5 Best Funnelflux Alternatives

Tons of people want a tracking tool that will enable them to monitor and analyze their affiliate links and traffic sources in order to optimize their campaigns.

Every successful affiliate campaign requires good supervision. Imagine that you are hunting in the dark for a treasure. Tracking software is like a treasure map.

The key to having a successful ad campaign and growing your revenue is to understand and analyze the data.

Funnelflux is a self-hosted platform that does the job alright.

But while a lot of people like Funnelflux for its many features, it may not be the easiest software to use, especially for beginners.

So in this article, I give you 5 Funnelflux alternatives that work just as well:

#1 Voluum

Voluum is one of the most technologically advanced software for tracking, optimizing, and managing online ads.

Voluum can tell you the IP address, country, the operating system, and when the conversion takes place.

It gives you a comprehensive report about the winning source of your traffic.

It helps you find out what is working in your campaign by drilling down into your reports, impressions, clicks, conversions, and other important events.

Voluum also tells you what time of the day you are most profitable.

It can handle a huge amount of traffic and you do not have to worry about downtime any time you send a large volume of traffic to your campaign.

In terms of its design, Voluum is by far one of the best trackers by a wide margin.

Voluum executes tasks with almost perfect accuracy.

For example, if you appeared in 300 conversions affiliate network, Voluum will account for all 300.

Other forms of software may indicate less, say 240, leaving out 60 valuable conversions affiliate networks that you need to optimize effectively.

With Voluum, you do not have to pay a few dollars a month for a dedicated hosting server.

They currently have four data centers and will soon reveal an additional fourth. This means that Voluum easily detects where traffic is coming from and will visitors with optimum speed.

Traffic sources

Voluum has more than 50 prebuilt templates that you can use to create new traffic sources for a hassle-free campaign.

Or if you’d rather, you can set up your own traffic source manually.

Landing pages

Landing pages are optional, but if designed well, it could be the difference between a passive campaign and a higher converting one.

However, all your landers must be created outside Voluum.

Offers Marketplace

You can find selected offers in the Voluum marketplace option, compare a wide range of offers, and apply for them in one platform.

And this option is available in all pricing plans free of charge.

Voluum Pricing

Voluum has the following pricing options:

  • Discover – $89 per month for monthly subscription, or $69 per month for annual subscription
  • Profit – $149 per month for monthly subscription, or $119 per month for annual subscription
  • Grow – $449 per month for monthly subscription, or $349 per month for annual subscription
  • Custom – Available by quote

Is Voluum Better Than Funnelflux?

Although both Voluum and Funnelflux are great affiliate trackers, Voluum is ideal for non-tech-savvy users.

Besides, Voluum provides users with an intuitive affiliate marketing dashboard to monitor their ad campaigns in real-time.

#2 ThriveTracker

ThriveTracker has been in the link tracking business for more than four and a half years, cultivating a proven track record as trailblazers, and constantly introducing new technology and innovation into the industry.

Everything that you will accomplish within Thrive is going to center around the campaign that you create, manage, and optimize on a daily basis.

ThriveTracker is a universal tracking platform, which means that no matter where you are sourcing your traffic or offers from, or how complex your funnel is, Thrive will be compatible with all of it.

Traffic source

The first step in creating a campaign is defining a traffic source.

You can take your pick from more than 75 sources already predefined by Thrive, or input any other social, search, native, pop, push, email, or display source you will be using.

Campaign rotation

Once you have defined your traffic source, you are now going to set up a campaign rotation.

Campaign rotations involve two items: offers and landing pages.

The landing pages are optional, while the offers are mandatory for your setup.

A landing page in ThriveTracker is usually owned and operated by you, the client.

When used in a campaign rotation, landing pages are usually between where you bought your traffic and what you want to sell to your visitors.

Meanwhile, offers are usually owned and operated by third-party advertisers, or provided by affiliate networks.

Some ThriveTracker clients do own their own offers as well.

The value of using ThriveTracker comes from the sheer amount of data gathered on each click tracked in a campaign.

Every data point gathered per click is then classified under a unique value known as a SubID.

For each SubID gathered, there are dozens of data points available to help you optimize your campaign’s performance.

A/B Splitting test

Thrive offers the ability to do multi-variate testing with ease.

By splitting traffic among multiple landing pages or offers, you will have the chance to compare the performance of different page designs, content, or even payment and upsell opportunities.

Extensive reporting

Using ThriveTracker day-parting and drill-down reporting features, you can easily find and capitalize on different trends that will reveal themselves.

Bot filters

Thrive also have Bot filters that, once enabled, will block out bad or fraudulent traffic and even protect your campaign assets from prying eyes.

Multi-user access

The software’s multi-user access module allows for the chance to build a team environment, giving you the ability to define what each team member can and cannot access within the account.

So collaboration is supported and encouraged, but only on your terms.

Customer service and support

ThriveTracker encourages its users to lean on its support team, which is made up of a talented group of professionals that are always on call to help power a positive experience and aid in overall client success.

