50 Best iPhone Widgets 2024

Widgets became available to iPhone users along with the iOS 14 update. Since then, software developers have been designing cool, useful, and informative widgets to help optimize your iPhone experience and help you be even more productive.

Thanks to the power of widgets, you can now customize your home screen, increase the functionality of your device, and get quick access to View Postrelevant information on different apps without launching the application itself.

In this post, I’ll be exploring some of the best iPhone widgets available today that you won’t regret having and using.

Best iPhone Widgets

1. Streaks

Streaks puts its own unique twist on what a to-do list widget should be. It’s designed to help you complete your goals for various tasks and can even help track them in degrees or step by step.

So you can have a basic task like eating a healthy meal or more challenging tasks like running 25 kilometers this week that you can add up over time. Streaks is able to track a dozen things at once and it can also help you set timers for your tasks.

Download Streaks

2. Fitness

Fitness lovers is an awesome widget for fitness enthusiasts that allows you to track your workout activities. It can help you determine how much exercise you’re actually getting, how well you’re working out, and the amount of effort you need to put in to reach your fitness goals.

This widget comes pre-loaded on iPhones so you don’t have to install it on your device.

3. Headspace

As the name implies, Headspace empowers you to get in the right headspace or mind state depending on the time of the day. The widget changes throughout the day and displays different mindful activities that are relevant.

For instance, Headspace can give a meditation exercise to start your day in the morning, then in the evening, it’ll feature a sleep podcast to help you get an evening night rest.

Explore more apps like Headspace.

Download Headspace

4. MemoWidget

With MemoWidget you get a simple notepad on your home screen where you can write down and organize your thoughts and ideas.

The widget includes reminders so you never forget important to-dos and you get to enjoy a straightforward notepad with multi-language support and minimal distractions.

Download MemoWidget

5. Sports Alert

With this widget, you can follow your favorite sports, live scores, alerts, and news for NFL, Golf, NBA, Tennis, and all the other major sports that you love.

Sports Alert is stylish and easy to use with different widget sizes to choose from depending on how much information you want to show.

Download Sports Alert

6. Things 3

Things 3 is a great widget for iPhones that helps you stay on top of all the tasks you need to do each day. It’s functional, minimalistic, and it highlights all the important things on your to-do list—giving you a clean view of them so nothing slips through the cracks.

Download Things 3

7. Spark Mail

Spark Mail lets you bring all your email accounts together into one app for easier management and a seamless experience.

It has various widgets that you can use to display your latest events and calendar, and highlights your recent emails so you don’t have to waste time checking your inbox directly.

Download Spark Mail

8. Battery Widget & Color Widgets

With this widget, you can monitor and manage various aspects of your iPhone from right on your homepage. You can see your battery status, charge level, battery information, check brightness levels, and memory usage.

You even get to choose what colors to use to optimize your widget and relevant information.

Download Battery Widget & Color Widgets

9. Fantastical

Once you add Fantastical to your widget stack, you’re never going to want to take it out. That’s how good it is.

This simple and useful widget shows you your calendar and a glance, so you can see the date, day, weather forecast, as well as the upcoming events you need to prepare for.

Download Fantastical

10. TripIt

Whether your work makes you jet around a lot or you’re planning a vacation, the TripIt iPhone widget helps you prepare for your travels.

You can map out and view itineraries for your trips by forwarding bookings and reservations to the widget and it’ll update all the necessary details.

Download TripIt

11. Merriam-Webster Word of the Day Widget

With the Word of the Day widget from Merriam-Webster, you can take your vocabulary to the next level by learning one new word every day. The famous dictionary has over 225,000 thousand words so you’re not going to run out of learning material anytime soon.

Download Merriam-Webster

12. Color Widgets

One of the best iPhone widget apps you can use is Color Widgets. It lets you customize your widgets however you like before adding them to your home screen.

It comes with free icon sets and the ability to change fonts, widget designs, and background photos. You can display the date, battery percentage, time, and day of the week in a beautiful way.

