15 Best Slidesgo Alternatives 2023

Slidesgo is a platform with an extensive collection of free Google Slides and PowerPoint templates. It provides numerous templates for marketing, education, business, medical, and more.

Not only Slidesgo, many other platforms like SlidesCarnival, Keynote, and Prezi offer similar tools. However, the best Slidesgo alternative is SlideWin. It offers plenty of features along with the ability to choose templates in various categories and colors. You can pick beautiful templates for both PowerPoint & Google slides.  

About Slidesgo & What’s the need to explore alternative tools

As a subsidiary of the Freepik Company, Slidesgo offers an extensive collection of high-quality vectors, infographics, icons, and other graphic resources.

Although most Slidesgo templates are free, free users are obliged to leave the attribution links in place. There’s a selection of Google Slides and PowerPoint templates for tutors and learners.

As an instructor or marketer, you may utilize these innovative visual designs for various objectives, including presenting abstract concepts in accessible ways, clarifying difficult-to-understand themes, simplifying complex procedures, providing step-by-step tutorials, etc.

Its innovative design and simple-to-edit visual tools will assist you in effectively communicating your ideas. Its free adjustable templates can help you connect your clients in your business presentations. They’re ideal for company meetings, pitch presentations, and project proposals.

However, Slidesgo has some drawbacks. Most users don’t find it simple and intuitive to navigate, it lacks artificial intelligence technology that’s present in modern presentation software, and it doesn’t support presentation in the 3D model. Besides, its free plan has limited features; you’ll have to upgrade to enjoy the best features.

These limitations are enough reason to consider Slidesgo alternatives that offer an exceptional user experience with outstanding features.

Ready to explore some of these alternatives? Stay with me.

Best Slidesgo Alternatives

1. SlidesCarnival

SlidesCarnival is our first Slidesgo alternative. It has an extensive collection of free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes that can help you improve any presentation. All templates are fully customizable, simple to change, and available for personal and commercial usage.

You can use one of these PowerPoint templates or Google Slides themes to design your presentations. SlidesCarnival’s feature-rich and editable templates allow you to create impressive presentations in minutes.

It will make you stand out from the crowd by being creative, professional, and using an unusual design. Because presentations do not have to be dull, this tool lets you provide an engaging and unforgettable experience for your audience.

It allows you to create the best birthday party or commemorate your accomplishments. These magnificent birthday templates are designed to assist you in planning a birthday celebration for a friend, family member, or co-worker and can bring your vision to life in no time.

Unlike Slidesgo, which has templates meant for businesses, SlideCarnival comes with customized templates for start-ups to use when pitching their ideas.

SlideCarnival enables you to quickly design stunning business presentations with their free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes. All designs are professional in appearance and express confidence; feel free to use them for your presentations.

2. Padlet

Padlet is intuitive and enjoyable to use, even if you’ve never used productivity software before. You can post with a single click, drag-and-drop, or copy-paste. Whenever you create designs, changes are automatically saved.

The software is available for use on Apple and Android devices. Also, you may take images and read QR codes using the app.

Padlet can be integrated with other apps. Unlike Slidesgo, you can embed Padlet into your blog or site. You can copy and paste a memorable custom link address and export your data as a CSV, PDF, Excel file, or image.

This software can showcase your best work, giving your colleagues and viewers more information about yourself. Besides, you can follow individuals who share your interests to become a part of the community.

It allows you to customize your profile with wallpapers and colors. You’ll have an easy time using it because it supports over 42 languages, which is better than Slidesgo.

You can include your closest friends and coworkers on this platform to collaborate on different designs. It permits you to give them read-only, writing, supervisor, or administrator access, with the option to withdraw it at any moment.

You’ll get updates whenever they arrive on all of your devices and allow people to use your work as a template and customize it.

There’s no need to look elsewhere if you’re blogging or promoting discussion. Three layouts will help you with that. These layouts are; a square board, a feed of information, and an open canvas.

You can choose from five different security settings to protect your data from third parties. These settings are public, secret, password-protected, completely private, and organization-wide.

Moreover, select who can see, write on, and moderate your Padlets from the drop-down menus for each option. Premium customers get access to a corporate network isolated from the main Padlet.

