, it lets you earn cashback on previous purchases. Earny will scan your email to see if there’s been a price drop on a recent purchase from supported retailers.

While Amazon is not among, you can earn cashback from brands like Walgreens, Best Buy, Nordstrom, and over 4000 others. You can also earn cashback by sharing links to participating retailers with friends and family.

Its notification feature tells you when your Amazon deliveries are late. This is helpful to non-Prime users whose deliveries do not have a two-day delivery promise.

Earny will let you know if you’re entitled to compensation for late delivery and provides a script to help you make the request.

Lastly, unlike CamelCamelCamel, which is only available officially as an extension and Android app, iOS users can use Earny on their device.

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7. Capital One Shopping

Bargain hunters who enjoy finding a great deal will find Capital One Shopping a seamless alternative to CamelCamelCamel.

It tracks the entire web, so you get price comparisons from different online retailers. The free browser extension can scan up to 30,000 retailers in seconds for the best price, shipping cost, and tax.

Formerly known as Wikibuy, Capital One Shopping goes further and automatically finds coupons to apply to your purchases.

The cost-saving feature when you need to make the purchase immediately and can’t wait for the price to drop. Or want extra savings on your target price.

Plus, you earn shopping credits for purchases you make via the extension. The credits go toward gift cards you can use at major retailers.

Capital One Shopping has an iOS app that also offers real-world shopping benefits. You can scan the QR code or barcode of products in physical stores to compare prices.

App or extension, Capital One Shopping is as easy to use as CamelCamelCamel. Just set up your account, and you can start adding products to your shopping list.

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8. SlickDeals

SlickDeals is not so much an alternative to CamelCamelCamel as it is a complementary shopping tool. But it can be a standalone tool if you also want an option to find deals and coupons across the internet.

You can search for products on the website by categories and even look for coupons manually from individual stores like Nike and Old Navy.

There’s also a community section where you can find deals from real people and share the ones you find with others. You can filter and search the forum by ratings, store, keyword, and other categories.

If you want things a little more automatic, the price alert tool keeps track of your item’s price when you create an alert. When the price drops below your specified threshold, Slickdeals will send you an email.

You don’t have to create an account to use several of Slickdeals’ features, but you can track multiple items at once from the same place if you do. Not functionally different from CamelCamelCamel, but the UI is fresher.

Slickdeals is entirely free, and the extension works on all major browsers, with responsive customer support if you run into problems.

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9. CNET Shopping

CNET Shopping used to be Invisible Hand. That change has only made it one of the best CamelCamelCamel alternatives.

The extension works in the background to find you the best deals from 25,000+ retailers. If a product is available on Amazon, CNET Shopping automatically shows you the price on other platforms and the shipping cost.

And it’s not just product shopping either. You can track flight and hotel prices too.

You can create a wishlist to track the prices of selected products and set the price you are willing to pay. The app will email you when the price drop reaches your target price.

All of this is programmable via a modern UI that’s easy for anyone to use. Even if you’ve never used a price tracker before, you can easily find your way around.

Furthermore, CNET Shopping collects promo codes and discounts across the web and applies them to your purchases.

The extension works on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and has over 100,00 users with an average 4.3 rating.

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10. ScanLife

ScanLife is a practical alternative if you’re looking for a price tracking tool that does the same job as CamelCamelCamel, but for local stores. With the app, you can see the prices of both online and local shops and find deals, if any.

The app achieves this by scanning QR or bar codes on the product. That way, you can conveniently determine if it is cheaper for you to buy in person or order online. You can also check reviews to help you make an informed decision.

But it doesn’t end there. ScanLife has a geolocation feature that shows stores near you offering discounts for scanned products. It compares the local price to the price on popular online stores, including Amazon.

The app works on Android and iOS devices, and you can save scanned products to a list that you can share with others and on Facebook and Twitter.

Scanlife’s features are valuable shopping tools, but they are not entirely free, unlike CamelCamelCamel. However, you get 500 free scans a year, and for $85/month, you get 1,000 scans a month with online support.

11. Price Tracker for Amazon

There are very few things that CamelCamelCamel can do that Price Tracker for Amazon cannot do. Both of them have Android apps, and they are both Amazon-based.

One of the ways Price Tracker for Amazon is better is the number of marketplaces. It scans prices across nine Amazon locales.

Even better, the app has an integrated Amazon search browser. You can search the app without having to use your main browser. Whatever products interest you, you can add them easily to your watchlist for tracking.

