Best Wix Templates

Wix has positioned itself as a leader in the do-it-yourself website space. Anyone with a little computer know-how can have their own website up and running in just hours, thanks to the premade templates and largely automated website building tools.

And while you’re not building your website from scratch, sometimes that’s a good thing. Creating a website for your business isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.

The majority of consumers use the internet to search for a local basis, with 21 percent of US consumers searching at least once per day.

Without an online presence, you’re losing out on an enormous amount of customers. Wix makes it easy to capitalize on internet-based consumers in a timely, yet still effective manner.

Though choosing a Wix template isn’t that straightforward. The template catalog is extensive and some templates are simply better than others. Without a little direction, choosing quality templates gets overwhelming.

So to help get your website up, running, and looking good, we’re bringing you our picks for the best Wix templates.

Wix - The most popular website builder

With over 500+ customizable templates, free hosting, SEO tools, and round the clock customer support, Wix lets you create beautiful websites fast and easy!

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Best Wix Templates

1. Travel Blog

Travel Blog, named and designed for blogging about globe-trotting ways, makes an excellent template for anyone looking to blog with authority. The template is perfect for those with a blog that’s heavy on images.

A simple home page gives viewers a photo-centric view into your business by featuring a prominent banner image which gives way to image-focused links to other categories.

Further scrolling reveals blog posts and their header photos, also eye-catchingly displayed. Social media links are at the bottom of the page, with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest featured.

The top navigation bar features standard links to customizable pages that will, of course, depend on your website’s setup.

2. Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream Parlor makes the perfect template for anyone creating a light, easy spirited website for their restaurant or other food-centric business.

The template features a large graphic on the front page displayed behind a menu button. That same button could change to any other type of inventory listing, depending on your business.

Scrolling down finds a product blurb with another menu link to ensure that customers see your products before leaving your website. Instead of coming off as redundant, it optimizes your product exposure.

Down further still is an ‘about’ blurb and two more menu links. The final page segment features a large image with a social media hashtag. Adorning the menu buttons on the way down are more images, preferably of your product.

3. Cap Hats

Cap Hats is a great starter template for any online storefront. The template focuses on a clean aesthetic where images balance a visible product storefront. Wix when compared with Shopify has simpler e-commerce functionality to build an online store.

A hidden navigation bar on the top right keeps with the clean theme, while the main picture emphasizes your brand, floating behind a link to your merchandise catalog.

Scrolling down, there’s a sampling of your products, including pictures and prices. Further down still is a picture collage of your relevant Instagram pictures.

Compared to our previous templates there’s not much going on here, but that’s a good thing. Your products shine through, without the extra fluff that sometimes comes from too many flashy images.

4. The Consultant

The Consultant takes Cap Hat’s simplicity and ups the ante. This template is straight to the point, displaying the information your customers need to make an informed decision on your brand.

An image and tagline greet visitors who then scroll down to a three column explanation of your company; what you do, how you do it, and what your customers say about your product.

Wix - The most popular website builder

With over 500+ customizable templates, free hosting, SEO tools, and round the clock customer support, Wix lets you create beautiful websites fast and easy!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

With the information in hand, consumers can scroll down further still and find your contact information complete with a map and contact information form.

We’re high on this theme for its ability to get the information to the customer without any frills. It’s especially good for businesses that aren’t looking to embrace an artistic style.

5. Fitness Coach

Fitness Coach is like a blend of all of the aforementioned templates. It’s graphic heavy, to the point of using video graphics. It also features ‘about’ info, product information, customer story, and contact information sections.

The very front of the page features a moving graphic behind a link that takes you to a product-centric landing page. Below is an about section, followed by a detailed product section, customer success stories, and finally a contact section.

It makes a nice mix of flashy-meets-informative. We recommend it to anyone looking for a template that’s built to promote a brand that is looking to stand out in a big way.

6. Meetup Event

Meetup Event isn’t exactly the template that most people think of when they’re building their business. After all, you’re creating a business website, not hosting an event. However, Wix makes templates customizable enough to tailor to your needs.

This template starts with a large image background behind a box tailormade for your tagline featured front and center. A ‘register now’ button easily transforms into a link to your product page.

Scrolling down shows event information, which works well when transformed in tandem with the ‘about’ section into specific details about your brand. When and where can change to how and what.

The schedule information section can turn into your contact information area while the map below is excellent to show your company’s physical location.

7. Graffiti Artist

Graffiti Artist presents as a simple template though one completely dominated by graphics, as the title suggests. The title bar lists only three navigation options and it’s completely void of buttons.

Instead, pictures feature prominently down the entire page, stopping only for an about section and eventual contact form at the bottom of the page.

Wix - The most popular website builder

With over 500+ customizable templates, free hosting, SEO tools, and round the clock customer support, Wix lets you create beautiful websites fast and easy!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

The lack of words lends itself well to businesses with products that sell themselves. Pictures say a thousand words here and it’s important to remember that when choosing this template.