3. Keynote

Keynote is another Slidesgo alternative with over 700 designed charts and galleries. Most Apple devices come with Keynote, making it simple to produce spectacular and unforgettable presentations.

Compared to Slidesgo, Keynote has an Apple Pencil that allows you to sketch diagrams or graphics on your iPhone or iPad.

Additionally, your team may collaborate in real-time regardless of whether they use a Mac, iPhone, or iPad.

Keynote works the same way on all of your Apple devices. In other words, any slides you’ve created on a Mac or iPad will appear the same way on an iPhone and vice versa.

You can make your presentation look more polished with the help of over 30 eye-catching themes. Alternatively, you can make your presentation designs, backdrop images, and page-by-page customizations.

It has over 30 dramatic transitions and effects that will help you add emotion to your presentation. Also, you can add textures, color gradients, and even images to your slides to make them stand out.

Keynote enables you and your friends to collaborate on the same project, whether across town or worldwide.

4. SlideEgg

SlideEgg promises to give the most excellent PowerPoint templates that allow you and your organization to master every professional venture with their diversified staff of over 25 designers and imagery professionals.

Compared to Slidesgo, SlideEgg creates the presentation on your behalf when you pay a fee. They ensure that every detail matches your vision for the outcome. You need to give them a detailed set of requirements, and you can be sure that they’ll make engaging and beautiful Microsoft Presentation slides.

Every presentation or template they develop can be edited and modified in any version of Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Keynote.

5. PSlides

Its mission is to help you produce spectacular slides that impress audiences, communicate ideas, and get outcomes. Their customizable presentation decks allow you to present your thoughts and interact with your audiences.

PSlides allow you to display data and figures or show your thoughts concisely and accurately. When you use PowerPoint charts in a presentation, you can quickly explain complicated concepts by showing how they connect.

Suppose you’re searching for PowerPoint templates that include timelines or planning. PSlides will offer you a range of these templates like calendars, flowcharts, and Gantt charts.

Its PowerPoint charts allow you to show your team’s earnings, customer support, social media activity, and other metric targets. You may display how your staff or business associates are doing.

You can choose its variety of charts, including bar charts, line graphs, circle graphs, and percentile charts, which will simplify your team to identify where to improve in the future.

PSlides gives you access to several PowerPoint maps using its Editable Map PowerPoint slides. It’s an easy-to-use software compared to Slidesgo.

When giving a presentation with many numbers, you may rely on the Texts & Tables PowerPoint templates. You may easily link the numbers to a visual marker with this collection of PowerPoint templates, making it easier for people to remember the information.

6. HiSlide

HiSlide contains free presentation slides to captivate your audience. You can pick from ready-made Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote designs.

When doing color scheme customizing, it takes less than two minutes. HiSlide allows you to use Excel spreadsheets to edit data in PowerPoint themes’ charts, graphs, and dashboards.

Besides that, you can access hundreds of different slides of analysis, infographics, reports, interaction templates in the business presentation section.

Its Google Slides themes are so simple that even newbie users may use them. You don’t need additional software to alter any of the elements in the Google workspace.

Unlike Slidesgo, HiSlide comes with Keynote Presentation templates that support retina monitors. All its infographics and images are developed with MAC Keynote in mind so that you can alter them with just two clicks.

7. Template Monster

Template Monster is a vast and rapidly expanding marketplace where you can enjoy high digital products that adhere to the most current web standards.

Also, it has a collection of templates appropriate for various special presentation projects, small and large businesses, start-ups, or any business. It comes with a modern and basic Keynote Template that makes it simple to edit everything.

Template Monster has Google slides themes for blogging and PowerPoint business templates available in various designs and styles. Most of them are completely customizable. Unlike Slidesgo, this platform can allow you to make 3D presentations.

With its infographic template package, you’ll get a range of diverse presentation templates that can take your presentation to the next level. These templates contain business features that will help you present statistical data.

If you want to give your presentation a visual appeal, this platform will give you an extensive collection of high graphics. Some graphics are icon and logo libraries, animated banners, typefaces, after effects, etc.

