15 Best Portable Receipt Scanners For Small Business [Top Pick]

If you are keen on staying ahead of competition and would like to be considered efficient and professional, then you certainly need to think about buying the right receipt scanners.

They are becoming extremely popular and useful for small, medium and big sized organizations.

However, if you look around the market, you will most certainly come across scores of brands and makes of receipt scanners.

This will certainly be a challenging and difficult task for you if you are keen on selecting the right receipt scanner.

The best way would be to look out for as many such scanners as possible and then make the right choice.

We are therefore, happy to share some useful and pertinent details about fifteen of the best receipt scanners. These have been carefully picked up after researching.

We are sure it will go a long way in helping the prospective customers and the readers to make the right choice.

Here is the list of 10 best receipt scanners for the benefit of those who are keen on adding professionalism and efficiency in their processes and workplaces.

1. IRISCan Express 4 Portable Color Scanner

IRIS USA, Inc. Express 4: USB Portable Document, Receipts & Business Cards Color Scanner, Simplex, Ultra Speed 8PPM, 1 Click scan to PDF

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This comes from the house of IRISCcan and therefore it evinces quite a bit of interesting.

This Express 4 Portable Color scanner is USB powered and additionally there are a number of useful and pertinent features that are worth having a second look.

As mentioned above, it is a portable receipt scanner and also is very light weight. It is powered by the USB cable that comes alongside the portable scanner.

It also is decently priced and there are reasons to believe that it offers very good value for money.

You also can get high precision scanning resolutions and it offers scanning facilities both in color and black and white. It is Mac and Window compatible.


  • It is very efficient and easy to use.

  • It offers 9 configurable functions.

  • It makes the document process job quite easy and stress-free.

  • It can scan business card and other such useful information rapidly.

  • It also automatically exports the same to your contact manager.

  • It is compatible both for windows and Mac.

  • You will never have to retype text again.

  • It also helps to create and edit PDF files.


  • Some driver files required for running the app are not easily downloadable.

2. Doxie Go SE

Doxie Go SE - The Intuitive Portable Scanner with Rechargeable Battery and Amazing Software

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If you are on the lookout for a simple, smart and cost effective document scanning option, then you have many reasons to try out this model from Doxie.

It is often referred to as an intuitive portable scanner.

It comes with a number of amazing features and benefits and this includes rechargeable battery.

Since it is light-weight, it is well and truly portable and it can be carried literally to any place you want. It operates independently without the need for a computer.

If you are looking for a scanner that is modern and all-inclusive, obviously this could be the right choice.


  • You can scan anywhere and even when you are on the move.

  • It is the best way to go totally paperless.

  • It is self-sufficient and therefore you don’t need a computer.

  • The scans are extremely clean and crisp.

  • It is easy to operate.

  • Scans large volumes of documents quite fasts

  • It also comes with software that is required.

  • You also get intelligent adjustment options.

  • It has the facility of sending scanned files to cloud apps and local networks.

  • It features the award winning ABBYY OCR technology.


  • Scanning to the SD card and iPhone is clumsy and takes lot of time.

3. Plustek Photo Scanner – Z300 Ephoto

Plustek Photo Scanner - ephoto Z300, Scan 4x6 Photo in 2sec, Auto Crop and Deskew with CCD Sensor. Support Mac and PC

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Many customers who have used this are in praise and they believe that it could be one of the best receipt scanners in its range.

It comes from the house of Plustek and this model # Z300 Ephoto is packed with some wonderful features and functionalities. It is considered to be one of the easiest ways for scanning documents and photos.

It is capable of supporting 4×6, 5×7, 8×10 and also 3×5 sizes of photo scanning. You can also scan receipts and other documents and have it transported to A4 size paper.

It is fast, efficient and reliable and therefore, you can be reasonably sure that it offers the best value for money.

It walks the talk on major attributes and parameters and this is reflected by many positive customer reviews.


  • Extremely fast and easy.

  • 4×6 photos can be scanned in 2 seconds while 8×10 photos can be scanned in 5 seconds.

  • It is any day better than flatbed scanner.

  • Operation is easy – Insert and Scan one image or photo at a time.

  • It also offers excellent image enhancement and other functions.

  • The images are sharp, clean and very legible.

  • If you have old images and documents, this could help to store it safely and with clear resolution.

  • You also get advanced editing functions.

  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac.

  • Software updates are easy easily downloadable.


  • Poor customer services and scanning quality, say a few customers.

4. Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner

Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner, DS-620, Fast Scanning Speeds, Compact and Lightweight, Compatible with BR-Receipts, Black

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There is no doubt that Brother is a big name to reckon with for office equipment and gadgets.

Hence, this DS-620 color page scanner from Brother is quite interesting and has a number of exciting features and functions.

To begin with, it is lightweight and compact and measures just less than 12 inches. Further, it weighs less than 1 pound.

You can easily download all utilities and drivers have it copies to your CD-ROM directly from the website of Brother.

On the whole, it is very customer friendly, and makes the job of office automation professionals and clutter free.


  • It has a reasonably good daily duty cycle.

  • It can accommodate 100 pages maximum.

  • It can scan images and pictures across different sizes of papers.

  • It is compact and lightweight.

  • It can be easily ported around and can be operated within minutes.

  • The scanning speeds are really fast and impressive.

  • It is perfectly compatible with BR receipts.

  • On the whole, it offers the best value for money.


  • Software updates are very outdated and disappointing.

5. Brother Mobile Color Page Scanner

Brother DS-720D Mobile Color Page Scanner, White (DS720D)

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This is another popular receipt scanner from Brother and has some interesting and unique features.

This model No. DS-720D, could be helpful for those who are looking for fast scanning, and also for those who have loads of duplex scanning to do. Yes, it also is lightweight and compact.

The speed of scanning is also quite impressive and according to a few customers it is lightening quick. It can scan at 8 ppm on ordinary mode and 5 ppm on duplex mode.


  • You can handle multiple media requirements.

  • It can help in scanning receipts, documents, photos, business cards, ID cards and much more.

  • It can scan images of around 8.5 inches wide x 32 inches long.

  • In spite of being suitable for heavy duty work, it is extremely lightweight and compact.

  • It is perfect for precision scanning.

  • Black and White images of 600 x 600 dpi resolution are possible.

  • It works well in a temperature zone of 5 degrees centigrade to 35 degree centigrade.

  • Driver download is simple and is compatible with many models of Brothers image scanners.


  • Not suitable for long cash receipts.

  • Paper detection doesn’t happen sometimes.

6. Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Mobile Scanner – Best Receipt Scanner for Quickbooks

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX100 Wireless Mobile Portable Scanner for Mac or PC, Black

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You are getting it from the renowned house of Fujitsu and they have an exemplary track record of quality office gadgets and equipment. You get this receipt scanner with no-questions asked premium license.

Additionally, there are a number of other features that are also quite impressive. It can help quite a bit in streamlining your expense management workflow.

It is unique, versatile, and flexible and offers a number of adjustments and other such benefits.

On the whole, you have reasons to believe that you are investing in one of the best receipt scanners that money can buy in this category. It also has a number of obvious advantages


  • It allows for organizing, consolidating and scanning your documents.

  • It can be directly uploaded and copies into folders that are easily reachable and searchable.

  • You can also export image documents into various office applications like Turbo Tax, Excel, QuickBooks and more.

  • It has quality management software inbuilt.

  • You can easily parse and read your expenses automatically

  • Easy to operate and customer friendly

  • Easy to retrieve content from various devices.

  • Allows sharing comments, folders and files.

  • Can be accessed by various users and stakeholders.


  • The battery life is poor.

  • Not the best of customer services.

7. Epson WorkForce DS-30

Epson WorkForce DS-30 Portable Document Scanner for PC and Mac, Sheet-fed, Mobile/Portable

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This is a quality scanner that is portable. It is from the house of Epson and this model #DS-30 can scan both images and documents.

It is therefore highly versatile and can help to make businesses professional, efficient and customer friendly. It is filled with a number of other features and these include capability to directly scan to the cloud.

It also is possible to scan to A4 papers, Sheet Fed amongst other options. It has a decent scanning speed of 4.6 ppm.

It is feature rich and therefore has won quite a few rave reviews from customers on various sites. It also offer various other benefits and a few of them are being shared hereunder.


  • You can use it for scanning images and documents.

  • It is USB powered.

  • It also comes with document management suite.

  • A decent scanning speed of 4.6 ppm.

  • It can help to search and edit texts that have been scanned.

  • You can create PDF and also PDF/A documents.

  • It is compatible with Windows and Mac.

  • It can work with almost all versions of Windows and Mac.

  • You also get an optical sensor (600 dpi color)

  • Possible to scan document up to 8.5 x 14 inches including credit cards, rigid I.Ds and business documents.


  • Only one wet cleaning cloth is provided.