8. Vintage Car Garage

Vintage Car Garage starts off with a simple navigation bar that features links to several pages, all of which of course are customizable. A large image and tagline feature on the front page while scrolling reveals “services” columns that make for perfect product descriptions.

Or, you can leave the “services” alone if your business sells, well, services. Below the services columns is a collection of images that click through to examples of your current work. Down further still is an about section complete with a blank contact form.

We recommend this template to anyone starting a visually-based business, especially marketing or other creative firms, because it makes an easy way to showcase your work with quick and easy access to previous projects.

9. Graphic Design Portfolio

Graphic Design is the simplest template yet. Consisting of only a picture collage that links to previous work, a title, and a bottom navigation bar, this template is best suited for the minimalist among us.

Good candidates are small businesses that need to get the message out without all the frills. You might not have an extensive marketing campaign, and that’s perfect for this template.

It highlights what you do have while still giving off the vibe that your market is put together and ready to grow.

10. Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian Restaurant combines a little bit of everything above. It features an extensive and prominent title bar, large front page image, descriptions, images, and call to action button.

It also features a mailing list form perfect for building your subscriber base. The restaurant theme converts easily into anything else you might dream up with some simple header switches.

If you’re looking for a solid middle ground template with exceptional design, Vegetarian Restaurant is what you’ve been looking for.

11. Personal Blog

Here is another noteworthy Wix template on our list. This Wix template is optimized for creating student or personal blogs.

This template is suitable for personal diaries, autobiographies, health, lifestyle posts, and uploading pictures of beautiful moments, etc.

Additionally, this template is also ideal for travel, fashion, or food blogs due to its photo-centric view, which features prominent and photo-focused links, and a personal theme featuring the authors’ bio section where visitors can get detailed information about you.

Wix - The most popular website builder

With over 500+ customizable templates, free hosting, SEO tools, and round the clock customer support, Wix lets you create beautiful websites fast and easy!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Personal Blog has attractive and responsive layouts, with an attractive color combination that gives your blog a professional look.

For minimalist style lovers, this Wix template features a clean and modernized design, making it suitable enough to meet any blogging needs.

12. Business CV

Business CV is a Wix theme template that is ideal for creating a CV website that attracts the right people to your profile if you’re hoping to work in sectors like finance, law, or politics.

It is a blog theme template that makes your profile stand out due to its attractive and responsive designs in soft colors.

Aside from its attractive and responsive design, Business CV is easy to customize due to its flexibility. In fact, it will take you a few minutes to set up a professional resume by adding your skills, ability, and experience.

This Wix template has eye-catching lines and boxes that can draw immediate attention to your name, contact details, and professional work experience.

13. Tech Company

Tech Company is an ideal Wix template for small businesses and high-tech companies.

It is also an ideal Wix template for technology bloggers interested in gadgets, mobile devices, PCs, software, gaming, cybersecurity, movies, news, photography, fashion, culture, etc.

The template has a sleek and professionally designed intuitive interface with easy navigation, mobile-friendly design, tabbed widgets, slideshows, and other features that gives your blog a professional feel.

To help you grow your subscriber base, the template also features built-in contact and subscribe forms to help you to attract and retain visitors to your blogs.

Tech Company is highly flexible, thanks to its tons of customization options which allows you to modify the website based on your branding needs.

14. Marketing Blog

Marketing Blog Wix template is the best template for creating personal, marketing, branding, or personal blogs, making it an ideal choice for digital marketers and freelancers.

Features that make this Wix template attractive and perfect for marketing use include a bootstrap framework, advanced HTML and CSS, attractive retina display images, responsive layouts, social icon headers, and cross-platform compatibility.

Not to mention, it is optimized to be friendly on popular search engines.

Its high customizability is evidenced in its interface design, customizable header, and pagination, along with content widgets and social sharing features.

Interestingly, this Wix template incorporates outreach elements like pop-ups, built-in contact and subscriber forms, etc.

15. Accessories Store

Here is the last on our list of the 15 best Wix templates. Have you got designer collections you want to showcase? The Accessories Store template is ideal for creating online accessories shops, bag stores, and other designer retailers.

It’s the perfect template for creating an attractive eCommerce store for apparel, shoes, accessories, fashion, etc.

Accessories Store has amazing layout options that come in handy in creating a functional and appealing eCommerce store.

Wix - The most popular website builder

With over 500+ customizable templates, free hosting, SEO tools, and round the clock customer support, Wix lets you create beautiful websites fast and easy!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Interestingly, it has a wishlist feature which allows buyers to find the products they need and place them in a list (wishlist) to be reviewed later.

There’s also a customizable quick view feature for adding a brief product description for your product display, a custom slider, and layout options perfect for product display.

The template is mobile optimized for display on mobile devices, and it has an intuitive interface with easily navigable features, customizable widgets, and more.

Final Word

Wix makes bringing your website to life a breeze. The drag and drop nature makes it simple enough for beginners, while the exceptional template design allows your website to grow and scale.

Any of the above Wix templates can help elevate your business’ website and thus online branding to the next level. And if the first template doesn’t work, you can always switch to another. That’s the beauty of Wix.

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