12 Best Snipping Tool Alternatives For Windows & Mac 2024

Snipping tools are software applications that enable users to capture and save screenshots of their computer screens.

They can be used for many things, including documenting software problems, sharing computer output with others, and providing visual aids for presentations and tutorials.

While most operating systems have a snipping tool, there are other alternatives that provide additional features and capabilities.

These alternative snipping tools are particularly handy for people who require advanced functionality such as the ability to capture scrolling windows or record screen videos.

We’ll go through 12 of the best snipping tool choices for both Windows and Mac users in this post. We’ll examine each tool’s features and capabilities.

Whether you are a novice or an advanced user, there is bound to be a snipping tool on this list that matches your requirements.

Best Snipping Tool Alternatives For Windows & Mac

1. Snipping Tool (Windows)

The Snipping Tool is a Windows built-in program that lets users capture and saves screenshots of their computer screen.

It is a straightforward and simple tool that is adequate for basic screenshot requirements.

The Snipping Tool for Windows has the following features and capabilities:

Four capture modes: The Snipping Tool provides users with four capture modes to choose from: free-form, rectangular, window, and full-screen. This enables users to tailor their screenshots to their individual requirements.

Annotation tools: The Snipping Tool comes with a basic set of annotation tools, such as a pen, highlighter, and eraser. These tools are useful for drawing on or marking screenshots.

Save and share options: Users can save screenshots in a variety of image formats, including PNG, JPEG, and GIF, using the Snipping Tool. Users can also copy the snapshot and paste it into other applications by copying it to the clipboard.

2. Snagit (Windows and Mac)

Snagit is a sophisticated screen capture and screen recording application that is widely used for a variety of reasons by individuals and companies across a wide range of sectors.

It is a crucial tool for everyone who wants to capture and share photographs or videos of their screen, thanks to its broad set of features and capabilities.

Snagit’s ability to snap scrolling screenshots is one of its most notable capabilities.

This is especially useful for capturing a webpage or document that goes beyond the boundaries of the screen, as it allows you to capture the full document or webpage in a single image.

Simply pick the scrolling capture option in Snagit and then use your cursor to select the screen region you wish to record to take a scrolling screenshot.

Snagit will then automatically scroll over the webpage or document, collecting everything in its path and combining it into a seamless image you can edit and share as needed.

The tool includes a variety of screen recording functions in addition to screen capture, making it simple to create professional-quality movies on your screen.

Snagit allows you to record your screen and audio, as well as video from a webcam if desired. This is very useful when generating lessons, demos, or other screen-based content that requires both visuals and audio.

Snagit’s screen recording skills can also be used to produce video presentations, record webinars, and capture other sorts of screen-based content for later use.

Snagit’s strong editing capabilities are another significant feature. After you’ve captured an image or video of your screen, you may enhance and alter it with Snagit’s built-in editing capabilities.

This includes the ability to add text, arrows, and other shapes to your captures, as well as the option to apply effects such as blur and highlight to call attention to specific regions of the image or video.

Snagit also provides a variety of formatting choices, such as the ability to save your captures in several formats, such as JPEG, PNG, and GIF, and simply distribute them via email, social media, or other online platforms.

In addition to its main functionality, Snagit has a variety of integrations and automation tools that make it simple to use and configure.

For example, you may use Snagit’s interfaces with other applications, such as Trello and Slack, to send your screen grabs directly to these platforms.

Snagit also allows you to save your grabs to the cloud, including major cloud storage services such as Google Drive and Dropbox, allowing you to access your content from any device.

3. Greenshot (Windows)

Greenshot is a free and open-source screen capture application that lets users effortlessly take and annotate photographs of their computer screens.

Users can use Greenshot to capture the full screen, a specific window, or a specific section of the screen.

The taken image can then be saved to a file, copied to the clipboard, or opened automatically in the Greenshot image editor for additional modification.

The Greenshot image editor includes a variety of annotation and image editing features that allow you to easily alter and improve captured photographs.

These capabilities include the ability to add text boxes, blur sensitive information, and insert images or icons, as well as the option to highlight specific portions of the image using colored rectangles, circles, or arrows.

Greenshot also features a number of image filters and effects, such as the ability to modify an image’s brightness, contrast, and saturation, as well as add drop shadows and apply a grayscale effect.

Greenshot provides a variety of other useful functions in addition to annotation and image editing.

Users can, for example, simply upload recorded photographs to online image storage services like Imgur, or send them via email or other messaging apps.

Greenshot also has an image history feature built in, which allows users to examine and access previously acquired photographs at any time.

4. LightShot (Windows and Mac)

LightShot is a screen capture application that enables users to snap screenshots of their desktop or a specific window or region on their screen. It is accessible for both Windows and Mac computers.

LightShot’s simplicity and ease of use are two of its most notable aspects. It can be accessed by using a hotkey or by double-clicking the tool’s icon in the system tray.

