15 Best Wiziwig Alternatives 2024

Wiziwig is a sports broadcasting website designed for sports enthusiasts who wish to watch sports competitions and listen to live radio.

However, despite its amazing features, Wiziwig is not the number one choice for many.

For instance, the video quality of the site doesn’t seem to impress. Furthermore, Wiziwig lacks a wide variety of TV channels.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of the best Wiziwig alternatives. Some of these Wiziwig alternatives offer amazing coverage on different sports compared to Wiziwig.

Let’s find out more.

Best Wiziwig Alternatives

1. Cricfree.org

Cricfree.org is one of the best Wiziwig alternatives for streaming live sports. Like Wiziwig, the website covers different sports such as football, boxing, tennis, and rugby.

Furthermore, Cricfree.org offers sports enthusiasts amazing live streams of Motor GP and hockey. Besides the free sports live streaming services, Cricfree.org provides users with free access to some of the best sports channels.

Among the top TV channels offered by Cricfree.org include Sky Sports and Sky Sports 2. However, as indicated on the website, you only get links to the TV channels, which means you cannot watch the channels directly on the website.

Even though Cricfree.org functions exactly like Wiziwig, the site has additional features that were missing from Wiziwig. For instance, Cricfree.org’s interface is simpler and easy to use, thanks to the clutter-free design.

Additionally, unlike Wiziwig, the website has a chat area that you can use to discuss sports with your friends. The biggest advantage of Cricfree.org is that the video contents are of good quality, making it much more enjoyable than Wiziwig.

2. Stream2Watch

Stream2Watch is yet another Wiziwig alternative dedicated to providing you with the best live streaming and broadcasting services. Like Wiziwig, Stream2Watch covers a wide range of sports, including basketball, soccer, hockey, and football.

Furthermore, Stream2Watch offers users live radio at no cost. All these services are offered under one roof, which makes accessibility easy.

What makes Stream2Watch the best Wiziwig alternative is that it has better coverage than Wiziwig. For example, Stream2Watch has multiple sports channels compared to Wiziwig.

Once you load the site on your computer, you should look forward to Sky Sports, ESPN, Eurosport, ESPN 2, and ESPN America. Additionally, Stream2Watch has some of the best entertainment TV channels where you can watch news and films.

If you wish to enjoy the latest TV series, you have FOX, Showtime, FX, TNT, and TLC at your disposal. On the other hand, if you want to keep up with the latest news, you can tune in to CNN and BBC.

With such impressive features, you can agree that Stream2Watch is the best Wizwig alternative. Lastly, you will love the dark theme and the general appearance of the site.

3. SportP2P.com

If you are searching for the best Wiziwig alternatives, it means you are looking for more features or more coverage. In case that is what you are searching for, consider SportP2P.com.

Sport P2P.com offers users the most comprehensive live streaming services. First, you should know that Sport P2P.com has a couple of similarities to Wiziwig. For instance, the website allows users to live stream multiple sports competitions.

You should consider this the site to watch motorsport races, tennis sets, ice hockey battles, and football matches. Moreover, you can live stream nearly all football leagues, including the English Premier League and Bundesliga, in the comfort of your home.

But then, what makes Sport P2P.com an amazing sports streaming site is that all events are categorized according to country, unlike Wiziwig, which bundles live streams together regardless of the country. Furthermore, you are given access to live scores, which is an amazing feature if you want to remain up to date with sporting events.

However, you should note that you must download the live score utility to use Sportp2p.com’s live score function. Another impressive feature is that Sportp2p.com allows access to game highlights, making it the best option for sports enthusiasts.

Note that the links to the matches you wish to watch are provided an hour before the game.

4. Batmanstream

Just like the name suggests, Batmanstream is a useful website that comes with an interactive Batman-themed interface. Similar to Wiziwig, Batmanstream focuses on providing sports fanatics with amazing live streams of different sports.

Note that Batmanstream covers multiple sports such as baseball, American football, and racing. Furthermore, it provides its clients with amazing tennis and hockey live streams.

Like Wizwig, Batmanstream contains a list of several forthcoming events, so you can set your time and wait for the event to air. The amazing arrangement of the events makes the streaming platform navigable.

But then, unlike Wiziwig, the Batmanstream website has a search button that you can use to find a particular event. All you need to do is choose the sports category and after that search for the match.

Even though Batmanstream lacks live radio and live TV components, its dedication to sports streaming means you will never miss a match regardless of the league. Furthermore, the picture quality of its live streams is much better than that of Wiziwig.

Basically, with Batmanstream, you can live-stream nearly any sports event for free and without registering for an account.

5. LiveTV

LiveTV is yet another live streaming website where you can watch sports events and access other important sports resources. Similar to Wiziwig, LiveTV covers various sports events, including tennis, hockey, and soccer.

The website also provides clients complete access to Motor GP races and boxing matches. All these events can get accessed on LiveTV’s menu situated to the left of the website.

