Opera GX vs Chrome – Which Is Better?

We all have a web browser that we can’t do without, whether on the phone or PC. And the reason is simple: the browser works effectively to help us achieve our goals.

Whether you’re a gamer or a regular internet user, you want a fast browser with reliable security and privacy. You also want a web browser that syncs with most of your devices.

Allowed to choose between Opera GX and Chrome, which one would you choose? Well, that depends on whether each of these browsers meets your needs.

Choosing a browser also depends on other factors, such as ease of use, compatibility with your device and OS, security, privacy, speed, and so on.

In this guide, we are faced with a challenging debate on Chrome vs Opera GX. We will analyze their features and capabilities to establish who the winner is.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Opera GX vs Chrome: What Are They and How Do They Work?

Opera GX

Opera GX is a unique version of the Opera browser. It is built specifically for power users and people who love gaming.

Opera GX is a solid browser with unique features like network limiters to help users get the most out of their browsing or gaming.

Besides its multiple gaming-specific tools, you can also utilize it for browsing. Just like the Opera browser, GX is also based on Chromium.

It has a unique design, together with a set of unique features for gaming. Although it targets gamers, you can utilize it as your daily driver if its visual design doesn’t bother you.

It lets you enjoy immersive gaming experiences and optimize your social media presence. Opera comes with top-of-the-line privacy features and gives you complete control over the usage of its resources. It also has outstanding customization options.

GX has exceptional features, such as RAM, CPU, and network limiters, to let you get the most from browsing and gaming. Notably, GX consumes fewer device resources and has an ad blocker. These two features make it one of the fastest browsers.

GX comes with an integrated VPN to let you surf anonymously in terms of security. You can also browse anonymously via a private window.

You can access this browser on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

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Google Chrome is a free, cross-platform web browser from Google. It was released in 2008, and it synchronizes with Google accounts and services.

Chrome is built with a clutter-free interface that is optimized to make use of the available screen space. It runs with various scripting languages such as HTML5 and security protocols.

It has a chromium open-source engine and plenty of extensions to use. You can easily install any extension to improve your browsing experience.

Chrome syncs across various devices; you only need to log into your Google account. You will be able to access browser data, including bookmarks, passwords, browsing history, and more.

Chrome is designed for all users, whether bloggers, developers, writers, gamers, or graphic designers. People like this browser for its simplicity, high speed, the ability to sync with Google products, and the vast extensions library.

Chrome undergoes frequent updates to ensure security, and it’s compatible with devices running on Windows, macOS, iOS, Linux, Android, and Chromebook.

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Feature Set

Opera GX

Opera comes with the following features;

  • Ad & tracker blocker and free VPN
  • RAM limiter that lets you restrict it to consume a limited RAM amount
  • Controls tab
  • Network limiter that allows setting of maximum bandwidth restriction
  • CPU limiter that lets you limit the processor power of the browser
  • Tabs killer
  • Workspaces
  • Snapshot feature
  • GX cleaner to clear temporary data like history, cookies, downloads, tabs, and more
  • My Flow feature that lets you connect your devices to My Flow and send files and messages between your desktop and mobile.
  • Extensions

The browser also features customization options and third-party app integrations, including;

  • GX themes
  • Force dark pages feature
  • GX sounds
  • Video pop-out
  • Twitch
  • Discord
  • Facebook messenger
  • Telegram
  • Vkontakte
  • WhatsApp

Its gaming-specific features include;

  • A video game release calendar
  • Video game trailers
  • Gaming news feed
  • Free games tab
  • Deals aggregator
  • Deals on steam
  • Epic Games Store
  • GOG
  • GX control
  • Hot tabs killer

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Google Chrome features the following;

  • The address bar
  • Task manager
  • Reopening previously closed website tabs
  • Visual browser history
  • Memory usage view
  • Quick launch bar
  • Clean contextual menus
  • Sync Chrome across devices
  • Media controls
  • Personalization
  • Bookmarks and settings synchronization
  • Web standards support
  • Security
  • Password management
  • Malware and ad blocking
  • Plugins
  • Incognito mode
  • Minimalist user interface
  • Desktop apps and shortcuts
  • Web Store
  • T-Rex
  • Screencast feature

It also has extensions and integrations, including;

  • Google Translate
  • Google Arts & Culture
  • Google Keep
  • Google Drive
  • Seamless integration between the browser and services like Google calendar, email, maps, and docs.

