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20 Best Lottery Website Templates (Free & Paid)

If you’re looking to get into the lottery trading industry, one of the most important things you need is a lottery website. But simply having a website is not enough. 

Without an engaging and exciting experience rich with rewards and attractive bonuses, it’s an uphill task to get customers streaming in to your site. 

To get started selling the world’s biggest lotteries like Eurojackpot, Powerball, and Mega Millions, you need a website with a solid template. 

In this post, we are going to help you find that great template. Here’s our roundup of the best lottery website templates (free and paid).

Best Lottery Website Templates

1. Rifa – Online Lotto & Lottery HTML Template

Rifa lottery website template offers a great design for your independent lottery business online. The template is suitable for giveaways, change, lotteries, lottery game, lucky, lotto, lucky number, powerball, mega millions, sweepstakes, raffle, gambling, and ticket.

All the files in the template are organized in an easy and simple way for you to use and customize as you wish.

Plus, Rifa is fully responsive and suitable for use with a wide range of lottery-related businesses. You can find layouts with elegant designs that are focused on appealing interactions and usability.

Some of the template’s features include homepage layout options, flexible layout system, free Google Fonts, fully customizable and responsive design, fully layered pages organized with proper names, easy-to-find folder, files names, groups and layers, and 24/7 support.

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2. Coinflip Casino Affiliate & Gambling

Coinflip is a professional lottery website template used by casino affiliate blogs and enthusiasts who want to make more money from their passion.

You can use this template for gambling slots, casino affiliates, casino reviews and news, bookmakers, casino and gambling forums, casino blogging and more.

The Coinflip WordPress theme comes with niche functionalities including compatibility with WooCommerce and WooCommerce Lottery, MT Casinos with social media page links, image detail, casino website URL, title, description, get bonus message, and casino features.

Also included are casino taxonomies including categories, softwares, payment methods, currencies, languages, and featured image. The MT reviews and MT slots offer bonuses, customer support, and allow you to add a ‘Choose Casino’ section for players.

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3. Misco – Online Lottery & Raffle System PSD Template

This lottery website template is easy to customize to your liking by changing images, colors, text and other elements.

The features include fully layered PSD files, a clean and unique design, free fonts, and well organized layers that make it easy to update and customize. The fonts used include Iconfont and Source Sans Pro, while images used include Freepik and Unsplash though they’re not included in the download package.

4. Mercury – Gambling & Casino Affiliate

If you don’t have any website design or development skills, this lottery website template theme is good for building an affiliate marketing site without technical or coding skills.

The template features a fully-responsive and retina-ready design with 26 custom widgets, four post templates, three premade custom post types, and 25 custom shortcodes among other tools. These tools allow you to make your affiliate website attractive and convenient, so you can add your content with ease.

Plus, it offers custom post types for publishing game reviews and you can add vendors and external affiliate links to the games. The bonuses feature allows you to place external affiliate links and bonus codes and use custom post types to publish information on gifts, bonuses, and promo codes.

You can earn money through the website by promoting affiliate gambling and casino products. It’s also a good template for casinos, gambling, esports betting slots, poker, and lottery.

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5. Sorteo Lotto HTML Template

This lottery website template is suitable for raffle, mega millions, lucky, lucky number, sweepstakes, lottery and lottery game, giveaway, chance, lotto, lotteries, and ticket games.

It organizes its files clearly for ease of use, and you can customize it to your liking. Some of its features include homepage layout options, free Google Fonts, a unique and modern style, flexible layout system, responsive design and 24/7 support.

6. Miscoo – CryptoGaming HTML Template

Miscoo is a modern lottery website template built on JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap 4, CSS3, and jQuery. The template is crafted on HTML and you can use it for lottery and other online games.

You can customize the template to your liking, and it’s fully responsive so it’ll look great on mobile devices and tablets. If you want to understand the template’s code structures, they’re all available in the documentation folders, including best practices for web development.

Some of the features included in this template are free Google Fonts, CSS3 animation, cross-browser support, WC3 validation, HTML5, jQuery and CSS3, and much more.

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7. Dooplo Gaming Website HTML Template

The Dooplo gaming website template helps you launch sites for game plans. It comes with a variety of gaming templates with attractive design features, and lets you present your website professionally and easy to use for your customers.

You can create and manage teams, lottery, clan crypto games, and tournaments among other games. The template is best used for bitcoin offer walls and dice games, bitcoin and crypto games, poker online, spin wheel, roulette, and other related games.

Dooplo theme is customizable, meaning you can tweak the look and feel to show off what you can do as a company and improve your output. This also lets your site look impressive every time, and stand out from the competition.

Some of the features it offers include free Google Fonts, homepage layouts, responsive design, 24/7 support, flexible layouts, valid CSS3 and HTML5.

