14 Best Twitch Alternatives 2024

Twitch is a live streaming platform for gamers that was launched in 2011. Since its inception, Twitch has become the leading destination for online gaming and esports content. The site has over 15 million active daily users and more than two billion minutes of content are watched each month.

Twitch is not the only platform in its space. There are some good alternatives to Twitch such as Periscope, Facebook Gaming, StreamYard among others. Though the best Twitch alternative is YouTube Gaming which offers a plethora of great features. 

Why discover alternatives to Twitch?

While Twitch is undeniably popular, it can also be quite crowded. With so many broadcasters and viewers competing for attention, it can be difficult to stand out from the crowd on Twitch.

Also, many streamers do not fancy the new guidelines that Twitch has implemented.

If you’re looking for something different, then read on. We’ve compiled a list of 14 of the best alternatives to Twitch.

Best Twitch Alternatives

1. YouTube Gaming

YouTube Gaming is one of the most popular Twitch alternatives. The site offers a great experience for watching gamers stream their gameplay. You can also chat with other viewers and join in on the fun.

If you want to broadcast your own gameplay, YouTube Gaming has a great service for that. It’s easy to set up and start streaming in minutes.

Although YouTube Gaming doesn’t have in-game overlays as Twitch Prime subscribers have with Twitch, it makes up for it with other features.

YouTube Gaming has features similar to other platforms though: chat rooms, live gaming broadcasts, and channels.

If you’re looking for a new place to broadcast your gameplay or watch others live streaming then YouTube Gaming is definitely worth checking out.

The main similarity between Twitch and YouTube Gaming is that there’s no need for viewers to subscribe in order to watch content on YouTube (although some channels have premium subscriptions available).

Although YouTube Gaming has more features and broader content than Twitch does, it’s also easier to find videos on YouTube Gaming because of its search function – users can type in what they want.

2. Facebook Gaming

Facebook has evolved from a social media platform to a gaming cum streaming platform. Users can enjoy gaming as well as stream their gameplay on Facebook Gaming for free.

Facebook Gaming is a perfect alternative for Twitch and comes with an easy-to-navigate interface.

The content creators can upload their videos directly from the Facebook app or browser using GameOn software.

They are free to monetize their content by earning money through sponsors, donations, and subscriptions.

Facebook Gaming has a chat room for interaction with users. It also enables you to watch videos from other social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.

Streamers can upload pre-recorded videos on Facebook Gaming apart from streaming live gameplay.

It comes free with your Facebook account and offers seamless integration for all new streamers so that you can start streaming within minutes of signing up.

The biggest advantage of starting a live stream on this platform over Twitch is the easy access to an already existing user base of over two billion users, who will be able to watch your streams and potentially become your fans.

This makes even more sense as the eSport league has agreed to broadcast all of its competitions on Facebook Gaming from now on.

This means that all the major tournaments will be streamed on this platform, giving you ample opportunity to grow your audience.

Another big advantage of Facebook Gaming is the wide range of features that it offers broadcasters.

These include easy streaming setup, interactive live-streaming with viewers, built-in stream analytics, as well as monetization options such as paid subscriptions, donations, and sponsorships.

Finally, Facebook Gaming also offers some unique features that are not available on other platforms, such as the ability to co-stream with up to three friends and create live shows.

3. Periscope

Twitter joined in on the live streaming action by purchasing Periscope in 2015. It was an instant hit when it was launched and is now being used by millions of people around the world.

The app enables you to share videos from your phone with anyone in the world, or limit it to just your friends if you wish. You can also watch other streams that are happening at the moment or watch past streams.

The video quality is excellent and you can also view how many users are watching your Live Stream at that moment, as well as read their comments in real-time.

Like in Twitch, the app also has a heart icon that people can tap to show that they like what they see; a nice little ego boost for streamers.

If you want to send a streamer an instant message, you can do that as well and if they like your comment or question, they may reply back with a video answer which everyone in the world can see.

You also have the option of sharing Periscope videos on Twitter so all your followers will get notified about it.

Periscope is a great app for those who want to share their lives with the world or just watch others do so. The streams are usually pretty interesting, and it’s a great way to meet new people from all over the globe.

4. StreamYard

StreamYard is a live streaming platform that makes it easy to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously.

StreamYard has a simple, user-friendly interface that makes it easy to get started with live streaming. You can quickly connect your cameras and microphone, and start streaming to your favorite platforms in just a few minutes.