Download Color Widgets

13. GoodTask

Managing your daily and weekly tasks no longer has to be challenging with GoodTask in your corner. It offers a simplified checklist with lots of pre-filled advanced project management tasks.

GoodTask’s Favorites widget helps you open lists directly or add personalized new tasks, while the List widget displays tasks from a given list alongside a calendar.

Download GoodTask

14. Screen Time

The Screen Time widget provides a way for you to track the activities happening on your screen.

It will display all the relevant and important information like the amount of time spent on various apps on your home screen so you don’t need to visit your Settings app to view it.

Screen Time is available in multiple sizes so feel free to pick one based on the amount of data you want to view. It also comes pre-installed on iOS 14 and above.

15. Widgetsmith

Widgetsmith is hands down one of the best iPhone widgets out there. It enables you to create custom widgets based on your specific preferences.

You can customize a widget to carry out a single function like displaying the weather, photos, your activity, or the phases and tides of the moon.

Alternatively, you can use Widgetsmith to create a dynamic widget that showcases different kinds of information in the afternoon and your health data at night.

Download Widgetsmith

16. Spotify

Listen to your favorite music and podcasts easily and quickly from the comfort of your home screen with the Spotify iPhone widget. You can see the signs you liked or played recently and jump right back in the groove with a single tap.

Download Spotify

17. HeyWeather

Want to know what the weather’s like or the forecast for the coming days but in an awesome and cool way? HeyWeather is the perfect widget for you. It gives you lots of customization options in terms of display templates, colors, and icon style.

The HeyWeather widget comes in three sizes: small, medium, and large—all of which can be personalized to your liking. You can learn the minimum and maximum temperatures for the day at a glance.

Download HeyWeather

18. Calory

Health-conscious folks who like to track their calorie intake can benefit greatly from this iPhone widget. With Calory, you can calculate your caloric and nutritional needs based on your activity levels, height, and weight.

The widget will recommend daily goals suited to your dietary needs, so you can make progress without putting a strain on your body.

Download Calory

19. Sticky Widgets

Why write notes on paper when you can just type them in the Sticky Widgets. All you have to do is tap the app on your screen and enter the note you want to make and the widget will be updated with the new information.

Sticky Widgets is incredibly easy to use and you get the freedom to tweak the shape, font, color, and appearance of the widget.

Download Sticky Widgets

20. Watch Pet

This widget gives you a relaxing way to pass time by taking a virtual pet under your wing. With Watch Pet, you get to create an avatar of a pet and you’re responsible for looking after its needs.

The widget displays a cute image of your pet and lets you see what it’s doing. You can give it water, feed it, and even play with it.

Download Watch Pet

21. Game Center

Game Center is Apple’s version of a social gaming network and it enables players to develop an identity on Apple platforms. It also features functions like leaderboards, multiplayer functionality, personal dashboard, Game Center achievements, and more.

You can customize your Game Center interface to suit your preference. Also, the tool now comes prebuilt into the iPhone.

22. SmartGym

Motivate yourself to exercise with the Smart Gym widget. It simplifies your workouts by counting sets, suggesting timely exercises, and telling you when to rest so you don’t have to track them all by yourself.

Smart Gym will remind you to get off your butt and take steps towards being and staying fit. You can even integrate it with your Apple Watch for improved performance and data tracking.

Download SmartGym

23. AnyList

Staying on top of your tasks can be difficult, especially when you have to juggle both personal and professional responsibilities.

The AnyList widget can help you avoid missing errands by reminding you when it’s time to cook, do the laundry, go grocery shopping, and even plan your meals ahead of time.

Download AnyList

24. Smart Stack

Smart Stack gives you the power of multiple widgets in one, including Photos, Weather, Music, Calendar, Reminders, and more. As a result, you don’t have to cram your screen with too many widgets because Smart Stack helps you arrange them in one place.

It allows you to interact better with your smart assistant using Siri Suggestions. Just tap your home screen, select Smart Stack, add the widget, and you’ll be ready to go.

