19 Best AppCake Alternatives 2024

AppCake is a free substitute for Apple’s App Store that runs on iPhones and iPads, whether jailbroken or not. The app store allows you to find and install games and apps you can’t access on the typical app Store.

But that’s not all. AppCake also lets you download modified versions of regular apps whose features aren’t available in their official versions. Besides, it contains regular updates, so you always have the most up-to-date applications on your mobile device.

There are several other tools that allow you to download apps and games like AppCake. vShare, Pandaapp, TutuApp to name a few. But the best AppCake alternative is KuaiYong which also works on Windows. It offers some great features too.

Why explore AppCake alternatives?

In addition to AppCake’s robust features, it has some shortcomings too. For example, Android users can’t get their hands on this app store because it is strictly for Apple users. Compared to other app stores, AppCake has unreliable customer support – they take longer to attend to your problem.

Even though AppCake has regular updates, there are some concerns about its security features. The app store optimization and stability can occasionally be unreliable.

You must understand that AppCake doesn’t allow outside developers to publish their apps. You’ll have to work with the app presented to you.

Looking at these limitations accompanying AppCake led us to explore other app stores that provide similar services. Here are some top applications that work similarly to AppCake and are much better.

Come with me!

Best AppCake Alternatives

1. KuaiYong

KuaiYong is our first AppCake alternative. This free app store enables the installation of paid iOS applications without jailbreaking the device.

The Chinese version of this program is readily available, but the developers have made significant efforts to make KuaiYong available in English.

KuaiYong grants you access to an unauthorized app store, where you can search and download the most recent versions of iOS-compatible apps and games. The built-in file downloader makes it easy to manage downloaded files.

The platform also allows you to create backups, monitor the current battery level, and manage files such as music and movies on your iOS devices. Moreover, the app can search and download stunning backgrounds and ringtones.

Unlike AppCake, KuaiYong is downloadable to desktop PCs and offers support for Windows 7 and later versions. And here, the primary functions of the application are as follows: the ability to manage installed apps and games, photographs, movies, and other media.

Also, you can convert your iOS device into a portable USB drive using the appropriate software. You can use the free space on your iPhone device, just like you would on a conventional USB flash memory stick, to store things like papers, files, and so on.

2. vShare

In contrast to AppCake, which supports only iOS, the vShare app is a third-party app store for iOS and Android. It allows downloading and installing programs unavailable in the two stores. You can download vShare at no cost, and it does not come with any limitations.

It offers professional suggestions based on your likes, habits, and local trends. This app store’s editors will list the best options based on your preferences and help you discover hidden gems.

vShare lets you customize your Android and Apple devices with various wallpapers. It provides a simple, straightforward, and user-friendly interface, enabling you to carry out complex tasks without difficulty.

vShare frequently updates the store with new apps and games. It is a potent search engine for locating apps and games rapidly.

To use the application, you do not require a device that has root access on Android or a device that has been jailbroken on iOS because it is compatible with all devices.

3. Pandaapp

This platform has a user-friendly interface and is excellent for anyone whose personal computer can install .ipa-formatted files on their iDevice.

Pandaapp’s primary focus is on the apps that the PandaApp Dev Team has produced on iPhones, Windows computers, and Android mobile devices. It has more than 5,000 applications for your Smartphone.

Unlike AppCake, Pandaapp consists of three key features that assist in its functioning. The features are the PC suite, PandaReader, and PandaHome, amongst others.

With PC Suite, you can now easily do these intricate mobile phone tasks. It has secure contact backup, individualized multi-media content management, and a simple news subscription. Meanwhile, PC Suite would help you make more efficient use of your Smartphones.

PandaReaders enables dynamic loading, TXT file browsing, huge file upload, zip files, and bookmarks, allowing users to explore images and instantly save their reading history.

PandaHome is an Android application for theme management. It allows you to easily adjust the display name, font size, and color of applications and download and replace home themes.

4. TutuApp

TutuApp is one of the leading AppCake alternatives offering third-party iPhone and Android apps. You can download and use it for free.

It provides complete jailbreak applications with no login ID, ensuring a secure downloading environment. It includes many other features, such as screen recorders and gaming emulators unavailable on the official app store.

This platform is easy and quick, offering its iOS and Android users complete and free premium applications. Besides, it allows mobile data and WiFi transfer.

It has consistent upgrades as well as the addition of brand-new apps. The in-app downloader expedites downloads while its file manager keeps them organized.

TutuApp has been rigorously tested for stability, speed, and security on mobile operating systems and popular devices such as the latest iPhone and Google Pixel. AppCake has not undergone such testing.

5. AppEven

AppEven is a free app store that is available for iOS devices. Its primary function is to assist iOS users in downloading modified versions of games and programs unavailable in the official Apple App Store.

This incredible tool lets you download free versions of the app store’s most popular premium games. AppEven is simple to install and does not require jailbreaking your device. It contains IPA files for iOS devices, including customized ++ apps such as Instagram++, Snapchat++, etc.

