5 Best Voluum Alternatives

Voluum is a popular tracking tool for affiliate marketers and other online advertisers.

The importance of tracking your marketing campaigns can’t be stressed enough. Tracking your performance and analyzing your data will allow you to improve your campaigns, stop using unproductive marketing techniques, weed out fake traffic, increase your sales, and get a better ROI overall.

Voluum allows you to track your affiliate links without redirects, giving you in-depth analytics and 30 data points for each click. They also help you improve your targeting and run split-tests.

Today, we’ll take a look at five alternatives to Voluum that you can use to track your online success.

Best Voluum Alternatives

1. ThriveTracker

ThriveTracker is an affiliate link tracking service that was founded in 2014. It has a lot of useful features.

ThriveTracker supports over 50 traffic sources.

For those who opt to use redirects to track their visitors, ThriveTracker will use a globally distributed AWS infrastructure to make sure that your affiliate links are loading quickly.

In addition, all traffic will be routed through your own custom domain so that you don’t experience any negative effects.

Not only that, but you are not limited to using redirects to track your traffic.

If you wish, you can place their pixel on your landing or sales page instead. Then, when you send traffic from your traffic source to your page, ThriveTracker will still be able to track it and analyze your split tests.

Split testing is a great way to optimize your campaigns, and ThriveTracker gives you in-depth analytics to help you glean as much data as you can from your A/B tests.

All of your reports will contain multiple points (such as demographics, age, etc.) to help you fully understand who your visitors are, what they are interested in, and how you can convert them.

Pricing at ThriveTracker depends on how many clicks are going through your funnels. The cheapest plan, Cloud Lite, is only $44/month billed annually or $49/month billed monthly, and it allows you to track up to 100,000 clicks.

The next plan is Cloud Classic, which costs $79/month when billed annually and $99/month when billed monthly. This plan allows you to track up to one million clicks per month.

Both plans include one custom domain, with additional domains costing an additional $10/month.

It also has Cloud Pro and Cloud Entrepreneur pricing plans. In essence, the Cloud Pro plan allows you to track about 5 million clicks, while the Cloud Entrepreneur plan allows you to track 10 million clicks.

Finally, Cloud Elite plan lets you create a custom plan if you are an enterprise business with specific needs.

There is also a 14-day trial, during which you can track up to one million clicks.

ThriveTracker has a FAQ section, which contains answers to common questions that you may experience when getting started and setting up your account. If you want to contact customer support, you will have to submit a ticket using the form on their site.

ThriveTracker also offers partnership opportunities for select businesses. This will allow you to get more exposure and cross-promote your business.

All in all, ThriveTracker is a decent affiliate tracking service at a decent price.

ThriveTracker Pros

  • Filtering option against bot traffic
  • AI-powered optimization
  • Automatic traffic redirect
  • Dependable customer support
  • Affordable pricing
  • Support for group and team-based user access

ThriveTracker Cons

  • Limited customers support system due to lack of live chat

2. RedTrack

RedTrack.io is another great alternative to Voluum for affiliate marketers, advertisers, and ad agencies. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

You can track CPM, CPC, CPA, and CPI campaigns and their costs.

You can set up an unlimited number of redirect streams and set up redirect rules based on 18 different filters.

You can track your campaigns’ clicks and impressions and do so without using redirects or by hiding your redirects.

You can use custom domains and HTTPS URLs for tracking as well.

When it comes to reporting, detailed analytics are available. You can see data about clicks, impressions, and conversions across more than 30 data points.

Reporting is available for your campaigns, and you can offer traffic, offer conversions, traffic sources, and more. Reports can be filtered or grouped to help you better understand the finer points of the reports.

You can limit and manage your data or traffic based on different rules or filters, and you will get logs for all of your traffic and conversions. Data will be kept for one year.

You can rotate your landing page offers, or URLs, or organize them with tags. You can also protect your landing pages from spam and bots.

RedTrack’s fraud report tool is a great way to weed out fake clicks that are causing you to lose money. It will analyze all of your clicks to see whether you are receiving any fake clicks and where they are coming from.

You will get detailed fraud reports with more than 20 different metrics to help you determine where you are leaking money.

There are APIs to help you access both the actual user interface and the reports.

Bot traffic is filtered out and blocked before they reach your site.

Like ThriveTracker, RedTrack has a FAQ page. To reach customer support, submit a request through a form on their site.

New users will get onboarding help, and those customers looking for additional support can get an account manager.

There is also a Youtube channel with helpful videos. RedTrack also has a Telegram channel where users can get notified of company updates, ask questions, and get help from the support team and other users.

RedTrack has a 14-day free trial. There are a number of paid plans for affiliate marketers, advertisers, and agencies.