25. FindMy

With the FindMy app on iPhone, you can track specific items or get location updates from your friends and family members. With the app’s handy new widget, you can do all this, as well as share your live location with others right from your home screen.

Download FindMy

26. Calm

No matter how hectic your day gets, the Calm widget can help you take a few moments to let your hair down and breathe.

It offers inspirational stories, breathing exercises, meditation practices, reminders, and activities that you can engage in throughout the day to release stress and regain composure.

Check out more apps like Calm.

Download Calm

27. Health App Sleep Widget

This next widget lets you monitor your sleep activity. If you’re the type of person that takes their health very seriously, this kind of information can be very useful in helping you build or maintain a healthy sleep pattern.

Sleep Widget will show you how much sleep you got the night before, your respiratory rate, blood oxygen levels, and other essential sleep-related information.

28. Overdrop Weather

Get your weather forecast and details in grand style with this beautiful widget that gathers insights from renowned forecast experts like AccuWeather, WeatherBit, and Dark Sky Weather.

Overdrop Weather provides comprehensive hyper-local weather data, weather radar, severe weather condition weather, and daily/weekly forecasts for pretty much every location.

Download Overdrop Weather

29. Widgeridoo

Widgeridoo is a powerful tool that supports the creation and customization of widgets. It allows you to build widgets with one function only or combine multiple functions of your choosing in one widget.

This means that a single widget can be customized to display upcoming events, RSS feed, battery status, photos, and more.

Download Widgeridoo

30. Siri Suggestions

Siri Suggestions is one widget that iPhone users will find particularly useful. It automatically arranges two rows of app icons on your home screen based on what Siri thinks would be most helpful to you at different times.

This means that you can rotate and launch apps all through the day according to your needs rather than clogging your home screen with lots of app icons.

31. Apollo for Reddit

If you’re an active Reddit user, Apollo can help streamline and improve your experience, and save you the stress of browsing through Reddit yourself.

It offers cool features like customizable gestures, a stylish media viewer, and a jump bar tool so you can easily move from one subreddit to another.

Download Apollo for Reddit

32. Motivation – Daily Quotes

Sometimes we need encouragement and support to get through the day and Motivation – Daily Quotes is one of the best iPhone widgets for that.

Depending on your goals and preferences, it gives you inspirational quotes from celebrities and historical figures to help you hang on and breathe a little easier when things get tough.

Download Motivation – Daily Quotes

33. Yahoo Finance

For those who love trading or enjoy dipping their hands into the stock markets, Yahoo Finance is a useful widget to have on your phone.

You can use it to monitor your investments and market prices in real time so you can make the right financial decisions and keep your money from going down the drain.

Download Yahoo Finance

34. Daily Budget Original

Although Daily Budget Original is not as popular as other mainstream budgeting apps, it’s one of the rare ones that provide a home screen widget. You can use the widget to record your daily, weekly, and monthly expenses and income.

Also, it allows you to track your savings and how you’re performing on the road to your savings goals.

Download Daily Budget Original

35. Bears Countdown

Never forget another anniversary or birthday with this handy iPhone widget. Bears Countdown monitors all your important dates and counts down to them so you can make the necessary arrangements for the big day. You can even include ideas and notes for each upcoming event to the widget.

Download Bears Countdown

36. Subtrack

It can be really hard to track all your online subscriptions manually, but thanks to Subtrack, you no longer have to do that.

The widget has a pre-added list of over 300 service subscriptions that you can select from including Spotify, Netflix, Apple Music, and HBO.

You can add custom subscriptions for services that aren’t listed in just a few seconds and even set reminders so you never miss a cancellation date or due date.

Subtrack also gives you in-depth insights into your subscriptions and how they contribute to your expenses.

Download Subtrack

37. Flipboard

The Flipboard widget delivers the latest news to your iPhone in a format that’s easy for you to read. It gives you a personalized news feed collated from thousands of local and international sources so you don’t need to navigate from site to site.

