Bandicam vs Camtasia – Which Is Better?

Recording gaming with modern consoles is now simple, allowing you to record your adventures correctly. To have a better experience, it is necessary to choose the proper recording software for your computer or mobile device.

There are numerous reasons why recording a screen rather than capturing a snapshot is preferable. Furthermore, a screenshot is a static image that cannot explain the details you wish to express.

When it comes to technical support, having a video recording may help to explain any problem fixing. Regardless of the reason, screen recordings provide more benefits than snapshots.

Bandicam and Camtasia are two well-known software at the moment. But which one should you choose? Is Bandicam superior to Camtasia?

On the other hand, real-time screen recording is challenging if you are unfamiliar with video recording and editing ethics.

As a result, to meet your requirements, you will need to use specialized recording software. As a result, by performing a Bandicam vs Camtasia comparison, you may learn about two famous recording software programs.

What is Bandicam?

Bandicam recording software is popular among users and aids in capturing practically anything, whether on a PC or a mobile device.

It is primarily intended to capture high-speed games and provides users with exceptional recording capability.

Bandicam is a PC screen and video recording utility with several modes, including game recording mode, screen recording mode, device recording mode, and video recording mode.

You may use this incredible technology to capture and record gaming spells, online video tutorials, and online academic courses, among other things, and then use them when required.

Professionals that want to create tutorial videos can use this fantastic tool and share their work on major social media sites.

Bandicam has recording capabilities that use Nvidia’s H.264 codec, which aids in reducing video files while keeping their uniqueness and quality.

It supports a variety of recording formats, including MPEG-1, MJPEG, and Xvid video. Additionally, you can find all sorts of presets to convert your recordings for YouTube, Edit Premiere, and Divx Player. It effortlessly catches and records videos while producing high-quality results.

Explore some of the best alternatives to Bandicam here.

Features Available with Bandicam

Select areas for recording: Bandicam software lets you choose the sections you wish to record and crop the frame to that portion. It simplifies the process of cutting videos once they’ve been edited. In addition, there is a dynamic option that allows you to record around the mouse.

Add webcam overlay: This tool is ideal for PowerPoint presenters and instructional creators since it allows you to include a face/webcam in your films and top-of-the-screen recordings.

It is accessible through advanced settings, where you may capture webcam footage and add it to the recording screen.

Auto capture: You can use this function to take screenshots every second.

Real-time drawing: With this tool, you can draw and sketch your videos in real-time, as well as take screenshots. During the screen recording, you can highlight a particular picture or phrase.

Game recording: Bandicam software allows you to capture various 2D and 3D games in 4K UHD footage. It can record video at up to 144 frames per second.

Device recording: It supports the recording of external videos from devices such as smartphones, webcams, PlayStation, IPTV, and many more.

Screen recording: You may record anything on your PC screen and store it as MP4 and AVI video files, as well as picture files, depending on your needs.

DirectX/OpenGL graphic technology: Bandicam’s game recording capability allows you to record gaming sessions and videos with context and programs employing DirectX/OpenGL graphic technology compatibility.

Additionally, it helps in the seamless recording of full-screen HD videos with window borders.

How to Use Bandicam

The Bandicam screen recorder for Windows 10 includes several recording modes, including device recording, game recording, screen recording, and video recording. Let us now go over each of them in detail.

Screen Recording Mode

The tool’s screen recording mode allows you to capture anything on the screen. Users can record anything on their screen in this mode, whether it is a PowerPoint presentation, the whole screen, a web browser window, Excel spreadsheets, different games, and so on.

Step 1. Launch Bandicam and, in the top left corner, select the screen recording mode. You may record the entire screen or just a portion of it.

Step 2. You may also configure the software’s basic settings by selecting video and available options.

Step 3. To begin screen recording, use the “REC” button. You have the option to terminate the procedure at any moment.

Step 4. After recording, click “Recordings” which is located in the menu (Home), and the program will allow you to customize and personalize your videos just the way you want them done.

When we compare the screen recording mode to the tool’s game recording mode, the quality is noticeably inferior. This mode, on the other hand, is far more user-friendly than the others. If you want to record videos or games with high frame rates, we recommend using screen recording mode.

Game Recording Mode

The game recording mode is the next mode of the Bandicam game recorder. Because the name is self-explanatory, it is evident that users may record their gameplays and display their frames per second with zero delays.

Its game recording mode is intended exclusively for game recording and works well with games that use DirectX graphic technologies, OpenGL, or Vulkan.

This mode allows you to record from any external source in excellent quality, and it necessitates additional hardware. When recording gaming consoles, you should invest in a PCI/PCI-E capturing card for the best results.