Once engaged, users can click and drag their mouse to select the area of the screen they want to capture. The screenshot can then be modified and annotated using the image editor incorporated into the program.

LightShot can search for comparable images online in addition to basic screenshot capturing and editing.

This is accomplished by sending the snapshot to the LightShot server, which uses image recognition technology to search the internet for comparable photos.

It can be beneficial for locating better-quality copies of a specific image or related images to use in a project.

LightShot also includes the option to save and distribute screenshots directly to social media or other online platforms, as well as the ability to modify the hotkey used to activate the application.

5. Skitch (Mac)

Skitch is a Mac-based software program that allows users to annotate and edit photos and PDF documents. Its primary purpose is to convey ideas and provide feedback on visual stuff. Skitch’s primary features and capabilities include the following:

Annotation software: Skitch includes tools for annotating and marking up photographs and documents, such as text, shapes, arrows, and stickers.

Image editing: Skitch features simple picture editing capabilities like cropping, scaling, and rotating. It also allows users to change an image’s brightness, contrast, and saturation.

Screenshot capture: Skitch offers a screenshot capture tool that allows users to easily capture and annotate photographs of their desktop or selected windows.

PDF markup: Skitch allows users to add notes and markup to PDF documents, making it a handy tool for document review and collaboration.

Sharing: Skitch allows you to easily share annotated images and documents with others. Users can save their work as photos or PDFs, or share it with others directly via email or social media.

Compatibility: Skitch is compatible with a wide range of file types, including JPG, PNG, GIF, and PDF. It can also be connected with other programs for smooth communication, such as Evernote.

6. FastStone Capture (Windows)

FastStone Capture is a feature-rich screen capture software that allows you to easily screen grab and edit everything on the screen.

It also has recording capabilities that capture all screen operations and processes them into highly compressed video files.

One of FastStone Capture’s primary features is its ability to capture multiple screens. If you have many monitors and want to capture all of the screens at the same time, this is beneficial.

In addition to capturing multiple screens, FastStone Capture can generate screen recordings.

This is useful if you want to create an educational or demonstration video to demonstrate how to use a computer to someone.

Simply pick “Screen Recording” from the Capture menu and then select the section of the screen that you want to capture.

Then, FastStone Capture will start recording everything that happens on the screen and save it as a video file.

Other major FastStone Capture features include the ability to add text, arrows, and highlights to captured shots, resize and crop the images, and save the images in JPEG, BMP, GIF, and PNG formats.

7. ShareX (Windows)

ShareX is a free and open-source Windows screen capture and recording program. It is intended to be lightweight and simple to use while simultaneously offering a variety of complex capabilities.

One of ShareX’s most notable capabilities is its ability to capture several screens at once.

This is especially handy for people who work on numerous monitors or who want to capture a full webpage that spans more than one screen.

You can choose which screens to capture with ShareX, and you can even set unique capture zones for each screen.

ShareX, in addition to screen capture, provides a variety of annotation features. These tools allow you to highlight, blur, or draw on taken photographs, making it simple to communicate ideas and provide comments.

ShareX also interfaces with a variety of major picture hosting services such as Imgur, Flickr, and Google Photos. This allows you to simply upload and share your captures with others.

Furthermore, ShareX enables automatic image uploading, so you can configure it to automatically submit your captures to a specific image hosting site without having to do so manually.

ShareX also supports video and audio recording, configurable hotkeys and workflows, and a variety of screen capture modes, including full-screen, window, and scrolling capture.

8. Monosnap (Windows and Mac)

Monosnap is a screen capture application that lets users take screenshots and record videos on their Windows or Mac computer.

It is well-known for its annotation and picture markup features, which let users add text, arrows, and other visual components to their screenshots.

One of Monosnap’s most notable features is its ability to capture a specified region of the screen, a window, or the entire screen.

It also has an editor that allows users to crop, resize, rotate, and modify the color and contrast of their captures.

In terms of annotation, Monosnap provides several tools for adding text, arrows, and shapes to captured images.

Users can modify the thickness and color of the arrows and shapes, as well as the text color and font style.

Users can also use Monosnap’s “blur” function to disguise important information in their photos.

In addition to annotation tools, Monosnap has a number of additional handy features.

It features an in-built file-sharing capability, for example, that allows users to instantly share their captures with others via email, social networking, or online storage services like Google Drive and Dropbox.

Monosnap also includes a “history” feature that stores all of the user’s captures and allows them to simply access and alter earlier captures.

9. Nimbus Screenshot (Windows and Mac)

Nimbus Snapshot is a free screenshot application that lets users take screenshots of their computer screens, webpages, or particular areas of their screens.

It is accessible for both Windows and Mac operating systems and may be downloaded as a Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Edge browser extension.

Nimbus Screenshot’s ability to capture whole web pages, including areas that are not visible on the screen, is one of its key capabilities.

