15 Best TeamViewer Alternatives 2024

The TeamViewer software lets you remotely connect with different workstations and devices. It’s a widely used software with over 600,000 customers from across the globe and over 2.5 billion installations.

With TeamViewer, you can remotely connect with a computer, mobile phone, servers, and even robots and use them as if they’re with you. The software is also highly secure with end-to-end encryption.

TeamViewer is available for free for private and non-commercial use. To use this software in a public or commercial setting, you must pay a subscription and the pricing isn’t very friendly.

As a single user, you pay up to $23.90 per month for TeamViewer’s commercial version while business teams pay up to $93.90. The expensive pricing is one of the main reasons why users opt for TeamViewer alternatives.

There are other reasons too like the file transfer size limit and proxy limitations. If TeamViewer isn’t meeting your requirements, there are other remote access and control software you can use. I’ll be listing out the 15 best TeamViewer alternatives.

Best TeamViewer Alternatives

1. AnyDesk

First on the list is AnyDesk, a very fast TeamViewer-like tool. With AnyDesk, you enjoy high frame rates (up to 60 fps on local networks), low latency, and efficient bandwidth use.

This tool lets you view the screen, control the mouse & keyboard, and manage data & files of other devices. You can remotely control and access Android and iOS devices too with the Mobile Device Manager.

This similar tool to TeamViewer lets you screen share from anywhere. Thanks to the innovative DeskRT codec, what you get is a seamless and smooth sharing experience.

Furthermore, the platform is easy to use. You can manage clients via a central management console and integrate with other platforms using the REST API.

In addition, you can create a branded AnyDesk version with the custom client settings. AnyDesk is available for Windows, Raspberry Pi, macOS, FreeBSD, Android, iOS, Chrome OS, and Linux.

AnyDesk Pricing

AnyDesk, like TeamViewer, is free for personal use. The pricing plans for commercial use include:

  • Essentials Plan: $9.90 per month (for one user and one device)
  • Performance Plan: $19.90 per month per user (each user can use up to three devices)
  • Enterprise Plan: custom pricing

AnyDesk’s Essentials plan for single users and Performance plan for teams is a lot cheaper than that of TeamViewer.

2. Chrome Remote Desktop

With Chrome Remote Desktop, you can securely access your PC from anywhere, your phone, tablet, or from another PC.

From Android, iPhone, and iPad, Chrome Remote Desktop is available as an app. For Windows, Linux, Mac, and other desktop platforms, you can either download the app or use the web via the Google Chrome browser.

As mentioned earlier, Chrome Remote Desktop is very simple to use. Simply visit the official website on the PC you want to remotely access and follow the site instructions to set up.

Once done, launch the Chrome Remote Desktop app on your mobile or desktop device and enter the PIN from the computer you want to access remotely. With the PIN and Access Code requirements, Chrome Remote Desktop is an ideal similar tool to TeamViewer for security.

However, Chrome Remote Desktop is best for remote viewing and control. It’s not the best for file transfer as you can’t drag and drop files between devices as you can with TeamViewer. You can only transfer files between devices with Chrome Remote Desktop using Google Drive.

Chrome Remote Desktop Pricing

From Google, Chrome Remote Desktop is a free and very simple TeamViewer alternative.

3. DWService

With DWService, you can remotely access your devices via a web browser. Not only is it a free replacement tool like TeamViewer, but it’s also open source. DWService supports Windows, Linux, macOS, and Raspberry Pi.

As a web-based remote access and control software, you don’t have to install anything on your device. However, you must install the agent software on the PC you want to remotely access and control.

Being open source gives DWService a major edge over TeamViewer. If you’re a developer, you can integrate DWService with other applications; already, there are several APIs available.

DWService Pricing

DWService is free but you can contribute to the project via subscriptions. It’s not mandatory but you get higher bandwidth limits when you pay for a subscription. The plans include:

  • Entry Plan: 2 GBP per month or 20 GBP per year
  • Lite Plan: 5 GBP per month or 50 GBP per year
  • Basic Plan: 10 GBP per month or 100 GBP per year
  • Advanced Plan: 25 GBP per month or 250 GBP per year
  • Professional Plan: 50 GBP per month or 500 GBP per year
  • Premium Plan: 100 GBP per month or 1,000 GBP per year

4. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC is one of the many LogMeIn remote working tools. Like TeamViewer, it lets you securely access your files, data remotely from a different device. GoToMyPC is a paid and proprietary software available for Windows and Mac.

