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If you’re up for intriguing fun and creativity, has it all. Being a creation of Neal Agarwal, this site is for anyone with a lot of time on their hands. It offers a myriad of interactive experiences, from wacky to educational.

Feel like scrolling through a visual representation of the deep ocean? Or are you passionate about drawing logos or fueling your curiosity about space exploration? Then you just found your ideal adventure at presents itself as a simple website, but its level of engagement is beyond anyone’s imagination. It has various sections to interact with intuitively without getting bored. The site is clean, with only the content users need to keep the fun rolling.

Read on as I explore this amazing site’s history, reviews, and alternatives to understand why I’m always drawn to it every time I feel like spending Bill Gates Money or drawing an island.

The History of

Neal Agarwal, a software engineer and designer based in San Francisco, developed to showcase his interactive and creative web-based projects.

He began his career at Microsoft, where he contributed to Bing and OneDrive. In 2018, Neal launched this side project with the aim of creating a website with fun projects.

The site became popular, gathering attention as a popular place for engaging online activities. His most successful projects are “The Deep Sea” and “The Size of Space” which help users explore sea depths and the universe respectively.

He delved into creative coding when he was just ten years old. His goal was to share his flash games with the world.

The first website Neal came up with used the WYSIWYG editor to design. Later he learned basic CSS and HTML to scale up the site’s feature set.

When he discovered Scratch one year later, Neal decided to focus on gaining more knowledge of programming concepts. That’s when he started creating and publishing small, complex games.

In the end, Neal realized his passion for coding and started learning Javascript. His websites are meant to entertain, inform, and educate people in various areas.

According to Product Hunt, one of Neal’s projects, “The Deep Sea” is utilized in classrooms and even exhibitions and museums. This section lets people know what the deepest ocean contains.

Ultimately, Neal’s work demonstrates the potential of experimentation on the internet, granting him recognition within both tech and design circles for his innovative projects.

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Why is Fun?

All projects at are designed to entertain, educate, and inform. But there are some which are incredibly fun to explore, like my favorite; Absurd Trolley Problems. This one lets you practically make life-or-death decisions. You get to decide who to save and prevent them from getting run over by a train.

Absurd Trolley Problems gives you two choices; to pull the lever and divert the tram and kill one person instead of five, or let them all die. As you advance to higher levels of the game, you are forced to make weirder and more difficult decisions.

Life Stats is another one of Neal Agarwal’s fun projects. It lets you explore events from a specific time in history. The most interesting part of Life Stats is when you’re asked to input your date of birth and know the number of red blood cells you’ve generated since you were born. You’ll also learn the number of times the earth has rotated around the sun.

Without a doubt, is really fun and deserves a slot in your bookmarks. You can never run out of projects that get your brain working.

How Works? is one of the websites with the simplest, user-friendly interfaces. On opening the site, you’ll find thumbnails of various projects to choose from.

Whether you want to explore the Asteroid Launcher, The Deep Sea, Spend Bill Gates’s Money, or delve into the scintillating Days Since Incident, the choice is yours. There’s absolutely nothing in the world that Neal Agarwal hasn’t thought of.

Keep scrolling down and will treat you to exotic fare to keep the fun going. All its entries have links to refer to, meaning your learning and exploration will go on with no end to the fun.

The perspective affords you is invaluable. Those little things you learn and enjoy make it all worthwhile. You should definitely check it out. Reviews has garnered many reviews, ratings, and followers from users.

On Product Hunt, this tiny website has collected 101 reviews, 2.4K upvotes, and 454 followers. The community reviewed the site, explaining clearly what they love about it and also suggested ways to improve it.

The overall ratings on Product Hunt are 4.8 out of 5. is rated highly for:

  • Ease of use
  • Intuitive design
  • Great feature set

According to Hindustan Times, is transforming data into addictive fun presented in small bites.

The media house describes as a simple website with 17 links and titles, with every one of them being a web experiment that educates, entertains, and tests the limits of data and its effects.

The author of the article, Rachel Lopez, points out that transforms big data into a game that even schools use to explain data to little scholars.

The review from the Scam Advisor website states that has a good trust score because it is 100% legit and secure.

The review is positive according to forty data sources checked online.

The positive highlights from Tranco point out that gets a lot of traffic and has a valid SSL certificate. The site’s owner has had the domain for many years.

Even DNSFilter ascertains that is safe. When checked for malware, Flashstart found none. Scam Advisor also highlighted that the site is also trusted by Trend Micro.

On the negative, Scam Advisor pointed out that the website is hiding the identity of those using the paid service.

