WooDropship Review, Pricing, Coupon & 3 Best Alternatives

WooDropship Review, Pricing, Coupon & 3 Best Alternatives

Dropshipping is a popular online business today as store owners don’t need to stock inventory in warehouses to run it. As long as you have some tools and plugins, plus a good marketplace, you can run and automate your business.

One of the best dropshipping plugins you can use, especially if you run a WooCommerce store, is WooDropship.

This plugin eases importation of all your items from AliExpress to WooCommerce, and comes available as a web app, software, and Chrome Extension.

Now, let’s get started with the WooDropship review.

What Is WooDropship?

WooDropship is a plugin that enables online store owners to create AliExpress dropshipping stores, while offering the ability to import products from the platform to their WooCommerce stores.

It also helps you automatically add the order products to AliExpress while you fulfill orders from your store and auto-fills customer data as they check out.

As a free module, WooCommerce lets you provide any and everything to your customers, giving you complete control. It also works very well with WordPress, if you want to create an online store, and integrates with several third-party apps.

Together with the WooDropship plugin, you get access to a ton of helpful features such as product syncing for more accurate inventory and pricing, automatic order fulfilment, and more.

Its dedicated Chrome extension allows you to import products easily from AliExpress to your store, while filtering out products offering only ePacket delivery options.

The plugin works similarly to the AliDropship Woo plugin, offering a copy-paste feature that you can use to copy customers’ details and paste into the manufacturers’ websites, i.e. AliExpress.

Why Use WooDropship?

The great thing about this freemium plugin is you can import products from the AliExpress store with just a single click, and set your own pricing for product arbitrage.

For beginners, WooDropship is one of the easiest tools to start with, as it offers easy customization, a built-in image editor, single-click product imports, and you set your prices.

More than 3,000 products can be uploaded using WooDropship, once you establish your dropshipping store on WooCommerce.

WooDropship Features

Import AliExpress products

With WooDropship, you can easily import products to your store in a single click from AliExpress store. This is especially important if you have to add products quickly and want to save yourself some precious time.

To connect your WooCommerce store to WooDropship

· Click Connect Store on the left side

· Enter your store URL

· Click Connect Shop next to input field

· A new tab will open (if not, enable popups in your browser)

· If not logged into your store, log in to continue. If you get an error 403, you can try alternate methods

· Once you log in, a screen will appear asking you to grant permissions to WooDropship

· Click Approve, and you’re connected

You also get to decide the pricing of the products on your store.

To import products from AliExpress using WooDropship

· You need to install the WooDropship Chrome extension, and then go to AliExpress website.

· You can import products through the catalog or product page.

· As you browse AliExpress, you’ll see an orange icon next to each product as you hover over it.

· Click the orange button to add the product to your Import List on WooDropship.

On your WooDropship dashboard, the product and its variants will be displayed in your Import List, with pricing based on your Global Pricing Rules

· Edit the product description, title, variants, and prices based on your needs and overall look and feel of your store

· Now click Push Product and it’ll be added to your store, along with images and all of its variants

Product Customization

This feature allows you to edit the title, product description, variants, product images, and prices of your products to match your needs and overall look and feel of your store.

This helps your customers buy products from an informed position, with images showing them exactly what they should expect to get.

Image Editor

This built-in image editor tool helps you remove AliExpress image watermarks using the built-in editor, and make your store look premium. This way, it doesn’t look like a typical dropshipping store, but a premium store with genuine products.

Inventory and Price Sync

As product pricing changes or the items go out of stock, WooDropship ensures your store items are automatically updated. This way, your customers are also not confused and know what to order and when, and at the right prices.

Customizable Pricing Rules

You can set your own pricing rules using WooDropship, and even set how much profit you’ll make per product that you add from AliExpress. You can use bulk edit pricing and test what works or doesn’t work for you.

This means you can calculate shipping, taxes, and other charges besides the margin, which contribute to the total price of the items.

Simple Order Fulfillment

WooDropship also allows you to fulfill customer orders at the click of a button. Your products are all added automatically to AliExpress cart, and the details of each customer is auto-filled at checkout.

WooDropship Chrome Extension

Unlike other WooCommerce dropshipping plugins, WooDropship provides users with a Google Chrome extension that facilitates dropshipping.

This tool helps you save time as you don’t have to keep using the web app. It imports your selected products directly from AliExpress to your store and decides on:

· Shipping country and method: you can choose the location to which you’ll dropship to, and the shipping method plus shipper for customers’ orders. Most AliDropship users prefer ePacket, and this takes a week or 20 days at most.

· Currency: you can accept USD, EUR, and GBP currencies

To install WooDropship Chrome extension

· Click on the Chrome extension in your navigation bar

· An alert will pop up prompting you to add the extension

· Click Add Extension, and that’s it

You can also visit the Chrome Webstore and install WooDropship Chrome extension. You don’t need a User Key to use WooDropship again, as the Chrome extension works without it.

WooDropship Affiliate Program

Not only do you get to make profits from your own store, but you can also earn through joining WooDropship’s Affiliate program.