The app records price changes after you add the items to your watchlist, which is more convenient for anyone who wants simplified data.

Price Tracker for Amazon is especially a good idea for users who spend little time in their emails and don’t want to miss out on deals. The app sends push notifications when an item’s price matches your target price.

When you sync Price Tracker for Amazon with your Amazon account, you can import your Amazon wishlist and place orders within the app.

12. ShopSavvy

ShopSavvy is another price tracker you can use to complement CamelCamelCamel or as a complete alternative. It is available as an app on Android and iOS and as an extension on Chrome, Edge, and Safari.

You can compare prices across different retailers, including Walmart and Amazon. You can access up to 12 months of price changes and compare Amazon prices with Third-Party prices for old and new products.

ShopSavvy presents price changes in a clean and digestible graph that helps you understand price cycles for each item. As for the alerts, you can receive them via email or push notifications, whatever works for you.

More significantly, you can use the ShopSavvy app for offline shopping. When you scan the QR code or barcode of a product, the app will tell you which stores have the product in stock nearby and how much it costs.

You also get access to buying guides for products across multiple categories. On desktop, via the app or website, you can learn the best time to buy an item and the essential qualities to look out for.

13. Price.com

One benefit of choosing Price over others as a CamelCamelCamel alternative is the availability of new, used, local renter, and refurbished products. You can find overlooked items, including auction items, rather than being limited to new products.

In that regard, it is a more comprehensive option than 3C, whose information depth is limited to listed Amazon products. When you install the extension or shop via the app, the tracker analyzes prices across the web and offers a list of the best prices.

You also get benefits of a multi-store tracker, like cashback from over 9,000 stores and applied coupon codes at checkout.

E-sellers doing product research and hardcore shoppers can also access up to 60 days of pricing for each product. You can create a wishlist and get email alerts when an item falls below your target price.

Price.com’s shopping features include gift collections for special occasions. If you are unsure what to get for someone, you can browse their collection for gift ideas and get the best deals.

14. Smart Price Monitor

Privacy-conscious people love CamelCamelCamel because you can access the basic functionality without an email. The same is true for Smart Price Monitor, and the functionality extends to other eCommerce sites.

While you can track prices and check price history for listed products on Amazon, you can also do the same for eBay, Walmart, Best Buy, Booking.com, etc. No coupons. Just the ability to make technology-assisted well-timed purchases.

Smart Price Monitor’s design is clean, modern, and accessible. The extension is also easy to install and works across all Chromium-based browsers, including Chrome.

If you provide an email, the plugin will send alerts for items in your product list. More conveniently, you can place an order with the extension without having to open a new tab for the relevant website.

Smart Price Monitor is an independent project by a developer. Thus, it is entirely free, and you don’t have to worry about manipulated prices.

The tracker is available in ten languages, including English, Spanish, and Italian. You can reach out to the publisher for support or suggestions via the Chrome Web Store.

15. AMZ Radar

Rounding up the list is AMZ Radar, a price tracker extension for Amazon that shares many of CamelCamelCamel’s excellent features and adds a few extra functionalities.

One of the most interesting is the ability to preview Amazon links on other websites, from YouTube to blog posts. AMZ Radar will show you the Amazon, 3rd Party (New), and 3rd Party (Used) prices for that item.

Along with the prices, when you hover your mouse over the link, you will see the product’s title and description. This gives you detailed information about the item without opening the link.

AMZ Radar has a full-size chart similar to CamelCamelCamel for more detailed analysis. You can check the price history of an item going back from a week to a year and beyond.

You can compare price changes for Amazon prices with new and old 3rd party prices. The data visualization is color and makes product research fun, even if it’s not your day job.

AMZ Radar works on Chrome and other browsers that allow Chrome extensions like Edge and Firefox. It also supports ten Amazon regional stores, two more than CamelCamelCamel.

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Final Word

There are several excellent alternatives to CamelCamelCamel. However, for most use cases, Honey is the best option.

It is a simple tool that simplifies price information across thousands of eCommerce stores. Users can compare price and shipping costs without manually browsing other retailers.

On top of letting you know the right time to buy, Honey scours the web and applies active coupons automatically during checkout.

There’s also a mobile app on iOS and Android, so you never have to worry about losing its benefits if you ever change devices.

With features like these, Honey is undoubtedly the best CamelCamelCamel alternative.

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