Ideally, GoToMyPC is a recommended alternative to TeamViewer for teams. It’s a highly secure platform with banking-grade 256-bit AES encryption, host-level access code, and multi-factor authentication.

You’ll find this software easy to install and deploy. Like TeamViewer, it supports file transfer between devices and if you’re on a PC, you can hear sounds on devices you’re accessing.

An interesting feature of the GoToMyPC software is the multi-monitor support which lets you view the screen of all computers you’re accessing at the same time.

GoToMyPC Pricing

GoToMyPC is not a cheap TeamViewer alternative. However, its pricing plans are still more affordable and they include:

  • Personal Plan: $44 per month; $35 per month with annual pricing (for 1 user)
  • Pro Plan: $41.5 per month; $33 per month with annual pricing (for 2 to 50 users)
  • Corporate Plan: $28 per month (for 5 to 500 users)

GoToMyPC is an ideal TeamViewer replacement for teams as the pro and corporate plan supports up to 50 and 500 users respectively. TeamViewer’s highest plan supports 30 licensed users.

5. NoMachine

Here’s an alternative to TeamViewer that you can do a lot with for free and do more when you pay for a subscription. This freemium software is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac and it lets you share desktop and control servers remotely.

You can use NoMachine on Android and iOS mobile too. If you prioritize speed, NoMachine is an ideal TeamViewer replacement to consider as its NX technology is one of the fastest available.

With NoMachine, you can remotely control devices like printers, scanners, and pen drives connected to the PC you’re accessing. Conversely, you can connect devices on the PC you’re using and use them on the other computer.

This TeamViewer substitute fosters collaboration. You can share your desktop with others and share files between devices.

NoMachine Pricing

NoMachine is similar to TeamViewer as you don’t pay for private and individual use but you pay for public and commercial use. Nevertheless, the NoMachine Enterprise pricing plan is way cheaper than that of TeamViewer.

The plan starts at $44.50 per year and you can try it free for 30 days before paying. Notably, the NoMachine Enterprise plan supports unlimited users.

6. UltraViewer

UltraViewer is a free tool primarily for remote support. Hence, if you’re a business and you need a substitute to TeamViewer to connect with and solve client issues, UltraViewer is an ideal option.

This software lets you remotely access and control client computers. While controlling the computers, you can chat via the intuitive chat window and you can easily share files between the computers.

Notably, you can control multiple client computers at the same time with UltraViewer. As mentioned earlier, UltraViewer is available for free but if you want to share large files, you’ll need to pay for a subscription.

However, one of the downsides of using UltraViewer is that it only works for Windows. You cannot remotely access client computers if they use Mac, Linux, or other device types.

Nevertheless, UltraViewer supports all Windows versions including Window XP, Window 7, Window 8, Window 10, and Window Server.

UltraViewer Pricing

UltraViewer pricing plans include:

  • Lite Plan: $3.99 per month
  • Standard Plan: $5.99 per month
  • Premium Plan: $7.99 per month

If you decide to pay for an UltraViewer subscription, you’ll pay far less than what you pay with TeamViewer.

7. ISLOnline

This remote desktop and support software is mainly for teams and enterprises. It’s not a recommended TeamViewer-like tool if your needs are private and individual.

ISLOnline is a paid tool like TeamViewer; you can only use the software free for 15 days after which you must buy or pay for a subscription.

With ISLOnline, you can remotely support your customers by controlling their devices; it works for both mobile and desktop devices. You just need to install a remote agent on their device.

Notably, ISLOnline offers various methods for connecting with clients remotely. Clients can join your support session via the mobile app, website, email, or LiveChat.

This platform is just as secure as TeamViewer with symmetrical AES 256-bit end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication.

