10 Fastest Browsers On Android 2024

Integrated smartphone browsers are not always the best choice since they can slow you down, not provide many features, and limit customizability.

You will often have to find and rely on a third-party browser that is more compact and better optimized for Android smartphones. In addition, these browsers improve browsing speed while improving your browsing security and privacy.

If you’ve had enough of a slowly integrated browser on your Android smartphone, keep reading to find 10 of the fastest browsers you can install right today!

Fastest Browsers For Android

Browsing on a smartphone is almost replacing browsing on a computer since smartphones give us the freedom to take our browsing sessions anywhere we go. Down below, you can find 10 browsers that will improve your browsing speed so you can enjoy it more.


Chrome is a well-known browser that is widely used all around the world. Its mobile version is also in high demand for a couple of reasons.

Chrome for Android has a sleek design, high-speed browsing power, and it’s safe and secure. On top of that, Chrome lets you sync all your devices under one account so you can easily share information and data between them.

Just the way you can extend Chrome’s functionality on desktop, you can extend its functionality on Android smartphones too. With a wide database of extensions, you can customize Chrome towards your browsing needs when you’re on the go.

Since Chrome is available directly in the Google Play Store and a browser built for the Android operating system, it’s easy to use, and it’s a lot smoother than most integrated Android browsers.

My personal favorite feature of Chrome for Android is the ability to spend less mobile data when you’re browsing, and yet, as a result, this also speeds up your browsing speed since there are fewer elements to load.

This mode is known as Lite mode, and it can save up to 60% of your data while browsing by compressing text, images, videos and even speeding up the rendering process when you visit websites.

Integrated into the browser, you also get well-known Google features such as a Google voice search, Google Translate, and Google Safe Browsing, which helps protect your phone safely by showing you warnings about certain websites or downloads.

Many users also notice a significantly faster download speed. The most interesting feature is that you can download pages or videos when connected to the internet and then access them when you’re offline.

Chrome is very easy to get, and all you have to do is search for it within the Google Play Store on your Android device.

Chrome is used the most among all other browsers in the market today.


Brave is a well-optimized browser with an Android version that has the same mission of combining security and browsing speed without sacrificing a single feature in between.

What’s great about Brave for Android is that it’s built without any additional extensions or internal settings, which minimizes the size which also improves the efficiency, making it a lightning-fast browser that Android users can enjoy.

But what Brave comes with is an integrated pop-up blocker, ad blocker, and malware protection. Therefore, you can safely browse without distractions and without annoyance by ads or pop-up blocks that look huge on a mobile phone screen.

Brave was also able to reduce the loading speed and improve the web browser performance, which leads to an increase of 2 to 4 times faster speed. At the same time, Brave also helps you to save battery and data while browsing.

It’s very rare to find browsers that include automatic privacy settings. Brave is one of the browsers that does this by integrating features such as HTTPS Everywhere, script blocking, and incognito tabs on the smartphone.

But what’s also interesting about Brave are Brave Rewards. Brave Rewards are rewards that you get for browsing the internet. You can use these rewards to cash them out or use them to tip or pay for anything on the internet.

At the time of writing, Brave is the only Android browser that allows you to make money through rewards while browsing as usual.

The easiest way to get Brave on your Android smartphone is to search for it in the Google Play Store, from where you can download Brave for free.

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Kiwi is an Android browser built with one mission in mind: to help Android users browse in peace.

With this browser, you won’t have to worry about speed, protection, or privacy. Kiwi is based on the Chromium code, which powers some of the most well-known browsers, such as the Chrome browser.

In combination with WebKit, the Kiwi browser has exceptional page loading speed. Kiwi also brings plenty of add-ons integrated into the browser and helps improve browsing on an Android device.

These features include a powerful ad blocker, strong pop-up blocker, and even crypto-jacking protection that can help protect your Android device from hackers trying to use your device to mine cryptocurrency.

Interestingly, Kiwi integrates Messenger into the browser, so you don’t have to download and use the Messenger app on your smartphone.

For a better view, while browsing, Kiwi placed its address bar at the bottom, so it’s not in the way or the first thing you see when you’re trying to find information on a page. On top of that, the Kiwi browser comes with a Night mode which helps to browse at night and allows you to customize it manually to match it to your preference.

I should also mention that Kiwi is one of the rare browsers that comes translated into 60 languages.

You can easily download the Kiwi browser by opening the Google Play Store and searching for it there.

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Firefox has always been a favorite browser to millions of people, and that’s why Mozilla created Firefox for Android smartphones.

