25 Best MyFitnessPal Alternatives For iPhone & Android 2024

Maintaining a good weight is very important in staying healthy. With an app like MyFitnessPal, you can keep track of calories and other nutrients you take in to ensure you’re not over or under-eating. The app can help you meet specific set goals.

However, MyFitnessPal app isn’t the only calorie and weight tracker app available. There are similar apps that help you achieve your fitness goals. These include Cronometer, FatSecret, and Lifesum among others. The best MyFitnessPal alternative is Lose It. The app is extremely popular with over 10 million downloads on Google Play alone. The app is easy to use and offers a plethora of useful features.

Let’s learn more about these apps below.

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Best MyFitnessPal Alternatives for iPhone & Android

1. Lose It

Lose It is a calorie counter and food diary app with a food database of more than 27 million searchable items. This is a lot more than the 14 million food items in MyFitnessPal’s database.

More than 40 million people make use of the Lose It Calorie Counter app and so far have lost more than 80 million pounds of weight. The app is easy to use and there are over 25 food and health goals to choose from.

All you need to do is to create a profile. With the information you provide, the Lose It app will automatically calculate the best daily calorie budget for your health. Not just calories, you can also track protein, water, carbs, and more.

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2. Cronometer

This MyFitnessPal alternative app is described as a nutrition tracker. Hence, you can use it to track calories as well as other macro and micronutrients. The app is available for both iPhone and Android with millions of installations.

Furthermore, you can log supplements, scan food labels using a barcode scanner, and add custom food & recipes. However, Cronometer checks every food you submit for accuracy before adding it to the database.

Just like MyFitnessPal, Cronometer is a freemium app. You can track a lot with the free app but there are more features with the premium option. Deeper nutrition insights, no ads, recipe importer, and food suggestions are some of the premium features.

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3. Lifesum

Lifesum is a popular app for healthy eating and dieting. With this health app, you’ll learn how to eat in moderation, get nutritional insights, and access healthy recipes.

The app features a calorie counter, food diary, meal planner, nutrition tracker, macro calculator, and more. There are just about as many features on Lifesum as on MyFitnessPal.

The meal plans available include keto, fasting, paleo, or sugar-free diets. You can easily choose a meal plan that suits your weight goals; they’re customizable too.

The Lifesum app supports integrations with other apps, similar to MyFitnessPal. You can connect your app to Wear OS, Google Fit, and S Health to import and export data.

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4. FatSecret

FatSecret is a weight loss, dieting, and calorie counter app. It is a simple app that supports integrations with third-party apps and services.

This app has a vast database of high-quality foods and nutrients. Similar to MyFitnessPal, there’s a huge online community you can engage with.

Some of the third-party integrations available in this app include Google Fit, Samsung Health, and Fitbit exercise tracking. Furthermore, the app includes a journal for easy tracking of your progress.

The FatSecret app works together with FatSecret Professional. Hence, you can easily share your dieting plans with your health professional. If you sync your account, you can access your profile details on both platforms.

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5. Open Food Facts

If you need a MyFitnessPal alternative for searching food products and one you can use completely free, Open Food Facts is recommended. You can use the app anonymously, without creating an account.

It’s a collaborative app with a crowdsourced database of 1.4 million food items. The food items on Open Food Facts are submitted by users from all over the world. Every food item in the database includes as many details as there’s available about them.

Notably, the app gives each food item a Nutri-Score grade, from A to E. This gives you a quick insight into the nutritional value of the food items. Also, NOVA groups (from one to four) categorized products based on how they were processed.

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6. Yazio

This fasting and food tracker app boasts more than 50 million users. It’s an ideal alternative to MyFitnessPal if intermittent fasting is part of your health plan.

The app has four sections which include the Calorie Counter, Intermittent Fast, Recipes, and Meal Plans. Yazio has a huge database with an estimated 95% of all foods in the United States.

The intermittent fasting section features a timer and provides an extensive fasting analysis. Notably, you can set fasting and eating reminders and create special fasting methods.

You either create hour-based fasting methods or day-based fasting methods. There are a lot of recipes and meal plans and the app tracks activity automatically. You get new recipes every week and you can create a personal meal plan.

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7. Foodvisor

Foodvisor is basically a food advisor app. However, it does share many similarities with MyFitnessPal. You only need to complete a quick survey and the app will instantly create a diet program that’s right for you.

The app features hundreds of healthy and simple recipes and you can also add your own foods. By simply capturing your food with your device’s camera, you get all of its nutritional contents including calories, micros, and macros.

Furthermore, you can get personal help using the live chat or one-on-one coaching feature. While the Foodvisor app is available for free, you get access to exclusive diet plans, meal plans, and recipes with a premium account.

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8. Fooducate

With the Fooducate app for iPhone and Android, you can eat better and lose weight the healthy way. Unlike some MyFitnessPal alternatives, Fooducate focuses mainly on food ingredients.

The app lets you track calories, proteins, fats, carbs, workouts, and with the active online community, you’ll have a constant motivation to continue.

