How To Win Every Kahoot Game?

Kahoot is a game-based learning platform that allows users to create quizzes and trivia questions on a specific topic and share it with others.

It’s one of the most popular apps for classrooms. It has proven to be a great way to get students excited about learning and it helps teachers track what they’re learning and how they’re mastering concepts.

But here’s the thing: Kahoot can be a very tricky game. Sometimes it’s hard to figure out the right answer to a question, and sometimes the timer runs out before you’ve even had a chance to look down at your device.

The good news is that there are certain strategies that can help you get ahead of the competition and make sure you don’t lose any other Kahoot game.

In this article, we’ll share some of the best tips and techniques you can follow to consistently answer every question correctly, beat your opponents quickly, and win the game every time.

8 Ways to Win Every Kahoot Game

Image from Kahoot website

1. Know the topic inside out

The first and most important thing to remember is that Kahoot games are all about knowing the material you’re playing.

This means knowing all of the facts and figures, as well as all of the key terms and definitions. If there are any concepts that aren’t defined in your textbook or notes, then look them up on Google!

If possible, try to find some real-world examples that illustrate each term so that you can really understand what it means in context. This will help you remember it later on when someone asks about it on Kahoot.

Additionally, if there are any tricky concepts or ideas in your topic (like physics), then try making flashcards with each one on one side and an explanation on the other side. Then, when you’re studying the material at home, quiz yourself.

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Image from NASA’s Webb Space Kahoot game

2. Get familiar with the game rules

Kahoot games are often pretty straightforward, but it can be easy to get confused if you’re playing for the first time. That’s why it’s helpful to understand the game’s rules. This will also help you make smarter strategic decisions.

In general, like any trivia game, your score is based on how many questions you answer correctly, but it also depends on how long it takes you to get those answers correct.

Now, there are other specific rules that depend entirely on what kind of game it is and the number of players.

You can find out about the rules for any given game by clicking on “How to play” under the image of the game, reading them on the Kahoot website, or looking at their handout if one was distributed before class.

Once you’ve reviewed these resources, think about how they might affect which strategy would work best for this particular game.

For example, if one team member has more time than others but there are no multipliers for them in this particular round of play, then it might make sense for them to take longer to answer questions than everyone else.

This way, other members have more time left over when their turn comes around again.

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3. Answer each question as fast as you can

Image from Julia M. Cameron via Pexels

In Kahoot games, speed is more important than anything else. That means you need to move quickly, and make sure you’re answering questions before other people can get them right in order to earn more points and move up on the leaderboard.

In addition, if your team’s speed is fast enough, it can help your team earn bonus points at the end of the game.

So, if you’re struggling with a question, don’t spend too much time on it – just move on and let someone else take their shot.

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4. Make sure your Internet connection is reliable

There’s nothing worse than going into a Kahoot game with a solid strategy, only to have your internet connection cut out.

First things first: make sure you have an excellent internet connection.

If you’re playing on a mobile device, it’s especially important that you test your connection beforehand by opening up your browser and loading various websites.

If there are any issues with loading speed or connectivity, use WiFi until you’ve fixed the problem.

If you’re playing on a computer, make sure there are no other devices connected to the same network. This can cause interference with your connection.

You may also want to consider using wired rather than wireless networking, though this is generally only an issue if you play from an area with poor reception or multiple users (such as a dorm room).

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Image from Julia M. Cameron via Pexels

5. Cut out distractions

You need to manage your self-control if you want to win at Kahoot. It’s hard not to watch other players, but it’s important to focus on your own performance and keep your eyes on the screen and not on what others are doing.

Also, if you’re playing on a team and everyone starts yelling out what they think is the correct answer, don’t pay attention. Instead, pick your own answer and move on as though no one had said anything at all.

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6. Keep the Kahoot web page open in another tab

For those who want to win every game, no matter what it takes, it’s as simple as keeping the Kahoot website open in another tab.

No matter what device you’re playing Kahoot on, whether it’s your phone or computer, you just need to open two different browser tabs: one for the game and one for Kahoot’s official website.

You can open a private browsing window in Chrome by holding the Ctrl+Shift+N on your keyboard at the same time. That way, when you’re playing a game and someone answers correctly first, instead of having to wait for the timer to reset before you can respond again, you can just click on that second tab and respond.

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7. Use a Chrome extension

Image from Kahoot AI extension via Chrome Web Store

There are several Chrome extensions that allow you to customize your Kahoot games in many different ways and get an edge over your competition. Here are a few great options:

  • Kahoot Keys: With this extension, you don’t need to use your mouse to click on Kahoot’s buttons. Instead, you can use the first four numeric keys on your keyboard to answer each question.
  • Kahoot, Quicker: This is very similar to the previous extension, except that instead of using numbers, you can improve your response time by using the Q, W, E, and R keys on your keyboard.

Kahoot, Quicker also creates an overlay over your screen that shows you which keys are associated with each option.

  • Kahoot AI: This is for those of you who don’t mind bending the rules a little bit. It allows you to automatically google the answer to any question within a Kahoot quiz with just one click of a button.
  • Kahoot – Remove Illegitimate Players v0.2.1: This Chrome extension isn’t focused on helping you win, but on getting rid of those pesky robot players who cheat by using hack bots, which ultimately can help you win more often.

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8. Play in Teach mode

Image from NASA’s Webb Space Kahoot game

Honest players won’t like this option, but it’s another way of winning every game if you don’t like competition.

Once you’re in the game, hover over the menu icon in the top left of your screen and then click on “General.”

Scroll down to the “Teach” section, and toggle on: “Show questions and answers on players’ devices.”

While playing in this mode, you’ll be able to see all the answers to the questions asked in the game. This way, you can choose your own strategy and beat your opponent with it.

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Can you win Kahoot games using hack bots?

Hack bots are programs that automatically answer questions without you having to click or type anything. They’re often used by players who want to cheat in order to win, but there are plenty of reasons why this isn’t a good idea.

First, there’s a chance that you’ll get caught cheating and get banned from the game. It’s pretty easy for game admins to spot a bot user if they know the signs.

Second, they can be dangerous for your computer. Most of them come with viruses, spam, malware, and other security threats, so if you use them you could end up bringing down your entire system.

Finally, the websites where you download them often work by selling your private information to third parties like ad trackers without your knowledge or consent.

Bonus Tips

1. Be strategic about when to play: Kahoot games are short, usually between one and three minutes, so if you don’t have time to answer all the questions, or if your team needs more points than there are available questions, wait until later in the game to join.

This way, other people will have had their chance at answering the questions first, so there will be more opportunities for points available when yours come up!

2. Keep an eye on the Kahoot leaderboard. This will allow you to see what other teams are doing wrong or right.

You can also use this information later on in the game when there is an opportunity for getting extra points for an activity that has been unlocked.

3. Ask your teammates for hints. Try to reach out to the teammate with the highest score. They might know the answer already.


It’s hard to win every Kahoot game.

It takes a lot of skill and practice to get through each one without missing any questions, and if you’re still in the “learning stage” where you’re trying different approaches until you find what works best for you, it might be a while before you reach that point of mastery.

In the meantime, you can follow the steps we’ve laid out above to help yourself along the way.

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