25+ Best Star Wars Zoom Backgrounds 2024

If your home isn’t conference call ready, you’re just tired of using the same old and boring background for your Zoom calls, or you’re an ardent follower or fan of Star Wars, I have collected the best Star Wars Zoom backgrounds that are currently available for download.

What better way to flaunt your love for your favorite sci-fi animation and entertain your audience while at it? Feel free to download any of the Star Wars Zoom backgrounds and take your conference calls far away into the galaxy.

To download the image, simply click on the image heading to open it at full resolution. Then, right-click on the image to save it to your computer or smartphone.

Without much ado, let’s get started.

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Best Star Wars Zoom Backgrounds

1. Asteroid Field

Show your colleagues or friends how audacious you are by taking a virtual trip to an asteroid field. Due to the many clusters and asteroid belts in the galaxy, this field is dangerous and difficult to navigate.

With this picture as your Zoom background, you’ll feel like you are in the galaxy enjoying the thrill and excitement that comes with taking the road less traveled.

2. Coruscant

Here is another Star Wars Zoom background for your meetings. This image takes you back to the vibrant city and capital of the galaxy with diverse cultures and people.

The city is adorned with beautiful gigantic skyscrapers including the Jedi Temple and Archives. You’ll feel like you are part of the historic events throughout the Clone Wars.

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3. Death Star (Control Room)

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to step foot on the Death Star? The space which is about the size of the moon contains powerful laser beams that can destroy and wipe out the entire planet.

Sure, this space represents evil and corruption, but you also can’t look past the domineering, influential, and energetic vibes it gives off. And truly, what is a better way to show off in a professional setting that you’re in control and can’t be easily swayed?

4. Tatooine

Using this image as your Zoom background takes you back to the fictional, beige-colored desert world and the notorious Jabba Palace.

Though the planet was desolate with little vegetation and housed several smugglers and criminals yet home to Shmi Skywalker and her son Anakin.

There is something inspiring about watching that duo fight through the struggles in a world that showcases “No hope”. Maybe you need such inspiration and motivation to keep going.

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5. Starkiller Base

Transport yourself to the deadly weapon built into the llum planet by the First Order; a weapon that draws its energy from the stars.

It represents a technological advancement towards power and you could use the same backdrop for your Zoom meetings.

6. Millennium Falcon

If you have been dreaming of stepping into the Millennium Falcon, the fastest ship in the galaxy, you should consider using this image as your background during Zoom meetings.

Aside from being the fastest vehicle in the Star Wars universe, it was also one of the safest harbors. It also contributed massively towards the victories secured by the Rebel Alliance during the Galactic Civil War.

Using this Zoom background and inserting yourself into the “fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” will leave you feeling like a hero.

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7. Lightspeed

What better way to travel with the speed of light than using a Lightspeed image from Star Wars?

As we all know, Lightspeed is a slang term that represents how spaceships in Star Wars traveled great distances in a very short time. You cannot go wrong with this background. It’s simple, perfectly framed, and easily identifiable.

8. Jakku

This background takes you back to Jakku, the desert and remote planet in the Star Wars galaxy. There is a yellow-white sun that stands in the middle of the Jakku system.

Though the planet was considered lawless and unwelcoming, it was the place that birthed lots of important events that later shaped galactic history.

Making this image your Zoom background is also a way to show your love for Rey if she was your favorite character.

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9. The Emperor’s Throne On Exegol

For those of you who would love to showcase that they are the head or ruler of a meeting, try out this image of the Emperor’s Throne on Exegol.

This throne contains Darth Sidious and the Galactic Emperor’s room.

Its frightful appearance is for a reason – to intimidate those who entered it. So, go ahead and announce your dominating presence with this image as your Zoom background.

10. Death Star Ruins

Virtually visit the ruins of the second Death Star with this background. The image, eroded and waterlogged at the ocean, is filled with tons of debris including the remains of the Emperor’s Throne Room.

