ThriveTracker Review, Pricing, Coupon, And Alternatives

If you want to succeed as an affiliate marketer, it is essential that you track your data, because how else will you make money without knowing the exact ads that convert?

Similarly, if your campaign doesn’t convert at certain times of the day, yet it is running continuously throughout the day, you’re wasting money.

Before trackers came on the scene, affiliate marketers had a difficult time tracking. Some probably had to hire people to create basic PHP tracking scripts, or use spreadsheets for their calculations.

Today, more and more affiliate marketing trackers are available, giving more options and features across different tracking platforms.

ThriveTracker is one of the main tracking platforms available in the market, and used by performance marketers and media buyers.

The tracker, which works on desktop, mobile, or on the web, focuses on campaign management, so you don’t have to use excel spreadsheets to compare your spend and earnings in real time.

In this ThriveTracker review article, we’ll be looking at one of the best tools for digital marketing.

What Is ThriveTracker?

Founded in 2014, ThriveTracker lives up to its mission of delivering an exceptional user experience, with a commitment to investing in great design, engineering, research, and customer support.

Whether you’re a business owner or an agency managing campaigns for your clients, ThriveTracker takes care of the tedious stuff, so you can focus more on growth.

ThriveTracker is a performance marketing tool. It helps users to not just succeed but also thrive. The tool is one of the best for performance marketing thanks to the AI technology it features and how easy it is to use. The tracking platform is constantly updated with new features.

As a tracking solution, ThriveTracker has multiple use cases to help improve your conversion rate. You can use it for AI optimization, fast redirects, bot filtering, domain control, auto-scaling, and funneling. Not only performance marketers can use ThriveTracker.

It is highly beneficial to affiliate marketers and in ad campaign management. With this affiliate marketing software, all you need to focus on is strategy, competition, and scale. It handles everything about campaign management. It makes it easy for you to compare your spending and your income.

ThriveTracker supports multi-user access so it’s a collaborative tracking software. Notably, the software supports LP Pixel. This feature allows you to track your landing pages using click tracking pixels.

How ThriveTracker Works

A tracking platform helps you gather insight data on your web visitors and traffic, so you can have enough information as possible on each person.

This, in turn, helps you design campaigns for the right customer or audience, to meet with the right offer.

ThriveTracker works to gather data much faster than other affiliate marketing tracking options in the market, with speeds of under 5ms, putting it ahead of the pack when measuring performance.

Once you get a ThriveTracker link, it gathers the data you want and redirects your visitors to the place you want them to go, and make money in the process.

Media buyers who are constantly searching for quality traffic at the lowest costs, or the best performing offers with the highest payouts, will balance out operations using ThriveTracker.

It also helps them save time, and they view all the necessary insights and information in one platform.

How To Join ThriveTracker

The process isn’t complicated.

Once you go through registration, you’ll get a well-structured presentation email that details how ThriveTracker can be used in traffic sources. These include ad networks, social media (Facebook and Twitter), DSPs, and other sources.

You can create campaigns in bulk and get clean data with access to granular data like targets, specific browsers, or periods of the day. It also allows you to optimize your ad banners to the maximum.

In fact, you’ll find it easier to get combinations between the best spots, banners, or campaigns, plus explore split testing, or split the traffic between landing pages to find the high performing ones.

ThriveTracker also allows you to leverage its algorithms which optimize your campaigns automatically based on ROIs, CTRs, and loss. Ultimately, you get the sweet spot in optimal performance as it is connected with the Amazon cloud infrastructure.

ThriveTracker Features

Fast redirects

ThriveTracker is connected to the AWS infrastructure, which is globally distributed cutting-edge technology. This ensures your traffic goes where you want it to, at very fast speeds.

The tracker supports mobile and desktop traffic so you won’t have to worry about losing clicks like when you use slower trackers.


So you have the hottest offer and perfect traffic source, your tracker shouldn’t cause you sleepless nights thinking whether it will work or not. ThriveTracker’s cloud-based solution scales with you, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting it to do so.