8. LotoGame Digital Lotto HTML Template

LotoGame is a digital lottery website template with a wide range of possibilities available for you to create a stunning, beautiful, and unique website. The template is developed with the latest CSS3 and HTML5 technology based on the Bootstrap framework.

You can start your next online lottery platform, lucky number, lottery number, powerball site, and mega millions using this template. The design is built with clean coding and pixel-perfect design for the highest quality standards, and HTML files optimized for simple and fast customization.

Some of the features you’ll get with this template include a retina-ready and simple design, 100 percent mobile friendly and responsive, good documentation, Google Fonts, Font Awesome Icons, and Themify Icon, W3C validate code, and more.

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9. Juego CryptoGaming Website PSD Template

If you have game plans and need to launch a site for them, the Juego crypto gaming lottery website template offers a wide variety of templates with attractive features in its design. The template uses cryptogames so you can present a professional site and assist your customers effectively.

You can create and manage teams, clan cryptogames, lottery and tournaments, bitcoin games and offer walls, poker online, roulette, spin wheel and more. The template is professional-looking and you can customize them completely on your own without seeking external help from a web designer or developer.

Some of its features include homepage layout options, layered PSD files, free Google Fonts, responsive design, 24/7 support, and good documentation.

10. Slot Machine The Fruits

This lottery website template is built for casino games. The template features classic fruit symbols and is developed in HTML5/js and CreateJs – a third-party library. It’s fully compatible with most popular mobile devices, and enables sound especially when used with mobile devices.

The template is also fully compatible with CTL Arcade, a plugin you can use to create real arcades on your lottery website.

With the plugin, you can monetize your games, add advertising banners, promote your site using social sharing buttons, and improve games using a rating feature and leaderboard.

11. 3D Roulette

The Roulette 3D lottery website template allows your customers to enjoy roulette games with high quality 3D graphics. The template offers the main roulette features including final bets, tier, neighbor, Voisins zero and others.

You can use the template on desktop but there’s also a mobile-suitable version. The template is built on and developed in HTML5/js and CreateJS, and is fully compatible with most of the common mobile devices.  

The template is also compatible with the CTL Arcade WordPress plugin for adding arcades to your site.

12. Wheel of Fortune

Need to add a wheel of fortune for your customers to spin and try out their luck? Wheel of Fortune lottery website template allows you to do this and enjoy the stylish bonus spin-the-wheel game.

The template has a HTML5 gambling game design and is developed using third-party library CreateJs and HTML5/js.

13. Lottery Numbers – HTML5 Game

Lottery Numbers is another HTML5 lottery website template that offers a wide variety of features you can use to create lottery games for your customers.

The template is compatible with the membership and rewards system add-on, which allows your users to create an account, login, and access their game data, get game points and redeem rewards too. The users can also select numbers, play, submit their scores and view the top 10 leaderboard.

Some of the Lottery Numbers template features include drum speed (with start and end timer, and spin speed), total balls, option to add bonus balls or rotate balls in 3D angle, auto-resize, share scores, mute sound, mouse and touch controls, and more.

14. Rifa Online Lotto & Lottery PSD Template

Rifa lottery PSD template is a customizable and fully responsive template for a variety of lottery businesses.

Such businesses include lotteries and lottery games, luck and lucky number games, powerball, mega millions, sweepstakes, gambling, ticket, and lotto among others.

The template features an elegant design with appealing interactions, a super clear and clean layout, fully layered and organized pages with proper names, fully layered PSD files, homepage layout options, and perfect pixel/layered PSD files.

15. Sorteo Lotto PSD Template

Sorteo lottery PSD template is another customizable and fully responsive template that’s suitable for lottery and related games such as powerball, mega millions, raffle, and sweepstakes among others.

The template is clearly organized, easy to use, and features free Google Fonts, fully layered PSD files, homepage layout options, and easy-to-find folders, files name, groups, and layers. Support is also available 24/7 but documentation is included if you need any troubleshooting assistance.

16. Bingo!

This lottery website template is designed for users to play the popular Bingo! game with other players. Your customers can buy cards, make bets, and enjoy the game with other users online.

The template is developed in HTML5/js and CreateJs, and comes with the 1920×1080 high resolution that scales to fit the entire screen of the device you’re using. Like other templates mentioned here, this Bingo! lottery website template is compatible with the CTL Arcade WordPress plugin.

17. Playdo Online Gaming Template

The Playdo online gaming template for lottery websites is developed using the latest CSS3 and HTML5 technology based on the Bootstrap network. The template is responsive and helps you design beautiful and professionally unique sites for your next online lottery and gaming business.

Some of its features include a pixel-perfect design, clean coding, HTML files for all pages optimized for simple and fast performance and customization. The design is also retina-ready, and comes with free Google Fonts, Font Awesome Icons and Themify icon.