ThriveTracker Pricing

ThriveTracker provides you with a 14-day free trial period when you first sign up, after which, they bill you $35/month or $79/month for its cloud lite or cloud classic plans respectively.

It also has a custom plan that can be charged monthly or annually.

Is ThriveTracker Better Than Funnelflux?

Yes, ThriveTracker is better than Funnelflux.

ThriveTracker is preferred for its speed and other robust features, including creating bulk campaigns and collecting data like browser types, etc.

ThriveTracker is well adapted for use on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, DSPs, and other ad networks. For the best banner optimization, ThriveTracker is a better Funnelflux alternative.

Asides from campaign combinations, you can perform A/B split testing to determine what works best by monitoring traffic to landing pages to determine the best-optimizing page or campaign. In addition, you can optimize your campaigns automatically based on ROIs, loss, and CTRs with ThriveTracker.

#3 RedTrack

If you are looking for an easy to use affiliate link tracker, then RedTrack may be a good place to start.

RedTrack is a multi-solution platform that allows marketers to monitor, understand, and predict their campaigns using a single tool.

RedTrack uses a cloud-hosted system to manage your campaigns, which means that you do not just have a sophisticated ad tracking software to ensure that your affiliate revenue surges, you also have a secure system.

And the collection of features makes it even more worthwhile.

Most of these features are tailored towards a stable and hassle-free experience for their clients.

The platform is endorsed by renowned marketing software leader, Affise, as one of the best easy-to-use links and ad-tracking platforms in the market.

This global recognition further pushes RedTrack’s claim to be a tool that unlocks the full potential of its many features for different levels of experience.

If you are a beginner, even with no prior experience using marketing software or any software for that matter, RedTrack has set the right tools and resources that will get you up to speed in record time.

These include a complete collection of presets, customizable templates, and video guides that hold your hand every step of the way.

It gets even better for experts.

If you already know your way around affiliate campaigns and ad-tracking, then you’ll love what you can do with its state of the art features such as auto-scaling, LP protection, and so much more.

Here are some of its main features:

Traffic sources

RedTrack lets you add new traffic sources, either from a list of preset templates with different macros added, or you can add your own traffic source from scratch.

To add a new source, you must give it a name. It might have server postback URL and pixel postback URL.

Also, RedTrack allows impression tracking, so if you want to track impressions and do any postback on this, that’s where you add impression ID and impression cost macro.

If you want to cut additional details from the traffic sources, you can use up to ten additional subs available for you.


Networks feature in RedTrack is where you send traffic to.

It might be an affiliate network, an income site, or anywhere you can record a conversion.

To add networks, you follow a similar pattern as with traffic sources.

You can add one from a list of available templates, with everything set up for your convenience, or you can add one from scratch.

Landing pages

Landers are the pages that pre-qualify your traffic and sends it to different offers based on multiple parameters.

RedTrack allows you to have different decent options:

Landing pages that have only one URL and several offers in rotation or more than one landing page with several links leading to a decent offer.

Custom domain

If you don’t want your tracking URL to use a default tracking domain, you can set up your own domain. It can be a second level domain or third level domain.

RedTrack Pricing

RedTrack has different pricing plans for both single individuals and team users:

Here are the RedTrack pricing for single individuals:

  • Basic – $49 per month for monthly subscription, or $41 per month for annual subscription
  • Pro – $99 per month for monthly subscription, or $83 per month for annual subscription
  • Advanced – $149 per month for monthly subscription, or $125 per month for annual subscription

Here are the RedTrack pricing plans for teams:

  • Team – $249 per month for monthly subscription, or $209 per month for annual subscription
  • Agency – $449 per month for monthly subscription, or $375 per month for annual subscription
  • Enterprise – $1,119 per month for monthly subscription, or $933 per month for annual subscription
  • Custom – Available by quote

Is RedTrack Better Than Funnelflux?

RedTrack is a preferred option in terms of affiliate tracking. Aside from having robust features, RedTrack is more concerned about customer satisfaction; hence, it is well adapted to provide prompt and consistent services for its clients.

Since RedTrack is cloud-based, users need not worry about servers and related issues; all you need to do is sign up and enjoy access to over 90 traffic templates you can use to set up your campaign with a few clicks.

Other advantages you enjoy include data gathering and analysis, third-party integrations, multi-user access, flexible postback with four options, and great customer support.

#4 BeMob

BeMob is another cloud-based platform that is used for ad-tracking and powerful administration.

One thing that makes BeMob stand out among several link trackers is that its cloud-based network allows it to protect your information from being hacked by outsiders.

It is not the simplest tracker to work with, yet a couple of hours playing around with its tools can turn you into an intermediate-level user.

When you log into your account, you will see a dashboard that is comprised of comprehensive analytics of your movements, clicks, and conversions.

BeMob provides a preset offer that you can adapt and tailor to suit your campaign needs and scale up your return on interest.

To create a new campaign, simply select the template you want and fill in the name of the campaign, tags, and postback URLs.