8. Plustek PS186 Document Scanner

Plustek PS186 High Speed Document Scanner, with Auto Document Feeder (ADF). For Windows 7 / 8 / 10

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This is a high speed and efficient receipt scanner with a number of inbuilt features and functions. It comes with auto document feed (ADF) which is perfectly suitable for personal computer.

It is compact in size and lightweight. It comes with an amazing 23 different types of scan file setting and all these can be done with a single touch feature.

You can choose the file setting based on your specific needs and requirements. You can easily turn your documents into editable and searchable files.

It has a number of other benefits and there is no doubt that it could be a good candidate for being one of the best receipt scanners in the market. It has many positive customer reviews and rating.


  • Convert documents into file types that you require.

  • The files can be edited and can easily be searched and accessed.

  • It comes with a unique Info Barcode function.

  • You can automatically categorize of completed documents.

  • Categorize data also with 1D or 2D type using barcode page.

  • Intelligent image and color adjustments possible.

  • You can crop, auto rotate and go through other such functions.

  • Send scanned files easily to FTP server or to personal NAS.


  • May not be suitable for photos and images.

  • Doesn’t work well with Mac operating system.

9. Brother Wireless Desktop Document Scanner ADS-2700W

Brother Wireless High-Speed Desktop Document Scanner, ADS-2700W, Touchscreen LCD, Duplex Scanning

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This certainly is a high performing and powerful receipt scanner that is sturdy and trouble free. It offers the best possible high speed scanning of documents and images.

The touch screen LCD feature makes it easy to operate. You also have the option of choosing duplex scanning. It is perfectly suited for mono scanning and color scanning (both at 35 ppm).

It also comes with USB fast scan speeds when there is a smaller footprint. Apart from the above, there are a few more benefits that are worth looking at.


  • Very light weight.

  • Suited perfectly for high speed and accurate scanning.

  • It has space saving designs and has good ergonomics.

  • It can be connected using built in wireless option.

  • You also could connect it to a computer or use a fast Ethernet connection.

  • Secure information can be handled more efficiently and confidentially.

  • You can build in secure network protocols such as TLS, SFTP, and SSL.

  • The 2.8 inch touch screen display is indeed a big takeaway.

  • It allows one touch scanning

  • You can preset destinations and also device settings can be preset.

  • Easy to access, edit and replace scanned images.


  • Though it has mobile scanning, it doesn’t work properly.

10. VuPoint Solutions Portable Scanner (PDS ST415 WM)

VuPoint Solutions Magic Wand Portable Scanner (PDS ST415 WM)

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It also is referred to as magic wand scanner. It is from the stables of VuPoint Solutions and they have good experience in offering some of the best receipt scanners over the years.

If you are keen on converting the old photos into quality digital files and also if you wish to scan documents accurately, speedily and easily, then you have reasons to have a closer look at this PDS ST415 WM.

It is feature rich and here are a few points worth looking at. You can easily convert photos and documents into color or black and white files (PDF or JPEG formats).

It allows you to organize and archive your scans quite well. Your scanner can be connected to a computer. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Apart from the above, it also has won many good customer reviews across many ecommerce sites and also enjoyed a decent customer rating.


  • Using a USB cable you can easily connect the scanner to your computer.

  • It also has a micro SD card that could hold up to 32 GB.

  • You don’t require a SD card, though you can use it if you want.

  • It is extremely portable and compact.

  • It can fit into your drawstring pouch.

  • Easy to port around using a briefcase or purse.

  • Allows on the go scanning should you require it.

  • Bonus OCS software is included

  • Easy to play with play and play features.

  • Possible to scan documents up to 8.27 inches wide and up to 98 inches long.

  • Fast operation and even big sized scanning can be completed in 3 seconds.


  • Wrinkles and creases in the scanned images have been reported.

11. Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i

Fujitsu ScanSnap S1300i Portable Color Duplex Document Scanner for Mac or PC

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Fujitsu is at it again. If you have decided to buy the 1300i ScanSnap receipt scanner, you certainly have made the right decision.

It is feature rich and most importantly it is user friendly and even those without too much of technical knowledge can operate it. It is lightweight and portable.

It offers color duplex scanning options and is compatible with both Microsoft and Mac operating systems.

Apart from the above, there are a number of other features and functions that have caught the imagination of thousands of users.

We are listing down some obvious advantages and benefits as far as this scanning machine for receipts, documents and other such things are concerned.


  • You can easily organize your paperwork.

