30 Best Zoom Backgrounds For Interviews

Zoom is currently the most preferred video conferencing app especially when it comes to virtual interviews. 

The platform comes in handy when you’re preparing for a Zoom interview or you’re a recruiter who often takes virtual interviews.

Not all the time our homes and workspaces are neatly organized. When on Zoom, nobody wants to see a pile of laundry behind you, dishes scattered in the sink, or stationery scattered on the table. It’s very unprofessional and doesn’t speak well of you.

Thankfully, Zoom allows you to use backdrops to your virtual interviews to maintain a professional setting by blocking out the chaos of your daily life.

Just in case you’re confused about which background to use for your Zoom interview, I have compiled a list to help you out.

This guide lists 30 best Zoom backgrounds for interviews so, without much ado, let’s dive in!

Best Zoom Backgrounds For Interviews

1. Interior Office Decor – Best Zoom Background for Any kind of Interview

Interior Office Decor - Best Zoom Background for Any kind of Interview

Image from Samantha Gades via Unsplash

I love the simplicity of this background. It looks neat and organized and has everything needed for an ideal office – a reading lamp, wall clock, and a green plant.

If you are a recruiter, it gives off the impression that you’re in your office. And if you are an interviewee, there are chances that your potential hirer will think highly of you, especially at the effort you’ve made to own a home office.

You should just make sure that you dress the part and that your kids are far away from the room. This Zoom background works well for any kind of interview.

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2. Standing Bookshelf – Zoom Background for Writer or Publishing Related Interviews

Bookshelf - Best Zoom Background for Writer Interview

Image from Taylor via Unsplash

You should use this Zoom background if you’re interviewing for the position of writer in an organization.

Your home library may not be all that good-looking or in great shape in which case you can fall back on this photo.

Even researchers and lawyers can use it. It gives the impression that you read a lot. You can also use this Zoom background if you want to show how devoted you are to books and how intellectually sound you are.

3. Toy Backdrop – Zoom Background for Pre-school Interviews

Toy - Best Zoom Background for School Interview

Image from Rick Mason via Unsplash

Aside from corporate organizations, many schools rely on platforms such as Zoom to interact with students.

If you are interviewing for a teaching position in a preschool, this Zoom background for the interview goes well.

I love that it’s colorful and playful. Your recruiter should see how warm and welcoming you are with kids.

4. Airbnb

Airbnb - Best Zoom Background for Interview

Image from Andrea Davis via Unsplash

This Airbnb photo is one of the best Zoom backgrounds for your interviews. The outdoor and indoor scenery combination will add style and glamor to your interview.

It’s also a perfect choice if the interview date is slated during your vacation. You can quickly hop in from anywhere using this Zoom background.

Since there is a guitar at the far end of the room, the picture can serve you if you love music and the position you are currently interviewing for is related to music.

5. Lakeside House

Lakeside House - Zoom Background for Interview

Image from Skyler Ewing via Pexels

This is another great addition to your collection of worthy Zoom backgrounds for your interviews. In the picture, the houses are surrounded by trees and a river, depicting calm scenery.

It’s an awesome choice if you love nature and would love to showcase that aspect of your life to your recruiter. In addition to that, you can use the Zoom background if you live in the countryside.

6. Flying Parachute

Parachute - Zoom Background for Interview

Image from Vincentiu Solomon via Unsplash

If you want an image that will make you appear vibrant and adventurous to your potential recruiter, then this Zoom background will do the trick. The picture has someone parachuting.

It’s almost as if you are with the person, flying. The picture depicts freedom, free-spiritedness, and the courage to take risks.

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7. Motivational quotes from favorite public figures – Zoom Background for Conveying Beliefs in Interviews

Motivational quotes - Zoom Background for Interviews

Image from Hello I’m Nik via Unsplash

Virtual meetings are more of a visual medium, why not use words to convey your beliefs? This perfect quote by Zig Ziglar will boost your colleagues’ enthusiasm and keep them motivated.

As an interviewee, you’re indirectly telling your interviewer, “Yes, I’m attracted to success but I also accept that it’s not going to be a walk in the park. I am willing to put in the required work.

You can also use other quotes from your favorite authors and movies or simply create one for yourself. Remember, your quote says a lot about you.

8. Inspirational Quote – Zoom Background for Photographer or Videographer Interviews

Inspirational Quote - Zoom Background for Photographer Interview

Image from Cristofer Maximilian via Unsplash

Maybe you applied for the role of a photographer or a videographer. This Zoom background will serve you as it has a camera and a quote reinstating that you chose this path because of how talented and passionate you are about the craft.

Your employer will be happy and impressed to see this. It’s also a great Zoom background if you are the creative lead in a filmmaking or photography group.

The quote serves as a reminder to your team to never give up in their creative pursuit.

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9. Yoda From Star Wars

Yoda - Zoom Background for Interviews

Image from Connor Kelley via Pexels

If you want your Zoom background to appear more fun and entertaining, you can use this image of Yoda from Star Wars.