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Ease of Use

Opera GX

Opera GX features a simple, easy-to-understand interface with accessible design elements. Its theme is gaming-inspired with Razer Chroma integration that is built within the browser.

Its bright colors and dark themes easily complement any gaming rig with RGBs. The Chroma integration will work seamlessly with the Razer Chroma-enabled accessories you have. If you need to customize it some more, you can use the browser’s Easy Setup tab.

Opera GX has pre-selected colors to choose from when you need to select the highlight for the browser. You can also opt to use a customizable wallpaper instead of the color highlight.

On launching Opera GX, you’ll see shortcuts to some of the most popular streaming and media services like Discord, and Twitch.

The advantage of this browser is that it allows you to add more sites to these channels. You’ll also find information about the city’s weather and a shortcut you can use to take a snapshot.

Opera GX has more icons for basic functions on its sidebar. When you click on its controller icon, the browser will show you the tournaments, game deals, and upcoming releases.

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Chrome browser has a traditional chromium-based user interface. In its mobile and desktop versions, you’ll see its simplicity as it spares you visual elements despite its feature load and extensions.

Its browser window contains tabs, navigation buttons, extensions button, address bar, Google profile button, and a button for the Settings menu. Most features for this browser are tucked away neatly to make the dashboard navigable. The omnibar (address bar) provides search results by default.

Its desktop interface has more tabs in the taskbar. The search tabs button drops down the open tabs menu to enable easy navigation.

The mobile version is simple to use too, and you can switch between mobile and Android versions through the Settings menu.

Chrome avails data through synchronization, whether you’re using the mobile or desktop version.

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Opera GX

Opera GX is a fast browser with the greater advantage of resource usage. It also has efficient memory usage and comes packed with built-in resource management tools.

With GX control, you can make this browser use part of the system’s memory and also limit CPU usage to 10%. Doing this will allow you to allocate resources to games. The browser’s control feature includes network, CPU, and RAM limiter options found in the control button.

Generally, GX has the best control of memory and CPU usage.

However, it can be snappy and open new tabs quite fast, but this does not affect its overall performance.


Chrome is also a fast browser and the best in the Jetstream benchmark.

However, it tends to be resource hungry and will lag when you give it more work to do at the same time. It has no mercy when devouring your RAM.

It’s good that Google helped to solve the RAM usage issue by updating the browser with the advanced memory locator, ‘PartitionAlloc Fast Malloc,’ which helps stop a process from eating up more than 10% of the total memory on your CPU.

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Both these browsers have excellent performance, except that Opera GX offers better performance control.


Opera GX

Opera GX lets you modify its graphical interface to your preferences. Its customization is integrated within the browser.

You can change things like browser sounds, colors, transition effects, or add your preferred wallpaper.


Google Chrome also lets you make modifications to its interface according to your preferences.

However, in Chrome, the customization is done through the themes found in its Web Store.

The themes help you change the tab styles, buttons, colors, and other items in the browser. These themes can modify your browser appearance with a few clicks. The best part is that they’re all user-installed packages.

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Both these browsers are customizable, meaning they are both excellent in this area.


Opera GX

Opera GX has the sync feature. It can sync your browsing history, settings, password, bookmarks, speed dial entries, and even your open tabs. It has impressive sync for most aspects of the browser.

When you sign in to your account, you can pick up wherever you left after switching devices.


Google Chrome syncs almost everything, including your history, bookmarks, passwords, and more. Its syncing is seamless between devices and across platforms.


Both browsers offer seamless syncing.


Opera GX

The browser has an integrated VPN to browse while hiding your IP address and location. Besides, GX allows private browsing too. Use Go to Menu and then New Private Window if you are on Windows.