  • You can create multiple and multipage PDFS and store them in folders that you can create.

  • The above things can be done at the click of a button.

  • Documents can be converted into word and excel files which also can be edited.

  • 10 page automatic document feeder (ADF)

  • Double sided color scanning possible.

  • Suitable for scanning receipts, extra long pages, business cards and more.

  • Intelligent scan correction features available.

  • Quality check done on scans.

  • Software is easy to use.

  • Offers coloring, monochrome, grayscale and other such features.


  • Quite a few tradeoffs needed because of its portability.

12. Vupoint ST470 Portable Scanner

Vupoint ST470 Magic Wand Portable Scanner w/Auto-Feed Docking Station (Purple) (Renewed)

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This magic wand portable scanner (model No. ST 470) from VuPoint has some exciting and interesting features. It has a unique auto feed docking station, bundling and other such options.

You can save scanned documents and files to MicroSD card. This is well and truly the right step for an efficient and paperless office, big or small.

It helps the employees to stay organized and improves efficiency and customer services. The scanner allows scanning in black and white or color. The files can be converted in PDF or JPEG format.

There are a number of other such useful and pertinent features and benefits and we will look at a few of them.


  • The microSD card has a storage capacity of 32GB.

  • You also have an SD card and it can accommodate around 8GB.

  • The unique auto feed dock is an interesting and useful feature.

  • Bonus OCR Software is another takeaway.

  • LCD allows preview of scans before finalizing it.

  • You get many accessories

  • Comes with a 90 day manufacturer warranty.


  • In spite of many features, it may not be a good scanner.

13. Honsdom Portable Scanner

This is a 900 DPI scanner that is primarily suitable for scanning A4 size documents. It is a handheld scanner.

Coming from the house of Honsdom, it could be a good buy for scanning receipts, pictures, photos, books, and much more. You can scan the images either in PDF or JPG format.

It has won many positive customer reviews and has a decent customer rating. It is efficient, fast and images, documents and pictures can be scanned quite fast.

Let us also look at a few more reasons as to why this could be a good buy for the customers.


  • It is compatible with Vista/Mac and Windows OS.

  • Windows would require 10.4 or above version.

  • It is travel friendly and lightweight.

  • The scanned images are stored in Micro SD card.

  • You can read the images by connecting it to your computer.

  • USB cable also comes along with the set.

  • It runs of two quality AA batteries.

  • Compact in design.


  • Not durable, a few cases of breakdown within a year.

14. TaoTronics Portable Scanner

This is a handheld and mobile phone based portable scanner that has quite a few customers interested and excited.

It is from the house of TaoTronics and has a number of interesting and useful features. It is suitable for both mono and color scanning of images.

You can convert the files either into PDF or JPG formats. The images/files have to be written to a Micro SD card and the same has to be bought separately.

It has a few impressive reviews but may not be of the same levels as we find in other major brands and models.

It has a good customer base and around 1.3 million customers have perhaps bought this model. It is portable, lightweight and handheld.

Hence, at the end of the day, if you are looking for moderate to light scanning of receipts and other documents, this model could be an ideal choice. It also is reasonably priced.


  • Your documents can be permanently archived in digital format.

  • Easily converts black and white photos and colored ones into digital files.

  • Also convert books and receipts into digital files.

  • Quality scanning of 900 DPI resolutions.

  • Directly save it into SD memory card within minutes.

  • Make use of OCR software and edit scanned images and photos.


  • Constant speed alignment is a problem.

15. Doxie One – Standalone Portable

Are you looking for a cute, ergonomically designed, simple and standalone mobile scanner? If yes, you should not miss the chance of having a closer look at this receipt scanner from Doxie.

It is quite a thing for those who are on the lookout for the right scanner for home or office. It can operate without computers.

It is suitable for scanning full color sheets and the job can be done in 8 second flat with 300 dpi resolution. It also comes with the highly useful and easy to operate Doxie app.

This is in line with Doxie’s principle of providing quality software with quality scanner. You can scan files and convert them into readily usable PDF formats.

It also has OCR software which helps in editing the scanned files.


  • It works with iPad.

  • Supports SD card reader.

  • This is an accessory sold separately.

  • It also has 2GB SD memory card for storing scanned images.

  • Power adapter is also available.


  • The paper feeder does not work well.


We are sure that the above 15 receipt scanners would certainly have given you the right information. It certainly will help you to make the right choice based on your specific needs and requirements. It will help you to look for things to avoid and things to consider.

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