15 Best World Of Solitaire Alternatives

World of Solitaire has been a home for hardcore Solitaire fans since 2007 even after everyone who played the game to pass the time moved to social media.

For good reason, more than 200,000 players flock to the free online Solitaire website every day. It’s a game that works. There are no downloads necessary, no intrusive ads, and the gameplay is smooth and straightforward.

There are 125 solitaire games, including Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell. You can even personalize it by customizing the deck and background. I mean, what’s not to love?

It turns out you can’t please everyone, and no game platform is perfect. Some people just want an alternative. It could be because of the limited solitaire variations or the dated interface.

Thankfully, the Solitaire (developer) fanbase is quite large, and many alternatives are available. I’ve sifted through the junk to bring you the best 15 World of Solitaire alternatives.

Let’s play.

Best World of Solitaire Alternatives

1. Solitaired

The ability to simply open the website and start playing is one of the qualities that makes World of Solitaire a fan favorite. If you only wish to play a round of Solitaire to pass the time, you can just jump right into it without needing to set up the game.

Solitaired has the same quality, and this design principle shapes every other aspect of the Solitaire website. The default game is Klondike Turn One, but you can easily switch to the more popular Turn Three with one tap of a button at the top of the deck.

So is every other button you might need during gameplay. Undo, Redo, New Game, and even a Hint button that highlights the right card to play are all accessible at the top of the screen.

More significantly, Solitaired has a fresher design for those bored of World of Solitaire’s dated interface. Granted, it has ads, but they don’t ruin the gaming experience, and ad-blockers work.

It is also customizable, with multiple card designs, and if you sign up, you can track your local and global game stats.

2. Online Solitaire

Online Solitaire has all the features you would expect at the minimum for anyone looking for a World of Solitaire alternative.

Startup game, free with non-intrusive ads, easily accessible game buttons, robust settings, and customizable design. It doesn’t have as many Solitaire variations as WoS, but it has all the popular ones and makes up for it in other ways.

For instance, the game is available as an app on all the major platforms—Mac, Windows, Android, Linux, and iOS. Online Solitaire might be for you if you want a World of Solitaire alternative because you don’t want to keep firing up your browser to play.

And if you don’t mind playing on browsers, the game has been optimized for all screen sizes. You can play on your smartphone and tablet without repeated manual adjustments.

Also, for the super fan, Online Solitaire has a free solitaire game widget generator you can embed in your website if you have one. This nifty feature lets other people play Solitaire on your website.

It is ad-free, works on WordPress and other CMS platforms, and you can customize it to match your website’s brand.

3. Solitaire Planet

Solitaire Planet is a colorful alternative to World of Solitaire, available as an app on multiple devices. It works on iOS, Windows, Android, Mac and is a good option for anyone who wants to play outside a browser.

One significant advantage of this Solitaire platform is support for older operating systems, especially Windows laptops. Though Windows laptops still have the pre-installed solitaire app, the game is clunky.

You can install Solitaire Planet on your Windows 8, 7, and XP devices. In return, you get over 200 variations of solitaire, from obscure versions like Australian Patience to popular ones like 2 Suits Spider.

If you wish to play less popular variations, Solitaire Planet has visual aids that teach you how to build the card piles. There is also a Hint button that highlights playable cards, and there’s a statistics view to track how you’re doing.

Since it’s an app, your game saves automatically, so you can close it without notice and resume at your convenience without losing your progress.

4. Solitaire FRVR

When you visit the Solitaire FRVR website, the first thing that jumps out is the uncluttered nature of the game platform. It is inviting to anyone who wants to kill time with a round or two of solitaire.

The plain-style design isn’t limited to the interface either. This solitaire platform has no bells and whistles. No statistics. No card or deck customization. No victory images or elaborate settings.

It is perfect for anyone who wants a simple solitaire game without drama. In fact, it only offers the Klondike Turn 3 and a setting that allows you to draw three cards from the stock.

There are only two buttons on the page: an undo button to fix mistakes and a hamburger button that opens game actions like New Game, Restart Game, and How to play.

The How to Play page opens in a new tab, so you don’t lose your game progress to learn the rules.

Unlike World of Solitaire, there are no global stats or leaderboards. But you can store your game progress by logging in with your Facebook account.

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5. Classic Solitaire

Multiple free online solitaire websites have adapted to the times and improved the quality of their interface to meet modern standards. But if you prefer an old-school look, similar to when many of us fell in love with the game, try Classic Solitaire.

In a good way, the website’s visual design is more dated than World of Solitaire and transports you to your childhood years in one click.

Under the nostalgic look is a series of modern features. The startup game is Klondike, but you can choose 19 other variations, all accessible by scrolling down the page.

Other important information, such as detailed instructions on how to play, is also available on the page. You don’t have to open another tab to learn the rules.