Firefox is one of the fastest browsers in the world. The mobile Firefox version is designed to bring a calmer and better web browsing experience while keeping the recognizable Firefox browser interface/look.

Interestingly, you can go from your Firefox desktop to Firefox Android without losing any open tabs. This improves efficiency, and it’s one of the rare browsers that provides this function.

Such a function can help you stay productive and connected wherever you go in the office, out of the office, or even just out for a walk.

Privacy was always important to Firefox, and that’s why they’ve integrated a private Firefox browsing tab that’s a tap away. Yet, it allows you to hide your browsing history completely.

Another great feature is the customizable address bar which you can place anywhere you like. Whether you prefer it at the top or the bottom, you can adjust it to fit your preference or your smartphone’s screen.

If you’re trying to stay productive, another way to stay productive is with the help of the picture in picture mode. This Firefox mode helps you stream videos that pop up in the background while browsing the page.

But one of the best things is that if you already use Firefox on your computer, you can log into your account on Android and have all your preferences and settings already applied to your Android browser in only minutes.

Firefox is available for download from the Google Play store for free.

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Samsung Internet Browser

If you’re a proud Samsung Android user and don’t think you need a third-party browser, you might be right.

Samsung took things a step further by introducing their browser for Samsung smartphones. But the great thing they did is that they released the Samsung Internet Browser to every Android user out there.

Samsung Internet Browser provides a great and quick web browsing experience with the help of integrated features that don’t slow down the page loading speed or annoy the user.

Like many other Android browsers, Samsung followed the footsteps to introduce content blockers such as filter blocking and smart anti-tracking that can block cross-site tracking.

Samsung Internet Browser is also very good at blocking cookie access, so you won’t ever have to worry about being targeted by the ads or pop-ups, which will help keep your browsing safer and more private.

The most recent feature is the bookmark tab, which helps you save all your pages you’d like to keep in one place, just like you would on any desktop browser version.

While Samsung covered the basics, they also introduced additional features that improve the browsing experience. With the Samsung Internet Browser, you’ll also get a video assistant, dark mode, extensions such as a Translator, Secret Mode, Smart Anti-Tracking, and Smart Protection.

Another interesting feature is the customizable menu that you can customize to your preference and how you use the browser to browse the web.

I also noticed that Samsung helps enhance the use of other apps while you browse, for instance, the opening of various links that redirect you to its app (if you have it installed).

Thanks to Samsung, the Samsung Internet Browser is available to all Android users, and it can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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Tor Browser

If you are worried about your privacy or if you’re worried about being exploited, Tor Browser is the ideal Android browser that can balance speed/efficiency with privacy/security.

People who browse the internet through the smartphone are indeed an easier target since smartphones come with less protection, Tor Browser is the ideal way to put a stop to malware, spam, and even hackers.

Tor for Android is simply built, so it resembles the Tor desktop version, and it also features all-important add-ons that will keep you safe.

With that being said, you can count on the tracker blockers, which help you browse privately without being targeted by advertising networks.

Just the way Tor can layer encryption for computers, it can do the same for Android users who would need triple-layer encryption to browse freely.

But what Tor does to protect your privacy in comparison to other browsers is incredible. First, it can protect your Android from fingerprinting. Fingerprinting is a way of tagging the browser or a device, so even though your browser blocks cookies so no one can track you, advertisers can still track your browser.

Therefore, Tor eliminates this by resisting fingerprinting and making every Tor browser look the same to the advertisers or hackers trying to abuse the mobile browsers.

Tor is free to use, and it’s available for download in the Google Play Store.

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If you’re interested in speed, great browsing efficiency, and browser customization, Vivaldi is the right Android browser for your needs.

Vivaldi is a desktop browser known for its customizability as well as privacy settings that protect its users.

They’ve introduced the Android version, which provides private browsing with flexibility in mind. In addition, Vivaldi comes with a built-in ad blocker, tracking protection, and private translation for great speed and efficiency.

Vivaldi is known for various integrations and customizability, which are also available in the Android version. While browsing with Vivaldi, you’ll be able to stay productive with Vivaldi’s official integrations, such as Notes and Page Capture.

Customization-wise, Vivaldi allows you to fully customize the browser’s interface to meet your needs and preference. Therefore, you can choose how you’d like to display your tabs, where to keep your address bar, and even which style or color you would like your interface.

Tab Switcher is another function that improves navigation while browsing. Still, it can also increase browsing speed as it’s a lot more convenient than having all your tabs open simultaneously.