Wide range of traffic sources

ThriveTracker provides for easy integration as it supports over 50 traffic sources, but if you don’t see your own source, you can contact them and they’ll add it to the list.

Domain control

Your domain’s reputation impacts ROI. ThriveTracker routes your traffic via your own custom domain so that your ROI is positively impacted and you need not rely on “grouped” domain impact.

Extensive reporting

ThriveTracker allows you to generate drill-down reports that group multiple variables so you can point out the exact combinations that yield the highest returns. Variables can range from geography, devices, creative, and more.

Landing Page Pixel

Place the ThriveTracker tracking pixel on your landing pages and run traffic straight to your pages from your traffic sources. It will track everything without redirects, and allow you to still split test your offers.

This pixel is unreliant on cookies to track direct visits to your landing pages, and recognizes the landing page to post your clicks to, while redirecting visitors to appropriate offers without cookies.

It is helpful when tracking organic or mobile traffic, plus traffic from Safari browsers. For organic traffic, the LP Pixel can track visits to each landing page.

It also improves the longevity and quality of Facebook ads campaigns that Thrive tracks.

Funnel support

With ThriveTracker, you can set up multiple landing pages, or offer split-tests, and track unlimited pages within a funnel through Branches. You can also check offers vis-à-vis their upsell conversions, or swap them without having to edit the landing page code.

Multi-user access

ThriveTracker offers separate login credentials for affiliates, partners, or employees.

You can assign multiple users to one account, but also let admins create roles with highly specific permissions. This means you control who has access, what they get to see, and even select campaigns, URLs, landing pages, and the extent of their autonomy.

Even better is the possibility of team building, so you can use your multi-user access tools to facilitate a collaborative and comprehensive team experience.

Create new networks to account for each user, and attach the networks to offers for each of their campaigns, then use the Affiliate Networks tab to manage each member’s performance.

Secondary click assignment

This feature was specifically designed to improve ROI.

ThriveTracker’s Geo-Redirect/Bot Filter offers exceptional functionality within the platform so you can determine the exact clicks that make it into your campaign and which ones are redirected.

This is important because before this feature, filtered clicks were only sent away from campaigns, which cost a lot of money and time.

The tool helps you create unlimited filters from 17 unique rules, so you can target your ideal audience better.

Filtered clicks can now go to a different campaign of your choice, bringing back the same great insights and data along. Original campaigns thus only get the best traffic, while others receive filtered visitors so you have more chances of collecting profits.

Redesigned user interface

The brand new ThriveTracker interface has a sleeker design for an optimized experience and more aesthetically appealing platform.

For users, this means simpler fonts, cleaner lines, and minimalistic color scheme that lets you focus on your data. Improvements have also been made on the platform’s mobile optimization for faster access to your dashboard while on the go.

The interface design is user-friendly with intuitive flow, because naturally, performance marketing trackers are complex.

Parallel Tracking

ThriveTracker’s cloud service is compatible with Parallel Tracking, a requirement for all Google Ads campaigns. For smoother transition, the tracker updated its codebase for 100 percent compatibility.

Parallel Tracking helps accelerate load times for landing pages as it separates tracking parameters from the URL of your landing page.

Instead of loading a tracking URL to capture data and redirecting to AdWords click tracker before landing pages, visitors go to the final landing page as tracking occurs in the background.


A stunning new dashboard is available so you can present your most vital analytics in a modern, advanced display. The information has been organized to ease interpretation and offer your most valuable metrics at a glance.

The dashboard is mobile responsive, so you can use it any time, wherever you are.

Applicable metrics are also included, showing your top five best and worst performing offers, landing pages, campaigns, and traffic sources.

CPA Cost Model

You can use ThriveTracker for CPA marketing thanks to the CPA Cost Model. The software lets you broker traffic from major CPA networks.

World-class support

The ThriveTracker team is available to support your business, and they’re constantly improving their solutions to help you better, with consistent releases and integrations.