For affiliate marketers, the Pro plan, which costs $996/year or $99/month, lets you track 3,000,000 events. You can use unlimited custom domains and you also get extra features, such as third-party integrations.

The Advanced plan, which costs $1488/year or $149/month, lets you track fout million events Also, the Team plan costs $249/month or $2,496/year. You can track up to 10 million events.

Likewise, the Enterprise plan costs $749/month or $7,488/year. You can track up to 50 million events.

Higher-priced plans also have lower charges for clicks that go over the set limit.

Finally, there is a custom plan available for large businesses.

RedTrack Pros

  • Free trial access
  • Dependable support
  • Real-time traffic reports
  • Advanced tracking options
  • It has click fraud detection mechanism
  • It can detect bot clicks
  • It provides users with mobile and desktop apps

RedTrack Cons

  • There are no error logs
  • It has a steep learning curve

3. ClickMagick

ClickMagick is an affiliate marketing tracking tool that has been gaining popularity recently. It is especially popular with those who use email solo ads or need to track where traffic to their funnels is coming from.

ClickMagick filters out bots and spam traffic. It also automatically monitors your redirect links to make sure that they are up and running 24/7; they will send you a notification if your link is down.

You can use their link rotation feature to send traffic to different offers in order to run split tests or target more than one offer at once. You can also send different visitors to different pages or offers based on their geographical location or whether they are on a desktop or mobile device.

When you run split tests, you will get detailed reports. Not only that, but ClickMagick will automatically analyze your results and pick out which campaign is performing better.

A unique ClickMagick feature is the ability to add up to five kinds of pop-ups or a notification bar to your links (including delayed pop-ups).

If you want to send traffic to a website, blog post, viral new story, landing page, or sales offer, you can use a redirect link from ClickMagick that will show visitors your own pop-up that you can use to collect email subscribers or promote your product.

Besides pop-ups, you can also add countdown timers to websites you are sending traffic to. This is a great way to increase conversions on affiliate products you are promoting.

If you advertise on platforms such as Facebook or Google, you can utilize ClickMagick’s retargeting pixel to set up ad campaigns that target people who clicked on your ClickMagick link. Simply add the pixel to the link; it doesn’t matter whether the website they are being redirected to is owned by you or not.

ClickMagick’s dynamic affiliate links feature allows you to use any of a vendor’s product pages for your affiliate campaigns. This allows you to bypass the vendor’s sales page. You can create your own sales page and then send visitors to the order form or checkout page.

Another way you can use ClickMagick is to lock your content until the visitor completes an action. This can be useful for CPA or CPL campaigns, as that action can be to sign up to a pay-per-lead affiliate offer.

Not only does ClickMagick filter out bot traffic but it also assigns each traffic source a score based on its quality.

ClickMagick can be used to track your entire funnel. You can even track clicks that come from follow-up emails.

ClickMagick is also useful for those who sell email solo ads. You can use the link rotation feature to make sure that only your desired percentage of clicks comes from Tier 1 traffic or mobile devices.

Of course, it’s useful for those buying solo ads as well, as you can track your traffic, analyze your sources, and filter out bot or fake traffic from spammy sellers.

ClickMagick has a six-part, getting started guide to help you start tracking your clicks and filtering out bot traffic. There is also an extensive FAQ section with answers to common questions, as well as a video tutorials section.

To contact the ClickMagick team, you can submit a ticket via their help desk. According to their site, the average response time is less than one hour.

ClickMagick has a 14-day free trial. The Starter plan is only $37/month (billed monthly), and it allows you to track up to 10,000 clicks per month, use two custom tracking domains, and keep your data for six months.

The Standard plan costs $77/month (billed monthly). You can track up to 100,000 clicks per month, track up to five funnels, use 10 custom tracking domains, and retain your data for one year.

The Pro plan costs $197/month, billed monthly. You can track up to one million clicks per month, track as many funnels as you like, use unlimited custom tracking domains, and keep your data for two years.

All in all, ClickMagick is a great tracking software with a particular focus on affiliate marketers, solo ad buyers, and solo ad sellers.

ClickMagick - Link tracking made easier

ClickMagick is more than just a link tracker. From optimizing sales funnels, cross-device tracking, conversion attribution, to tracking your phone sales & reducing ad spend, ClickMagick is a complete online marketing solution.

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

ClickMagick Pros

  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • Comprehensive affiliate link tracking features
  • It is responsive on all digital devices
  • It supports real-time click tracking
  • It has an automatic bot filtering capability
  • It can generate flexible reports
  • It supports integrations with multiple affiliate networks and traffic sources
  • Diverse customer resources
  • Responsive customer service
  • It has a 14-day free trial version

ClickMagick Cons

  • ClickMagick cannot be deployed as an SEO tool
  • It is not ideal for inexperienced users

4. AdsBridge

Adsbridge is another solid alternative to Voluum.

