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Best Websites To Get Free Baby Samples Online For Moms

Babies come with a bucket load of expenses from hospital visits, to diapers, feeding bottles, formula, gear, clothes and so much more.

Whether you’re having your first baby or getting ready to usher in your sixth, babies need a ton of stuff that can be pretty costly. Diapers alone can cost up to $1000 or more for the first year alone, besides buying wipes that can set you back another $450.

Thankfully though, you can shave a few bucks off your baby’s budget needs with free baby samples online that can be a lifesaver from when the baby is born, through to the toddler stages of life.

You may have a lean budget or just want to try out new stuff, or you’re looking for ideas you can pass on to your family and friends who could use some free baby stuff.

We’ve rounded up a list of the best sites where you can find free baby samples of formulas, diapers, medicine, wipes and anything else you may need for your newborn.

How To Get Free Baby Samples Online?

Free baby samples are available online courtesy of companies that want first-time or other moms to try out their baby products, and hopefully, go out and buy some.

However, for moms, these free items aren’t just lifesavers, they also help you save a ton of cash when you’re in the red, or want to save up to buy something else later on.

A 2022 Care study revealed that the average American household spends more than $10,000 per child every year, which means that new parents can use all the free samples they can get for their babies.

With such numbers, you can imagine how competitive the baby market is. It’s no wonder these companies want you to try out their baby product samples early on so you can be a loyal customer for years to come.

The good news is you get a chance to save big bucks on some baby items that you use regularly like diapers, wipes, and more.

Websites That Give Free Baby Samples For Moms

1. Enfamil

This website offers free baby samples of infant formula, nursette bottles for newborns, and a box of free coupons. The company offers free samples of transition formula for toddlers as well as a free set of belly badges, expert tips, and special offers.

You can register online to get different kinds of formula, and with the Enfamil Family Beginnings, you can enjoy up to $400 in savings. Throughout the first months of your baby’s growth, you can get samples such as the Enfamil Newborn Infant Formula, Enfamil Infant Formula, and the Enfagrow Toddler Transitions Formula.

It’s perhaps one of the most rewarding free baby samples you can get online because you get up to $1800 worth of formula for your baby for free.

You’ll also be entered into the Enfamil Free Formula for a Year sweepstakes, and get periodic mail on discounts and product samples.

2. Facebook Marketplace

Instead of waiting for your neighbors to have garage sales so you can get some free stuff for your baby, head down to Facebook Marketplace and browse your local area for some free baby stuff.

Here, you can see only the free stuff offered by others by choosing the Only Show Free Listings option.

You can get a wide range of stuff from a bounce chair, to formula, toys, a toddler bed, car seats, strollers, clothes, and a lot more.

3. Huggies Rewards

Huggies are known for their diapers, but they have the Huggies Rewards program that offers points for buying their products and completing online activities on their website. The free points you accumulate can help you get free stuff for yourself and your baby like diapers, swim pants, wipes, and more.

Once you join the Huggies Rewards program, you can start earning rewards codes. A free 500 points are given to you once you sign up and apply to your account.

Anytime you purchase Huggies products, upload a photo of your receipt through the website or via the mobile app. The first receipt you submit will earn you double points, but subsequent points will depend on the Huggies product you purchase.

Currently, you cannot earn points by watching a video, taking a survey, reading an article, inviting your friends, or sharing on social media.

Instead, you can earn points by making purchases via your Fetch account. Also, Huggies will reward you with a gift card for making purchases on other platforms based on accumulated points.

Huggies Rewards points can get you toys, free photo books, Huggies products coupons, music downloads, and gift certificates. However, you can choose to use your points to get free stuff from the catalog, donate to charity, or enter to win sweepstakes.

You can also get special offers using the Huggies Rewards app, and earn more points whenever you check into a store using the app, whether or not you buy anything. You can unlock the special coupons when you reach a certain level of points or when you’re at specific retailer stores.

