10 Best Vecteezy Alternatives

Vecteezy is one of many platforms that provide digital graphics and imagery developed by artists across the globe. These graphics are well licensed so that users can use them for their designs and commercial purpose.

However, Vecteezy is not the only platform that does this, and some platforms provide even larger databases and better licensing terms, which result in cheaper prices.

And if you can’t find designs you need using Vecteezy, you’re in the right place. Down below, you can find the 10 best Vecteezy alternatives so you can get your work done without worrying about getting your hands on the material you need.

Best Vecteezy Alternatives

Vecteezy has a large database that helps users find a creative path to improve their work, and with thousands of photos, vectors, and videos, you might never run out of options.

However, if you don’t like Vecteezy’s designs, if you think it’s an expensive option, and you don’t like its licensing agreement, these are 10 alternatives that might fit your needs better.

1. StockUnlimited

StockUnlimited is one of the most known Vecteezy alternatives and competitors since StockUnlimited has a much larger database of visuals that are ideal for personal use, businesses, and professionals.

From vectors, images, audio, fonts, templates, collections, and even free graphics you can download without giving your credit card information, StockUnlimited has a lot more to offer.

Each digital asset from the categories mentioned above has assets in many different categories, so you’ll be able to find literally anything, no matter how small of a niche/industry it is. This includes animals, wildlife, banners, beauty, fashion, buildings, landmarks, business/finance, celebrations, environment, flat lays, and many other categories.

In comparison to Vecteezy, StockUnlimited has much more to offer, but the biggest difference is pricing.

StockUnlimited offers free digital assets just like Vecteezy, but when it comes to pricing, StockUnlimited offers two options; subscription-based model or per download base model.

On top of that, StockUnlimited offers something that Vecteezy doesn’t, the Design-it-Yourself editor, where you can further customize any vectors, graphics, and photos to create unique designs you can use for any purpose.

This is a huge advantage as you won’t have to pay for any third-party editors, and yet you’d get the same quality you’ve been expecting.

Considering the price, this feature itself makes switching to StockUnlimited worth it, in my opinion.

A subscription-based plan will cost you:

  • $19/month – unlimited downloads
  • $79/year – unlimited downloads with access to one-click collection downloads
  • $169/3-year access – unlimited downloads and everything from other plans included

Download packs look like this:

  • $9 – download 10 assets
  • $25 – download 30 assets
  • $50 – download 100 assets

However, for the latest pricing and changes in the pricing structure, visit the official StockUnlimited pricing page.

2. Freepik

If you don’t like designing graphics from scratch and need something ready and can serve as a template, Freepik has plenty of graphics you can download and edit for personal and commercial purposes.

Freepik is very popular for featuring many high-quality digital assets for free and affordable premium digital assets that can be edited further to accommodate your needs.

Compared to Vecteezy, Freepik mostly focuses on vectors, photos, PSD files, and even icons. However, they also feature everything else you might occasionally need, such as collections.

But Freepik has something Vecteezy doesn’t have, and it’s integrated tools such as flaticon, slidesgo, storyset, and webpik.

These on-platform tools help you create customizable icons, presentation templates and slides, editable illustrations, and even design and improve graphics directly within their on-platform editor.

All materials and digital assets are well categorized, so you will be able to find the graphics you’re looking for with the help of categories. However, you can also use Freepik’s search engine that can help you find specific assets instantly.

As a free user, you can access thousands of resources, which is still a lot. However, if you are thinking of upgrading to a paid plan, here’s what to expect:

  • $9.99/1-month subscription – unlimited downloads
  • $7.49/12-month subscription – unlimited downloads

This was the pricing at the time of writing, so for the latest pricing, visit the official Freepik pricing page

Explore more sites like Freepik.

3. Adobe Stock

Adobe is known as one of the biggest providers of graphic editing tools, and if you weren’t aware of Adobe Stock, you might have been missing out on one of the largest digital asset providers on the internet.

Whether you’re working on a project of your own, working for a client, or you have something big coming up, Adobe Stock most likely has graphics you would need to ensure your projects are as professional and unique as possible.

Compared to Vecteezy, Adobe Stock offers more digital assets such as royalty-free templates, vector art and illustrations, stock music, and audio. Of course, in addition to these, you’ll always be able to find hundreds of thousands of premium stock images, stock video footage, and regular stock photos.

Since Adobe is also the creator of the most popular graphic editing software Photoshop, you can directly export anything from their database to your software in seconds, from where you can further edit anything you’ve acquired from Adobe Stock.

If you would truly like to test the power of Adobe Stock, you can get 10 free Adobe Stock image downloads to experience the quality firsthand. On top of that, you can even contribute if you feel like you have amazing digital assets and resources that could help others.