You can get information on food items by simply scanning their barcodes. Fooducate features a database of more than 250,000 product barcodes and each food item comes with a nutrition grade – from A to D.

In addition, the Fooducate app will recommend better foods for you based on your scan history. Worth noting, Fooducate won the US Surgeon General’s Healthy App Challenge.

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9. Eat This Much

At number eight, we have the Eat This Much meal planner app. It works automatically; your only job is to specify your diet goals, budget, schedule, and what types of food you like.

Eat This Much is another freemium MyFitnessPal alternative. However, unlike MyFitnessPal, you have less tracking to do with this app. You just need to follow the meal plan and you either follow a built-in diet plan or create your own.

There are paleo, Atkins/keto, vegetarian, vegan, and Mediterranean diet plans to choose from. In addition, you can personalize any of the diet plans. One of the main reasons people prefer the Eat This Much app is because it’s easy to navigate.

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10. Prospre

Here we have another meal planner app. With Prospre, you can create an efficient diet plan in just seconds. You don’t have to worry about tracking your intake like with MyFitnessPal.

Prospre lets you create a meal plan to include any amount of calories, micro, or macronutrients you want. Most of the diets and recipes available in this app are low sodium, high fiber, and low sugar.

Nevertheless, you can use Prospre exclusively for nutrient tracking like MyFitnessPal. The nutrient tracker provides in-depth insights into your daily nutritional intake.

Furthermore, you can scan food items using barcodes and get details about them from the Prospre database. Prospre lets you create automatic grocery lists and purchase on Amazon Fresh with one click.

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11. EasyFit Calorie Counter

You get a completely free MyFitnessPal alternative when you download the EasyFit Calorie Counter app. With this app, you can track not just food but also exercise and water consumption, among others.

There are about 1500 foods and recipes available in the EasyFit app. While it’s not as much as MyFitnessPal, the food items are all unique. You won’t find recipe lists of similar foods.

In addition, you can always add your own recipes or mix any of the 1500 recipes to create a new one.

If you’re particular about online privacy, you’ll have nothing to worry about with the EasyFit Calorie Counter. The app doesn’t collect your data as everything is stored locally on your device.

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12. Waistline Calorie Counter

The Waistline Calorie Counter is one of the best fitness apps in terms of features. According to some users, it works faster than MyFitnessPal.

This app is notably different from MyFitnessPal as it’s an open-source app. As a result, more and more features are constantly added. You can add features yourself if you know how to code.

The app works by monitoring what you eat and tracking your weight. You can track food, meals, recipes, and maintain a daily diary of breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Notably, you get a visual representation of your tracking data in the Statistics section. The Waistline Calorie Counter app uses the Open Food Facts database for searching information on food products.

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13. Calorie Counter by GetFit

You get a diet planner and calorie tracker all in one with this GetFit app. Just like MyFitnessPal, this Calorie Counter app lets you log food and activity with daily motivations to keep you on track.

There are several meal plans available in this app. Some of the top ones include the classic diet, intermittent fasting, high-protein plan, and keto meal plan. These meal plans were designed by certified nutritionists.

Likewise, the Calorie Counter app has an extensive food database that’s searchable by barcode scanning, smart search, or voice search.

You can create a personalized diet plan by simply setting your target weight among other goals. The app will automatically calculate your daily calorie, water, protein, fats, and carbs intake to meet your target.

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14. Bitesnap

Bitesnap is another app on our list that you don’t have to pay for. The app is described as a Photo Food Tracker and Calorie Counter.

It’s one of the simplest fitness apps you can use as all you have to do is take pictures. Once you capture, the app uses AI to identify the food, scans the food library, and provides you with in-depth nutritional details.

You can easily log foods you capture with one click and you can keep a visual diary of your meals. Aside from capturing images, you can also scan barcodes to identify food items.

Furthermore, Bitesnap lets you set your weight loss goals and customized targets. It generates smart meal suggestions based on your previous meals.

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15. Nutritionix Track

Nutritionix Track is a fitness tracker created by licensed dieticians. The app aims to make diet tracking and food logging easy. Its simplicity and efficiency make it one of the best alternatives to MyFitnessPal.

This app features a database of more than 800 unique food items. It takes just 60 seconds to log foods with the Nutritionix Track app. This is due to intuitive features like the instant barcode scanner, predictive search, and a unique natural language processing technology.

With Nutritionix Track, you can track as much as you can with MyFitnessPal, and more. The app lets you track your food intake, exercise, nutrient intake, water intake, weight progress, and calorie goals.

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16. OmNom Notes

OmNom Notes is available for both Android and iOS. It’s a private calorie counter you can use to create personalized goals, log meals, and activities amongst others.

OmNom Notes has a library of more than two million foods which, although vast, doesn’t compare to MyFitnessPal’s 14 million+ food database. Nevertheless, OmNom Notes’ advantage is that you can track more than 800 activities.

In addition, this private calorie tracker lets you time stamp meals, set reminders, and scan food labels using a barcode scanner.

You can use OmNom Notes for free even without creating an account. However, a premium account lets you track 80 more nutrients, set goals by meal, and access the food database even when offline.