ThriveTracker Pricing

ThriveTracker offers three pricing plans built to scale with you: Cloud Elite, Cloud Lite, and Cloud Classic.

Cloud Lite is billed annually or month to month and offers up to 100,000 clicks, 1 custom domain, and for additional domains, you pay $10 per domain per month.

Cloud Elite offers unlimited domains and unlimited clicks and is a custom pricing plan, with annual or monthly agreements available.

Cloud Classic is billed annually or month to month and offers up to 1 million clicks, 1 custom domain, and for additional domains, you pay $10 per domain per month.

How To Avail The ThriveTracker Free Trial

Before you pay for a ThriveTracker subscription, you can use the platform free for 14 days. This is available if you are using the self-hosted plan. For the cloud-hosted service, you may get a free trial if the plan is custom.

To use the free trial, simply visit the homepage and click on Start Your Free Trial. All you have to do is to fill the 3-page registration form and approve your account. On the 2nd page, you can select your preferred ThriveTracker plan and choose if you want to pay monthly or annually.

Finally, select the Try FREE plan and enter your billing details. You can use any of the major credit and debit cards. However, you won’t be charged until 14 days if you don’t cancel the subscription.

ThriveTracker Coupons

With a ThriveTracker coupon, you can get a discount on any of the subscription plans. You can enter a coupon code in the billing page.

You can get ThriveTracker Coupons on various coupon and deals sites. Some current coupon codes you can use include:

With this coupon, you get a 25% discount for the first 3 months of using ThriveTracker.

With this coupon code, you get 70% off any of the ThriveTracker premium subscription for one time

ThriveTracker Pros and Cons


  • Faster speeds
  • Doesn’t require host server
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy integration
  • Helps with record keeping
  • Multi-currency functionality
  • Extensive reporting
  • Domain control
  • Funnel support


  • More bugs may be created with defect tracking

ThriveTracker Alternatives

1. ShareASale

For almost two decades now, this tracker has built a name for itself to become the top provider of performance marketing solutions.

ShareASale prides itself in creating tools that are fast, efficient, and yield streamlined, yet accurate, results.

Through their affiliate development team, you can get recommendations on the best merchants to partner with, if you feel overwhelmed in their more than 3,900 programs.

If you like, you can participate in monthly newsletters, classes, and webinars to stay updated with the affiliate marketing industry, grow, and thrive as an affiliate marketer.

You can do anything from structuring your campaigns to ad development and developing your data feed, as the tool offers cutting edge technologies to build and grow your business.

Its unique features include real-time tracking, clickstream attribution, so you can get timestamp data and encourage specific behavior among your audiences. This means you get to know when links are clicked, sales are made, and commissions are generated.

It also has the Stores Connect for businesses with chains of stores so you can run campaigns for multiple shops in one account. However, you still get separate reports for each store.


  • Variety of affiliate programs
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Solid reporting tools


  • Payment threshold may be high
  • May not notify affiliates of closure of merchant’s program

2. ClickBank

This affiliate marketing tracker is trusted by hundreds of thousands of users globally.

The internet retailer caters to businesses of all sizes, helping them expand their reach using a large network of digital marketing experts.

It primarily sells digital content, with more than 6 million products you can promote on your site or blog, such as eBooks, subscription-based products, and software.

You can use it via desktop, but it is also optimized for mobile so you can work remotely, or on the go.

A support team and knowledge base is available for FAQs, or any assistance and queries you may need responses for.

ClickBank offers streamlined searches for finding affiliates in geographic locations, age brackets, and more that are critical to your business. Also, a search system is available so your affiliates can find products to market.

It also has extensive in-app tools and third-party reporting functionality to check your performance on the market. In-app tools allow you to manage lead conversions and also plan for your content marketing efforts.

The third-party reporting functionality offers details, such as vendor sales and commissions. You can also check performances and get a grasp of purchasing behaviors by customers, while adjusting your campaign based on observations.