After which you will be required to set other parameters such as campaign ID, target ID, device type, etc.

BeMob is based on four key elements: traffic source, affiliate network, offer, and landing page.

The traffic source is a crucial element to the success of a campaign.

They are aimed to attract visitors and pass additional data such as publisher ID, keywords, etc, to fortify tracking reports.

An affiliate network acts as the link between advertisers and affiliates.

They possess offers from advertisers and present these offers to their affiliates to ultimately receive payment.

Offers are the product that travels from affiliate to networks, and landing pages are those pages that advertise an offer to a client.

Sixth Sense

The cynosure of BeMob has been their recently introduced Sixth Sense feature. It helps you monitor profitable products in order to optimize your campaigns to improve your profit.

It uses deep insights to help generate analysis to develop an advertising campaign.

It chooses the best out of 2000 parameters fed to it to give you the most effective campaign with the best CTR.

Cloud-based tracker

BeMob cloud hosting technology accounts for safe and secure vaults for your data.

Unlike non-cloud services, you do not have any compelling reason to wager your money on programming manpower and servers that are susceptible to cyber attacks.

High data quality

BeMob uses a recent and up-to-date database to relay extensive and comprehensive user data reports, saving you a lot of money that would have been spent on extra services.

Email notification

When it comes to tracking links and ad campaigns, any misinformation could be fatal in the general scheme.

To avoid any event of such misfortune, BeMob alerts its users about any modification to their campaigns and prompts such users to verify them.

BeMob Pricing

BeMob has four price tiers:

  • Basic: Free
  • Professional: $49/month
  • Business: $249/month
  • Enterprise: $499/month

Is BeMob Better Than Funnelflux?

BeMob is ideal for newbies and startups because it offers users a free plan with access to a hundred thousand free clicks per month with a bonus of one million clicks.

Not to mention, BeMob facilitates multi-cost models like CPA, CPM, CPV, banner and landing page tracking without subscribing to a paid plan.

Other features you might find fascinating include advanced targeting, bot protection, multi-user access, report generation and sharing, multi-language support, etc.

This makes BeMob a powerful cloud-based affiliate tracker for both newbies and professionals. Hence, BeMob is among the best Funnelflux alternatives.

#5 Binom

Binom is a highly recommended tool to look at if you are into affiliate running CPA campaigns.

It basically keeps track of all of your revenue and conversions while helping you to optimize sales.

It is self-hosted and has been built in a way that makes it easy to control and manage several aspects of your affiliate development, such as clicks, campaigns, costs, sales, report building, and more, from one place.

The platform is easy to understand and it not only saves time, but operates at great convenience with its rich variety of features and functionalities.

Binom developers have designed the platform to grow affiliate income through more developed traffic distribution and no-redirect traffic.

Users can also increase their frequency caps while they optimize tracking campaigns with the flexible analytics tool at their disposal.

Binom lets you use any number of domains to track and verify your user’s conversion rate in days, and it allows you access to landing pages without redirecting you to another destination page.

Despite these advanced features, Binom is still quite affordable, making it one of the most sought-after tools by both starting and seasoned affiliate marketers.

Here are some of the best features of this software:

Smart rotation

This feature allows you to test several offers or different landing pages by identifying users with unique digital signatures and sending them the different versions of the offer or landing pages for as many times as they click your campaign link.

This is different from some other trackers that will simply send random people to your funnels.

So visitors are more likely to act on your campaign even if they don’t convert after the first time.


Binom has a marks-in report system that lets you highlight up to seven different variables in your reporting, which will help you to easily spot the best indicators in your traffic source.

This feature also helps you save a lot of time since you can filter by a number of days, and categorize them based on device, operating system, and tokens.

Traffic and lead

Binom systematically sends clicks to destination pages on which the offer has not yet been implemented; even before the user sees that page.

The platform uses LP pixel and integrated landing pages that lets you seamlessly run campaigns on third-party traffic sources without getting banned on the account of redirections.


Binom’s tracking tool lets you understand the behavior of your users at different destinations such as HTTP headers, landing pages, browser settings, and much more.

Binom Pricing

Binom has only one package that costs $69 per month when billed yearly or $99 per month when billed annually, but only after a 14-day free trial period.

Is Binom Better Than Funnelflux?

Yes, Binom is better than Funnelflux. Unlike Funnelflux, Binom focuses on the professionals; hence, newbies might have a hard time unraveling Binom.

Interestingly, Binom facilitates instant report generation and high-speed click redirecting. Also, it features special tags which allow you to set groups based on zones and other criteria.

Binom is also preferred for its teamwork functionality and unlimited users permission, which allows you to delegate campaigns, offer level, or landing pages to your team members.


So there you have it; five different choices to pick from.

But remember, when shopping for alternatives to Funnelflux, be careful not to set the bar on features alone. Level of expertise, cost of the product, customer support, and other considerations should come into play as well.

So now that you have seen our list of Funnelflux alternatives, what’s your pick?

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