The built-in ad blocker also lets you protect your privacy while gaming. How? By blocking adware and other trackers that may steal your browsing information.

Besides, the browser’s GX Cleaner allows you to clear browsing data that you don’t need anymore, such as cookies, cache, browsing history, and downloaded files.


Chrome browser also has excellent privacy features, but not as good as GX’s. It helps block third-party cookies, identifies dangerous sites, and more.

However, it doesn’t handle your data privacy so well. This is because Google collects your personal data to create tailored ads that interest you. It also uses this data to personalize its services to you based on your browsing pattern.

The browser also tracks your location and purchases through your Gmail account. When Google improves your experience using your data, it makes your data vulnerable. Some of its features that affect your privacy include search suggestions, browsing history, and more.

You can install a VPN extension from Chrome’s web store to enhance security, but you have no control over how the extension works and how it handles your data. Not to mention, some of Chrome’s extensions may interfere with the way information is displayed on particular web pages.

That said, you can go to Chrome’s settings to clear cookies, cache, browsing data, and more. Depending on your data, the process might take some time to complete. What’s more, Chrome allows incognito browsing for added privacy.


Opera GX has superior private features than Chrome, mainly the built-in VPN, GX Cleaner, and ad blocker.


Opera GX

Opera GX has a built-in VPN to ensure that the websites you visit don’t track your IP address or location. When you turn the VPN on, it starts working automatically, and the VPN badge appears in the combined search and address bar.

When you click on the badge, an on/off button appears along with information related to the data amount transferred, the virtual IP address, and the virtual location.

The other security feature in this browser is the ad blocker, which blocks ads and trackers on any web page you are accessing to enhance a smooth and secure browsing experience.


Chrome is very secure when it comes to external cyber threats like malware and other malicious websites.

The browser’s update frequency is the best as it rolls out security patches 24 hours after discovering any weakness.

It uses the Google Safe Browsing database to protect its users against phishing and malware. The ‘unsecure connection’ warning during the HTTP connection process also helps a lot.

Google Chrome has an in-built pop-up blocker, and you can download an extension to block your ads.

By using HTTPS protocol, Chrome can connect faster without redirecting. It also automatically blocks some ads.

With Chrome, you can manage all your passwords from one place. It lets you store your sensitive information like passwords in the browser or password manager extensions.

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Chrome doesn’t have a built-in adblocker or VPN like Opera GX, but you can install extensions and add-ons to play this role. Thus, Opera GX wins in terms of browser security.

Compatibility with Other Platforms

Opera GX

Opera GX is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It’s primarily designed for gamers so that you can use it on devices running on these operating systems. However, most users find this browser suitable for other uses that don’t involve gaming.


Chrome browser is available on almost every major platform, including Windows, iOS, Chromebook, Linux, Android, iPadOS, and macOS.


Chrome supports more operating systems and is accessible on more platforms than Opera GX.

Similarities & Differences

Opera GX vs Chrome: Similarities

  • Both support extensions. To install your preferred extensions to the Opera GX browser, go to the Opera add-on page. Similarly, access the Chrome web store for Chrome extensions.
  • Both browsers can sync nearly everything across devices, including bookmarks, passwords, history, and more.
  • Both browsers have a feature for clearing browsing history, cookies, downloads, cache, and more.
  • Both are available on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android.

Opera GX vs Chrome: Differences

  • Opera GX is designed specifically for gaming, while Chrome is a multipurpose browser.
  • Opera GX uses fewer resources; using the GX control, you may configure the browser to use a small percentage of the system memory and CPU. In contrast, Chrome consumes a lot of resources.
  • Opera GX features an integrated snapshot feature that Chrome lacks. To access this feature, click the browser’s camera icon to capture a selected area or full screen.
  • Opera GX has a built-in adblocker that eliminates the need to install extensions for blocking pop-up video and in-page ads. On the other hand, Chrome only blocks ads with the help of an extension.
  • Switching to dark mode is easier in Opera GX than Chrome. You simply need to right-click on a specific web page and select the force dark page functionality. For Chrome, you will have to go to the settings, then appearance, and select a dark theme.
  • Unlike Chrome, the GX browser provides a quick shortcut to Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Vkontakte integrated into the browser’s sidebar. Did I mention, Twitch is in the sidebar too? You can see all the channels you follow and not miss any live streams.
  • Unlike Opera GX, Chrome supports seamless integration between it and other Google services, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Maps, Google Drive, and more.
  • There’s a Player in the GX browser, giving you access to podcasts and music. Chrome doesn’t have this service.
  • Opera GX offers faster navigation than Chrome. You can choose between standard navigation and the Fast Navigation Button (FNB).
  • Unlike Chrome, Opera GX comes with a free VPN to improve your security and privacy when browsing.