Once you sign up as a WooDropship affiliate, you’ll get an affiliate URL and materials to help you as you refer WooDropship and its services to your audience, and earn up to 30 percent commission.

You don’t have to sell anything; just refer the audience using your affiliate link, and if they use it and subscribe to WooDropship plans, you make money. You can earn up to $15 for every user that converts through your referral.

WooDropship Pricing

Now, WooDropship costs $49 for lifetime usage and access. You also get unlimited product imports, orders, priority support, and more.

Custom Store

If you want a custom store, you have the following pricing options:

  • Essential Plan – $199 (one time fee)
  • Advanced Plan – $349 (one time fee)
  • Pro Plan – $499 (one time fee)

You get a completely customized store and start your business in less than 48 hours. What you get with your store includes:

  • Complete store set up built from scratch, based on your product niche
  • 1 year shared hosting with 100GB storage
  • A .com domain name of your choice or your own domain
  • A unique customized logo based on your niche
  • A free WooDropship Pro subscription for 1 month (worth $29)
  • PayPal payment gateway to accept money
  • Variety of themes or use your own
  • SSL certificate to gain visitors’ trust and https across your store
  • AliExpress syncing for product availability and prices, 24 hours
  • Flexible rules for profit per product
  • WooCommerce installation and configuration for your store
  • Dedicated support for your store for 7 days

WooDropship Coupon

Thankfully, you can get the best value of WooDropship at the lowest prices possible. You can benefit from using WooDropship coupons where you get significant reductions on purchase.

The way coupons work for WooDropship is that you can get a reduced price for the lifetime plan. The amount you get as a coupon may vary based on the pricing plan, whether the plugin or custom dropshipping store.

However, these coupon prices may vary based on seasons and events.

Pros and Cons of WooDropship


  • Easy dropshipping
  • Customization of your store
  • You determine prices and profits
  • Fast fulfilment of orders
  • In-app image editor
  • You can add AliExpress products
  • Free SSL and hosting
  • Trusted dropship plugin
  • Inventory and product syncing


  • Order fulfilment limited to subscription
  • Monthly recurring charges
  • No add-ons
  • Needs to improve user interface
  • Free trial only 7 days

Is WooDropship Legit?

WooDropship is a legit dropshipping tool. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur and you are relatively new to dropshipping, WooDropShip is one of the most recommended for you.

Reviews from TrustPilot further show that WooDropship offers quite a value for money due to its ease of setup dropshipping plugin. With a 4.2 star rating, this is a good indication that dropshipping with WooDropShip is legit.

If your thoughts are about getting started without falling foul or getting scammed, then you have no cause to worry, WooDropship has got your back. You can easily carry out integration, move AliExpress products, and be up and running without hassles.

Is WooDropship Enough To Build A WooCommerce Dropshipping Store?

Since WooDropship helps you to easily integrate your WooCommerce store with AliExpress, your dropshipping business is as good as ever.

As long as AliExpress has all of the products you wish to display on your WooCommerce platform, WooDropship is enough to serve your business purpose.

Since AliExpress is one of the largest online marketplaces in the world, you have nothing to worry about, your WooCommerce store can never go out of stock.

Here is how it looks – AliExpress will be your warehouse and fulfillment center, while your storefront on WooCommerce serves as your show house or display room.

Once the order comes in, the request is taken and sent to your warehouse where the order is processed for onward fulfilment.

So, WooDropship is enough to serve your WooCommerce dropshipping store.

3 Best WooDropship Alternatives

If you prefer to try a different plugin instead of WooDropship, you can go with AliDropship, Dropified, or Dropship.Me.

1. AliDropship

This is a popular dropship plugin for AliExpress that uses a more traditional billing process, so you may get higher upfront costs, but need not pay monthly fees like WooDropship.

Among the things it can help you do include:

  • One-click product importation from AliExpress
  • Price controls to guarantee profits
  • Automatic updates of product information and pricing (synced)
  • Automatic order fulfilment management
  • Editing images from WordPress dashboard

AliDropship plugin can work on its own, but you can go with the WooCommerce version and benefit more from the functionality of other WooCommerce plugins.

This tool is effective, easy to install, simple, and offers standard support options like email and open forums. You can make a profit margin of up to 2,000 percent, and pick from 100 million products available from more than 100,000 suppliers with zero extra fees or taxes.

What’s more, the delivery is free and worldwide.

AliDropship Pricing

AliDropship pricing starts at $89 for the AliDropship plugin. This plugin directly integrates with your WordPress website. You can also purchase the AliDropWoo with the same amount. This is the specially dedicated plugin that links AliExpress to WooCommerce.

AliDropship custom dropshipping store pricing varies, which include:

  • Basic Package – $299
  • Advanced Package – $499
  • Ultimate Package – $899


  • Simple importing of products
  • Easy installation (zip file and plugin uploads to your WordPress site)
  • 100 percent ownership
  • Multiple store management
  • One-time fee
  • Importing product reviews
  • AliDropship custom store


  • Two versions of the plugin may be confusing
  • Only supports through open forums and text
  • Clunky import list
  • Website dashboard is WordPress for ecommerce, which is built as a CMS

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One-click import, process automation, unlimited product choice, free updates, number of tools, one-time payment, and more.