I’ve noticed that Adobe Stock also provides 3D materials, which Vecteezy doesn’t provide at the time of writing.

Price-wise, you will have plenty of choices, and you even get to choose if you would like a monthly plan or an annual commitment.

Monthly plans look like this:

  • $29.90/month – 3 standard assets per month
  • $99.99/month – 40 standard assets per month
  • $199.99/month – 350 standard assets per month
  • $249.99/month – 750 standard assets per month

On the other hand, annual commitment plans look like this:

  • $29.90/month – 10 standard assets per month
  • $79.99/month – 40 standard assets per month
  • $169.99/month – 350 standard assets per month
  • $199.99/month – 750 standard assets per month

For the latest pricing, visit the official Adobe Stock pricing page.

4. Textures

Textures is a platform that helps artists discover a world of creativity by featuring all sorts of digital resources and graphics into one platform that’s accessible to others.

Compared to Vecteezy, Textures has one of the highest quality 3D scans that can further enhance the work, materials, and objects to fit any project.

Textures is even aimed at texture designers looking for the next best material as Textures provides a large library full of PBR materials.

Texture’s biggest advantage is that it offers special resources that very few platforms provide, such as decals, overlays, 3D scans atlas, 3D ornaments, HDR spheres, and more.

Of course, along with that, you’ll be able to find regular photos and graphics, vectors, and others.

Textures is also interesting that is slowly but steadily building out a resources blog where you can learn things such as matching color in Photoshop, using seamless decals textures, or learning your way around pixel peeper.

Price-wise, you can choose between a subscription or a credit pack.

Subscription plans include:

  • $11 – 1,000 credits per month
  • $29 – 2,500 credits per month
  • $59 – 5,000 credits per month

Of course, you also get to choose if you would pay monthly or annually, as annual plans include a slight discount.

Credit packs include:

  • $19 – 250 credits
  • $29 – 500 credits
  • $95 – 2,500 credits
  • $149 – 5,000 credits
  • $228 – 10,000 credits

Keep in mind that all credits are valid for three years. For the latest pricing plans, visit the official Textures pricing page.

5. ITG

If you are looking for a way to create unique digital graphics without reusing the resources many have reused before you, ITG is a great solution.

ITG is a platform that still combines thousands of vector illustrations and has a neat editor full of elements that allow you to create millions of combinations.

The idea behind ITG is that finding illustrations and vectors that can fit your product perfectly are hard to find. Instead, you will always end up making tweaks and trying to incorporate these graphics into your project.

ITG helps you save your time by creating illustrations you have in mind instead of spending hours on finding “the right one”. On top of that, you can change these illustrations, so they match your project’s settings (such as color schemes), and of course, most importantly, the quality remains high no matter how many edits you make.

ITG is full of illustrations and graphics that fit different industries. You can always re-design illustrations with the help of built-in editor elements to create a perfect and unique illustration that will fit your project.

Of course, ITG is a lot more advanced than Vecteezy, and even though it doesn’t have as big a library of graphics, it is still a great alternative because it allows users to create unique graphics instead of only looking for them. That’s the biggest difference, but also ITG’s biggest advantage over Vecteezy.

You can try ITG for free, which allows you to make unlimited customizations, yet you’re limited to 10 downloads and can’t edit the illustration after the download.

To remove any limits, you can upgrade to one of the pricing plans available:

  • Monthly – $28/up to 250 downloads per month
  • Yearly – $19/month – unlimited downloads

This was the pricing at the time of writing, so for the latest pricing, visit the official ITG pricing page.

6. Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a very versatile platform that doesn’t only offer vectors for download. Still, it also tries to include almost every type of graphic resource that exists and is used by designers, marketers, and others.

At Shutterstock, you can find image types such as offset images, photos, vectors, footage resources, music, templates, editorial content, and even 3D models.

Even though Shutterstock’s library isn’t as extensive as Vecteezy’s library is, Shutterstock’s greatest advantage is its versatility.

However, Shutterstock also provides many more tools than Vecteezy. Shutterstock has eight different tools that are available directly on Shutterstock’s website, and these tools include anything you might need from image resizer, file converter, and collage maker to color schemes and various plugins or apps.

With a convenient search engine, you can find even the most specific thing you’re looking for, but if you don’t know where to start your search, the most popular terms will provide you with things that might interest you.

You can get 10 free images, but the price will depend on the type of graphics you require and whether you are a single user, a multi-user, and if you want to subscribe or be an on-demand user.

Prices are, on average, about $49/month for 10 graphics. Since the pricing plan is so elaborate and for the latest information, visit the official Shutterstock pricing page.

7. VectorStock

Suppose you are primarily looking for a platform that focuses on stock vector graphics that won’t cost you a fortune and will provide you with everything you need to create logos, printable graphics, advertisements, and much more. In that case, VectorStock is the right place to check out.