Huggies Rewards are sent to you via email or through your mailbox within 6-8 weeks’ time. However, you need to be a parent over 18 years of age and living in the U.S. or Canada to use and redeem the points to get free baby samples.

4. Pampers Rewards

Like Huggies, Pampers also has the Pampers Gift to Grow program that earns you points when you enter Pampers codes. Your points are redeemable for rewards for you, your baby, home, or on sweepstakes.

For your baby, you can get items like toys, baby food, baby gear, gift cards, and books, while you can get free photo books, laundry detergent, magazines, or makeup if you prefer. You also get posters, charity donations, and much more.

To get the Pampers Reward Codes, go to the website and find out the products with Gifts to Grow codes on them and the points value of the codes. Collect the codes printed on the inside surface of the package from items like diapers, wipes, or training pants.

Type the code into the Enter 15-digit Code Here field and click Submit. A free bonus code is available without you having to buy any Pampers product.

To redeem your codes, go to the website and browse the catalog to see new ones. The site is regularly updated so keep checking for new rewards every time you visit the site. Click Add to Cart for the reward you want to get by redeeming your points, and give the necessary authorization.

Verify your contact details and shipping address, and then click Place My Order to complete the transaction. Your rewards will be delivered in 4 business days though.

The program is available only to parents living in the U.S. or Canada. Register at Pampers Canada to be part of the program if you live in that country.

5. Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library

This is a program that mails out free, high-quality books to children every month right from birth up until the child is five years old.

The books are picked by experts in the writing and education field based on the child’s age to make the experience meaningful and fun, with the aim of fostering a love of learning in the children.

The library has grown since 1995 and can be found in more than 1,700 local communities, sending free books to more than 2 million kids.

Among the books children can get include genres ranging from contemporary to classic fiction and non-fiction, based on their age, and subjects like letters, rhyming, diversity, nursery rhymes, school preparation, and safety, among others.

To get free books from the library, check if there’s one in your community and then visit their website’s availability page. Pick your country, type in your zip code, and then register your child once you find a program near you.

You can also start one for your community if there’s none in your area, or if it’s not available online, you can register manually under the guidance of a contact person.

Once you’re registered, you can expect your first book each month in the mail, so ensure you enter your correct email and mailing address. There are also parent resources such as reading tips and printable stories and worksheets.

Those eligible to get free books from the library include kids living in the U.S., UK, Australia, Ireland, and Canada from birth to age five.

6. Similac

Nearly every first-time mom or parent’s kitchen has baby formula; it’s become a staple. If you want to ensure your baby gets the nutrition he or she needs while saving some bucks in the process, you can go to the Similac website.

They offer the Similac® StrongMoms® Rewards program that has up to $400 in benefits to expecting and first-time parents.

Some of the potential rewards you can get from this site include baby formula coupons, Similac samples, and nutritional guidance.

To get started, create an account. This will also get you entered into a drawing to win a $1,000 BuyBuy Baby gift card. Once you sign up for the Similac® StrongMoms® Rewards program, you’ll get free gifts and exclusive deals that can save you lots of money.

7. Amazon Household

You can also get free baby samples online through a department store like Amazon by creating an online registry.

The Amazon Household program offers exclusive deals and offers for the family once you sign up, an email newsletter with product recommendations, plus completion discount on the items remaining in your registry.

However, there’s a catch. If you want to get the most out of these benefits offered in Amazon Family, you have to be a member of Amazon Prime. This way, you’re also eligible to receive a discount off diapers and baby food among other items, and a free welcome box.

You also get rotating limited time offers such as a free parenting eBook or discounts on Amazon Prints.

To get started, create an Amazon registry and keep checking your inbox for exclusive deals plus your completion discount. For extra baby perks, sign up for Amazon Prime.

8. Target

Target is among the largest retailers in the world and offers a similar deal to Amazon’s by creating a baby registry online.

