40 Cool Websites To Visit When Bored 2024

Exploring interesting websites is a great way to kill boredom. Whether you want some humor, games, inspiration, nuggets of wisdom, or just information, there are plenty of websites out there.

Some cool websites include The OnionLifehacker, A Good Movie To Watch and many others. However the coolest website to visit when bored is 15 Facts. Not only will you be able to kill your time easily but the variety of subjects on the website will keep you interested in exploring more.

Spending time on popular sites is no fun. Be an explorer and find some of the lesser-known sites on the internet. During your hunt, you’ll find cool and exciting websites like the ones I’m going to share with you in this post.

This article lists some of the coolest websites to help you get rid of your boredom. Who knows, you might discover something new and learn a thing or two as you go.

Keep reading.

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Cool Websites To Visit When Bored

1. Little Alchemy 2

Little Alchemy 2 is one of those fun time-killing sites you’d want to visit when bored. It takes you through transformations by letting you mix and match different things, like air, water, fire, earth, etc., to form a phenomenon.

For instance, mixing air and earth can make new creations like dust. You’ll be surprised at the outcomes since mixed elements can produce lava, steam, geysers, clouds, and more. The game has no rules – just your creativity and time.

2. The Onion

The Onion is an all-time satirical newspaper you’ll want to spend time reading online. It offers unmatched standards of humor to give you a hearty laugh as you scroll through the site.

Since 1988 when The Onion started, it has successfully maintained top-notch standards of writing and humor. From the headlines to the deeper content, you won’t miss out on a great laugh.

3. The Oatmeal

In need of a good laugh? Visit The Oatmeal for juicy content that will get your ribs cracking. The website is a hub of funny webcomic strips.

It’s a very addictive site with a vast library of fun and exciting content. Most of the content here contains graphics that remain embedded in your mind forever.

4. 15 Facts

15 Facts lets you kill time while equipping you with powerful knowledge on various subjects, including entertainment, geography, science, literature, history, etc.

Their content is well organized and presented in such a way that you’ll keep scrolling through without getting overwhelmed.

It’s definitely the place you want to be for immersive, trending, and historical information on various life topics. It has so many articles about different facts that you never knew existed.

5. Drench

Are you a games fanatic? Check out the Drench website for fun browser games.

This site can be addictive. You’ll find a board with a myriad of colors to choose from and you have to make sure to drench this whole board in one particular color.

The challenge of the game is that you only have a limited number of turns to complete the board. It’s a mind-boggler, so you’ll need to jog your mind and devise the best strategy to get it right.

This can be one tough cookie to crack, but worth your time.

6. Lifehacker

Looking for productivity tips? Lifehacker is a home for all things downloads, tips, and tricks. Its repository has a wealth of unique and useful information no one will ever tell you. Bury yourself in there, and you’ll come out wiser and smarter.

Besides productivity tips, you’ll also find info about smarter ways to use household items, money-saving hacks, and other fun articles.

7. Mental Floss

If you’re up for exciting lessons about the hidden stories behind all the famous happenings in history and science, get over to the Mental Floss website.

Its stories are perfectly crafted to keep you glued to your screen. There are a lot of fascinating elements and facts you never knew existed. Everything here will blow your mind away – the trivia, facts, exciting games, quizzes – the list is endless.

8. A Good Movie to Watch

Everybody is looking for a great movie to watch. This site is the place to be for sizzling movies that will take your boredom away. The movies here are not algorithm-based; real people curate them.

It also offers short reviews and ratings for each movie. What’s more enticing is that you’ll find your preferred movie to get you in the mood. If that isn’t super cool, I don’t know what else is.

9. Mix

Mix is among the most interesting sites you should visit in 2022. Formerly known as StumbleUpon, this cool site lets you enjoy videos, photos, and articles shared by other users.

Besides reading or viewing content, you can also share your personal Mix with the rest of the crowd. It comprises a community of enthusiasts who love to share and collect information.

Mix lets you choose the topics you’re interested in. You can have your information and news in one cart, choose who to share it with, or keep it for your entertainment.

10. How Stuff Works

Ever wondered how some stuff works? We all do! How Stuff Works has just the solution. It shows you how things work by explaining topics on lock picking, gardening, engines, and more.

Every explanation comes with illustrations and videos for a more in-depth understanding. When on this site, you’ll never run out of information to jog your brain. There’s no limit to what you can learn here.

The site is dedicated to how everything works. Their podcasts are fantastic, too. You have to watch them.

11. Imgur


Imgur gathers the week’s most famous pictures in one location for entertainment purposes.

People prefer Imgur to Twitter or Instagram, which are more popular sharing platforms with funny images and memes because Imgur is typically more timely.

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12. Wait But Why

Wait But Why is another cool website to visit when you’re bored. It has fascinating articles about anything and everything. From religion, travel, and relationships to outer space, there’s a lot to explore.