17. CalorieBase

Want to have fun while tracking your calorie intake? If yes, then CalorieBase is a MyFitnessPal alternative you should check out.

Developed by Mate Magyar, CalorieBase is an easy-to-use calorie counting app. About 300,000 people make use of this app. It’s fun to use as the app features a lot of animated elements.

CalorieBase features a food library with about 120,000 food items. It has features to track your foods, drinks, recipes, and exercises to help you lose weight.

The app lets you set a weight goal and you can easily follow up the tracking insights thanks to the diagrams, graphs, and written analysis.

18. MyNetDiary

The Calorie Counter app by MyNetDiary offers a complete weight loss solution. Just like MyFitnessPal, you can track calories and more.

The MyNetDiary Calorie Counter app is a relatively popular one as it’s featured on NY Times, ABC, USA Today, Fox, and several other top publications. In addition, more than 15 million people use this app.

This app makes the process of tracking food intake and weight loss straightforward. Simply set a weight loss goal, enter a target date, and you’ll get a calculated calorie budget.

You can reach your weight loss goal before your target date by following the calorie budget. The app lets you create custom meal plans to follow too.

19. NutraCheck Calorie Counter+

NutraCheck is a top-rated calorie counter app. The app works to help you improve your diet, eat well, and lose weight. It’s a cross-platform health app that you can download on your Android and iPhone devices.

This alternative app tracks seven main nutrients including carbs, sugar, protein, fat, saturated fat, salt, and fiber. It features a database of 300,000 food items and you can scan barcodes to get product details.

Notably, the NutraCheck Calorie Counter+ app lets you connect with Apple’s HealthKit and Fitbit activity trackers.

You can use this calorie tracker app free for seven days before paying a $4.99 per month subscription. If you don’t want to pay, you can simply use the Lite plan although it comes with daily limits.

20. Dietary Calorie Counter

Just like MyFitnessPal, the Dietary Calorie Counter app helps you keep tabs on how many calories you need to maintain weight, lose weight, or gain weight. Notably, it’s a recommended alternative if you’re into sports.

This app isn’t as popular as MyFitnessPal but it has all the features you’ll need in a calorie counter app. Not only calories, but the Dietary Calorie Counter can also track carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and more.

You have access to a large library of food items. One of the main reasons people prefer this alternative is the food variety. In addition, you can add more recipes and food items which other users can access.

21. Oatsy

Oatsy is a nutrition app that you can use for free. Developed by StarryWeb, the app aims to help you reach your health and weight goals.

Using Oatsy, you can track macro and micronutrients and conveniently monitor your progress. The app features three main meal plans including a balanced diet, fasting, and keto.

There are more than 950,000 food items on Oatsy so you can get nutritional information for almost every meal you eat. Notably, there’s an in-app assistant that provides tips to help you reach your goal.

The main advantage of using Oatsy over MyFitnessPal is that it offers MyFitnessPal’s premium features for free.

22. Moderation Food Diary & Weight Tracker

If you use an Android device, the Moderation Food Diary & Weight tracker app is not a suitable option for you. The app is only available for iPhone users.

With this app, you don’t need to count calories like with MyFitnessPal; it’s very simple to use. All you have to do is record what you eat daily and it’ll tell you if it’s healthy or not.

This means you can reach your goals a lot faster. However, this app is more than just a food diary. It provides you with deep insights so you can better understand your meal plans.

You can sort the insights using tags. Weight tracking is only available if you subscribe to the premium plan.

23. Cal & Lorie

Developed by Bluefin Software, Cal & Lorie is one of the simplest calorie tracker apps. However, it’s a premium app and not ideal if you don’t want to pay for subscriptions.

Although it’s a calorie tracker like MyFitnessPal, it works differently. Cal & Lorie was created to eliminate the need of entering much data to track calories.

With Cal & Lorie, you just need to submit whatever you eat as a text; it features an SMS interface. Once you text your food, the app will calculate the nutrients it contains and log it for you.

As mentioned earlier, Cal & Lorie is a premium app. You can try the app for free for a limited period before subscribing to continue.

24. cFood

Here we have an AI calorie tracker app. cFood is a MyFitnessPal replacement that helps you get nutritional information about various food items.

You only need to scan your food using the AI scanner and you get details on the number of calories, carbs, protein, fat, and more per 100 grams.

As you scan food, the app automatically logs it for you. Hence, you can easily keep track of your past meals and nutrient intake. The app can identify up to 100 different types of food.

Unlike MyFitnessPal, you can access every feature available in the cFood AI calorie tracker app for free.

25. WeCode Food Diary

The Food Diary app from the WeCode team works as a good journal. You can log your foods and subsequently stay conscious of what you eat.

Hence, it’s a suitable app for tracking calories as well as other dietary nutrients. It’s simple to use and you easily navigate between days thanks to the built-in calendar.

An interesting feature of this app is you can share your food logs with friends and family on social media or other mobile apps.

Bottom Line

The 25 apps listed above are all similar to MyFitnessPal and are worthy alternatives.

Just like MyFitnessPal, they still have their pros and cons. You can go with any that meets your interest.

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