On evaluation, MyWOT thought was a safe website. Its community reviews were interesting too. One user, enderbyte09, found it to be very safe and lots of fun after exploring tons of statistics and games. Alternatives is a hub of entertainment. You’ll find all sorts of games, discoveries, educational material, and other fun activities. It is an ideal cocktail to help you kill boredom as you learn new things.

But there are plenty of other websites offering something similar to users. I will explore them here.

1. Gross Science

Gross Science is an intriguing website that allows you to discover science. It has many interesting, strange, and funny facts on scientific matters including Astronomy, Biology, Math, Chemistry, and Physics.

If you have kids with a passion for food, insects, and plant matter, take them to Gross Science and they will learn all the basics of this topic. The best part about the website is that you can browse offline and still get the information you need.

The interface is quite user-friendly and even children can utilize the website’s resources for science projects like they do with If you’re looking to unearth more information about science or strange facts about the same, this is an excellent resource.

2. Cloudhiker

Cloudhiker is a website tool and extension for discovery. Created by Kevin Woblick, the site is designed to help you discover the weirdest and most interesting websites online.

The creator’s goal was to revive the discovery experience of the olden days. The site consists of a set of sites to explore and interact with. The sites are astonishing, weird, and exciting at the same time. They let users learn, laugh, think, and even get insights and tools for projects.

Add Cloudhiker to your browser to explore websites you had no clue existed. There are lots of entertainment and other encounters that you’d want to know about. Furthermore, you can also publish your own sites here after registering your account.

All the sites on Cloudhiker are thoroughly reviewed and selected according to the rules. According to the website, its approved sites have been viewed 10,823,766 times.

The approved sites total 9,937 while three are still in review. Cloudhiker’s statistics are continuously updated.

3. What Came First

What Came First is a gaming website for art and culture. It gives you a platform to explore and compare different things. These include various artists and high-definition artwork.

Besides art, you can delve deeper and discover historic events and historical figures. What Came First has captured pictures of various monuments and cultural events and moments for you to compare.

To enjoy the game, you have to name the historical monument that was built first.

4. The Evolution of Trust

Are you a fan of point-and-click games and adventure? Well, I’ve got good news for you. The Evolution of Trust is a great alternative that gives you the adventure of a lifetime.

Developed by Nicky Case, the game lets you play with an online friend or AI player and you have to trust your opponent and cooperate with them in every way.

Both you and your opponent will work together to steal coins from the bank. For example, if I am playing with an AI, the AI has to steal from my bank while I steal from its bank. And we have to work cooperatively together to generate coins or receive new coins. How exciting!

The Evolution of Trust has eight game modes. It also comes with 30-minute gameplay on an interactive dashboard and incredible artwork.

5. Sketch Something Daily

Sketch Something Daily is for art and drawing enthusiasts. It lets you seek and find ideas to up your creativity in drawing. The tool was developed by a company known as ERA404 Creative Group, Inc.

At Sketch Something Daily, you can draw a lot of things including your favorite celebrities, animals, foods, objects, countries, etc. Select the item you want to draw, click the shuffle, and you have your result – it’s as simple as that.

The tool allows you to add your drawing to any app or online gallery. You also get the chance to take part in drawing contests.

6. Weird or Confusing

Weird or Confusing features oddities and pranks. It displays things that make no sense at all. Everything here is either odd or confusing. But all the same, you’ll be redirected to eBay or Amazon pages with weird or odd items being sold.

The site displays various Amazon pages selling strange or weird items. If you want to get information about the weird items right into your inbox, simply subscribe to the website with your email address.

7. 100,000 Stars

100,000 Stars was designed by Google Chrome Experiments. The interactive visualization site allows you to visualize the location of 100,000 stars nearby.

While on the site, you can zoom into the galaxy view in your rendition. Zooming into the galaxy view reveals 87 names of major stars.

Using the 100,000 Stars search bar, you can search and find art and design experiments and even submit your own experimental artwork to the site.

8. The History of Everything

The History of Everything is the only place you’ll find a vertical timeline to help you explore, navigate, and compare events dating from the Big Bang to the advent of the internet.

The app has a well-organized interface with beautifully illustrated animations of events. It was developed by Luigi Rosso and Guido Rosso and is compatible with Android, iOS, and Web iOS.

9. NSA Haiku Generator

Words and creativity describes what NSA Haiku Generator stands for. Developed by a technology fanatic and filmmaker, the website lets you create poems from verboten words. You have the chance to create haikus from NSA’s search term repository.

NSA Haiku Generator uses words often utilized by the NSA when monitoring communications and movements. The marquee displays a long list of NSA terms that can have you flagged as a terrorist when used in electronic communication.

The poems are produced in classic 5-7-5 syllable output. They come with three lines, too. Once you’re done creating your poems, you can save them for later use.