  • High commissions
  • Multi-language support
  • Convenient payment schedule
  • Ability to set payment thresholds
  • Easy to sign up
  • Easy to promote
  • ClickBank University


  • Customer support may be slow in email responses

3. Voluum

This is a performance tracker that offers end-to-end solutions on analytics, advertising, and affiliate marketing optimization.

Users get to buy different types of media in various formats, adjust bid strategies, gauge ROI, and get valuable insights on purchasing trends all in one platform.

Voluum’s instant setup gives you access to real-time granular stat results, zero data limits, and state of the art redirection technologies.

No more wasting time on installing software – if you experience difficulties setting up, their customer support is available live for you.

It also has advanced tracking capabilities so you can monitor analytics, set up your campaigns, and build whitelists using the App Intelligence Graph.

Its sophisticated user acquisition, lead-gen, and tracking help generate high revenue amounts annually, while monitoring analytics and setting up campaigns.

In-house and third-party anti-fraud solutions are available in Voluum for solid encryption and authentication options, plus multiple integrations for one-click optimization.

This means you don’t have to keep going back and forth across your traffic sources, so you save effort, time, and money spent checking on the progress of your campaigns.


  • Fast
  • User friendly
  • AI powered
  • Real-time routing API
  • A/B testing for flows
  • Protects traffic from third parties
  • Secure
  • Built-in optimization tools
  • Cloud-based ad tracker
  • Custom conversion tracking
  • Multiple user roles
  • Great design
  • Tracking domains with SSL


  • Pricey
  • Customer support may be wanting

4. Post Affiliate Pro

This software solution is designed to track affiliate networks for Ecommerce websites and online businesses.

The platform offers anti-fraud detection, multiple currency support, and promotional tools, plus it can be integrated with payment gateways, CMSs, and APIs as you scale.

It also offers real-time reporting so you can make accurate payments, and all its plans come with automated installation, free setups, periodical upgrades, and their in-house support crew backups.

Post Affiliate Pro’s unique features include direct link tracking, which maintains the affiliate’s page look and feel, and masks your URL discreetly. It protects the affiliates’ credibility while increasing conversions for you.

Multi-tier commissions are available to incentivize affiliates for the sales of the sub-affiliates they recruited to your program, thus expanding your reach further.

Its innovative user interface is customizable, and easy to use, allowing you to make quick reports, mass payments, map overlays, and much more. Multilingual support is available if your business has clients in other countries, so you can reinforce your campaigns.


  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to customize and make your own
  • Free apps and extensions available
  • Accurate
  • Easier to integrate with partners


  • Steep learning curve, especially Zend coding

Is ThriveTracker Legit?

The straightforward answer is yes, ThriveTracker is a legitimate company.

In fact, it was founded in 2014 by iPyxel Creations and it is currently owned by Clickbooth.

Is ThriveTracker Better Than Other Self-Hosted Affiliate Tracking Software?

ThriveTracker is better than most self-hosted affiliate tracking software platforms. This is because the platform is versatile. You can make use of the cloud hosting service or still self-host.

Additionally, ThriveTracker is 100 percent premium, but you can use it for free on trial to track up to 1 million clicks.

With a self-hosted tracking software, you have a lot of management tasks to do compared to using ThriveTracker.

Wrapping Up The ThriveTracker Review

Affiliate marketing is a great way for businesses and individuals alike to make extra profits.

In order to achieve success, you have to track your conversions, which is why affiliate marketing trackers are available, as the potential to earn more is high.

Explore affiliate marketing by tracking growth regularly and analyzing statistics, using trackers like ThriveTracker, which is easy to use, and inexpensive for tracking and recording campaigns.

It is one of the best affiliate tracking platforms with cloud solution, unlimited scale, and multiple variables, plus a clear reporting structure. And if you’re ever in need, its world-class support team is always at hand for you.

It is undoubtedly a great tracker with its fast speeds, hassle-free functioning, and useful tutorial for beginners or other users who haven’t tried it before.

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