A popular feature in World of Solitaire is the score counter and timer. Classic Solitaire has them too. Competitive players can keep track of their performance and beat their best score.

If you are tired of the classic look, you can choose a different card style, but you can’t design your own. However, there are several options to pick from.

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6. Cardgames.io

Cardgames is a simple website where you can play Klondike Solitaire. The interface is easy to use, and all the relevant buttons are in view.

The Statistics section tracks your performances across metrics like Fewest Moves used, Game Played and Won, and Longest Game.

Under Options, you can choose to flip one card or three, use a simple deck, and even auto-finish games.

The website relies on ads, but they are not a nuisance, and you can block them with standard ad-blockers.

But none of these are what truly make Cardgames a great World of Solitaire. That’s down to its multi-game platform.

With Card Games, there are different card and board games to play, such as Backgammon, Checkers, Hearts, and even Chess. So if you are ever tired of playing solitaire or want a taste of OG windows games, Cardgames is a one-stop-shop.

When you’ve played them to your satisfaction, you can return to solitaire and continue your game without losing your progress. Your statistics are stored in your browser, and there is no need to login to the site.

7. Google Solitaire

Try Google Solitaire if you want a no-frills version of the game. It is a streamlined version of World of Solitaire, with zero ads, no login necessary, and light features to control gameplay.

The cards have little Google logos on the back, and the game interface has a timer and score counter.

There are two game buttons: the undo button to undo your moves and a ‘New’ button to start a new game. Its only game setting is a button to turn off the sound.

A particularly nice feature is the ability to set the difficulty level. You can play in easy or hard mode on those days you want to push your brain.

Furthermore, because it is Google, you only need to enter ‘solitaire’ in the search box. The game will pop out as a card in the search result.

You can hit play to play the minimized version or tap the card to open the full-screen version of the game.

The search also works on the Google Search app on your mobile device, so no app installation is necessary.

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8. 247 Solitaire

247 Solitaire is a free online World of Solitaire alternative that comes with a modern website look and multiple solitaire variations.

Its roster of solitaire games includes popular versions like 1 and 3 Card Klondike, Spider 2 and 4 Suit, and niche ones like Spider Solitaire and Yukon Solitaire.

The website doesn’t have ads, and the game design looks like a poker deck, giving it a fun, exciting vibe. The lack of ads means the game area covers the entire screen, making it a more immersive experience.

The game buttons are below the deck at the center of the screen. Because the website is optimized for different screens, they are easy to reach, whatever the size of your device.

Also, 247 Solitaire uses cookies to record your game statistics. There’s no need to create an account with your email, unlike World of Solitaire. For extremely privacy-conscious people, this is a big plus.

Finally, 247 Solitaire is primarily for solitaire, but you can play other card and board games too. It has Sudoku, Backgammon, and casino games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Slots.

9. Solitr

Solitr is a World of Solitaire alternative for players who want to play the game without any fanfare. The game is free, with limited ads in the right-side banner space. Even if you don’t use an adblocker, you can still play without distraction or frustration.

Its primary solitaire variation is Klondike Solitaire, although Solitr does let you pick between Turn 1 and Turn 3. The setting is accessible via an Options button, where you can also choose if you prefer to play without displaying your score.

The undo button is at the top of the screen, which is fine if you play on a desktop or tablet. On a smartphone though, you might find it too high.

Regardless, that’s a minor bump in what makes Solitr one of the better World of Solitaire alternatives out there.

It is a simple website that allows you to play a round or two of solitaire at launch. There are no distracting bells and whistles. Even the cards have a standard look.

Solitr also has Spider solitaire, with suits 2 and 4. And if you wish to try your hands at other games, there is Mahjong and Sudoku. All three game modes are accessible from a tab at the top of the website.

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10. BVS Solitaire Collection

BVS Solitaire Collection is not free, but don’t skip yet. It is an excellent World of Solitaire alternative for dedicated players who want a reliable, well-designed solitaire platform.

One, it is an app available on iOS devices, Mac OS, and Windows. This is worth considering if you want a solitaire platform that doesn’t require firing up your browser.

Two, it has a high-quality collection of 290 solitaire games. The popular, the obscure, the challenging solitaire games in the world are all here. You can play as many rounds of solitaire as you want till you are blue in the face.

Even better, you can change the game’s rules and create your own unique solitaire variations.

As for gameplay, BVS Solitaire is easy to play as a beginner or experienced player. There is unlimited undo/redo, and you can move cards with a single tap and the standard drag and drop.

Finally, it has right and left-handed layouts. This convenient feature lets you play regardless of your position or dominant hand. Is it worth the $19.95 price? I believe so, but you can use the 30-day free trial to find out.