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2. Dropified

Dropified is another WooDropship alternative.

This platform is good if you want to sell products from your online store and let a supplier or manufacturer store, ship, and package them.

It offers a large product collection to select from, plus integrations with WooCommerce and Shopify. Also, a 14-day free trial is available so you can test run it before committing to using it for dropshipping.

You can import AliExpress products to your store, plus use the Chrome extension to source products, and the plugin handles order fulfilment and ensures your product details are accurate.

Dropified also offers in-app photo editing, with support for more than 30 vendors if you want to move away from the AliExpress ecosystem.

Unlike other dropshipping apps, the Dropified plugin is available free of charge for 500 products and up to 50 orders each month, but if you want more than this, you can get the Pro version.

The process is simple: your customer places an order, Dropified places it with your supplier, who then ships it to your customer. An email with the customer’s receipt and tracking is sent to them.

This easy and automated process frees you up to focus more on finding winning and amazing products for your customers, while marketing your store and scaling up.

Other features you can enjoy with Dropified include:

  • Product and price change automatic updates
  • Dynamic Facebook feeds
  • Easy setup of product variants
  • ePacket product filtering
  • Connecting existing products with your store and manage them in Dropified
  • Editing of products on upload and customization
  • Bulk editing of products
  • Easy vendor change and multiple vendors per product
  • US product database

It also has order fulfilment and product features, among other extras like a free Chrome extension and support, advanced trainings, and more.

Dropified Pricing

Dropified has three major pricing plans, which include:

  • Research Plan – Free
  • Build Plan – $26 per month when billed every month, or $224 per year
  • Grow Plan – $67 per month when billed every month, or $564 per year


  • Free 14-day trial with 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Feature-rich
  • Works on multiple marketplaces to find products
  • Integrates with WooCommerce, Shopify, and CommerceHQ
  • Live chat response


  • Doesn’t have an FAQ section
  • Limited automation of tools, most of which work only with AliExpress

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Be it fetching products, placing orders, tracking reviews, or product research, Dropified helps you to automate your entire dropshipping business. Try it today!

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3. Dropship.Me

If you want to quickly find fast-selling products for your dropship store, Dropship.Me works to help you import winning products from reputable and reliable sellers on AliExpress. You don’t even have to worry about editing products prior to publishing on your store.

This WooCommerce or WordPress plugin is designed to help you relax from handling the delivery and management of inventory, and automatically connect your site to AliExpress.

It also helps you find the best suppliers and products from a curated set, with just a single click.

The plugin integrates with AliDropship plugin, though the latter isn’t required to use Dropship.Me, but you need features like automatic update of inventory and auto-fulfilment of orders from AliDropship. This means you can still pair and use both plugins simultaneously.

Dropship.Me is unique because it gives you a curated list of products from the hundreds of thousands available. It also does the following:

  • Handpicking high-quality products so you can find the best suppliers and products fast, with more than 45,000 curated products so you have a wide variety to select from
  • Professionally edited images and titles available for all products, which eliminates product sourcing

It also helps you import reviews so you can increase the trust in your shoppers for your store.

This revolutionized plugin saves you time and effort, and you can even sell in a niche you don’t have much knowledge about.

In order to pick out winning products, Dropship.Me uses criteria such as:

  • Market trends
  • High demand for buyers
  • Product quality
  • High rating and potential for profits
  • Previous buyer feedback
  • Products from reliable and trusted suppliers

Dropship.Me Pricing

Pricing on Dropship.Me is in four major categories.

The first category goes for free, but there is a product import limit of just 50. This is usually good for those who are just starting out in dropshipping.

The second category gives you a product import limit of 100, and it goes for a lifetime price of $29. The third Dropship.Me pricing plan goes for $119 and has a product import limit of 500.

The last package goes for $199 with a product limit of 1000.


  • More than 45,000 products from a curated list, handpicked by experts, so you choose relevant ones from catalogs
  • Saves time searching for winning products, and editing work after importing products
  • Saves money from advertising outdated items
  • SEO-friendly so you have the chance to rank higher on search engine results; products are curated with SEO in mind
  • Free version lets you import 50 free winning products without paying anything up front or providing a credit card
  • One-time payment and no hidden charges


  • Limited to WordPress platform
  • Can’t be standalone, needs AliDropship to enjoy the full potential of the tool

Wrap Up

WooDropship is a fantastic plugin for WooCommerce dropshipping. You get to import all products to your store from AliExpress, enjoy easy and free automation of your daily operations, and even use the Chrome extension for easier importation and selection of shippers.

However, you may have a few challenges with customer support, and it attracts monthly charges unlike its alternatives, but this is made up for in its great features. It’s certainly worth using for AliExpress dropshipping, and can help you save a lot of effort, time, and money, while raking in the profits.