This is especially handy for recording long articles or online documents when scrolling is required to access the complete information.

Users can capture a full webpage by clicking the Nimbus Screenshot extension icon in their browser and selecting the “Capture full page” option.

The program will automatically scroll over the webpage and save all of the material as an image or PDF file.

Nimbus Screenshot, in addition to capturing screenshots, provides a variety of editing and annotation capabilities that allow users to add text, arrows, shapes, and other visual components to their screenshots.

These tools are handy for adding comments or explanations to screenshots, as well as highlighting specific areas of the image.

Nimbus Screenshot’s connectivity with popular cloud storage providers such as Google Drive and Dropbox is another valuable tool.

Users can save screenshots directly to their cloud account, making it simple to retrieve and share their images from any device.

10. Screenshot Captor (Windows)

Screenshot Captor is a free Windows freeware program that allows users to capture and manipulate screenshots.

It offers a wide range of functions and capabilities, making it a versatile tool for a number of tasks.

Screenshot Captor’s ability to capture scrolling windows is one of its most useful capabilities.

This means that users can record the whole contents of a window, even if it goes beyond the screen’s limits. This is excellent for collecting web pages, large papers, or other content that must be viewed in full by scrolling.

Screenshot Captor, in addition to capturing scrolling windows, has a number of options for capturing specific portions of the screen. The full screen, a single window, a rectangle region, or a freehand region can be captured.

The program also has a delay option that allows users to set a timer before taking a screenshot, which is essential for capturing pop-up menus or other transitory material.

Screenshot Captor also provides picture editing tools, allowing users to comment, highlight, or otherwise manipulate captured images.

These tools allow you to add text, shapes, and arrows to the image, as well as blur or pixelate critical information. In addition, the program features a cropping tool and the option to resize the image.

Screenshot Captor contains a lot of additional capabilities in addition to its basic capture and editing features, making it a powerful tool.

These features include the capacity to take many photographs in a single session, unique keyboard shortcuts, and the option to store recorded images in a variety of formats.

The program also contains an image viewer that allows users to see and organize the photographs they have collected.

11. SnapDraw Free (Windows)

SnapDraw Free is a free Windows software program that allows users to easily annotate and edit photographs. It has a number of tools and functions that make drawing, highlighting, and adding text to photos simple.

One of SnapDraw Free’s major features is its annotation tool, which allows users to draw and write directly on photographs.

It includes a pencil tool for more subtle lines, a highlighter tool for highlighting text or essential areas of an image, and a brush tool for generating more expressive and creative markings.

SnapDraw Free features image markup tools, which allow users to add shapes and symbols to images in addition to annotation tools.

A rectangle, circle, and arrow tool, as well as a text tool for adding labels and captions to an image, are among the tools available.

SnapDraw Free also comes with a number of customization options, such as the ability to change the color, thickness, and transparency of the various pens and brushes.

Users may also import and interact with numerous photographs at the same time, making it simple to compare and contrast different images or build a composite image.

One of the main advantages of SnapDraw Free is its simplicity. The design is straightforward to use and intuitive, with clear buttons and icons that make it simple to access the many tools and capabilities.

It also contains a built-in tutorial that leads users through the software’s core features and operations.

12. HyperSnap (Windows)

HyperSnap is a Windows screen capture and image editing program. It is intended to allow users to take, modify, and share screenshots and other photos quickly and effortlessly.

Support for numerous screen captures is one of HyperSnap’s key features. This means users can capture numerous screenshots at the same time, either by capturing a single window or region of the screen, or by capturing the full screen.

The software also includes a timer option that allows users to delay taking screenshots, making it easier to record dynamic or fleeting content.

HyperSnap has picture editing tools in addition to image capture. These tools enable users to annotate, highlight, and mark up photographs in a variety of ways.

Users can, for example, add text, arrows, and other shapes to their photographs, or use the blur and pixelate tools to hide important information.

A color picker is also included in the software, allowing users to select and match colors from the screen or a picture.

HyperSnap also has several tools that make it simple to share and publish photographs.

Users can save their photographs in a variety of formats, including JPEG, PNG, and GIF, and they can also upload images straight to social media platforms or other internet services.


We covered some of the best snipping tool choices for both Windows and Mac users in this post.

Snagit, Greenshot, LightShot, FastStone Capture, ShareX, Monosnap, Nimbus Screenshot, Screenshot Captor, SnapDraw Free, and HyperSnap were all mentioned for Windows users. These programs include a number of capture modes and annotation tools, as well as advanced features such as scrolling window captures and screen recording.

For Mac users, we talked about Snagit, LightShot, Skitch, Monosnap, and Nimbus Screenshot. These programs have similar features and capabilities as their Windows counterparts.

Overall, there is a snipping tool on this list for users of all skill levels, from novices to power users. I recommend that you check out several tools to select the one that best matches your needs.

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