BleachBit vs CCleaner

A fresh computer is always the fastest and the most efficient one. However, a slow computer won’t only take up time in your day, but it will also decrease your productivity, mess up your workflow, and even build up a lot of frustration.

While most people bring their computers to a service shop as soon as they become slow or sluggish, there are a couple of things you can do first before you spend your money on servicing your computer.

BleachBit and CCleaner are two tools that are easy to download and install, and yet they’re made with one purpose only. Their purpose is to make your computer faster, more reliable, and more efficient, and if that’s what you’re looking for, you’re in the right place!

What is BleachBit?

BleachBit is free and open-source software that focuses on cleaning the disk space to optimize your computer and operating system for better user experience and improved reliability.

System files are constantly increasing, and if you are not sure which files you are allowed to delete to create more space on your computer, BleachBit is the right software to use.

BleachBit is efficient at accessing system files and browser files to determine which files can be deleted and which ones need to stay in place.

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What is CCleaner?

CCleaner is one of the oldest cleaning tools that ever existed. This tool focuses on finding invalid and potentially old Windows registry files that are often a cause for many computer issues.

Even though it was initially only a Windows tool, now it is a versatile tool that can be used across other operating systems to clean, optimize, and tune up computers. Hence, they work up to their potential.

CCleaner is also good at cleaning temporary files and even browser junk as a part of the optimization process.

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How to Get Started?


Getting started with BleachBit is very easy. All you have to do is visit the BleachBit official website, and it shouldn’t take you long before you spot the download button.

As a computer tool, you’ll have to download and install BleachBit on your computer before use.

On the official download page, you will be able to choose the version suitable for your operating system.

After the download, the installation is pretty straightforward. As soon as the installation is complete, you can open BleachBit and get down to work!


As soon as you visit the official CCleaner website, you will spot two buttons that allow you to either purchase CCleaner Pro or download the free CCleaner version.

Like BleachBit, you will have to download CCleaner and install it on your computer before using it.

The free version is almost as good as the paid version, so I highly recommend you to give the free version a try before you decide to upgrade.

As soon as you install CCleaner, you can open it and start the first assessment of your computer. From there, you will be able to approve the removal of junk files and get tips on optimizing your computer further.


Both BleachBit and CCleaner are very easy to download, install, and run for the first time, so this category is a tie.

Optimization Process


BleachBit has a very simple optimization process based on assessing your computer’s files, showing you the discovery, and then deleting the files upon your approval.

Along with the useless file deletion, BleachBit can also assess and delete browser history and files, delete junk files, and even find and delete unused Windows registry data.

On top of that, BleachBit can also work with files such as SQL, OpenOffice, and other third-party formats to ensure your computer’s optimization process is as efficient as possible.

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CCleaner has a great assessment process in place that runs before the optimization process. The assessment process finds unused files, old files, or files that aren’t needed any longer for your operating system to run properly.

On top of that, CCleaner can also assess various settings, browser files, even outdated software. All of these aspects can slow down your computer or cause long-term issues for your operating system.

Upon the assessment, the optimization process can delete all unused files, with your approval, of course.


Both BleachBit and CCleaner have a great assessment process that provides great preparation for the optimization process. In addition, both tools are very efficient at optimizing the computer by mainly focusing on file deletion and other aspects, which is why this category is a tie.

File Deletion


BleachBit is a real surprise when it comes down to file deletion. It’s a tool that mainly focuses on file deletion to improve the state of a computer.

However, considering BleachBit is a free version, it offers a pretty advanced file deletion technology.

With BleachBit, you can ensure that the files are 100% deleted, up to the point where you can’t recover the files from the storage drive any longer. BleachBit is so efficient at file deletion that it can even cover the tracks that the files ever existed on your storage drive.

This is more than enough to ensure that the files that might damage the performance of your computer are gone.


CCleaner is efficient at cleaning out your computer through file deletion as it can access registry files, system files, and even browser junk files upon the assessment check.

All you have to do is run it as an administrator to give it full access rights. However, you don’t have to be worried about losing important files.

CCleaner won’t touch your personal files. It will only assess the most important files that often slow down computers and make it hard for a computer to function properly. You will also have to approve every file deletion, so you won’t be surprised if some files go missing.

Another advantage is CCleaner’s ability to delete browser cookies that are even stored in the Flashplayer.


Even though BleachBit has a very efficient file deletion process, CCleaner can discover and assess more file types and formats to make a more thorough file deletion, so CCleaner wins this category.

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Privacy Protection


BleachBit is a tool that mainly focuses on file deletion for the improvement of the computer’s performance.

Therefore, it doesn’t provide any additional privacy protection features, and you’d have to find these in third-party tools.