Pros and Cons

Opera GX


  • Fast navigation – You can choose between speedy and standard navigation.
  • It provides shortcuts to other essential apps like Telegram, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitch.
  • It’s easy to switch to dark mode, and you can do that for a specific web page.
  • The browser consumes less memory, making it super fast.
  • It improves security and privacy when browsing, thanks to the integrated free VPN and ad blocker.
  • The GX Cleaner optimizes the browser in no time by clearing browsing history, cookies, and cache.


  • The design can be a bit distracting.
  • Having quick access to some features can be tough.



  • Syncs with Google products like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Docs, and more.
  • The Chrome web store features numerous extensions to enrich your browsing experience.
  • Chrome has a simple interface without any distractions. You only see the website you’re on.
  • The tab browsing feature lets you open new tabs, move them around, or even open them in a new window.
  • Incognito browsing doesn’t leave user tracking, browsing history, and cookies on your device.
  • Chrome has developer tools that allow you to view the elements of a particular web page, which is useful for web developers and bloggers.
  • Chrome is faster than most of its competitors.
  • The browser syncs across multiple devices, allowing you to work trouble-free.


  • Some extensions can interfere with the browser’s performance.
  • It doesn’t have a built-in VPN or ad blocker for safe and secure browsing.
  • Chrome consumes a lot of device resources, which can slow down performance.
  • Sometimes, opening several tabs can cause the browser to freeze.
  • There’s no way to access other apps, such as Messenger, immediately within the browser or sidebar.

Opera GX vs Chrome: Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Less CPU Does Opera GX Use Over Chrome?

Opera GX browser uses 1% CPU less than what Chrome consumes.

2. Is Opera GX Worth It?

Considering its unique, cool, and robust feature set, this browser is worth a try. It also offers smart flexibility for both gamers and other users who want to use it to browse.

3. Which is the better among the Two? Opera GX or Chrome?

Both Google Chrome and Opera GX have excellent speed and security features. But Chrome is lacking in privacy even if it provides the best browsing experience. Both browsers perform well and are fast.

4. Is Opera GX Safe?

Yes. Opera GX is a very safe browser that comes packed with security and privacy features. It comes with an ad blocker, tracker blocker, and VPN to enhance its security and privacy.

5. Can You Access Both Chrome and Opera GX on Linux?

No, only Google Chrome is available on Linux. Opera GX is only available for the Windows operating system, which is the major gaming platform you can find.

6. Does Opera GX Utilize Chrome Extensions?

Yes, it does. To download the chrome extensions add-on for Opera GX, visit the Google Chrome web store, choose the extension you want to add, and click ‘Add to Opera.’ Then press the Install button at the Extensions Manager in Opera X to install it.

Opera GX vs Chrome – Which is Better?

Opera GX provides all the features that Chrome has and more. If you need to customize it to suit your gaming, you can do so directly from the browser. You can also use it to access social media and streaming platforms to enjoy your favorite beats.

Opera GX has some of the best security features, including a built-in VPN to help you browse anonymously, a tracker blocker and ad blocker, as well as integration with popular media platforms like Reddit, Twitch, YouTube, and more, which you can access right within the browser.

Its customization options are over the top compared to Google Chrome. Excellent privacy features and the control over the usage of its resources make it stack up against Google Chrome. Even with a slow internet connection, Opera GX will still maintain its fast speeds.

It is a unique browser that gives you the best gaming and browsing experience.

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