Just like Amazon, you’ll get a similar deal when you create a baby registry on Target online, but they go further to give you a free welcome kit with more than $100 worth of samples and coupons.

Target has the best perks from its more than 1,900 stores in the U.S., plus it offers free shipping if you place orders of more than $35.

For family and friends who want to shop for baby gifts, it’s also a convenient option and you can get stuff like car seats, clothes, baby slings, bedding, and more.

There are also name-brand and other affordable baby items so you can create your all-in-one baby registry from a wide selection of baby items.

However, the items won’t be delivered to your home directly. Instead, you’ll have to go down to your local store and pick them up. You’ll also get a 15 percent discount 8 weeks before your due date for the remaining items on the baby registry you created online.

Once you register at Target, go to their Guest Services whenever you visit the store and pick up your free welcome kit.

You’ll find baby-related products in the bag along with coupons. Some of the items people have received in the package before include Babyganics diapers, Dr. Brown’s baby bottle, Nuk pacifier, and much more.

To get this deal, create a baby gift registry at Target online, and then visit the Guest Services at your nearest local store to pick up your free gift. Remember to be on the lookout for your 15 percent off coupon eight weeks before you deliver your newborn.

9. Babylist

Babylist is another website where you can get free baby samples online by creating a registry and adding meaningful gifts that you wouldn’t buy in other stores.

Some of the items you’d find on this registry that would ordinarily lack in stores include home-cooked meals or a doula.

Babylist offers ease and simplicity that you’d find in a universal registry. It lets you pick your favorite baby stuff from different stores and add them into one convenient baby registry.

For example, if you’ve been eyeing some beautiful crib bedsheets from a particular store, you can find them in one spot and add them to your registry.

You can also register for hand-crafted but unique items found on sites like Etsy, but that aren’t readily in stock at the major retail stores. You can also let your family and friends register for pet-sitting, extra meals, and whatever else you need while you’re at the hospital or taking care of your new baby.

You’ll get a Hello Baby sample box with free baby samples plus other goodies and coupons.

When you create a registry that meets the Babylist eligibility requirements, you’ll get a free baby box, though you have to pay for the shipping fee, unlike other online registries.

To get your free baby samples from Babylist, the first thing to do is check whether you satisfy the eligibility requirements so you can qualify to get started with your registry. The next step is to create your Babylist registry, confirm your address, and then pay for shipping.

10. Walmart

Walmart is one of the largest chains of hypermarkets, grocery, and discount department stores in America. The multinational retail corporation was founded in 1962 and like Target, it also offers a baby registry welcome box for new and expecting parents.

Walmart is known for being affordable, and for its easy-to-use website. It also has over 10,500 stores across the nation so you can’t beat it for convenience. It stocks a large selection of baby essentials and you can easily stock up your entire registry by following each of their aisles to see what’s in store.

Its price match guarantee for baby items includes stuff from most retailers including Amazon, Target, and Kohls. However, there’s no baby shower registry completion discount, plus you may have to make all your returns in person.

Once you register with Walmart, you’ll get a box full of freebies like Dr. Brown’s bottles, Huggies diapers, Dreft detergent, Palmer’s Cocoa Butter, MAM pacifiers, Zarbee’s gripe water, Enfamil formula, Dove, and Johnson & Johnson toiletries.

However, you pay a $7.95 shipping charge but you get a price match guarantee and free returns.

To get started, create your Walmart baby registry and then sign up for your free welcome box.

11. Medela Family

As an expectant mother, you can sign up for the Medela Family and be a part of the Beta Tester program, which gives you access to test Medela Baby products before they hit the market shelves.

Signing up also entitles you to a 30 percent discount on all Medela products up to $100, a 30 percent discount from Expectful subscription, newsletters on expert tips and advice delivered to your email address.

Plus, access to Medela’s VIP support services if you’re having a challenge using any of Medela’s products.