However, you won’t have to worry about privacy breaches as BleachBit provides a great privacy policy in combination with a responsibility statement which means that none of your files or private data will be compromised.


CCleaner has a great feature that includes privacy protection by deleting web browsing history, including saved passwords and temporary internet files when using a public or a shared computer.

This way, no one will know what you’ve been up to, what you’ve been downloading, or most importantly, won’t be able to find your saved passwords.

In the paid CCleaner version (Professional), you can set the browser cookies to be deleted every time you close your browser, so total privacy is guaranteed.


CCleaner has a more advanced privacy protection in place, even in the free version, which wins this category over BleachBit.

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Startup Optimizer


BleachBit is good at deleting junk files both from the registry and the system, but it doesn’t have an option to scan and manage your computer’s startup programs.

Too many unneeded startup programs are often the cause for the slow startup and the slow operating and performance of a computer. Still, if you plan on using BleachBit, you’ll have to manage your startup programs manually.


CCleaner understands that some programs automatically set themselves as start-up programs, and that’s why they give you easy access to start-up programs from CCleaner.

You can also temporarily disable or completely remove programs from the start-up menu to prevent the program from starting every time you start your computer.

This should save you time from having to close programs you’re not using right away after you start your computer, but it can also help improve your computer’s start-up speed.


BleachBit doesn’t have an integrated feature that can deal with auto start-up programs, but CCleaner does have a feature that can help you efficiently take care of start-up programs, so CCleaner wins this category.

Threat Monitoring


BleachBit doesn’t have an integrated threat monitoring or scanning ability. So even though this is now a common feature among cleaning computer tools, unfortunately, you will have to use a third-party option to monitor your threats if you decide to use BleachBit.


CCleaner comes with real-time threat monitoring that is very useful to have when you’re downloading. In addition, it is as efficient as some antivirus systems.

However, it is also very useful to have when you’re scanning your computer’s files thoroughly as it can detect threats hidden among your files.

The biggest advantage of CCleaners’s threat monitoring is that it is built to inspect system files, among other files, thoroughly. Therefore, threat monitoring can be a second backup in combination with thorough scanning to ensure viruses don’t slow your computer down.

Viruses and malware are many reasons why a computer’s performance can slow down and even cause serious operating issues.


Unfortunately, BleachBit is still missing out on an important feature that could combine with its powerful file removal technology. On the other hand, CCleaner combined its ability with powerful threat monitoring that makes this a multi-purpose tool, so CCleaner wins this category.

File Shredding


BleachBit is very well known for its file shredding capability. While other cleaning tools delete the files, BleachBit shreds them and completely removes them from the disk drive by shredding them..

The upside to this is complete removal which ensures more space but also better disk efficiency. However, if you ever try to recover a file, you won’t be able to find or recover it.


CCleaner doesn’t shred all files upon deletion like BleachBit. However, CCleaner offers an integrated option to manually shred files that you never want to recover again.

This gives you better flexibility if you change your mind or accidentally get any files removed, as recovery will be possible.

However, when you decide to shred files from your storage disk, you will willingly accept that you won’t be able to recover them, and in return, your disk will benefit.


Both tools offer a very efficient file shredding ability which is a must-have for the true cleaning of your computer. So while they work differently, they’re both as efficient, and that’s why this category is a tie.

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File Compatibility


BleachBit is very flexible and versatile, which means that it can work with multiple file formats. With the ability to free cache, delete cookies, clean browsing history, work with temporary files, and discard system files (junk) that aren’t visible, BleachBit provides great support.

Therefore, you won’t have to worry about some of your computer files not being cleaned by BleachBit.


CCleaner works with almost any file type, and it is highly compatible with all standard formats provided by the operating system which CCleaner supports.

Besides working with multiple format types, CCleaner is also good at assessing web-based data and cookies to ensure that your browser works as quickly as your computer.

CCleaner is even good at working with drivers to ensure your computer is updated at all times. Therefore, you won’t ever have to worry if CCleaner is doing everything possible to ensure your computer runs and functions well.


Both BleachBit and CCleaner can work with all standard file formats and types, and both provide additional support for browsers and applications, so this category is a tie.

Advanced Features


BleachBit is a very minimalistic software that doesn’t provide too many features, but the ones it provides are more than enough to ensure your computer is clean, that it runs properly, and that it is safe to use.

From additional and advanced features, BleachBit is very well known for working with almost any browser out there to “vacuum” it out and ensure that the browser isn’t slowing your computer down.

Also, if you are skilled enough, you can take advantage of BleachBit’s command-line interface that allows you to script and automate some of its features. For example, you can even write your cleaning feature, if you are skilled enough, with the help of BleachBit.


