8 Best Roku Alternatives 2024

When exploring the world of streaming devices, Roku often comes to mind. However, it’s not the only player in the game. There are several Roku alternatives that offer unique features and experiences.

In this guide, we delve into the top eight Roku competitors, highlighting their distinct advantages. This comparison will help you choose the best streaming device for your needs, whether you prioritize content variety, user interface, or budget-friendliness. Let’s dive into these Roku alternatives and discover which one aligns best with your streaming preferences.


Best Roku Alternatives

1. Chromecast with Google TV

Chromecast with Google TV is a famous streaming stick that allows you to keep up with some of the best movies and TV series. The media streaming device offers a wide range of services, including Dolby Vision.

Dolby Vision allows you to enjoy refined picture quality with immersive colors that completely transform your media experience. The feature added to Dolby Atmos makes Chromecast with Google TV a fantastic Roku alternative.

Besides offering the best picture quality, Chromecast with Google TV provides you with access to multiple contents on a clutter-free interface. Unlike Roku, the hardware allows you to access more apps without facing any problems whatsoever.

Even though the Roku assistant is incredible, it can barely match Google Assistant, which is more receptive to commands. That means Google Assistant is easy to use and makes operating the interface using voice commands effortless.

Recently, Chromecast with Google TV introduced an incredible remote which is slightly shorter than Roku’s and very intuitive. The remote contains a button dedicated to Google Assistant, making switching from manual to voice command effortless.

With over 6500 streaming apps and a fantastic integration of the YouTube app, you should be confident that Chromecast with Google TV is suitable. Additionally, the latest updates on the media streaming device have helped it displace most media streaming hardware.

To enhance the user experience further, Chromecast integrates with Google photos seamlessly. It also uses Chromecast functionality to cast images, videos, and apps from their phones to the screen, especially those not offered by the device.

With 4K resolution, Dolby Atmos audio, HDR10, and HDR10+ Capabilities, Chromecast with Google TV is the best ultimate replacement for Roku TV. Additionally, both Roku and Chromecast with Google have a slightly similar price.

2. Amazon Fire TV

Amazon Fire TV is one of the most used fire sticks on the globe. Despite being large and slightly awkward, it is inexpensive with numerous media streaming apps.

The device is marketed as the best one-stop shop for any kind of entertainment, from blockbuster movies to a significant number of apps. Additionally, to make the media device even more useful, it is fitted with Alexa skills, a feature that allows voice commands.

Each function on Amazon Fire TV is flawlessly applied. For example, you are guaranteed live TV, allowing you to stream local news and sports at 4K resolution. You have the option of selecting the TV options on the home screen or using the channel guide to browse the channels you want.

Likewise, Amazon Fire TV has personalized recommendations of the movies they think you will like. That makes it easy for you to find suitable content from your favorite apps and subscriptions.

The media streaming device currently rates better than Roku when it comes to offering its customers more affordable options such as Fire TV Stick Lite. The hardware costs less with incredible capabilities and a wide range of content.

As stated earlier, Fire TV comes with Alexa skills that revolutionize how you search for movies and desirable TV series. Using the feature, you can launch your favorite content using voice commands.

If you are a Prime member, Fire TV is a much better alternative than Roku. After all, the device provides you with unrestricted access to Prime content. But then, the list is much better if you subscribe to the premium account.

Even though both devices showcase great content, Amazon’s Fire TV is more accommodating with 4K capabilities. It is one of the few media streaming hardware that assures user satisfaction at a fair rate.

3. Apple TV

Apple TV is a suitable Roku alternative if you are looking for multi-user support and high frame rates when streaming HDR. The media streaming device, though expensive, provides a dreamlike experience.

The premium version of Apple TV comes with a stylish remote control that easily navigates the menus. It also comes with Siri voice control, meaning you can choose to voice control.

Like Roku, Apple TV comes with a fantastic interface and layout that makes content search and location effortless. Apple TV even has an app store that contains all the media streaming apps.