Moreover, it provides templates that will assist you in building a solid brand profile and make your business stand out.

8. Pitch Deck

Using Pitch Deck, you may build visually appealing presentations on the internet. Since its inception, Pitch Deck has been used by over 10,000 people from all walks of business to create presentations that motivate and excite their employees while showcasing their products and services.

With its tried-and-true Pitch Deck templates, you can take the guesswork out of Pitch Deck creation, resulting in a brief, persuasive, and prospect-friendly pitch.

When designing, try to incorporate its vast range of colorful icons, stock photos, fashionable graphics, and intriguing transitions that will grab the audience’s attention.

Pitch Deck’s unique visual analytic assets make boring stuff look fascinating and easy to understand.

Its Artificial Intelligent technology will help transform boring presentations into a spectacular design. That’s a tool that Slidesgo is missing.

You can monitor your progress and impact. You can immediately assess your audience’s response and select what changes to make.

9. Vizzlo

Vizzlo is an online application that allows you to quickly generate stunning charts and corporate visuals. With over 100 chart designs, it makes it simple to build visualizations, infinite functionality, and seamless interaction.

You can upload your organizational design’s fonts, designs, colors, and icons to templates, keeping every team member in the loop.

It gives you an option to add teammates and let the creativity flow. Furthermore, the app’s document history lets you identify who works on which subjects.

Suppose you want to analyze data and make stunning graphs; Vizzlo will allow you to get that from offline and online chart builders with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and third-party connections. Slidesgo can’t offer you such ability.

You can subscribe and commence with a 14-day free trial. Its Professionals plan costs $11 per month, the Teams plan is $45 per month for five seats, and the Enterprise plan has a custom quote.

10. Prezi

Prezi is a presentation tool that employs animation, zoom, and spatial relationships to help bring your vision to life, making you a better presenter. It is a video creator that puts your content together, allowing you to create immersive and compelling videos in minutes without prior editing knowledge.

Even though Slidesgo allows you to make presentations in video format, Prezi has an advanced feature called WebEx that is more captivating. Here you’ll present the content alongside yourself, ensuring that you maintain a face-to-face connection with the audience.

Also, you can present on Zoom, which offers the same results as WebEx.

The Prezi Gallery has a collection of presentations where you can find examples of presentations covering a variety of themes, current affairs, and industries. You can explore and get motivated with its breathtaking presentations.

With Prezi’s professional editable templates, you can create gorgeous, compelling slideshows. Those templates are entirely free and straightforward to personalize with your content.

Your security is their priority. Their expert security team manages all aspects of networking, systems, information, and application security with industry-leading technologies. Their organized security guarantees your data’s safety.

You can pay for their subscription plan which also comes with a 14-day free trial. The Basic plan is entirely free, Plus plan is $12 per month, and the Premium plan is $16 per month.

11. SlideModel

SlideModel offers customizable PowerPoint layouts and presentation themes that help you explain your ideas clearly.

Its user interface is simple, and if you’re a newbie, it will be easy to use SlideModel compared to Slidesgo.

This category provides excellent PowerPoint diagrams with distinctive slide styles and designs for presentations. You can download PowerPoint templates with various diagrams such as tree diagrams, circular, process flow diagrams, and cycle process diagrams.

You can also use the library of map outlines in your presentations. Just download its editable PowerPoint maps with customizable states to help you create unique projects.

Using attractive PowerPoint shapes in your presentations may leave a lasting impression on your clients. PPT presentations are the most effective approach to communicating ideas. You can get PowerPoint templates with shape-based drawings.

For delivering captivating PowerPoint presentations, you can download innovative timeline templates and PowerPoint timeline designs and graphics. Use the ready-made timeline slide layouts to create beautiful presentations for project planning presentations.

Try the PowerPoint chart templates to include facts and figures in your presentation. SlideModel data templates can assist you in presenting your data in the most straightforward manner possible.

12. Powtoon

Powtoon is a video creation software that allows you to make professional and personalized videos that your audience will enjoy.

Unlike Slidesgo, which relies on written content, Powtoon lets you turn daily communications into intense visual experiences throughout your entire organization. With its highest level of service and security, every department will expand its reach and influence.