The articles touch on just about every topic, accompanied by stick images. All you have to do is search and retrieve.

13. The Odd 1s Out

The Odd 1s Out

This comical website will keep you entertained for a very long time. All comics here are satirical, funny, and quite entertaining. They all focus on day-to-day life topics.

The Odd 1s Out’s library is vast, with some of the most amazing fun content you’d want to see when you’re bored. Most content has graphics – the kind you want to reread as often as you wish. The articles remain fresh and enticing.

When done reading, you can turn to its YouTube channel and feed your eyes and mind with immersive content.

14. The Toast

The Toast is for fiction lovers looking to get boredom out of their system. Every day you’ll find new, amazing, and downright hilarious fiction stories.

If you’re looking for a site to waste your time on, you’ve got plenty here to feed your brain. You’ll surely encounter Aunt Acid, Dear Businesslady, If X were your Y, Human Male, and much more.

You’ll love every bit of everything here. There is so much more that Nicole Cliffe and Mallory Ortberg have rolled out on the site. Give it a shot, and you’ll never look back.

15. Sporcle


Sporcle is a site that will get you hooked for life. It contains endless quizzes and trivia – totally awesome for the bored mind.

If you want to get mentally stimulated, you have a wide selection of quizzes to try out. You’ll get to play for hours on end. The fun part is that all trivia questions are timed. You have 15 seconds to get it right.

If there’s anything addictive you haven’t experienced, visit Sporcle. The puzzles, quizzes, and trivia just keep pouring in. It’s a win-or-lose game but very thought-provoking. Don’t skimp; jump right in.

16. One Tiny Hand

This site will get you laughing like a mad person. The website owners practically take pictures of everyone and make their hands very small. Your favorite musician, political leader, athlete, or celebrity will be here looking absolutely hilarious.

Imagine Lady Gaga, former President Donald Trump, Kevin Hart, or Tom Brady making an appearance with tiny hands.

17. Space


Get your head up in the clouds, elevate it above the horizon, and dive right into space. The website will treat you to astronomy trends and news. Their content is easy to digest and friendly enough to relate to.

Want to know more about the solar system? Or would you like to see something burn up in the atmosphere right before your eyes?

Space will feed your eyes and mind with everything you want to know, from pictures of the space station, descriptions of how black holes form, astronomy news, and so on.

18. The Symphony of Blockchain

Knowing that cryptocurrency and Blockchain are a rage now, you’d be eager to see visuals that can help you grasp this technology’s complexities.

The Symphony of Blockchain teleports you to a repository of interactive explorations to show you what Blockchain is all about. It contains a mix of fun, educative, and visually appealing content that is easy to digest.

While it’s hypnotic, the 3D blocks of Bitcoin will move around to the rhythm of soft background music. With each block you click, a world of information appears for you to absorb.

Learn more, thrive more.

19. GeoGuessr


This is for you if you love geographic expeditions. GeoGuessr will drop you at a random place where you’ll need to use Google Street View to identify your exact position on the world map.

Everything about GeoGuessr is similar to Google Maps, except you’re set in Street View mode. The challenge gets sweeter when you compete with other people. The game is pretty immersive, with new updates appearing more often.

GeoGuessr is meant to guide your geography knowledge. Here you can enhance your observation and prediction skills. It’s pure enjoyment and mind-boggling.

If geography interests you, you can check out GeoGuessr or one of the best free GueoGuessr alternatives.

20. Scale Sequencer

This is one of the most interesting websites to explore. Scale Sequencer lets you make music and listen to yourself singing! How exciting!

Here you can create your own masterpiece as a DJ or musician. There are many tunes and presets to get you started. If you want, you can share it with your fans and friends.

This site will take your boredom away; that’s a guarantee.

21. Wordle Website

Wordle Website

Wordle is an online game that gives you six chances to guess a five-lettered word. If you fill in an English word and the line’s color changes to green, it shows you’re correct.

However, if the shading is yellow, it shows that the anticipated word has similar letters, but it’s coordinated in another request.

Wordle Website is essential when you are creating content and want to get insights and ideas for your subject. You will find this game fun and engaging.

22. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is an exciting platform to get excellent and unique ideas for a lovely home. If you have home décor projects, check out this website for incredible insights.

Additionally, it offers quick killer tips with virtual apartment tours and homes to inspire you to get started.

23. The Moth

The Moth

Storytelling can help kill boredom. So, when bored, head over to The Moth where real stories are told. You can browse their Story Library to access a wide variety of stories, from the most recent to the oldest ones.

The Moth Radio Hour is another place you will find exciting stories from shows worldwide. If you get hooked and want to listen to their stories often, check out and subscribe to The Moth Podcast.

As boredom ebbs away, you will probably laugh and cry your heart out while listening to the stories.