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11. Cloud City

This Zoom background lets you step into one of the most popular and historic landmarks on the Star Wars planet.

Cloud City, which floats above the surface of Bespin planet, stands out and remains the most desired destination because it’s not like other places that feature deserts, cold metal ships, and spaces.

I love how this image carries a sophisticated feel and sets you in the Cloud City Vista.

12. Hoth

What could be more adrenaline-pumping than heading to the remote and snowy Hoth island during your Zoom meetings?

This world of snow and ice houses the Rebel Alliance’s secret Echo Base and is surrounded by deadly creatures and lots of moons.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to step into natural caves and see dangerous creatures, here is your chance.

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13. Imperial Star Destroyer Bridge

The Imperial Star Destroyer Bridge is also another great background to steal from your favorite sci-fi movie, Star Wars.

This bridge represents the Empire’s power and was used by the First Order, Galactic Empire, Galactic Republic, and even the Sith Eternal.

Just one look at the control room, you’ll agree with me that this image is the perfect pick for people who would love to announce that they are in charge during meetings.

14. Pasaana

Virtually transport yourself to the famous Pasaana desert, the terrestrial planet, and the homeland of the Aki-Ski species. This image gives off a nostalgic feeling that you are part of the mission to Pasaana.

You’re surrounded by mountains, caves, huts, and tents. Rey visited this planet at the start of the Rise of Skywalker. It’s also the site where the battle between the First Order and the Resistance took place.

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15. Baby Yoda

Hop into your Zoom conference call with cute Baby Yoda, the latest addition to the Star Wars planet.

This image reminds you of seemingly little and helpless children who exude power and force at the same time.

Though Baby Yoda may appear to be unsafe, he can perfectly navigate on his own, even surpassing your expectations. He carries things 10 times his size, creates a shield, and heals.

Take him along with you on your calls and maybe you’ll exceed your colleagues’ expectations.

16. Rebel Base

This image created with a minimalist design has everything you need to kick start your Zoom conference call.

With the retro workstation, well-rounded tables, and LED grid panels, your virtual office is all set.

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17. Resistance Base

A picture of the Resistance Base is a great background option for your Zoom meetings. The base located under the surface of D’Qar was the site used to plan Starkiller Base’s assault.

It took Organa six years to build the base after her frequent protest against the Military Disarmament Act was disregarded as paranoia, and her warnings about the First order were misinterpreted as warmongering.

This base has everything needed to resist and combat the threat of a full war in the galaxy and can be the next location for your virtual meeting.

18. Mustafar

A virtual trip to the fiery hellscape in the Outer Rim isn’t such a bad idea. This was where Obi-Wan Kenobi defeated Jedi Anakin Skywalker, and the Jedi was severely burned and mutilated.

This planet carries with it lots of unique and valuable minerals. At the same time, it’s dangerous and uninhabitable due to the lava pits and rivers.

People who live there have burly and tough bodies that can withstand intense heat. Using this background in your Zoom meetings, you could subtly be showing off your tough self, reinstating that no matter the pressure mounted on you, you’ll face it head-on.

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19. Galactic Senate

Having your virtual meeting from the Galactic Senate could be a dream come true for a lot of us.

The same place was filled by senators from several Republic member planets of the galaxy and headed by the Supreme Chancellor elected by the representatives.

The Republic’s rules and regulations including disputes between two worlds were settled here.

With the caliber of people that entered the Galactic Senate, you’ll agree with me that this picture speaks volumes and represents nobility, justice, and fairness.

Use this background next time you’re in a Zoom meeting where new policies are being deliberated upon or disputes settled.

20. Kamino

If you enjoy solitude and love keeping to yourself even while with colleagues at work, you should try out this Zoom background. This is a picture of Kamino, the popular remote yet inhospitable planet in Star Wars.

The planet witnessed an extensive rainy season and on top of it was covered in oceans. People hardly visit there.

Due to the nature of the planet, the Kaminoans survived by staying out of reach from nearby worlds. They cloned themselves for survival.