Compared to AppCake, the AppEven user interface has been made exceptionally user-friendly so that users can easily navigate the system.

Moreover, the platform is updated consistently to incorporate any newly released files and features.

6. iTongPush

iTongPush is another robust alternative for AppCake. It is an app distribution platform that can install IPA applications and is compatible with iOS 4.0 and higher.

Also, you can download programs from iTunes. However, jailbreaking is required.

Unlike AppCake, you can quickly install ipa apps using iTongPush by touching the ipa packages attached to emails. Furthermore, Safari will allow you to download and open ipa files directly. There is no need for extra plugins.

iTongPush is simple to use; simply tap to download applications. Downloads can be paused and resumed at any time.

This free program maintains an up-to-date record of all installed applications and informs you when new versions are available. What is exciting is that every app you own will always have the most recent update.

iTongPush gives personalized suggestions in addition to app rankings and curated collections of applications. And to help iTongPush learn more about you, refresh the collection list.

It comes with wireless sharing and allows you to share applications with your peers without being connected to a computer.

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7. AppValley

The AppValley app has one of the greatest selections of third-party programs and customizations for Apple’s iOS platform.

It provides a straightforward, attractive, and easy-to-navigate user interface. You do not have to jailbreak your phone to download apps from this AppCake alternative.

You can acquire standard versions of apps via conventional app stores, but this is the greatest option if you obtain modified versions of specific apps.

Unlike AppCake, you can get an application from the AppValley app store without security concerns. The program is under constant surveillance by the developers in search of bugs. Also, they update the app with new, secure content and increase its security.

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8. Emus4u

Emus4u is a third-party iPhone and iPad app installer that enables the installation of apps and games not usually accessible on the regular Apple App Store.

It hosts several cracked and altered iOS applications and games. This platform is free to download; there are no hidden or in-app fees.

The user interface is straightforward to comprehend and navigate. The Emus4u App Store has an integrated cache remover.

Installing Emus4u does not need jailbreaking. Each day, new applications and video games are added to the inventory.

Due to the absence of a registration system, the application will never inquire about your personal information. Installing programs from Emus4u does not involve entering an Apple ID.

Notifications are displayed once an application update is available. You can delay the update to a time that is convenient for you.

The download and installation of third-party apps from Emus4u are pretty quick.

Compared to AppCake, Emus4u is 100 percent safe. The developers employ SSL encryption to safeguard the security of your device. No malicious apps, viruses, or other threats can damage your device or documents.

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9. iOS Haven

iOS Haven is a free community-driven search engine for third-party app stores that members of the jailbreak community manage.

Their tool is accessible to everyone with an iPhone or an Apple Mac. If you opt to register an account, you’ll be granted early access to features still in development. Partner projects with restricted access are also included.

This platform also provides a free blog for tech enthusiasts interested in knowledge of iOS-related topics. These topics range from beginner tutorials for jailbreaking and news about the latest features in iOS. This is a feature you won’t find in AppCake.

It gives iOS home screen creators, and interior designers access to themes of the highest possible quality. Moreover, it features themes from artists, including fashion brands, such as Gucci and Nike Air Max, and meme topics.

The application developer routinely engages in the process of rebuilding existing intelligent systems and developing new features. Upon request, new features are added. The developers and private beta testers are here to help, so if you have any problems or suggestions, please contact them.

10. TopStore

TopStore is among the most reliable AppCake alternatives. If you have this app store, you won’t have to spend a dime to get some of the most loved paid games and apps on the market. Not to forget, TopStore is compatible with mobile devices running on iOS 8 or later.

The whole list of TopStore applications is available for free. This is the path you should take if you do not wish to pay a premium price for your iOS applications. Furthermore, jailbreaking your iPhone is not required to use it.

Types of apps you’ll find in the TopStore app are tweaked applications and utility applications.

Tweaked applications are the most extensive category available in the app store. You may download several customizations, such as Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok, and Whatsapp.

Utility apps can be divided into two distinct parts. The first part is tools for jailbreaking iOS devices without a PC or Mac, and the second is the iOS widgets to keep your smartphone more entertaining.

With Mod Game, you’ll find games with upgraded features to provide more content than the first release.

Compared to AppCake, this is the place to come if you want to download multiple apps simultaneously. The TopStore app will allow you to carry out such actions in a more streamlined and reasonable way.

11. TuTuBox

TuTuBox is a free app store for iOS devices with thousands of exclusive applications and games.

There are no restrictions on the kind of applications you can download, ranging from utility apps, emulators, and games to music and movie apps. Developers are now working on an Android version, which will be released soon.

TuTuBox will list all the games its other users play on the home screen. It will show you the top apps that have received a lot of downloads under the heading “Our Picks.” Also, it will provide some recommendations for the apps that are considered to be the best.

The app store can be installed on iOS devices without a jailbreak, but it is possible to download apps on devices with a jailbreak.

Unlike AppCake, TuTuBox is an app store that is entirely risk-free and can be downloaded on any iOS device. It conducts thorough malware examinations on each one of the apps it stores.