It’s also a perfect pick if Star Wars is one of your favorite movies and you admire the intelligence and maturity displayed by the small yet mighty Yoda.

10. Film Slate – Zoom Background for Film-Related Interviews

Film Slate - Zoom Background for Film Interviews

Image from Obregonia D. Toretto via Pexels

Preparing for the next film production?

Maybe you’re the director, cinematographer, editor, or simply a personal assistant, using a Zoom background of a film slate during an interview with the producer shows how ready and pumped you are to get to work.

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11. Heart Rate Monitor – Zoom Background for Medical Interviews

Heart Rate Monitor - Zoom Background for Medical Interview

Image from Anna Shvets via Pexels

This Zoom background is specially reserved for people in the medical field whether doctors, pharmacists, nurses, or medical researchers.

Since it’s a virtual interview and you don’t have the time to dress in your full medical outfit, you can simply use this image to set the tone for the interview.

The picture shows a heart rate monitor and a wall clock.

12. White and Black Calculator – Zoom Background for Accountant Interviews

Calculator - Zoom Background for Accountant Interview

Image from Katie Harp via Unsplash

This is another Zoom background you should add to your interview catalog, especially if you’re an accountant or in any profession where you constantly have to deal with numbers.

The image shows a calculator, a computer, and the number sign. You’ll be needing all these in your next accounting job. So, it’s safe to let your prospective employer know that you’re ready for the job.

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13. Computer Screen with Website Code – Zoom Background for Software Development Interviews

Computer Screen - Zoom Background for Software & programming Interview

Image from Safar Safarov via Unsplash

If you’re into software development including website building, this Zoom background is a good fit for your next virtual meeting. It shows the workstation of a developer.

14. Appreciation post – Zoom Background to convey appreciation

Appreciation - Zoom Background for Interviews

Image from Morvanic Lee via Unsplash

Your colleagues have probably been working on a task for days or weeks, and finally, you’re having your first meeting to solidify your work. A Zoom background like this shows that you appreciate them for their dedication and accomplishment.

I particularly love the simplicity of this picture and the “Thank you” carefully embedded on the gray background. If you want to add more style to the image, you can download it and use tools like Canva to include the team’s picture or name.

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15. Makeup Background – Zoom Background for Makeup artist Interviews

Makeup - Zoom Background for Makeup artist Interview

Image from Pesce Huang via Unsplash

This is a perfect Zoom background for your interview if you are a makeup artist or you own a cosmetic company. The picture displays some of the items needed for makeup application.

It’s also a colorful image; one that makes your Zoom meeting look more focused and professional.

16. Restaurant Background – Zoom Background for Restaurant Interviews

Restaurant - Zoom Background for hotel & restaurant Interview

Image from Tomas Martines via Unsplash

You will need this Zoom backdrop if you run a restaurant whether it’s a small, medium, or large business. It’s also an excellent pick if you’re interviewing to work in the food industry.

Or maybe it’s a casual interview with a prospective client and you both were supposed to be in person in a restaurant but had to settle for a virtual meeting. This picture gives off the vibe that you’re physically present at the restaurant.

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17. Astrology 

Astrology - Zoom Background for astrology related Interview

Image source Tokidoki

If you are a huge fan of astrology or Zodiac signs, you can show interest during your Zoom interview with this background. I love that the image is a bit personal and reveals your traits.

It’s also a good conversation starter because your interviewer asks you questions like your birth date and what your Zodiac sign says about your professional life.

18. Conference Room

Conference room - Zoom Background for any Interview

Image from Jose Losada via Unsplash

Just because a large percentage of your professional lifestyle has been confined to your home’s four walls doesn’t mean you can’t improvise.

This Zoom background adds professionalism to the interview process and makes it look more structured.

It’s also a great choice if there are multiple interviewers involved. The image gives the impression that you all are sitting in the conference room with the interviewee.

Recruiters too can use this.

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19. Modern Kitchen Background – Zoom Background for Hospitality Industry Related Interviews

Kitchen - Zoom Background for Hospitality Interview

Image from R Architecture via Unsplash

You might want to use this background for your Zoom interview if your services are needed in hospitality brands such as restaurants, cafeterias, or hotels.

Aside from depicting your value, it’s also very professional yet casual at the same time. For people whose skills don’t revolve around hospitality, this Zoom background makes your interview much more relaxing and comforting. It makes you feel at home.

I love how spacious yet minimal the image is. But you’re free to choose a modern kitchen background that showcases your taste.

20. Nature Background

Nature - Zoom Background for Interview

Image from Antoine Beauvillain via Unsplash

A Zoom background like this says a lot about your love for nature and wildlife. It also reveals a little bit of your personality.

Ordinarily, as a nature lover, you love peace, calmness, and are largely in tune with the universe. So, pick this backdrop when next you’re having a Zoom interview.

Somehow it might help to tune down the tension at the beginning of your interview. There’s every likelihood that the recruiter might be fascinated at the choice of your background and ask why you love being around nature.