Keep in mind that the provided list of events is subject to changes up until the match begins. Furthermore, you will receive announcements to broadcasts up to 45 minutes before the game begins and sometimes hours before the event.

Unlike Wiziwig, LiveTV is quite more comprehensive. First, the site comes with video archives which provide you with access to previous live streams.

Additionally, LiveTV has a results section for clients who wish to check the results of specific matches. The other thrilling aspect is that LiveTV has a live score feature that is useful if you follow the events closely.

Lastly, unlike Wiziwig, LiveTV does not confine you to a single language. You can switch your language to options such as Dutch, Spanish, Turkish, and Polish.

6. JioTV

JioTV is an outstanding live streaming website that provides sports fans with the best sports live streaming services. The platform functions similar to Wiziwig, which means you can watch your favorite sports on the go.

But then, unlike Wiziwig, you should know that JioTV is mostly built for mobile use. Hence, expect fully functional Android and iOS applications.

Another noteworthy aspect that makes JioTV suitable compared to Wiziwig is that it offers clients access to more than 500 TV channels. That means apart from streaming your favorite sports; you can freely watch TV shows and movies on the go.

Note that the website has quite advanced functions compared to Wiziwig, which is why it is among the best Wiziwig alternatives. For example, JioTV has the channel zap feature that allows you to move to the next channel or go back to the previous channel with a simple swipe.

Moreover, while watching your favorite show or streaming your favorite sports, you can choose to lock your screen. The feature ensures you enjoy your HD videos with no disturbance.

Lastly, unlike Wiziwig, you can choose to rewind or forward channels. All these functionalities make JioTV an amazing Wiziwig alternative.

7. Fox Sports

Fox Sports qualifies as one of the best Wiziwig alternatives, given its amazing features. Just like Wiziwig, Fox Sports offers amazing sports live streams.

The website covers multiple sports events, including golf, NBA, soccer, and NFL. Furthermore, you can watch UFC and WWE events.

Unlike Wiziwig, Fox Sports comes with a detailed website that includes a search button making it easy to access the event you wish to watch. Additionally, the Fox Sports live streaming website offers amazing sports news, allowing you to keep in touch with what is happening in the sports scene.

Those who want to view live scores have the score sheet to thank. The section provides useful match results for sports matches.

Remember that you can view NBA, NASCAR, MLB, and soccer results whenever you want. Unlike Wiziwig, Fox Sports also has a stories page for sports enthusiasts who wish to keep up with interesting sports stories.

These and many more fixtures are why you should consider Fox Sports as the best Wiziwig alternative.

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ATDHE live streaming website is a platform that you can use to watch some of the best sports. The site is dedicated to offering sports fanatics links which they can use to stream various sports events.

Similar to Wiziwig, ATDHE covers volleyball, baseball, and soccer events. Furthermore, the site provides live streaming links to boxing and motorsports races.

Note that the operator might add multiple links on similar events. Therefore, if you find a particular link is not working, simply click another link on the list.

However, you should know that ATDHE is much better than Wiziwig in many ways. Other than the stated sports, you can live stream poker events and even watch ESPN TV, which you cannot do on Wiziwig.

The main aim of the ATDHE live streaming site is to help you watch matches without worrying about annoying ads. The operator is dedicated to ensuring you have an incredible live-streaming experience regardless of the sport.

Like Wiziwig, once you load the link, it will redirect you to a site where you can watch the match live.

Another important aspect to note is that ATDHE’s live streams are of good quality.

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9. Rojadirecta

Rojadirecta is a dependable Wiziwig alternative that you can use to watch various sports matches. The live streaming website might not have a radio platform, but it does cover a wide range of sports.

Some of the main sports whose events you can stream at Rojadirecta include basketball, tennis, and hockey. Additionally, Rojadirecta allows users to stream HD UFC fights just like Wiziwig.

Furthermore, Rojadirecta offers a long list of sports, and so you just have to click the sport whose events you wish to watch. But then, what makes Rojadirecta preferable is that it has a search bar.

That makes it easier for users to search for the ideal game instead of perusing through an endless list of sports. Besides the search bar, Rojadirecta provides users absolute access to eSports live streams.

Hence, you should consider Rojadirecta whether you want to watch Dota 2, Counter-Strike: GO, or Warcraft, among other eSports events.

Note that the links to the select matches are available and accessible freely without signing up for an account.

10. Off Side TV

Off Side TV is yet another dependable Wiziwig alternative that you can consider if you wish to watch live sports for free. But then, you should know that, unlike Wiziwig, Off Side TV only focuses on two sports; tennis and football.

However, that does not mean the streaming platform is inferior. To your surprise, Off Side TV has advantages that Wiziwig can barely match.

For instance, once you load the site, you will be impressed by the website’s design. The website has a unique, vibrant appearance and a search section that you can use to find specific sports matches.

Additionally, it has an archive feature that provides users with football and tennis past events. It is quite an admirable element if you want to catch up with previous matches.