Like Twitch, StreamYard offers live streaming to multiple platforms. However, StreamYard also offers some unique features that make it a great choice for live streaming.

For example, you can use StreamYard to create on-demand video content. This is perfect for creating highlights of your stream, or for creating educational content that you can share with your viewers.

Another great feature of StreamYard is the ability to easily switch between live and on-demand content. This makes it easy to keep your viewers engaged, even if you’re not live streaming.

You can stream directly to platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter. You can also embed your live stream on your website or blog.

5. Ustream

Ustream is one of the oldest Twitch alternatives and was actually founded before Twitch.

In fact, it has been Twitch’s toughest competition for a long time.

The platform offers great convenience with its mobile app and is also a great way to share your content with the world.

It not only specializes in eSport events, but it also houses a great deal of creative content such as talk shows, cooking shows, and more.

Ustream offers a wide variety of features, including live streaming, recording, and uploading videos.

It also has a built-in chat system for viewers to communicate with each other and the broadcaster.

Ustream is embedded in the Playstation 4 and Xbox One, so you don’t need an extra app.

That’s not its only similarity with Twitch. Ustream also offers a Partner Program that rewards broadcasters for their content.

It offers something that you cannot find with Twitch, however, and that is the ability to support IRL streaming.

UStream is available on multiple platforms, including web browsers, iOS, and Android devices, as well as set-top boxes like Roku and Apple TV.

Ustream was acquired by IBM in 2016. Since then, the service has seen some drastic changes.

6. Nimo TV

Nimo TV is a live streaming platform that allows gamers from all over the world to connect and share their gaming experiences with each other.

It is similar to Twitch in many ways, but there are also some key differences that set it apart.

Nimo TV was created in response to the success of Twitch. Nimo TV saw an opportunity to create a similar service but with some key differences that would set it apart from its competitor.

To sign up for a Nimo TV account, you’ll need to provide your email address, create a username and password, and select your country. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be able to access the Nimo TV platform and start streaming your content.

Nimo TV offers a variety of content beyond just gaming, including music, cooking, and even sports. You can find a full list of the different categories of content available on the Nimo TV website.

Overall, Nimo TV provides a more immersive and interactive streaming experience than Twitch. However, it is worth noting that Nimo TV does not have the same level of brand recognition or userbase as Twitch.

That being said, Both offer a great selection of content and have a loyal following of viewers, but Nimo stands out in certain key aspects.

For starters, Twitch is focused mainly on gaming content, while Nimo TV offers a more diverse range of categories including music, art, and even cooking. This means that there’s something for everyone on Nimo TV, whereas Twitch is geared more towards a specific audience.

Nimo TV also has a lower barrier to entry for both streamers and viewers. There’s no need for expensive equipment or high-end internet speeds to get started on Nimo TV, which makes it more accessible for everyone.

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7. Mirrativ

Mirrativ is a live streaming platform where people can share what they’re doing in real-time with the world.

A wide variety of content, such as Let’s Play videos, cooking and making sweets, cosplay events, and singing karaoke covers are streamed on Mirrativ by creators.

Mirrativ combines real-time video with real-time audio.

Unlike Twitch which requires you to download third-party broadcasting software, Mirrativ allows you to stream your smartphone screen directly on the platform.

Mirrativ has an in-built chat feature that lets you communicate with other users during a live broadcast.

The most important thing is that one can also save their Livestream into a video that can be shared.

It allows users to talk directly to the creators, who can respond right away.

You can share what you’re doing in real-time instantly with those around the world.

This will lead to a new form of communication and collaboration.

Mirrativ also has a social element that enables users to communicate directly with each other through the app.

You can send a message to another user, which will appear on their screen as soon as they open it up.

Mirrativ aims at making its content more interactive than any of the other streaming services available today.

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8. DLive

If you want to watch the live streaming of your favorite content creators, then DLive is a great alternative to Twitch.

There are several reasons why people prefer this platform over Twitch and other similar websites. One of them is that there are no ads on this website; thus, you can enjoy uninterrupted videos without getting annoyed by intrusive commercials.

There’s also a great community on DLive, which makes it a more fun and engaging experience than some of the other alternatives.

The broadcasters and viewers are very friendly and supportive, so you’re sure to find someone who shares your interests.

All the content creators get paid when someone watches their stream; thus, they don’t have to rely solely on donations from viewers like other platforms do.

