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Lenovo G50-30 Notebook Review

Lenovo G50-30 is one among the best laptops that are there in the market with lower price and also with awesome performance.

This is the laptop that has got Celeron paired with it along with the memory of 2GB. Lenovo has really got so many laptop models in various configuration and also prices.

This is the one that is suitable for the lower budget plans and also can be really a satisfying experience as it has got Windows 8.1 as the operating system. There are so many features related with the laptop that you should know well.


This is the laptop that has got the display of about 15.6 inches with the screen of glare type. The resolution of the laptop is available with 1366 x768 pixels.

The brightness of the laptop is about 216.1 cd/m2.

The contrast and also the black level of the screen are not really good to consider even when it is a lower budget laptop.

The screen of this laptop provides with very limited angles for viewing. If you are using it outdoors, you need to use it under shade. Low contrast as well as reflective surface make the screen to come up with very low quality pictures.

Lenovo G50-80 80E501U3US 15.6-Inch 500GB Hard Drive LED Notebook 2.20GHz Intel Core i5-5200U, 6GB Memory, Windows 8.1 – Textured Black (Certified Refurbished)


This is the laptop that can act in the form of perfect office laptop.

The power of this laptop is not good enough for using with those applications which are much more than internet and office.

Review sample from the company is actually sold within about 270 Euros. This is something that can help you in actually doing what actually you need with the office but it cannot be used for any other things. There are chances for you to really get a best experience with this laptop that is fit for the office works.

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This is the laptop that has got the Celeron N2830 dual core processor.

It has got the basic speed of about 2.16 GHz and can be increased to about 2.416 GHz if you are using Turbo. It can do all the cinebench tests in awesome speed.

This is the processor that got operated with the seed of 2.16 when it is in the turbo mode.

It is really a good one which you can consider so that you get the best possible advantage using it as per the budget and the money that you spend on the product.

It really provides with awesome kind of the processing speed as well as possibilities so that you get the best way to get the tasks done in very less speed.

Storage Devices

The hard drive of this laptop has got the capacity of about 320 GB and also it can actually spin about 5400 revolutions in one minute.

The transfer rates that you get with this laptop is not that disappointing. It is not something pleasing compared to the similar ones available in the market.

Graphics Card

The GPU that is available is good for the video output but it actually cannot compete with the AMD counterparts that are stronger.

Lenovo G50-80 80E501U3US 15.6-Inch 500GB Hard Drive LED Notebook 2.20GHz Intel Core i5-5200U, 6GB Memory, Windows 8.1 – Textured Black (Certified Refurbished)

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