With the proper cleaning and optimization, CCleaner comes with plenty of advanced and additional features that can help improve your computer’s condition.

CCleaner runs a PC health check that recommends quick fixes, and it can even automatically tune up your computer according to these tips to ensure your computer always runs smoothly.

One of the greatest of CCleaner’s abilities is the 1-click update which can update all your drivers and software to close a possible security breach and ensure that older versions aren’t slowing your computer down.

Also, CCleaner allows you to focus on many important aspects of your computer, such as start-up programs and apps, and even your browser’s health to ensure your computer is optimized.

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BleachBit is a pretty minimalistic software without many advanced features. On the other hand, CCleaner is a complete suite of integrated tools that work together to ensure your computer is well optimized, which is why CCleaner wins this category.

Ease of Use


From the moment you download and install BleachBit, you won’t have to learn a single thing, yet you’ll be able to run the assessment (known as Preview inside the BleachBit).

After the Preview, you’ll be able to check all potential files BleachBit found for deletion. Then, you can take care of the recommended files and delete them via the press of a single button.

BleachBit’s interface looks decent, and it’s very easy to find your way around it, so it’s a user-friendly cleaner.


Even though CCleaner has many features packed inside one cleaner, it has a great dashboard that neatly includes all features and yet allows you to find your way around the cleaner with ease.

The main features are found in the left sidebar, from where the additional options pop up as you select the main feature.

With such a great navigational experience, there isn’t a learning curve, and you’ll be able to easily scan your computer, get recommended tips, and take action according to the advice to ensure your computer runs better.


Both BleachBit and CCleaner are very easy-to-use cleaning tools, and even though there’s a difference in the number of features, both tools are made to provide effortless use, which is why this category is a tie.

CCleaner vs BleachBit – Pricing


BleachBit is based on open-source code, and it is a completely free cleaning tool. There is no trial, pricing charts, or hidden fees or charges.

All you have to do is download BleachBit from the official website and you can take advantage of all of its features for free.

However, keep in mind that you can contribute if you feel BleachBit helped you out.


CCleaner has two different versions. The main version is a free version which is more than enough for personal use and home computers.

In the free version, you can get all features that can improve your computer’s speed along with the features that will protect your privacy.

In the paid version, CCleaner Professional, you will get automatic history clearing, junk guard, automatic updates, and priority support.

CCleaner Professional costs $29.37, but you can test it out for free using the free trial.

However, keep in mind that you will need to use CCleaner Business Edition if you would need CCleaner for business.

CCleaner Business Edition provides more business-oriented features such as data theft prevention, and you can try the Business Edition using a free trial.

After the trial, you can purchase CCleaner Business Edition for $33.19/year.


  • Both cleaners can be acquired for free
  • Both cleaners provide a very efficient file deletion process
  • Both cleaners are compatible with most standard files
  • Both cleaners can work well with browsers
  • Both cleaners are lightweight and easy to use


  • CCleaner isn’t completely free as it offers a paid version, while BleachBit is 100% free
  • BleachBit is based on open-source while CCleaner is not
  • CCleaner automates most of the processes while BleachBit doesn’t
  • CCleaner has a decent and active support system while BleachBit doesn’t
  • CCleaner provides more advanced features such as active threat monitoring, while BleachBit doesn’t have many advanced features

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BleachBit vs CCleaner – Pros and Cons

BleachBit Pros

  • It’s based on open-source and is completely free
  • Very powerful file shredding ability
  • Ideal for permanently deleting private files so they can’t be recovered
  • Portable version for Windows users that doesn’t require installation
  • Easy to use

BleachBit Cons

  • Limited number of built-in features
  • Doesn’t include threat monitoring
  • Doesn’t have a start-up optimizer
  • Weak privacy protection

CCleaner Pros

  • Combination of features that provide an instant speed boost to a computer
  • Advanced file deletion and decent file compatibility
  • Useful threat monitoring and privacy protection
  • Ability to work with multiple browsers to improve the speed
  • Ability to update software and drivers
  • Includes plenty of additional advanced features
  • Free version is pretty capable and efficient

CCleaner Cons

  • Free version includes a bundle of tools in the installation process that needs to be manually disabled

BleachBit vs CCleaner – Which is Better?

If you’re on a budget and need a very simple yet efficient cleaner, BleachBit fits the needs perfectly.

However, if you’re looking for more of an advanced option that still won’t cost you much (or won’t cost you anything), CCleaner is a much better option.

According to my review, CCleaner is a clear winner mostly because it offers more advanced features that are automated to work together and provide better benefits.

However, BleachBit is equitable in a couple of categories, so you should think of your needs and consider both tools before deciding, as the choice might depend on the smallest features that could change the way you improve your computer’s health.

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