ISLOnline Pricing

You can either self-host or use ISL Online cloud to host your remote desktop or support platform. Also, you can pay as you go. Hence, there are varying pricing plans and they include:

  • Pay per use: $145 per year
  • Cloud: $469 per license (one-time payment)
  • Self-hosted: $990 per license (one-time payment)

ISLOnline pricing plans might be expensive but, you’re buying the software for a lifetime compared to TeamViewer that requires a monthly subscription. In addition, the Pay per use plan requires an annual subscription.

8. UltraVNC

Here we have another open source TeamViewer alternative and one you can use for free. UltraVNC connects two devices – viewer and server – for mainly remote file access.

Hence, this alternative to TeamViewer lets you remotely access a device and quickly transfer files to and from. UltraVNC is reliable for transferring large files; you can even travel complete folders.

The software is also reliable for remote support. You can carry out different actions on the computer you’re accessing and the chat system allows the viewer and server to communicate in real-time.

To use UltraVNC, you must have the VNC server installed on the computer you want to access. On the other hand, you’ll install the VNC client on the computer where you’ll be accessing from.

Unlike TeamViewer, UltraVNC has no support for mobile devices. In addition, you can only run UltraVNC on Windows; it supports all Windows versions from Windows 95 to the most recent Windows servers.

UltraVNC Pricing

Whether you’re an individual user, team, enterprise, eLearning platform, Help Desk, or IT department, you can use UltraVNC for $0.

9. RemotePC

This software by IDrive is a popular premium remote access and remote desktop software. You can use RemotePC as an individual, team, enterprise, or help desk.

RemotePC and TeamViewer are very similar in terms of features. With RemotePC, you can completely control other devices remotely and allow others to access your computer.

It works for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, iPhone, and iPad. You don’t have to install any software as RemotePC is accessible via the web.

For remote support, the platform features remote reboot, live chat, remote printing, drag and drop files, and file transfer among others. Not to mention RemotePC employs TLS v 1.2/AES-256 encryption.

RemotePC Pricing

There are five different pricing plans to choose from with RemotePC. They include:

  • Consumer Plan: $29.62 for the first year then $59.25 for 2 years
  • Soho Plan: $44.62 for the first year then $89.25 for 2 years
  • Soho Plan: $59.62 for the first year then $119.25 for 2 years
  • Team Plan: $224.62 for the first year then $449.25 for 2 years
  • Enterprise Plan: $449.62 for the first year then $899.25 for 2 years

RemotePC has some high pricing but you’re paying annually instead of monthly as with TeamViewer. Also, the pricing depends on the number of computers you’re using; the higher the number, the lower the price.

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10. MeshCentral

Here’s a simple alternative to TeamViewer; you simply need to install the software in the agent computer and you can monitor it anywhere via the web.

To use MeshCentral, you can either self-host or use the public server; however, self-hosting is the best option. MeshCentral will work on Windows, Mac, and Linux PCs. For mobile, MeshCentral only supports Android.

After installing the software on an agent computer, you’ll find it under My Devices when you log into your account via a browser. An interesting feature of using this TeamViewer replacement is its Intel AMT support.

To make management easier, MeshCentral lets you create device groups. You can monitor and manage as many devices as you want and with device groups, you can easily differentiate devices.

Once you connect with the agent computer, you can perform remote actions from the Desktop and Terminal tabs. MeshCentral, like TeamViewer, lets you seamlessly share and transfer files via the Files section.

MeshCentral Pricing

MeshCentral is a free and open-source software for remote desktop monitoring and management.

11. Splashtop

Splashtop is described as a next-gen remote access software. It’s a secure, fast, and affordable TeamViewer alternative; it lets you remotely access your devices from other devices with support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Chromebook, and more.

Similar to TeamViewer, Splashtop’s main features include file transfer, remote control, remote print, audio, and logging.

There are different Splashtop software versions for individuals & teams, IT, support & help desks, and managed service providers.

Splashtop Pricing

Splashtop features different pricing plans for different use cases. They include:

  • Business Access Solo Plan: $5 per month (charged at $60 per year)
  • Business Access Pro Plan: $8.25 per month (charged at $99 per year)
  • Splashtop Remote Support: $40 per month (charged at $479 per year for 25 devices)
  • SOS Plan: $17 per month (charged at $199 per year)
  • SOS+ Plan: $19 per month (charged at $219 per year)
  • SOS Unlimited Plan: $34 per month (charged at $399 per year)
  • Splashtop Enterprise: custom pricing

For the business pricing plans, you get discounts with a high number of users.