Note that you can stream events dating back even five years ago. Those two main features are why you should consider Off Side TV any time you want to enjoy uninterrupted live streaming services.

Additionally, Off Side TV does not charge to stream tennis and football matches, just like Wiziwig. You just need to load the site and continue.

11. FuboTV

FuboTV is a dedicated online website accessible using either an app or a computer. Even though the website charges a subscription fee to access content, it is with no doubt that FuboTV is the best Wiziwig alternative.

First, you will start with a free version, after which you will have to subscribe to continue enjoying the services. The good news is that the premium version offers you the best sports live streaming options.

Unlike Wiziwig, FuboTV covers multiple sports channels, including ESPN, NBA TV, Tennis Channel, and ESPN News. With these channels, you can watch any sports match live.

Hence, you should be certain you will never miss football, NFL, AFL, and even hockey matches. In addition to sports, you are provided with multiple entertainment channels.

Unlike Wiziwig, you will have absolute access to kid’s TV channels like TeenNick and Nicktoons. Furthermore, FuboTV has movie and TV series channels, mainly CBS, ABC, and FOX.

All these are options you cannot find on Wiziwig. That is why FuboTV is one of the best Wiziwig alternatives, especially if you want to stream additional content other than sports.

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12. MamaHD

Being one of the best Wiziwig alternatives, MamaHD guarantees fulfilling sports live streaming sessions. The platform is built to offer amazing sports coverage.

First, users are provided with a wide range of sports, including football, volleyball, and tennis. Additionally, you can watch water polo and cricket matches live.

The number of sports covered by MamaHD is greater compared to those offered by Wiziwig. That is why it is the best platform to watch live matches.

Another beneficial aspect that makes MamaHD an incredible Wiziwig alternative is providing multiple streaming options per event. Hence, you can change your choice if you find that the initial option is not suitable.

Also, MamaHD covers eSports which are not offered on the Wiziwig website. Moreover, you are free to contact MamaHD customer representatives if you have problems accessing the live streams.

Note that most of MamaHD’s functions are not available on the Wiziwig website, which is why MamaHD is one of the best options, especially if you want to stream multiple sports.

13. VIPBoxTV

VIPBoxTV is also one of the most dependable live streaming sites. Like Wiziwig, VIPBoxTV comes with unique features to enable you to stream sports matches conveniently.

Note that VIPBoxTV covers sports such as NCAAF, baseball, and football events. Furthermore, you can stream rugby, snooker, and cricket events.

You should consider VIPBoxTV because the site is easy to use compared to the Wiziwig platform. Additionally, you are provided with live streams of all the main events.

For example, you can stream Premier League matches, French Open matches, and F1 races. All you need to do is go through the list provided and see which available options you want to watch.

On the other hand, if you have a hard time locating an event, use the search bar. Each live stream is of great quality and so you don’t have to strain while watching.

Lastly, every stream offered on VIPBoxTV is free. That means you don’t have to spend your money to access the events. As you can see, unlike Wiziwig, VIPBoxTV comes with multiple benefits making it one of the best Wiziwig alternatives.

14. Bosscast

Another free-to-stream platform that you should consider is Bosscast. The website is identical to Wiziwig, with additional features that make it one of the best Wiziwig alternatives.

Some of the main sports you can stream on the Bosscast live streaming website include tennis, baseball, rugby, and NHL. Moreover, like Wiziwig, you have access to boxing and football events.

Each event is scheduled according to day and time, with the current options on top of the list. Furthermore, you are provided with multiple streaming links.

Therefore, you get to choose which of the link functions and which one is better with few ads. But then, the best Bosscast feature is the Bosscast chat section.

The chat function allows you to communicate with other Bosscast users. That means you can ask which link is working properly instead of trying every link provided.

Additionally, the chat function makes Bosscast much more entertaining than Wiziwig. That is why it is among the best live streaming sites for anyone who wants to watch different matches, events, and races.

15. SportStream.tv

SportStream.tv is among the best sites where you will find authentic broadcasting links to different sports. It is so far one of the most recommended Wiziwig alternatives if you want to watch sports matches as they unfold.

The platform broadcasts events of sports such as basketball, tennis, baseball, and football. The site also covers racing which is why it is among the best live streaming sites to consider.

Note that every live stream is available in HD, which is why you are guaranteed to enjoy the events. Another important element to note is that, unlike Wiziwig, SportStream.tv has two sections.

The first section displays current live streams with active broadcasting links, while the other contains upcoming broadcasts. That means you are certain of which events are currently showing.

Finally, SportStream.tv has a live score feature which you will not find on Wiziwig. That is why it is among the best Wiziwig alternatives, especially if you are a dedicated sports fan who can’t afford to miss a match.


Each of these Wiziwig alternatives has a feature or two that you will not find on Wiziwig, making them fantastic options.

For instance, most telecasting platforms such as JioTV and FuboTV offer a wide range of entertainment streaming options and not just sports events.

Additionally, others like Bosscast come with helpful features such as a chat section that you will not find on Wiziwig.

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