VectorStock has premium graphics and resources yet doesn’t keep up the premium prices which is the biggest difference between VectorStock and Vecteezy.

There are almost a million vectors that you can get for free and what’s great about VectorStock is that they strictly have a free section, so you can click on that and only browse free vectors.

With the most popular vector categories displayed, you can choose between the trending vectors. However, if you are looking for something specific, you can use the integrated search engine to effortlessly help you find a specific vector that will fit your needs.

It’s also interesting that VectorStock has a category for everyone searching for logo vectors to make it easier to find a perfect logo for your brand, business, or personal use. This is something Vecteezy is missing, yet VectorStock knew that it might help many users, so this section’s introduction is an advantage.

If free vectors are not enough for you, there are three ways you can purchase even better vectors:

  • $14.99/image – Pay-per-image
  • $1/image – Pre-paid credits
  • $0.69/image – Subscription

For the latest pricing and subscription plans, visit the official VectorStock pricing page.

8. Free Vector

Free Vector is a great platform if you are on an extremely tight budget and still like to get a decent vector, only not to experience pixels when using the graphics.

Free Vector is all about providing the best possible vectors for absolutely free to everyone who can’t afford premium prices of vectors.

Of course, the vectors might not be up to the highest quality standard, but they are very decent, and Free Vector even publishes new vectors weekly.

Their mission is to provide paths and not pixels to users who don’t have money to invest in premium vectors and yet need to move on with their project.

With a simple search engine, you can input keywords and browse all free vectors available on the platform.

However, Free Vector also features the most popular vectors that might interest you. If not, you can find categories at the bottom of the Free Vector homepage that will help you with your search.

This way, you won’t end up spending hours searching for that one perfect vector, and you’ll know whether Free Vector has something you’re looking for.

Of course, Free Vector might not be able to compare with Vecteezy’s database and vector quality, but it’s the best alternative if you’re on a super tight budget or have no budget at all.

9. LibreStock

When you require stock photos, and you don’t know where to look, or one platform doesn’t provide you with everything you need, LibreStock is worth checking out.

LibreStock is a platform that is more of a search engine for stock graphics as it can pull free graphics from stock websites and platforms only using one integrated search engine.

This way, you can input the keyword once and see results from all the most popular and common stock graphics results in one place.

LibreStock mostly focuses on high-resolution stock photos, but it also has great vectors. Of course, I should mention that LibreStock only pulls free graphics and resources, so you won’t even have to spend any money to get very decent graphics.

If you are not sure what to search for or what graphics would incorporate the best with your project, popular search tags under the search engine can direct you and give you plenty of ideas to start your search.

LibreStock idea took off when they introduced LibreStock Video, where you can get free stock videos pulled from the most common free video stock platforms.

When it comes down to the license and the way you can use these free graphics and vectors, there’s a dedicated licensing page that simply explains things. You have to understand and comply with only two things related to CCO and creative commons.

But long story short, you can use these free graphic resources for personal use, commercial use, and even for various projects within organizations. In some cases, you might have to contribute by attributing to the creator of the resource.

10. VectorPortal

VectorPortal is another serious Vecteezy competitor because it has an extensive library of free vectors and graphics.

With one simple search, you can find thousands of free graphic resources that you can use for personal, commercial, or any other purpose.

If you don’t have an idea of what to look for, you can check out the most popular resources, handpicked resources, check out the categorized views of all graphics, and even check out the top 100 graphics on the platform, as well as the most searched terms.

Of course, these vectors and graphics look more like illustrations, but they’re ideal for various industries or logo creations for businesses, organizations, or private projects.

Along with high-resolution vector images, you can find icons and even clip-art. Therefore, if you’re on a tight budget or have no budget at all, you can find all you might need to do design work for the project you’re working on.

VectorPortal’s graphics quality might not be close to Vecteezy’s quality, but it is worth it since it’s free.

And if you’re only getting started, VectorPortal’s blog has great educational content that can help teach users to create illustrations and make attractive graphics with the help of resources you can find within the platform.


Vecteezy is almost an ideal platform for any project or purpose. However, Vecteezy has many competitors that tend to do things a bit differently and yet better.

StockUnlimited is the best Vecteezy alternative because it has a lot more to offer. Not only does it have a larger vector library, but it also provides more versatility to the users.

On top of that, StockUnlimited’s built-in editor is a lot easier to use, and it feels a lot smoother when you use it within compatible browsers.

Lastly, StockUnlimited provides the same quality for a slightly cheaper price which can be more than enough to make the switch.

However, all other options are slightly different and offer something better than Vecteezy, so you can consider more than one option in this case.

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