24. 100,000 Stars

100,000 Stars has a 3D interactive visualization of the stellar neighborhood with 100,000 stars nearby. We are talking about the sun, the planets, and other objects you’ve probably never even heard of.

You will be enlightened and fascinated as you tour the universe. Even better, you can use your mouse to hold and drag various points and see them move in 3D.

I know your heart will stand still on seeing how beautiful and vast the universe is.

25. Patatap

Patatap is a website that plays funny musical notes, animation, sounds, and graphics depending on the key you type on the keyboard. Stop overthinking; I know it sounds silly, but imagine how it brings back your childhood memories.

This Patatap station will keep you busy for the rest of the time, and it’s hard to notice how time ticks away.

26. Chordify

Chordify is a fun online spot that converts a song you choose to chords. The site helps you learn instruments such as the ukulele, guitar, and piano.

27. JustWatch


Sometimes, I am too tired to even think of a movie to watch. That’s where JustWatch comes in. I can visit the website and click on New or Popular to find an interesting show or movie I didn’t know about.

Also, this site lets me know where to watch a movie or show, whether on Netflix, Prime Video, Classix, and other platforms. Try it today, and you will like it.

28. Skribbl

Skribbl is a free multiplayer guessing and drawing game you can play with your family, close friends, and worldwide friends. It does not matter whether you are a Pictionary enthusiast; the game will crack you up and leave you rolling on the floor uncontrollably.

It’s even more interesting when doing it with people in a room, especially those with poor drawing skills. Do not hesitate to try this fantastic game.

29. Akinator


Akinator lets you think about a fictitious or real character and then guess who it is. You guess depending on the site’s questions.

The site sharpens your memory and makes you a fast thinker while passing the time.

30. Braingle

Braingle is a one-stop online with all-brain games. Here, you will also find games like trivia, riddles, quizzes, and puzzles. Once you step into these exciting yet challenging games, you will not realize how you lose track of time.

31. City Walks Live

City Walks Live

At times, the cure to boredom is to change your environment, even if that means virtually.

City Walks Live teleports you to a real city of your choice and allows you to navigate and explore the place virtually. You will tour beaches, parks, hotels, streets, and more. You can even turn the sounds on to hear what’s going on.

You can switch to other cities by tapping the city name on the screen.

32. Is It Normal?

This site allows you to ask anonymous questions and know what others think about it. You can ask questions about yourself, a group of people, countries, etc.

The good thing about this site is that it does not disclose your identity. So people will answer your questions without knowing who you are.

If you don’t want to ask a question, that’s fine. Just jump in and read answers to different questions posted by other users.

33. Big Think

Big Think

The Big Think platform shares insights and ideas from the most successful folks around the globe.

All you will get on this site is first-hand information to help you learn from people’s successes and mistakes. It’s the best place with great content that does not beat around the bush.

34. The American Life

The American Life is a podcast to show you the past with real-life experience. In other words, you learn more about past and current situations through people’s stories.

The stories usually come with strong emotions that give you the desire to scroll to know its ending.

35. Open Puppies

Open Puppies has small videos and GIFs for adorable dogs and puppies. The content is displayed in full-screen quality mode. It’s the best site for puppy lovers to watch them waggle their tails from video to video.

36. DontEvenReply.com

DontEvenReply.com has many hilarious posts of email exchanges to read. As you move from email to email, you will surely tickle yourself to the core.

37. Kleki

Kleki gives you a drawing space and brushes, and it layers with other editing tools to try your hands at creating digital illustrations.

Moreover, you can import, upload, and save the images on the same website for editing. It is a good site, especially for folks who have artistic talents to shape their creativity.

38. PostSecret

On PostSecret, real people submit anonymous secrets on real postcards! You can read about all kinds of secrets there, including humiliating childhood incidents, regrets, worries, and other things.

Although it might seem unreal, getting lost while reading people’s submitted secrets is possible. By sending a postcard to the address provided on the website, you can also disclose your own.

39. Beano


Beano is the place for you if you enjoy puzzles and tests. At Beano, you can read comics, play free online games, discover epic jokes and facts, and take quizzes on various subjects and genres.

Additionally, this game is completely safe for your children to play at home and is compatible with any modern computer, tablet, or phone with an up-to-date browser, such as Safari, Edge, Firefox, or Chrome.

40. Gravity Points

The website lets you draw tiny gravity centers all over your screen to simulate the pull of gravity. Following that, even small floating objects will gravitate toward the orbit of these centers.

As long as you continue plotting gravity centers, the forces will automatically begin to compete with each other resulting in a thrilling chaotic scene. Even more exciting is the ability of your gravity points to merge to form a black hole.

Wrapping Up

The next time you feel bored, you know where to go. These cool websites will get you excited, fill you with information, and entertain you.

No more wondering what to do with your time. Get surfing the web, and get exploring!

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