When Grayson Earle created the NSA Haiku Generator project, his goal was to design a game that had every syllable count assigned to a phrase. This would allow you to come up with random haikus from hundreds of words.

The project is fun, just like, and the developer has made it easy to share it through social media. Every shared project rendered the efforts by NSA to mark you as a terrorist ineffective.

10. National Geographic Kids

Is your kid a nature enthusiast? Look no further! National Geographic Kids is an educational online platform offering children a wealth of interactive information and resources.

The website is part of the National Geographic Society, whose main aim is to discover, explore, and protect the planet.

National Geographic Kids features a variety of resources to engage young learners in topics ranging from science, nature, animals, history, and geography, all in an effort to trigger curiosity and instill a learning culture among children.

A unique strength of this website is its ability to focus on visual storytelling. The site uses phenomenal photography, illustrations, and engaging narrations that breathe life into nature for an exciting kids’ adventure.

Through descriptive videos and articles, the site offers insight into the different parts of the world, showcasing mind-blowing landscapes and creatures that provoke the learner’s knowledge of their environment.

Students can also test their knowledge by participating in quizzes and interactive games in a fun and educative way.

A feature making it a great alternative to is its commitment to conservation and education. National Geographic Kids offers a myriad of educational resources that parents and teachers can integrate into their activities and lessons.

One of the site’s main objectives is to portray the planet’s beautiful natural scenery and highlight the importance of its conservation to your kids by encouraging them to protect it and the creatures it mothers.

National Geographic Kids is a reliable resource for your kids as it engages them in exciting content and stunning visuals which educate them on the conservation of the environment in a fun way.

11. Funbrain

Funbrain is a fantastic alternative to, which offers exciting games, activities, and quizzes to people of all age groups. The website was launched in 1997 with the objective of making the learning experience exciting and engaging for everyone.

It has since become one of the most popular educational websites, with a wide range of learning resources used to educate and entertain your kids.

The site features puzzles and games that cover subjects such as problem-solving, reading, math, and more in a fun and interactive way. For example, the “Math Zone” tab features games and puzzles that challenge your kids to solve arithmetic problems to progress to higher levels.

Similarly, the “Reading” tab offers activities and interesting books that help students practice and improve their reading comprehension abilities.

It gets even better!

Funbrain’s commitment to accessibility is second to none. The site’s user interface is one of the best. The site is fully accessible and free to use, meaning you do not need to provide personal information or follow numerous steps to create an account.

This, therefore, makes it easy for your child to interact with the platform without worrying about hidden fees or privacy concerns.

Funbrain offers printable worksheets and lesson plans to teachers and parents to assist them in integrating different games and activities on the platform into their lessons.

The site’s focus on literacy and interactive learning equips learners with important skills in a fun and engaging way for years to come.

12. BrainPOP

BrainPOP is an educational website founded in 1999 by Dr. Avraham Kadar to simplify difficult concepts for his young learners.

The platform focuses on students ranging from kindergarten to high school by providing animated educational videos and content to make learning engaging and accessible to all.

BrainPOP provides content on various subjects including English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Art & Music, Health, and Engineering. The site’s videos are short and captivating for easy interaction with your kids, with activities and quizzes that help them reinforce what they have learned.

In addition, the site also offers resources to you as a parent or teacher that help you integrate the site’s content into your lessons by embracing modern teaching techniques.

BrainPOP features products like BrainPOP – 8+, which offers various solutions to problems. The other feature is BrainPOP ELL, which assists your kids in building their vocabulary and grammar proficiency.

Additionally, BrainPOP Science explores and investigates real-world events for your children; features that make it a great alternative.

BrainPOP uses humor in its videos to help kids understand and retain information easily while keeping them entertained and engaged as they learn and grow.

The site boasts over six million educators and 300 million students who access the platform to engage in different learning experiences.

Content on this website is of high quality and has earned the Common Sense seal and ISTE seal of alignment for promoting the best practices of digital learning. All information provided on the website is also backed by research from ESSA.

13. PhET Interactive Simulations

PhET Interactive Simulations is an online platform founded in 2002 by Nobel Laureate Carl Wieman at The University of Colorado Boulder that provides free interactive simulations of Science and Math concepts.

The website engages learners through a game-like environment where they are able to research and learn through discovery and exploration.

With over 161 interactive simulations, 3245 teacher-submitted lessons, and translations to 115 languages, this site stands out as one of the best educational websites, making it a good alternative to

Final Thoughts

As you can see, is a fun and safe site to explore. The developer designed it to empower people of all ages. It is trusted by many, including schools.

Neal Agarwal used his coding skills to impart knowledge and entertain, His efforts are paying off due to the ingenuity of the content. While there are tons of similar websites out there, none of them have managed to measure up to