12. iOSGods

iOSGods is a free third-party app store offering modified versions of games available on the standard AppStore.

iOSGods has copied Apple’s App Store design. They have designed the icons and graphics so that the app would appear appealing on every screen. This makes iOSGods appear more attractive than AppCake.

It gives you access to the largest (modified) collection of available apps. Also, this application offers the quickest updates, which means your downloaded apps will be up-to-date. The iOSGods community will assist you with any questions or concerns.

13. Panda Helper

Panda Helper is one of the preferred alternatives for AppCake. It is a well-known third-party app store that allows iPhone and Android OS users to access various games and applications.

You don’t need to jailbreak or use an Apple ID to use Panda Helper if you have an iPhone or an iPad. If you are concerned about the application’s security, you need to know your data and privacy will be intact.

Also, this free platform is compatible with every Android device, allowing you to install customized apps and games.

In contrast to Appcake customer support, if you experience problems with the Panda Helper app on your phone, there’s a list of troubleshooting procedures to fix your problem and get the program running properly again.

The application’s customer support is around the clock, catering to people in every region and time zone.

14. HipStore

HipStore is an app store for iOS, Android, and desktop computers. HipStore comes bundled with the most comprehensive collection of everyone’s favorite iOS apps.

If you are seeking new and popular applications, you should visit the HipStore because it is free and lets you upload any apps you have created.

The user interaction is one of the primary features that will make you love this application. Compared to AppCake, HipStore provides the finest user experience possible.

HipStore comes equipped with a significant compatibility feature, making it run on most Android and iOS devices. The app is regularly updated by in-house developers, allowing you to get the most out of it. There is no need for you to continue searching for the latest iOS version on the App Store.

HipStore is reliable. It has been subjected to many virus scans, and the results have shown that it is clean and secure.

15. Cydia

Cydia is another AppCake alternative and is free to use. If you have been an iOS user for some time, you may have observed that the Apple App Store does not offer third-party applications.

The Cydia store is where you’ll find your iPhone or iPad’s most well-featured third-party apps extensions, tweaks, and themes.

Cydia allows you to personalize your iPhone or iPad. You’ll set video as the ringtone for incoming calls, and it is possible to adjust the appearance of calls. AppCake doesn’t allow you to do that.

16. TweakBox

The TweakBox app is a third-party app store that provides iPhone and iPad users access to various applications.

Downloading and using TweakBox does not cost anything. Its intuitive and straightforward user interface significantly increases its ease of use.

In contrast to AppCake, the developers of TweakBox have published numerous apps they created, giving you access to wider options of applications.

TweakBox has a list of well-organized applications that are easy to navigate. TweakBox apps are classed according to categories: hacked games, TweakBox apps, flash apps, etc. There are regular updates to assure the security and accuracy of all data.

17. BuildStore

BuildStore operates as an independent app store for iOS devices. You don’t need to jailbreak your device to install apps. They established a service that lets users enjoy Apple-rejected programs. BuildStore is a service that enables you to install iOS programs from your web browser (Safari).

Also, you can obtain various vintage gaming emulators, like the world-famous GBA4iOS emulator, a mobile torrent client called iTransmission, some insanely modified programs, and a great deal more from this website.

They get more than 15,000 daily active users worldwide, with the largest presence in the United States.

Unlike AppCake, BuildStore evaluates all apps before releasing them to the market to prevent unforeseeable outcomes. You won’t find applications that include malware, viruses, etc.

You need to note that the app charges a monthly subscription of $19.99, and you will be required to make the payment after signing up.

18. Mob.org

Mob.org is a free app store that allows you to acquire many wonderful iOS applications. Therefore, if you wish to play games on your iPhone or iPad, there is no need to purchase the complete version.

This app store contains many fresh wallpapers, ringtones, and themes. Also installing IPA files is simpler than in AppCake.

This application allows you to sort games by your operating system’s version. This makes it easy to locate games on this site.

The site has the most popular games, including NBA 2K16, Battleland Royale, Borderland Legends, Car 2, etc.

19. iOSnoops

iOSnoops is one of the most attractive and user-friendly platforms for downloading iOS applications for mobile devices.

It has a wider variety of apps than many other websites. In contrast to AppCake, it provides a variety of iOS apps that are on sale, discounted, or otherwise free. They will give you an email notification to ensure that you don’t miss a sale.

Some interesting games I found on this platform include Word Mess, Chloe Puzzle Game, SEVEN’s CODE, Boundary!, Crisis of the Middle Ages, Rush Rally 3, and more.


Our top recommendation is KuaiYong. While it’s mainly Chinese, the developers have accommodated other users by developing an English version.

If you install it on your device, it will allow you to use apps that have been modified by a third party but are not freely available through Apple’s App Store.

Also, this app works with Windows, allowing you to install your favorite apps on your PC. You can check the level of your battery, download ringtones and backgrounds, and more.

The most interesting part is that the KuaiYong allows you to convert your iOS device into a portable USB.

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