You may also use a capture card in the form of a USB, which is compatible with your computer’s required port as well as USB 3.0. Furthermore, you must have the necessary drivers loaded on your PC as well as other external sources.

What is Camtasia?

Camtasia is a powerful editing program that works with a variety of media types. It features a simple interface and gives users complete control over their recordings.

It is compatible with both Mac and Windows. Even if you are unfamiliar with video recording and editing, it can help you learn quickly with its great training tutorials.

This powerful screen recorder program can quickly record everything on your computer and offer edited output suitable for sharing on major social media platforms.

Camtasia screen recorder could be used to record gaming sessions and videos in addition to recording various applications.

This software can be used to produce video tutorials and screencasts. When you have Camtasia software, you don’t need an extra video recorder or editor. If you want to draw attention to your films, you may do it using this incredible tool.

It has incredible effects that will make your videos more appealing. It can also capture your computer’s screen and webcam.

Camtasia is most commonly used for making video tutorials and courses, although there are other screen recording software options available. It provides all of the tools needed to create a flawless video.

Features Available with Camtasia

Capture mouse movement: Camtasia allows you to record mouse movements and highlight them by making them larger and altering their color to draw attention.

Record screen and camera: Camtasia is an essential recording toolbar that allows you to capture videos. All you have to do is choose the desired section to record as well as the recording inputs.

It enables you to capture and record your entire screen based on the dimensions you prefer. Furthermore, you may record the specified screen area by drawing a grid around it, and the actual content will be saved.

Add annotations: When making video tutorials, it is essential to include annotations to make them easier to understand.

Camtasia provides a selection of annotations such as callouts, drawing movements, shapes, blur, highlights, keystrokes, arrows, and lines. You may use these annotations to make your videos more engaging.

Add effects: Camtasia has a range of audio, video, and text effects to make it more visually appealing. You can spice up video content by applying the effects included in this fantastic software.

Music track and sound effects: You can get a gallery of free music and sound effects within this application. You may also add these audio tracks to your videos and import music from your computer.

Record webcam: You can record with a camera while simultaneously recording the screen, which is faster and easier. On the recording video, you can include webcam videos of yourself.

Scene transition: This program has various scene transitions from which to pick based on your video needs.

Scene transitions are classified into five types: movement, objects, wipes, fades, and stylized. It could be used at the beginning or conclusion of your video clips or in between two clips.

Magnetic track: The magnetic track feature helps remove gaps between your video clips on the timeline track. This makes it even easier to crop, replace, reorganize, and add media clips to the audio.

Camtasia is simple to learn and use for editing. Presets, effects, and templates are offered to help you improve your videos in every way. You will have everything you need to create high-quality content that will keep your visitors engaged.

With the aid of the Camtasia screen recorder and video editor, you can increase interactivity and reach out to your audience.

Camtasia allows you to immediately distribute your recorded and modified files to sites like YouTube, Vimeo, Google Drive, and even

With the aid of the mobile app for iOS and Android, the program has made sharing media files more convenient than before. Furthermore, the software was created by Tech Smith and is entirely free to use.

Comparison: Bandicam vs Camtasia

Video Editor


Bandicam has a built-in video editor that enables simple video editing after recording. Multiple media players are provided to assist with cutting, joining, inserting freeze frames, and changing the loudness of the videos.


On the other hand, Camtasia can record the screen, webcam, and games. Users may record not just their computer displays but also their webcam and gaming experiences.


When it comes to Bandicam vs Camtasia, Bandicam has the upper hand in this category due to its inbuilt features, which allow for seamless video editing. You would not need any third-party application, unlike Camtasia.

Supported Device(OS)


Bandicam is compatible with all versions of Windows.


Camtasia is compatible with all platforms, including Windows and Mac.


Camtasia came out victorious in this bout due to its flexibility of conveniently working across multiple operating systems, unlike Bandicam, which supports only the Windows OS.

User Interface


Bandicam’s editing and recording interface are awarded four stars in terms of the user interface.


It offers a superior user interface than Camtasia, with editing and recording interfaces scored three stars.


Bandicam has a more appealing interface than Camtasia, not just about the rating, but Bandicam has an excellent user-friendly interface that allows seamless usage.

Video Capturing


Bandicam users may take videos at a rate of 60 frames per second.


Likewise, Camtasia users may take videos at a rate of 60 frames per second.


There’s no winner here as both software is premium when it comes to video capturing, with both recording videos at the rate of 60 frames per second.