When it comes to best features, Apple TV is of much better value than Roku. First, the premium version allows you to stream fantastic 4K HDR pictures.

Moreover, you get to enjoy Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision while streaming compatible apps. Those who want to access content from their Apple devices such as MacBook, iPad, and iPhone have AirPlay 2 function that allows casting non-fictional series and family fun movies.

Even though Roku has the best overall remote, Apple TV has a customized remote control with terrific toggles. It comes with directional buttons with gesture functions.

Apple TV also added various dedicated buttons such as the mute and power buttons. Moreover, you can use your phone to control the media streaming device.

In summary, the Apple TV premium version comes with every aspect that you need to have an incredible time watching your favorite TV shows and movies. As a bonus, you get to enjoy Apple Music, Fitness Plus, and Arcade, which you will not find on Roku.


NVIDIA SHIELD TV is an expensive but effective media streaming device that you can depend on whenever you want quality streaming services. But then, NVIDIA SHIELD has become more popular among gamers than regular individuals.

The media streaming device allows 4K HDR video streaming with Dolby Vision. That means you will receive exceptional picture quality to see you enjoy videos more than Roku premium media streaming hardware.

Apart from having one of the best remote controls that is comfortable to handle with fantastic buttons, the hardware accepts voice commands. That is because NVIDIA SHIELD TV is fitted with an Android assistant, making device management seamless.

Since the media streaming device is built with gamers in mind, you should expect an incredible dedication to its gaming capabilities. That is one of the few areas that NVIDIA SHIELD TV outdoes Roku.

Gamers can enjoy features such as NVIDIA GeForce NOW, a dedicated game streaming service, not to mention NVIDIA GameStream. Apart from various gaming functions, the media streaming device has Netflix, YouTube, Vudu, and Google Play Movies & TV, among other apps.

NVIDIA SHIELD TV also comes with four ports inclusive of ethernet, power port, MicroSD slot, and HDMI port. Its unique design makes it stand out compared to Roku, which is why NVIDIA SHIELD TV is one of the best Roku alternatives.

Even though the media streaming hardware is designed to meet gamers’ expectations, it has multiple functions that make it an ideal streaming device. It even allows you to watch content from your phone and other gadgets, thanks to the built-in Chromecast 4K function.

All these elements put together make media streaming fantastic and enhance your gaming sessions. However, the pricing is high compared to other alternatives.

5. onn TV

If you want the cheapest Media Streaming device that is easy to operate and set up, then onn TV should be your first choice. The media streaming device is excellent, with a long list of streaming apps.

Since it is powered by Android TV, you get to enjoy striking features, including Google Play and Google. Additionally, the media streaming device comes with multiple ports despite its small size.

Unlike Roku, onn TV is easy to set up since all you need is to plug and play. Furthermore, it has a fantastic layout of TV shows and movies, making it easy to access different content.

What will thrill you most is that onn TV comes with an inbuilt Chromecast, a feature that allows you to project content from your phone to the screen. Thus, you don’t have to rely entirely on the media player for movies, photos, and music.

Like Roku, you are served with a remote control that is smaller and comfy to hold and operate. On the remote, you will find dedicated Disney+, Netflix, and YouTube buttons.

It is, however, essential to note that you don’t entirely depend on the remote control to operate the media player. That is because it comes with Google Assistant, which you can launch with a press of a button.

On the downside, onn TV does not allow you to enjoy 4K resolution since it can only deliver Full High-Definition support. Thankfully, you get to enjoy Dolby Audio functionality which boosts your streaming experience significantly.

Nevertheless, like Roku, you are sure you will have access to the best movies and TV shows that go past 700,000. That is why onn TV should be the first media player that pops into your mind when searching for the most inexpensive average media streaming hardware.

6. TiVo Stream

TiVo is currently getting attention from millions of movie and TV show lovers due to its outstanding services. Like Roku, TiVo allows you to stream an endless list of movies and TV series from thousands of apps.