Nevertheless, Medela test products include disposable nursing pads, Lanolin nipple cream, quick clean micro-steam bags, breast milk storage bags, etc.

To sign up for Medela Family, visit Medela’s official website and click on ‘Medela Family,’ enter your email address and your Baby’s due date, and ‘Continue’ with the rest of the form-filling process.

Medela Family is a replacement program for Medela’s Moms’ Room open only to residents in the US only.

12. buybuy BABY Free Goody Bag

When you register for buybuy BABY’s Free Goody Bag, you get a free buybuy BABY coupon, a product samples, and free access to expert Registry Consultants. Plus, you will also get 15 percent completion discount on all orders.

Thankfully, you can purchase their goody bag for $10; however, you can only claim your free goody bag from a buybuy BABY store nearest to you.

You’re likely to find baby detergent samples, diaper cream, baby wipes, samples of Noodle&Boo products, Mustela no-rinse cleansing water, Nuk bottle, a ‘Baby-on-Board’ sign, and other products which may exceed $75 in value.

However, gift items included in the goody bags may vary depending on companies partnering with buybuy BABY.

There have been reports of some moms getting their goody bags shipped to them by contacting their customer support.

To get your free goody bag, visit the official buybuy BABY website to sign up, stop by their nearest store closest to you to pick up your goody bag, or call the nearest store for shipping arrangements if available.

Note: buybuy BABY goody bag is available for US residents only.

Other Ways Of Getting Free Baby Samples

There are several other ways you can get free baby samples if you’re not satisfied with finding them online, or you don’t like the long waiting period and shipping costs that come with it.

Among these include:

1. Registering with baby companies

You can get a ton of free baby samples by registering with baby companies as long as you’re there and have a baby. If you have a particular company in mind that has baby products you want to try, visit their website and register your contact information with them.

Once you register, when the company is sending out free baby samples, you’ll be one of the people who will get the samples sent out to you automatically.

You can also pick your phone up and call the company’s customer service lines and let them know you love their baby products and would like to get some free samples or coupons. Some companies really go out of their way to mail out lots of stuff to their loyal customers.

For example, if you want free samples of baby formula, you can register with companies that make these products, or if you want diapers, contact diaper companies for some free diaper samples.

2. Your doctor’s office

Your local doctor’s office, pediatrician, and hospital are good resources from where you can get free baby samples. Just tell them you want free baby samples and they’ll sign you up for special baby clubs that send you free samples in the mail or give you some samples instead.

They usually receive boxes of free baby samples from representatives of baby companies and often you’ll find such samples sitting in an office collecting dust. By just asking, you may end up being given the whole box too.

Some samples you can get include free baby formula in full-sized cans, diapers, and much more. Just pick your phone and call your doctor or pediatrician, send some emails, and see what comes out of it.

Other Online Sources For Free Baby Samples

  • A Freebie Empire offers free baby samples all year round if you sign up for their newsletter
  • Craigslist: This website offers discounted items and some free ones ranging from clothing, toys, furniture, and much more
  • eBay: Here you can get great deals on any and everything from high chairs to video monitors and some free baby stuff if you search keenly.
  • Bonanza: Bonanza is an eBay alternative to consider for baby products deals.
  • Facebook Groups: You can join free baby sample or parenting groups to get free products
  • Reddit: By joining r/freebies forum, you can get tons of places from where you can get free baby stuff online. just type in baby-specific search queries to see what you can get. r/babybumps is another good subreddit to check for information on how to get free baby samples for pregnant and new moms. Alternatively, you can visit other Reddit alternatives for free baby stuff.
  • The Swoondle Society lets you trade in items you don’t need or that your baby has outgrown for free baby products or discounted items.

Wrapping Up

We hope you now know how to get free baby samples online. If you join some of these programs and don’t get any free samples, you can give them a call and they’ll be more than happy to send you some.

You can also follow companies on their social media pages so you can be the first to know about giveaways and any free samples they have lined up.