One of its features is the ability to send traffic to different offers based on over 20 filters. For example, you can target different offers based on the visitor’s country, age, device, and so on.

You can also create split tests by creating multiple landing pages and offering combinations. This allows you to test out many different offers and workflows at once.

Some affiliate offers, especially CPA offers, set limits on how many conversions you can be credited for (per day, week, etc.). With AdsBridge, you can set traffic caps so that traffic is automatically redirected to a different offer if a limit is reached.

Visitors can also be redirected based on certain conditions. For example, you can set different destinations for users on desktop devices, users on mobile devices who have a certain app downloaded, and mobile users who have not yet downloaded the app.

Of course, there are all of the usual features, such as bot traffic filtering, URL link rotation, split testing, pixel tracking, ad and PPC tracking, and conversion tracking.

You can also use URL masking to display a different URL in the browser bar.

A useful feature is the auto-optimization tool. This uses machine learning to analyze your campaigns based on metrics such as earnings per visit and earnings per click. It then automatically optimizes your campaigns to send traffic to the best links.

With AdsBridge’s Onelink feature, you can even set up your own CPA affiliate network program. You can create offers and allow affiliates to sign up.

Users can also take advantage of their landing page builder. You can choose between an HTML code editor or a visual drag-and-drop editor.

There is a user guide that new users can refer to when getting started. There is also an extensive FAQ section and a changelog to help keep you updated on new feature updates.

To contact their support team, you can fill out the form on their site.

There is a 14-day free trial. This covers 50,000 visits, without any overcharges.

Notably, it has four premium pricing plans including: Starter, Professional, Advanced, and Business plans.

The Starter plan has $29 per month for monthly subscription (or $299/year) and covers 100,000 monthly visits.

The cheapest plan (Professional) is $89/month (or $899/year). This covers three million visits per month.

The Advanced plan is $199/month(or $2029/year) and it covers seven million visits per month. For the Business plan at $379/month(or $3669/year), you will get 14 million visits per month.

Other than that, all plans have the same features, such as unlimited custom domains, multi-user access, and a personal account manager.

AdsBridge Pros

  • It has a free trial period
  • Secure hosting and cloud storage
  • It has a mobile friendly user interface
  • Instant email and SMS alerts
  • Multiple user access and roles
  • Smart and intelligent affiliate link tracking tools
  • Real-time statistics
  • Customizable template library
  • Unlimited custom domains
  • It supports integration with affiliate networks
  • Automatic campaign optimization

AdsBridge Cons

  • Limited monthly
  • No refunds after the subscription

5. Improvely

Last on our list of the best Voluum alternatives is Improvely.

Affiliate marketers can use it to create redirects for promotional offers. Redirects can be on your custom domain, which can be displayed in the browser bar.

Redirecting also helps prevent affiliate managers from spying on your campaigns and stealing your traffic.

You will get real-time reports with sales and conversion tracking, including keywords, landing pages, and sales.

Any affiliate campaign that lets you use tracking pixels or subids (almost all of them do) can be used with Improvely.

Traffic reports are extensive and cover multiple points, such as device type, geographical location, customer lifetime value, conversion rate, and much more. You can also track your funnel so that you get data on how visitors flow through your funnels.

You will automatically get a customer profile for each visitor. You can see their lifetime history and value and identify your best customers.

You can run split tests and get email alerts about conversions.

Improvely filters out and blocks spam traffic. This can help prevent competitors from spamming your ads to drain your campaigns.

They also generate fraud reports that you can give to your traffic source provider.

Here are the plans for Improvely (there is also a 14-day free trial):

  • $29/month: 10,000 visits per month and one team member
  • $79/month: 50,000 visits per month and three team members
  • $149/month: 100,000 visits per month and unlimited team members
  • $299/month: 250,000 visits per month

The last plan also includes their white label feature. If you are an advertising agency, you can use Improvely’s services under your own brand name.

Overall, Improvely is a good service, but previous options offer more clicks per month at better prices.

Improvely Pros

  • It is user friendly
  • It has anti-fraud mechanism
  • It supports split testing
  • 14 days free trial
  • It offers white labeling for enterprise users

Improvely Cons

  • Lack of video tutorials

Wrapping It Up

There you have them! The best Voluum alternatives. Among all of the mentions above, we will recommend ThriveTracker due to its affordable pricing, comprehensive link tracking, and reliable split testing functionality.

There are other Voluum alternatives as well, such as ClickMeter. However, these five options are certainly among the best.

Which one you should choose will depend on your budget, how many clicks you need to track, and what kind of business you run. For example, if you purchase a lot of solo ads, you may want to go with ClickMagick.

Regardless of which option you choose, tracking your traffic will help you improve your results, avoid wasting your time and money on fake clicks, and get a better ROI.

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