It’s never been easier to create a workplace intranet, but by using an LMS or LXP, you can populate your blog or website. Also, you can send out excellent animated films and visual messages to the public via email or social media.

It is simple and easy to develop visual communications with Powtoon regardless of your skill level or videography experts.

Its dozens of animated characters, video backgrounds, layouts, and music will help you tell fascinating stories. It helps you make your movies, which takes no design or technical abilities, so you can start making a more significant impact at work right away.

You can subscribe to their monthly plan. Its Pro plan costs $89, and the Pro+ plan is $197.

13. iSlide

iSlide is a PowerPoint add-in that does everything. It is one of the best Slidesgo alternatives that provide a designer with PowerPoint presentation templates.

You can join Images by combining slides to meet your demands and exporting them as an image in seconds. Also, it allows you to replicate shapes or create a circular pattern innovatively.

You can customize a multitude of parameter variables to personalize your PowerPoint slides.

Further, you can collect hundreds of templates, each with its fonts, colors, effects rules, cover, and layout.

Compared to Slidesgo, iSlide will give you over 4000 well-designed diagrams that adapt to the current slide’s color scheme and layout.

The well-matched color schemes will brighten your slides. Besides that, you can create eye-catching customized diagrams, make data adjustments, and see them all in real-time.

The application offers a monthly subscription of $9.99 and an annual cost of $39.95.

14. SlideWin

SlideWin offers numerous PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes for creating stunning presentations. All themes are easy to customize and are available for personal and commercial use.

You can look through its most incredible collection of free PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes for your next presentation. It has configurable templates that are easy-to-edit graphic styles and lovely backdrops.

SlideWin offers a huge collection of free Google Slides themes and PowerPoint templates that you can use in your presentations. In contrast, Slidesgo lets you download only 10 presentation templates per month for free; you can only access unlimited templates with the premium plan.

The Education template is incredible, and it has a high-quality visual design created specifically for school presentations. In that case, your stories will be more engaging, vivid, and appealing. As a result, they will capture the attention of everyone fast.

With its free Business PowerPoint templates and Google Slides themes, you can create stunning presentations that surprise your clients. Use these slide sets to present your messages, visions, or facts professionally.

You can make use of its fantastic free infographics. It will help your complex information to be much easier to understand.

Furthermore, all of the templates in this collection are entirely adjustable. You can customize all slides to shape your vision even if you are not a skilled designer.

15. SlideBazaar

SlideBazaar is a focused group of enthusiastic designers who specialize in creating Presentation Templates. You’ll get access to its high-quality materials that can help you elevate your presentation to another level.

Unlike Slidesgo, It comes with keynote templates that are meticulously created. Users can use keynote templates to display a variety of themes in corporate, academic, marketing, and even yearly reports.

Besides, SlideBazaar has Corporate Slides, Case Studies, Whitepapers, and Annual Reports.

The premium and free professional ppt templates include high-quality layouts that make the presentation appealing to the audience.

Its timeline PowerPoint templates help you create fantastic timeline template slides for presentations in Marketing, Startups, Business, and even College Projects.

Using an infographic format for PowerPoint will condense vast amounts of data into a simple, easy-to-understand presentation. They are designed to grasp the concept of audiences of all ages.

You may get your monthly and annual subscriptions for $9.99 and $89, respectively. They also have an annual unlimited plan that costs $149.99/year, which allows you to make unlimited downloads per day and month. The Team License costs $299.99 per year for ten employees.

Final Word

From the above Slidesgo alternatives, SlideWin carries the day. Why? It features tons of free high-quality PowerPoint and Google Slides templates.

I’m also able to find templates quickly because they are categorized according to industry, including education, marketing, medical, business, simple, and creative.

But that’s not all. You can access presentations based on more categories like professional, minimal, religion, modern, dark, elegant, and technology.

You can also search templates by colors, such as red, green, pink, yellow, orange, and more. The color schemes make it easy to find templates based on your brand colors.

Plus, when you click on a template, you have the option to download it in PowerPoint or Google Slides.

What’s more, you can access infographics templates on this platform, too.

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