Audio Recording


It is helpful to record sounds from a user’s device using a microphone. Users have the option of adding sound later or not at all.


It has automatic audio leveling, which allows you to adjust audio tracks with the same volume level.


Bandicam allows the option of automatically recording from a user’s device, which gives the software a point over its counterpart, Camtasia. Camtasia does not allow for automatic recording, and instead, users can only adjust audio tracks within the same audio level.

Screen Recording


It provides a wide range of screen recording options. Users may use it according to their video needs.


It has a variety of editing and recording features. Users may also select from a variety of visually appealing video effects.


Again, there’s a tie here as both Bandicam and Camtasia have many screen recording features that allow their users to customize videos according to their preferences.

Video Editing


Bandicam’s video editing tools, such as splitting and cutting, are excellent.


Camtasia’s video editing capabilities are slightly sophisticated, including tools such as timeline guiding, splitting, and screen cutting.


Camtasia has the upper hand in this bout as Camtasia offers more sophisticated video editing features that allow for quality video recording.

Video Transition


Bandicam users cannot locate any video transitions.


Camtasia provides a plethora of video transitions to users.


Yet again, if it boils down to Camtasia vs Bandicam, Camtasia wins this bout as they offer users lots of video transition effects, which earned the software a 5-star rating against Bandicam, which has a 4.4-star rating.



Bandicam has a free version for Bandicam and is also available as an inexpensive paid option. Bandicam offers two packages: Bandicam and Bandicut, and you can purchase licenses for as many PCs as you need from their website.


Camtasia Studio offers three pricing plans for individual licenses: a one-time purchase price, a monthly subscription plan with an annual contract, and the Forever Free option. You will find the updated pricing on the official website.

As you can see in the figure below, there are four Camtasia Studio editions available for individual users. The Personal edition has some limitations compared to the Professional versions but is otherwise identical.


Camtasia wins here because it provides a free trial period of 30 days and while Bandicam’s full version can be downloaded from their website, no free version is offered.

Similarities and Differences


While you may prefer Bandicam or Camtasia, they have some similarities. Bandicam and Camtasia both offer screen recording on Windows computers.

Bandicam offers support for many resolutions and framerates and Camtasia supports a couple of resolutions too, though at a single frame rate of 15 FPS per second.

Both of them have good audio quality and the ability to record gameplay (although Bandicam does not give you a graphical overlay).

Bandicam, as well as Camtasia, can create GIFs for higher quality.


Bandicam and Camtasia are two popular screen capture programs. The former is a free program that does not require installation, while the latter needs to be installed on the PC in order to work.

Camtasia offers more formats than Bandicam: Bandicam captures video in AVI format only, whereas Camtasia can capture videos in MP4 format as well.

Bandicam supports gaming-specific features like capturing screenshots with no visible mouse cursor and recording game soundtracks; however, they do not have an option for adding annotations or voiceovers to the recordings.

Camtasia has both options available.

Bandicam is better for gamers, while Camtasia has more features. Bandicam also allows video editing on the go; however, it does not offer videos in MOV format like Camtasia offers.

Pros and Cons

Bandicam Pros

  • The best feature of the Bandicam Screen Recorder is that it is an all-in-one screen recorder. You can capture the computer screen or webcam output with or without audio, among other things.
  • Easy to use
  • Reliability is synonymous with performance
  • High-quality video footage
  • Extremely adaptable

Bandicam Cons

  • Depending on the device, Bandicam can make your device function very slowly
  • The trial version period is too low.

Camtasia Pros

  • The program is incredibly light, and it can be run on 4GB of RAM. Buyers receive a video editor and a screen recorder in one bundle, which is ideal for beginning editors and YouTubers.
  • Camtasia features an easy-to-use interface, and it’s pretty simple to do decent video editing with it.

Camtasia Cons

  • Camtasia is a fantastic program for making instructional videos. However, it is typical for a great deal of fine-tuning to be required before all of the functions eventually match.
  • Not precisely a downside, however, you may want to sign up for a maintenance subscription to keep the program always up to date. It is not prohibitively costly to do so.


From this Camtasia vs Bandicam post, you should have gained a sufficient grasp of two efficient screen recording applications. It is now up to you to choose the best one based on your needs.

For a better gaming experience, you may utilize one of these two advanced video recording programs to produce video tutorials and record gaming sessions.

Furthermore, with this valuable knowledge, you may well have a better notion of what you need. Users widely use the two software described above for video recording and capture. You can use this article as a guide to choose the best one that meets your requirements.

With that being said, my winner between the two is Camtasia mainly because it has a better recording and editing interface and can be used on all platforms.

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