This makes it easier for them to make money streaming and focus more time doing what they love without having to worry about how much money is coming in.

It’s also worth noting that DLive doesn’t charge any fees for using their services or making a purchase through them.

Thus, you can save some cash when buying things online with this platform instead of going directly through Amazon Prime Video or Hulu Plus subscription.

9. YouNow

Another great platform for live streaming is YouNow. This app has been popular with young people for a while, but it’s starting to gain traction with older audiences as well.

The great thing about YouNow is that there are so many ways to interact with your viewers. Not only can you stream videos, but you can also share photos and chat with your audience.

What makes YouNow so impressive is that it’s completely free to use, and there are no ads or in-app purchases.

In addition to live streaming videos, you can also connect with viewers through private messaging and public chat rooms. If you’re looking for a place to hang out with your friends online, then this is the app for you.

Unlike Twitch, YouNow is focused on live interactions rather than archived videos. This can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you’re looking for.

If you want to watch old videos, then Twitch is the better option. But if you want to chat with other viewers in real-time, then YouNow is the better choice.

10. Caffeine.tv

Caffeine.tv is a live-streaming platform that focuses on video gaming and esports.

The site has a library of games to choose from, making it easy to find something to watch.

Caffeine also has a strong social media presence, which helps users connect with friends and other viewers.

It is a real-time platform, so there is no need to wait for your video to load or have it buffer. It’s also free and easy to use.

All you need is an account and then you are ready to start watching, chatting with others in chat rooms while they watch the same stream as you, or even start your own live stream.

Compared to Twitch, Caffeine.tv offers a much more user-friendly experience with less clutter and fewer ads.

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11. DailyMotion

When it comes to live streaming, DailyMotion is a name that pops into the mind of everyone. Just like Twitch and YouTube, it has been around for more than ten years now.

Unlike Twitch though, the platform allows you to broadcast your content on this website without the hassle of creating an account.

However, if you want to chat with other users or use their live chat feature, then you need to create an account on the website.

Another good thing about DailyMotion is that it has a massive library of videos that you can watch without any ads.

You can also use their filters to find the content you are looking for on the website. You can share your favorite videos with your friends on DailyMotion as well.

12. Steampowered

We can’t talk about Twitch alternatives without mentioning Steam. Owned by Valve Corporation, it’s one of the most popular gaming platforms in the world and has a thriving streaming community.

Steampowered lets you watch live and recorded videos of gamers playing all sorts of games.

You can also chat with other viewers, follow your favorite broadcasters, and receive notifications when they go live.

One of the coolest things about Steam is that it has a built-in game store. This means you can buy games directly from the platform and start playing them instantly.

You don’t need to wait for them to download as you do on other gaming platforms.

Another great thing about Steam is that you can use it on almost any device, including PCs and Macs.

13. Origin

Origin is a digital gaming platform that is owned by Electronic Arts. It was launched in September 2013 and allows gamers to play games online with friends. Origin also offers a chat feature, as well as game streaming.

It is available on PC, Mac, Xbox One, and PlayStation systems. Gamers can access Origin on their browser or download the app.

Origin has a library of over 100 games, and new games are added every month. Some popular games available on Origin include Battlefield, FIFA, and Anthem.

There is also a “friends” feature that allows gamers to chat, invite friends to play games, and share their Origin activity.

Like Twitch, Origin allows gamers to stream their gameplay and watch other streams.

Streams may be viewed on the browser or app, as well as live-streaming platforms such as YouTube Gaming, Facebook Live, Twitch TV, Twitter Live Video, and Mixer.

Gamers can also choose to comment in an online chat window while watching a stream. Origin also has discussion forums for gamers to talk about games.

Origin offers a free and paid subscription. The free version allows gamers to play Origin-enabled games and chat with friends, while the paid version adds access to premium content, such as DLCs and bonus features in certain games.

14. Picarto

Finally, this one is not a gaming stream service, but rather a Twitch alternative that is actually geared towards artists.

Picarto allows you to share your drawings and sketches in real-time, as well as watch other artists’ work.

There is also a great community of artists on Picarto, so you can get feedback and learn new techniques.

Picarto also has a partnership program that allows you to make money off your art.


Twitch faces stiff competition from a number of other services. These alternatives offer unique benefits that may make them more appealing to certain users.

For me, the best alternative to Twitch is YouTube. It has a huge user base and great features. However, your own choice of the best Twitch alternative depends on your needs and preferences.

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