Whether your interests are Business, Tech, Politics, or Culture, Flipboard brings you the best news in every field.

Download Flipboard

38. News Break

Find out what’s happening near you or around the world with News Break. This widget keeps you updated on the latest news based on the categories, locations of interest, and preferences that you set up.

If you don’t choose your preferences, you will automatically receive localized news stories from your current location. Over time, News Break can also learn your preferences based on the articles you read.

Download News Break

39. Usage

Usage is a widget for iPhone that enables you to place vital information such as storage, RAM usage, network speed, and data usage on your home screen.

It’s ideal for power users who want to be able to view data about their device by simply looking at their screen rather than having to scroll about.

Download Usage

40. Shazam

The Shazam widget lets you discover new music and identify any songs playing in your immediate vicinity in mere seconds by just tapping on your screen. You can also view trending songs that are being Shazamed around the world and add them to your playlist.

Download Shazam

41. Noted

Next on my list of best iPhone widgets is Noted, a top-rated note-taking tool that you can use to take a quick look at your thoughts, ideas, and other relevant notes from your home screen.

A simple tap on the widget will allow you to record a new note, saving you time that you can dedicate to other important stuff

Download Noted

42. Photo Widget

With Photo Widget, you can make a slideshow featuring your favorite images on your home screen so you can look at them without having to go all the way to your photo gallery.

All you have to do is add all the images you want to use in the slide, create a timer, then place the widget wherever you want.

Download Photo Widget

43. Minimonth

This simple widget gives you a new way to tell the date by providing a customized calendar on your iOS screen. Minimonth lets you change various elements including theme, colors, week numbers, light/dark mode, and more to make your calendar more interesting.

Download Minimonth

44. WaterLama

I don’t know about you, but I tend to forget to hydrate as much as I should, especially when I’m bogged down with work and personal errands. Well, here comes WaterLama to the rescue.

You just need to log home much water you drink and the widget will create reminders to ensure you’re getting maximum hydration. You can also log other liquids like soda and alcohol, and participate in challenges with other users.

Download WaterLama

45. Launcher

Launcher is loaded with different actions you can add to your widgets to make them even more accessible. With Launcher, you can design a custom widget that lets you easily locate your contacts, apps, a website, or a song you want to listen to.

Download Launcher

46. Vocabulary

If you like learning new words, you’re going to love this useful iPhone widget. Vocabulary helps you learn a new word each day by showing you a word, alongside its meaning, etymology, and sample sentences to help you expand your knowledge of the English language.

Download Vocabulary

47. FoodNoms

FoodNoms is a meal tracker app and widget that helps you monitor what you eat, plan your meals, and measure the calories you take in. It provides weekly and monthly charts with detailed statistics to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

It can also keep an eye on your alcohol, caffeine, and water levels, and you can view your nutrition information at a glance.

Download FoodNoms

48. ScreenKit

When it comes to customizing your home screen, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better app and widget that allows you to do that on your iPhone. There are over 500 themes and 5000 icons to select from and remodel your screen however you like.

Download ScreenKit

49. HabitMinder

If you’re interested in fitness and building better habits, this iPhone Widget can help you achieve your goals. It comes with different tools like reminders to stay healthy and happy, session screens, and dozens of predefined positive habits that you can focus on.

HabitMinder can also track your breathing, exercise routine, calorie burn, hydration status, activity level, and more.

Download HabitMinder

50. Night Sky

With the Night Sky widget, you basically have a planetarium on your home screen, and you can journey into another world any time of your choosing. It showcases the sun, stars, satellites, and other celestial objects.

You can learn about each object by clicking on them, find out about upcoming events in the galaxy, and even discover when the sun is going to set or rise.

Download Night Sky


Widgets can help you get the most out of your iPhone by making tools more convenient and accessible. Feel free to go through this list and select the right widgets for the functions you want.

All of the widgets discussed above are free to use, so you can download and test them out before investing in available in-app purchases or upgrades.

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