This background takes you back to their world where isolation was the order of the day.

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21. Inflictor

For your next Zoom conference call, consider taking a virtual trip to this sandy planet where Inflictor, the Imperial-class Star Destroyer, crash-landed.

The crash happened during the Battle of Jakku between the New Republic and the Galactic Empire.

After the crash, Inflictor remained there for more than 30 years and became the new habitant for squatters who fought everyone that tried to step into their territory.

22. Ahch-To

If you adore Luke Skywalker and love the sight of beautiful vegetation, this is the best background for your next virtual meetings. This is Ahch-To, the planet mostly covered in water and green trees.

The Jedi Order was also founded on this planet by Prime Jedi. However, three decades after the Galactic War, Luke Skywalker’s nephew, Ben Solo destroyed the upcoming generation of Jedi.

Out of anger, Luke retreated and went on a self-imposed exile to Ahch-To. He intended to spend the rest of his life there until Rey showed up.

This image captures both of them on the island and can be the next virtual location for your Zoom meeting.

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23. Jedi High Council

When you find yourself amid 12 wise men, expect to make knowledgeable contributions during your virtual meetings. This is an image of the Jedi High Council otherwise known as the Jedi Council.

Headquartered in the Jedi Grand Temple, the council is made up of 12 Jedi Masters whose role was to govern the Jedi Order. They worked closely with the Galactic Senate to maintain justice and peace in the Galactic Republic.

They enforced the Jedi Code and handpicked its members including the Master of the Order.

The Jedi High Council speaks volumes about wisdom and leadership and would send the same vibes to your colleagues when you use the image as a background during your Zoom conference calls.

24. Palace of the Jedi

Your next virtual meeting could be at the Palace of the Jedi otherwise known as the Jedi Temple.

It was the headquarters of the Jedi Order and was home to extensive training, and bureaucratic and dormitory amenities.

Since this temple was a school and was also used for intense training, it would make sense to even have all participants in a Zoom meeting switch to this background. That way, everyone will know that it’s serious business.

You can also use this Star Wars background as a way of honoring the Jedi generation.

The generation was wiped out after an attack was launched at the Palace of the Jedi by Darth Vader.

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25. Yoda Training

Step into one of Yoda’s training with this picture as your Zoom background. If you’ve always admired his training, and the force, power, and wisdom it carries, you will feel the same energy with this image.

It captures the time when Yoda was training Luke Skywalker on his planet, Dagobah. Despite his small stature, Yoda was revered for his wisdom and power and was described as Obi-Wan’s mentor.

If your organization is hosting a virtual training, you should consider using this image as your background to be in the same zone as though you are receiving training from Yoda.

26. Imperial Throne Room

As the group head or company top executive chairing your organization’s Zoom meeting, you can use this image as your background. This is where Galactic Emperor Palpatine, the ruler of the Galactic Empire, resided.

He usually summoned his trusted agents to the room. So, if your meeting is between the core heads of departments in your organization, then this image fits really well. The room is vast enough and has a dais and two large windows.

27. Death Star

This is an image of the Death Star, a moon-sized gargantuan space station, powerful enough to destroy an entire planet.

Remember that the space was built to let Emperor Palpatine control the Galactic Empire directly through fear.

We certainly can’t take away the domineering and authoritative feel this image adds to your Zoom meetings.

28. Dagobah

Wouldn’t it make sense to have your next Zoom conference call right from Yoda’s home, Dagobah? From this picture, you will see that the area is swampy and covered with mysterious reptiles and aquatic creatures.

Though the planet was devoid of civilization, it was bubbling with life. Take the Jedi Master along with you to your virtual meeting with this background image.

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Final Word

Depending on your mood, favorite character, or place, these images are great backgrounds for your Zoom meetings.

You can easily dial in from the beautiful Cloud City, the dreadful Hoth, the Emperor’s Throne on Exegol, or even from the vibrant Coruscant city.

Feel free to download any of the Star Wars images and use them as your Zoom background.

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