 11. Arkadium

World of Solitaire, while slightly dated, has a fancy design. It does the job adequately if you like your game environment colorful, between the defaults and the customization options.

However, Arkadium takes things to a higher level. The game thumbnail is playful, with a casino-like design. The deck has a bright green background, and the cards, while default, have a Tally-Ho Circle Back design.

The website itself is home to multiple card, board, word, and strategy games. It’s a platform where you would find Chess, 5 Roll, Family Feud, and Scrabble on the same page.

Arkadium’s solitaire collection is the exact one that comes installed on Microsoft Windows, and all of them are available for free.

You have to sign up with your email, but it saves game statistics, and there is a global leaderboard to compare your plays against hundreds of players.

That said, all of this solitaire joy is surrounded by ad banners, including a video ad you can skip before starting the game. Still, it is nothing a simple ad-blocker cannot fix.

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12. SolitaireApp (MobilityWare)

If you are looking for a perfect replacement for World of Solitaire, Solitaire App by MobilityWare is the answer.

It has everything that makes WoS a popular destination for solitaire players. High-range game and card customization, smooth gameplay, game statistics, and leaderboard.

Beyond that, it is also very beginner-friendly. The online game has unlimited hints, and the default card design is inviting. Suppose you’ve got a friend or family member you wish to indoctrinate in solitaire. In that case, Solitaire by MobilityWare should do the job.

But SolitaireApp’s most significant qualification as one of the best World of Solitaire alternatives is its mobile app. Alongside the online version, it also has Android and iOS apps.

You can play offline with random card deals and against other players in multiplayer mode using the app. There are also daily challenges that earn you a crown when you solve them.

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13. Solitaire Pets Adventure

Solitaire Pets Adventure is not browser-based. Rather, it is an app available on Android and Apple devices. It’s a serious endeavor and part of the game publisher, SciPlay’s roster of online games. So, there is regular support if you need it.

Beyond that, it is a unique take on solitaire designed for children but is still enjoyable for adults. It combines Klondike solitaire with special missions and huge rewards. You rescue the pets by solving the puzzle.

Additional fun incentives include Surprise Cards, Blessing Cards, and boosters that improve the solitaire game experience.

Along the way, you win boosters, pet toys, free tickets, and more. If you want to add another dimension to your solitaire experience, Solitaire Pets Adventure is a good World of Solitaire alternative to consider.

Lastly, it is free to play with zero ads, but some in-game purchases are necessary for an expansive adventure.

In all, Solitaire Pets Adventure is a great game to introduce your kids to the world of solitaire.

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14. Solitaire.com

Solitaire.com is a game collection website akin to Arkadium. Solitaire is its primary focus, but it has plenty of other games, too—something it has over World of Solitaire, which only has solitaire games.

It is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Dutch, French, and Portuguese. If you are non-English or learning a new language, you can enjoy a round of solitaire while practicing.

Solitaire is free but supported with ads that are not in the gamefield. You can also donate to the publishers.

Beyond that, the gameplay is not that different from World of Solitaire. It is smooth, has a few keys on-screen, score, and time counter, with undo and help buttons. Solitaire does not have single-tap card movement, but it does have drag and drop.

Also, your game statistics, but if you play different types of solitaire, you can favorite them. This makes them easy to find the next time you open the website. The website uses anonymous cookies rather than your email to identify you.

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15. NetSolitaire

Rounding up the list is NetSolitaire. It is a return to the clean, limited-frills design of World of Solitaire. In fact, in most ways that matter, it is a carbon copy of the popular solitaire game platform.

There are multiple variations to choose from, most of which are well-known. But NetSolitaire doesn’t just have a list to choose from like WoS. It gives you a choice when you open the website.

Each variation’s design has a tilted thumbnail. When you are in a curious mood, you know what the game looks like before you select it.

The gamefield has all the relevant buttons: New Game, Undo, Hint, Score counter, and Timer. There is also a Games button when you want to try another game type, making it easier to pop in and out of games without having to switch tabs.

On top of that, NetSolitaire records your statistics with cookies, and you can customize the game’s appearance. This includes the card set, back, and background.

There is also a help button with detailed information on each game with rules and strategy.

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The Best World of Solitaire Alternative is…

Solitaired and SolitaireApp. If you merely want an online game that improves on World of Solitaire’s design and gamefield experience, Solitaired is the best alternative.

The interface, which supports fullscreen, is cleaner and modern. You can customize everything from the background to the card set to your heart’s content. It is even possible to make your own cards.

However, if you want an app version that enables you to play without an internet connection, I recommend SolitaireApp. It works on Android and iOS devices, and the design is beginner and expert friendly.

Plus, the daily challenges keep you engaged, and you can play alone or with friends and solitaire players around the world. I mean, it is hard to beat that.

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