12. Zoho Assist

The Zoho Assist software works for remote support and unattended access. This software is freemium; the free plan lets you access five computers and one remote support technician.

Zoho Assist is an ideal substitute for TeamViewer’s remote support. It’s cloud-based and easy to use; you can use the software on both desktop and mobile devices.

An advantage of this software over TeamViewer is the integrations. Zoho Assist supports integration with several applications, OEM partners, and there are APIs for developers.

Zoho Assist Pricing

If you need more from this substitute to TeamViewer, you can subscribe to any of the following plans:

Remote Support Plans

  • Standard Plan: $10 per month ($8 per month with annual payment)
  • Professional Plan: $15 per month ($13 per month with annual payment)
  • Enterprise Plan: $25 per month ($21 per month with annual payment)

Unattended Access

  • Standard Plan: $10 per month ($8 per month with annual payment)
  • Professional Plan: $15 per month ($13 per month with annual payment)

Zoho Assist is one of the most affordable TeamViewer-like tools; the pricing plans above confirm that.

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13. RemoteUtilities

If you exclusively use Windows, then you can consider this similar tool to TeamViewer. You can use RemoteUtilities on macOS, iOS, and Android too, but it works best on Windows.

RemoteUtilities gives you full control over a computer. The full control and view mode let you view the agent device’s screen in full mode and run tasks using the tools bar and remote control window.

File Transfer mode lets you transfer files between devices. The classic two-pane file manager interface makes this easy and you can multiple remote computers in tabs. Like TeamViewer, you can simply drag and drop files.

Furthermore, RemoteUtilities supports self-hosting, MSI, active directory, and 2FA for security.

RemoteUtilities Pricing

RemoteUtilities’s pricing is different from TeamViewer’s as you don’t pay for a subscription. You simply buy the software. The pricing plans include:

  • Endpoint Plan: $29 per unit
  • Starter Plan: $99 per unit
  • Mini Plan: $249 per unit
  • Pro Plan: $499 per unit
  • Site Plan: $12,000 per unit

The pricing options range from single individual users and teams to businesses and large enterprises.

14. Parsec

Now part of Unity, Parsec is a substitute to TeamViewer for remote desktop control in the best video quality. You can remotely control devices in interactive HD, up to 60FPS UHD.

Parsec is popular among gamers but it’ll work the same for business and support purposes. Popular companies like EA, UbiSoft, Remedy, and Bizzard use this replacement to TeamViewer.

With this software, you get incredible speed with almost zero latency thanks to the proprietary technology. Also, it’s secure with an encrypted P2P connection.

Parsec Pricing

Parsec features simple pricing plans for individual, team, and enterprise users. The plans are very cheap compared to TeamViewer and you can pay monthly or annually. They include:

  • Individuals Plan: $9.99 per user per month ($8 per month with annual payment)
  • Teams Plan: $35 per user per month ($30 per month with annual payment)
  • Enterprise Plan: custom pricing

15. Radmin

If your reason for switching from TeamViewer isn’t money but lack of some features, Radmin is an ideal alternative to turn to. This is an advanced remote desktop software exclusively for IT Pros.

It’s a very secure software currently used by over 100,000 companies globally. With Radmin, you cannot only access devices for control and monitoring, but you can also perform complex tasks like server maintenance remotely.

Furthermore, Radmin works very fast, is secure with AES256-bit encryption, and is extremely user-friendly.

Radmin Pricing

Radmin doesn’t require subscriptions like TeamViewer. You buy a lifetime license to use the remote desktop software and the available licenses include:

  • Radmin 3 – Standard license: $49
  • Radmin 3 – 50-license package: $1490
  • Radmin 3 – 100-license package: $2490
  • Radmin 3 – 150-license package: custom pricing
  • Radmin 3 – Volume license: custom pricing


Being able to remotely access your devices and that of clients for support is invaluable. You can do this with TeamViewer but at a relatively high cost.

You can use any of the other remote control and support platforms listed in this article as an alternative to TeamViewer. I recommend AnyDesk as the overall best alternative, it’s premium but relatively affordable.

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