18. Lottery Responsive Website Template

This lottery responsive website template is built on HTML so you can make your website look unique and amazing for your customers. The template features a timeless clean and simple design that makes it great for any purpose.

Some of its salient features include beautifully balanced homepages, home page variations, eye-catching typography, and free Google Web Fonts. Also included are free Google Fonts and Font Awesome Icons.

The template is great for any purpose, easy to customize, and has a 100 percent responsive design. Some of the pages you can work with include an About page, Winners, How to Win, blog, and contact page.

Images are available but they’re only for preview purposes, so they’re not included in the final purchase file folder.

The Lottery Responsive website template is clear, fully responsive, minimal, modern and good for anyone seeking to build an amazing and modern portfolio site. The template is well organized, and structured.

19. Lottery Ticket Dealer Website Template

When you need a free, functional, appealing and stunning website template and theme for your lottery ticket dealer business, you can use this template. Not only is it free to use, but it’s also supported by all mobile phones and browsers.

The template is mobile responsive and makes it easy for customers to send their questions or queries to you from their phones. Your site will also stand out from the crowd thanks to the beautiful templates that let you build professional sites.

Among its features include customized enquiry forms, custom domain, Google Maps integration, a powerful website editor, integrated payment gateway for payment collection, logo designs, WhatsApp chat, and scroll or animation effects.

You can link your site to social media platforms, add unlimited videos and write blogs, run email campaigns, and measure your traffic by adding Google Analytics to your site.

20. Online Responsive Website Template

This lottery website template is built for casino tournaments. The design is suitable for other ventures though you’ll need to tweak it slightly to suit your business, and involve more clients to the online casino tournament with impressive designs.

The layout is responsive, so your guests can use the functionality of the site from any gadget they hold in their hands. The theme is designed for easy set up and if you have any issues you can reach out to the professional support managers for more assistance.

Some of the features you can get in this template include Google maps, free Google Web Fonts, sliced PSD, cross browser compatibility, and animation using the HTML and JS. Coding is made available using HTML5, CSS3, Semantic code, JQuery, 960 grid system, Valid Coding and LESS.

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Lottery Website Template

There are several things that make a lottery website template outstanding, but the decision as to which template you pick depends on what makes a site appealing and attractive to you. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Design: A lottery website template needs a visually attractive design that can keep customers engaged, and that is optimized for desktop and mobile devices for better user experiences.
  • Selection of lotteries: A good lottery website template will give you a great selection of lotteries to choose from. This way, you can pick out what you feel your customers will enjoy, and that has multiple features for a more engaging and fun playing experience.
  • Payment methods: Lotteries involve money, so you need a lottery website template with multiple payment methods especially if you need to operate in multiple countries. Check for a template that can integrate the payment gateways you need including credit cards, PayPal, Stripe, cryptocurrencies, and more.
  • Dedicated support: If you’re just starting out in the online lottery business, you need regular support. A template, whose developer offers 24/7 support is desirable, because you’ll be able to get assistance with any troubleshooting issues.
  • Fully-featured platform: A lottery website template with cutting-edge features such as technical and marketing support, marketing tools, multilingual support, affiliate programs, and others to make your business global and flexible from the start.
  • Flawless experience: Customers want a flawless lottery experience with a selection of big jackpots, amazing prizes, and other great features to boost their loyalty and retain them.
  • Mobile optimized: A good lottery website template should allow your users to play from any device, not only desktop. It should also have the same lottery experience and full functionality.
  • Rich content: The template you pick should inspire users to play with rich content, prepare their lucky draw numbers, schedule, draw results, tips, tricks, and much more.
  • Extras: A lottery website template should have more than just a platform to play. Extra features like player bonuses, subscriptions, and package deals will attract more users to your site and increase your lottery sales.
  • Multilingual functionality: Check whether the template you want has capability to translate to multiple languages while still being SEO-friendly. This way, your site will stand out from the competition as it’s more global and reaches players across the world in their native languages.
  • Business control: The template you pick should give you full control of your business, not just focusing on offering players the best lottery experience. It should allow you to customize emails and make players feel well served.
  • Reporting: You should be able to see the data and metrics from your lottery website including tickets sold, lottery sales data, winners, new users, sales, and other performance and achievement metrics.
  • User/Bonus/Affiliate management: Lottery website templates should have user, bonus and affiliate program management capabilities. This lets you track and manage players, view deposits and withdrawals, check statuses, tickets, set and change rules on free tickets and bonuses, and manage your affiliate program.

Wrapping Up

So this was our list of the best lottery website templates.

With these 20 lottery website templates, you can be sure your site’s design will not only be appealing to users, but they’ll also have a smooth, rich, and rewarding gaming experience.