Questions like that are perfect icebreakers.

21. Indoor Plant Zoom Background – Zoom Background for Creative Role Interviews

Indoor Plant - Zoom Background for Creative Role Interview

Image from Luisa Brimble via Unsplash

Indoor plants not only boost the general appearance of your space but also enhance moods and reduce stress. You can bring such a vibe with you on your following virtual interview. It will make you feel good and relaxed.

I particularly love the art displayed on the wall. The whole space looks creative. This image will be useful when interviewing for a creative role – whether as a writer, designer, photographer, or artist.

22. Gym Background – Zoom Background for Gym Instructor Interviews

Gym - Zoom Background for Gym & Fitness Interview

Image from Risen Wang via Unsplash

This is another excellent Zoom background for your next interview if you are a fitness enthusiast. An image of the gym also shows that you take your health seriously. And if you pay attention to your health, it increases your output at work.

Using this backdrop for your Zoom interview is also helpful if you applied to be a gym instructor. It can also come in handy if you are having a virtual fitness class.

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23. Yoga Background – Zoom Background For Interviews if You are Yoga Fan

Yoga - Zoom Background for Yoga Interview

Image from Jared Rice via Unsplash

This backdrop will work well if you are a yoga instructor or you are simply a yoga enthusiast. You can also use the image if this yoga pose is your favorite. It adds more color and creates a personal connection between you and your interviewer.

Seeing such background piques curiosity, especially if the position you applied for is health-related. It’s a good way to stand out from other interviewees.

24. Underwater Background

Underwater Zoom Background for Interview

Image from Jakub Dziubak via Unsplash

This Zoom backdrop is specially reserved for meeting attendees who love marine life and are fascinated by it. If you fall under this category, you can use this image to let everyone know just how much you love the ocean.

It could also be that you do a lot of water travels either because it’s your career or simply a hobby, so you should use this background in your next Zoom interview.

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25. Football Stadium Background – Zoom Background for Interviews if you are a Football Fan

Football - Zoom Background for Interview if you are football fan

Image from Jordan Rowland via Unsplash

This is one of the best Zoom backgrounds for your interviews especially if you are a sports or football fan. It’s an excellent way to show off your personality and your love for sports.

Naturally, sports thrive on teamwork. Hence, one of the core messages this image passes to your interviewer is, “I am a team player” which is a huge plus to you and might likely give you an edge over other applicants.

26. Law Gavel – Zoom Background for Law-Related Interviews

Law - Zoom Background for Legal Interview

Image from Tingey Injury Law Firm via Unsplash

I think it’s obvious why you should consider using this background for your next Zoom interview.

Since gavels are primarily used in courts of law to call for people’s attention, the image is a great choice if you are a lawyer, judge, or simply working in the justice system.

It conveys professionalism and focuses on the legal profession. You can also use the background if you are an interviewer and you want to let all your interviewees know how impartial your organization is and will certainly pick the right candidate for the job.

27. Fruit Background – Zoom Background for Dietician Interviews

Fruit - Zoom Background for Dietician Interview

Image from Bruna Branco via Unsplash

This is another best Zoom background for interviews if you are a dietician or work in the health and nutrition industry. I love how colorful and refreshing this backdrop looks.

It’s also a great choice if you applied to work in the creative industry.

28. Psychology Background – Zoom Background for Psychology Related Interviews

Psychology - Zoom Background for psychology Interview

Image from Bret Kavanaugh via Unsplash

What better way to convey your readiness to work and showcase your knowledge of psychology than by using this backdrop on your next Zoom interview? Because your work revolves around brain analysis, this image suits you perfectly.

I love the simplicity and uniqueness.

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29. Disney World

Disney - Zoom Background for Fun Interview

Image from Brian McGowan via Unsplash

Using a picture of the “happiest place on earth” as your background in your virtual interview speaks volumes about your personality. It reveals your easy-going, approachable, and fun nature.

Also, since Disney is known as a place where dreams come true, this image will work perfectly if you are an interviewer.

It signals to your potential employees that your organization or company invests a lot in young talents and allows them to fly as high as they want and accomplish their dreams.

Overall, it’s a welcoming backdrop for your next Zoom interview.

30. Multicolored Abstract Artwork

Abstract - Zoom Background for Interview

Image from Markus Spiske via Unsplash

There is something about artwork that enhances good vibes, inspiration, and creativity. It leaves us in awe while at the same time relaxing our minds.

If you want to elicit these emotions in your next Zoom interview, then you won’t go wrong with this artistic backdrop. I love that it’s multicolored, meaning several emotions can be unlocked.

This background is a good choice for creatives, especially painters or artists.


Best Zoom Backgrounds For Interviews – Wrapping Up

There you have it – the best Zoom backgrounds for interviews.

Your choice largely depends on your profession, your favorite hobbies, and whether you want to share a few of your traits with the recruiter.

Pick the one that suits you.

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