The device is marketed as the best media streamer for TV lovers because it collects content from apps such as Netflix, Showtime, Starz, and CBS All Access and places them in a single place for easy accessibility.

Furthermore, there are multiple apps that you can stream for free using TiVo premium devices such as Newsy, Tubi, and Wired. That shows how dedicated the company is to ensure users have enough content even without subscriptions.

Note that premium TiVo media players have impressive capabilities, including 4K, HDR, and HDR10 coupled with Dolby Vision for crispy clear videos. They also use Dolby Atmos for quality video audio.

What makes TiVo quite striking compared to Roku is that its premium devices are pretty inexpensive. That is despite having incredible features that match streaming hardware like Roku Ultra.

TiVo also conquers many other media streamers when it comes to features. For instance, it has a built-in Chromecast to ensure you can easily project your videos, music, and images from your small screen to your big screen.

If you don’t want to use the remote control, you can swiftly use your voice to control the media player. That is courtesy of Google Assistant, which you can find on premium TiVo media streaming devices.

Like Roku, you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. One of the main advantages of using the device is that app subscriptions are all you have to worry about.

7. Xfinity Flex

If you are already using Xfinity internet, you should choose Xfinity over Roku since you get to enjoy more from the media streaming hardware. Xfinity provides you with an incredible streaming experience by giving you access to multiple apps.

You can access content from top-rated sites such as HBO Max, which tends to have problems when using Roku. Furthermore, the media streamer has movies and TV shows from Netflix, Disney+, Prime Videos, and YouTube, among other apps.

The content is available on a simplified and visually pleasing interface, and the layout makes media search easy. The hardware comes with a triangular-shaped remote control that makes operation easy.

Furthermore, Xfinity is fitted with Google Assistant, which allows you to use voice control to operate the device. That means you don’t always need to use the remote control, whose buttons can be pretty stiff.

If you compare Roku and Xfinity picture quality, you will be stunned. Despite being a new media streaming service in the market, Xfinity squares off with most Roku devices thanks to its ability to deliver 4K. Thus, you should be sure of an outstanding watching experience.

Unlike Roku, Xfinity provides a wide range of free streaming services, especially if you use Xfinity internet. As a result, you don’t have to worry about subscribing to multiple services to get the best enjoyment.

Lastly, you only need to take a few steps to set up the device, and you are done. Hence, consider Xfinity for ultimate entertainment.

8. Xbox Series X

Though designed for gamers, Xbox series X is one of the best streaming devices available today. Yes, the device comes with a much larger design, but the performance is impeccable.

It is among the few streaming hardware that beat Roku devices by far, thanks to the hi-tech features included. For instance, the device comes with 8K picture quality for gamers.

Also, the streaming apps allow you to view crispy clear videos since they can deliver up to 4K picture quality.

The number of streaming applications Xbox Series X provides is quite comprehensive, even though it cannot match Roku’s. Nevertheless, expect Disney+, Netflix, Apple TV, Hulu, and HBO Max applications.

On the other hand, Gamers are served with unique gaming applications like Ubisoft Connect, Rooster Teeth, and Twitch. Those who prefer Nitrado and Dolby Access will also find the streaming device to be impeccable.

The device does not come with multiple features, but that does not mean you will not enjoy streaming. For instance, it lacks a remote control that you can use to navigate the interface.

Furthermore, the voice command can only be used to turn the streaming hardware on and off. Thus, the rest will require you to use the available controller.

Xbox Series X may not have fancy features for dedicated streaming like Roku, but it is the best alternative if you are a serious gamer and a movie buff.

Final Thoughts

Roku is not the only streaming device that offers thousands of streaming apps and a fantastic interface.

From the details above, devices such as Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV prove to be the best alternatives with unique features.

Furthermore, they match Roku’s services by allowing streamers to use voice control functions while serving 4K videos. Hence, if you want an incredible media player, you can opt for any of the above options.

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