With the integrated Speed Dial feature, you can set your specific websites and pages in an easy-to-reach place, so they’re always ready to be accessed.

But what I find the most useful about Vivaldi is that it doesn’t “force” you to set one search engine. Instead, you can start typing the search engine’s name in the address bar, and Vivaldi will recommend the engine you’re interested in so you can easily open it and start searching for queries.

Some other built-in tools include capturing browser-only screenshots or scanning QR codes directly in the browser.

Vivaldi is free for download in the Google Play Store.

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Suppose you’re looking for a fast and private browser. In that case, Dolphin is a great choice since it’s a mobile browser that comes integrated with a regular flash player that doesn’t only speed up certain actions inside a browser. Still, it also provides a better browsing experience as a result.

Dolphin comes integrated with a Dolphin Video integration which allows you to watch videos from any platform directly in the web browser, instead of having third-party apps such as YouTube to watch videos.

With the multiple tabs bar on top, you can easily switch between tabs as if you were browsing the internet on a computer.

For best browsing efficiency and page loading speed, Dolphin integrates an AdBlock that reduces the number of unwanted ads, pop-ups, annoying banners, and even in-video ads.

It’s really rare to see a mobile browser with a sidebar, yet Dolphin could integrate one. All you have to do is swipe to the side to open the sidebar, and from there, you can quickly access many functions right when you need them.

Dolphin acts as a desktop browser since it also integrates a download manager that can achieve great download speeds directly on your phone.

But for an even faster browsing experience, Dolphin integrates gestures. You can set gestures for the most used websites browser, so for example, you can type in D, and a set website will open.

However, if you don’t like typing, you’ll love Sonar, which is an actual virtual assistant built into the browser. And if you ever find anything funny, you’ll be able to quickly share it with your friends, thanks to the integrated Quick Share feature.

With so many features, Dolphin is a relatively light browser that is very quick to cut the time users spend searching for things in the browser and yet spend more time doing what they love.

Dolphin is free to download directly from the Google Play Store.

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When you need a small and light browser that allows you to browse privately at all times, even when you’re not using the incognito mode, DuckDuckGo makes a good choice.

DuckDuckGo is a mobile browser built with speed and privacy in mind. With the modern browsing features integrated into the browser, such as Tap Fire Button for data deletion, encryption, ability to decode privacy, and signal your privacy preferences with GPC, DuckDuckGo is a pretty versatile browser that pays attention to its users’ interests.

DuckDuckGo automatically blocks hidden trackers, and it even offers a built-in search engine, so you don’t need a third-party app such as Google, yet loading speed is improved.

What’s important is that DuckDuckGo doesn’t only protect you while you browse. Still, it also helps you learn how protected you are on each website you visit via the Privacy Grade displayed on every website you visit.

With smarter encryption that blocks most unwanted ads and similar content, DuckDuckGo helps you focus on what you’re trying to find at a blazing speed.

DuckDuckGo is available for free in the Google Play Store.

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If you are looking for a faster browser and you’d like to contribute in one way or another while you browse, Ecosia is a smart browser that can make you feel good about using the internet.

Ecosia is a mobile browser based on the well-known Chromium code that’s powering some of the best browsers in the world. It’s as fast and as secure as the other Chromium-based browsers mentioned earlier, and yet it gives you an interesting browsing experience.

As you browse, you are helping Ecosia to build a better world to live in as they reinvest all of their profits into planting trees.

Of course, besides being transparent, Ecosia is a relatively quick browser since it decided to avoid including too many integrations that could slow down the browser and the Android devices.

Even though there aren’t too many privacy protection features or integrations that will help you improve your productivity, the Ecosia browser is secure. It never monitors you while you use your browser.

All searches are SSL encrypted, so you won’t ever have to worry about your private information being sold or leaked elsewhere.

But for quicker and more efficient searches, Ecosia includes tabs, private mode, history, bookmarks, and downloads. Nothing more and nothing less. But such an approach in combination with the browser based on the Chromium code is exactly what helps improve the speed and ensure that Ecosia fits the bill.

Ecosia is free to download from Google Play Store and while you browse, remember that you’re helping plant trees for free.

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If an integrated browser slows you down, don’t feel bad about installing a third-party option. With so many different browsers, one of their main goals is to bring speed and efficiency to users who need it on their Android devices.

Each browser has different features, but my pick is Google Chrome. It is as efficient, quick, and useful on Android devices as it is on computers.

And with integrated features that will help keep your privacy while you surf at blazing speed, you won’t have anything else to worry about.

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