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Why The Top Left Of iPhone Screen Is Blurry & How To Fix It?

It has been more than 10 years, and the iPhone still dominates the smartphone industry. New models are being introduced yearly, and users are always eager to get their hands on the latest one.

One of the reasons why the iPhone is still the best-selling smartphone is the Apple brand. The company is known for investing big in its products and software.

That said, iPhones could be better. Some come with glitches that frustrate users. Recently, many iPhone users have complained of a strange software bug on their device that blurs the top left of their screen, leaving it completely unreadable.

Many users complained that the blur appeared after updating their devices. Luckily, there are solutions to this.

Keep reading to find out how to remove the blur on your iPhone.

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Why Is the Top Left of my iPhone Screen Blurry?

1. Software Bug

The main cause of the blur is a software bug. The bug is prevalent mainly in iOS 15.5. However, many users with earlier versions of iOS have also complained about the bug. It is unclear whether the issue affects devices with iOS 16.

If you take a screenshot using a device with the blur, you will notice the blurring on the screenshot as well. Thus, this indicates that the issue is related to a software problem rather than a hardware issue.

2. Issues With Day and Night Settings

An issue with your iPhone device’s day and night settings is another cause of the blur on the top left screen.

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3. Issues With Specific Apps

If you notice that the issue only appears when you open a specific app, the problem could be the app, not the device.

Often this could appear because of a glitch in the app, and the developers could have released an update with the bug.

4. Issues With Video Streaming

The issue is not your device when you notice a blur on your device when streaming a video. The most common reason for this is streaming a low-quality video.

Also, weaker internet connections may cause a blur on your screen when watching a video. You could use your mobile data to see if the issue persists.

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Fixing Blurry Screen on iPhone

Turn off Night Shift

If the cause of the blurry screen is due to day and night settings, then turning off the Night Shift settings may work.

Night Shift mode is designed to turn the screen colors to warmer colors at night. So a glitch in this function may cause a blur on your screen. Here is how to turn off the Night Shift mode on your device:

  • Go to settings on your device
  • Select display, and brightness
  • Select Night Shift
  • Turn off Night Shift

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Switch to Dark Mode

Some users have been able to fix the issue by simply switching their devices. Switching to dark mode helps when the blur on the top left of your iPhone appears in light mode.

Here is how to do it

  • Go to settings on your device
  • Select the display and brightness option
  • Then select dark on appearance

Reboot Your iPhone

The first two solutions may work for your device. However, if it does not, then rebooting your iPhone is another option.

Restarting your iPhone has helped many users experiencing the same problem. Here is how to do that

  • Press the volume and the power button at the same time.

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  • A slider will appear – drag the power off slider to reboot your phone
  • Wait for a few seconds, then press the power button to switch it on

You can now check to see if the blur has disappeared.

Update Software

If the problem still persists, then the issue could be a result of a glitch in the iOS. Luckily Apple releases new updates frequently. New updates are often meant to fix bugs in previous updates.

There is a great chance that the latest update will fix the bug issue on your device. Here is how to update the software on your device:

  • Go to settings on your device
  • Select general, then click on software updates
  • You may see several software updates, especially if you have not been updating your software
  • Select one that you wish to install
  • Tap on download and install
  • Then give it a few minutes to update

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Reinstall Apps

If you notice that the issue appears when you open specific apps, then deleting and reinstalling them will solve the problem.

Here is how to do it:

  • Find the app on the home screen
  • Touch and hold the app until a pop-up appears
  • Tap on Delete the App to delete it from your device.

The next step is reinstalling the app, and here is how to do it:

  • Go to the App Store on your device
  • Tap the search button to find the app manually
  • Alternatively, you can tap on your profile photo in the App Store
  • Then select Purchased
  • Scroll down to find the app on your list of Purchased Apps
  • Tap the download button to reinstall it on your device

Contact Apple Support

If you have tried all the methods listed above and your iPhone screen is still blurry, maybe it is time to contact Apple Customer Support for professional help.

The problem could be hardware-related and easily fixed at your nearest Apple Store.

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Other Common Issues With iPhone Screen

Screen Not Sensitive Enough

If you have placed a screen guard on your iPhone screen, this could be one of the reasons for the poor sensitivity. Try the following methods to fix this problem:

Remove the screen protector and case – The touchscreen may cease functioning if you apply a thick screen protector that hinders the screen from sensing your fingers’ electrical capacitance.

If your touchscreen isn’t functioning, or works intermittently, remove any object around or on the screen, including the screen protector or phone case. If the screen works seamlessly after removing these accessories, it’s time to get a thinner screen protector or a different case.

Wipe the screen to remove any water or debris – This method is the simplest and works almost instantly depending on whether you have exposed your iPhone to rain or dirt.

Unplug accessories from the phone’s lightning port – Connecting any accessories to the lightning port can interfere with the screen’s sensitivity. If anything is connected to the port, including a power bank or charger, unplug it.

If the action solves the issue, chances are, the accessory is incompatible with the iPhone.

If all of the above-mentioned options fail, you can restart your device.

If the sensitivity is not restored after restarting the device, then contact Apple Support or visit the nearest Apple Store to get your screen fixed.

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iPhone White Screen of Death


An iPhone screen may appear white for an extended period due to a jailbreak, failed upgrade, or a hardware issue. To resolve this issue, restart the device. If that doesn’t work, factory reset it.

Sometimes, even factory resetting won’t fix the problem; if that is the case, boot the iPhone in the Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode.

Remember that factory resetting or booting your iPhone in DFU mode will clear all of your phone data and settings. That said, remember to back up your data on iCloud often.

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iPhone Black Screen


An iPhone screen might turn black after you accidentally drop it, update an app, or spill water on it. Other reasons include bad firmware, malware, and jailbreaking.

How do you fix this issue? Start by charging the phone fully to rule out battery issues. If this issue persists, restore the iPhone to factory settings, but remember you may lose data while at it.

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iPhone Screen Not Working in Cold Weather

During winter or in colder regions, your iPhone screen may stop responding. You can fix this issue in several ways:

Don’t Take Your Phone Out When It’s Too Cold

If you must carry your phone outside, then stash it in your pocket and keep it closest to your body. That said, don’t leave your iPhone alone for extended durations in frigid areas, such as a parked car.

An iPhone is not designed to withstand freezing temperatures below 32 degrees F. That’s why the phone may shut down or deplete its charge if you use it under extremely low temperatures.

Turn It Off

If you do not wish to leave your iPhone behind, turn it off. Hold down the device’s side button and one of its volume buttons for a couple of seconds.

The power-off slider will appear. Now, drag the slider and wait for thirty seconds for the iPhone to turn off completely.

Use a Thermal Protection Case

Specific cases are built to regulate your iPhone’s temperature under extreme conditions. For example, cases like Neoprene, Optimal, etc. are designed to ensure the iPhone operates well under low temperatures.

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Final Word

Sometimes iPhones develop glitches during use. Most of these issues can easily be resolved by simply restarting your device. Others can be fixed by a software upgrade.

If your iPhone’s top left screen is still blurry, or you encounter a challenge that cannot be fixed by the solutions offered in this article, then call Apple customer care. The device may have hardware issues that need to be solved by technicians.