15 Best Gameknot Alternatives

The digital world has redefined the online gaming experience by introducing tons of games. One such online game is Gameknot.

Gameknot is an online chess game also referred to as the premier digital chess battleground. It is a friendly online chess platform with complete chess tournaments.

One of the distinguishing features of Gameknot is that it enables chess players to create a social circle by joining different chess teams and clubs with over two million players. Users also receive important chess updates from elsewhere globally, ensuring that they have insights into the most recent chess trends.

Another distinguishing Gameknot feature is that it is free, making it the best platform for individuals searching for free online gaming platforms. The platform is also time-zone friendly because you don’t have to be always online at the same time as your competitor.

However, Gameknot lacks a mobile app. This means that mobile users cannot play Gameknot games.

Besides, you need to sign in with your Google email, Facebook, or email address to start playing Gameknot online.

Are you put off by these Gameknot drawbacks and need an alternative? There are varieties of platforms compatible with your Windows, iPhone, Mac, and Android devices offering games similar to Gameknot.

We have analyzed the best Gameknot alternatives to take your online chess experience higher.

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Best Gameknot Alternatives


KNIGHTS is one of the best alternatives to Gameknot. This online chess version doubles as a minimalized puzzle video game and is developed and offered by Arzolas.

KNIGHTS’ gameplay consists of multiple levels that you can explore. Your goal is to set each colored knight in a space that matches their respective colors.

KNIGHTS offers a more exciting experience than Gameknot as you scale the levels. The lower levels are simpler to complete, but the game gets complex as you go up the levels prompting you to devise newer ways and tricks for beating the problem.

Many puzzles characterize the KNIGHTS game. Each puzzle has various ways to solve it, putting your thinking into the task at all times.

In addition, you unlock more puzzles after completing various levels making the game more interesting. Besides, KNIGHTS boasts smoother controls and a more addictive gameplay experience than Gameknot.

There are unlimited opportunities to enjoy when playing KNIGHTS so you never get bored.

Gameknot allows you to challenge your chess skills by facing tough opponents. On the other hand, KNIGHTS offers you an avenue to challenge your problem-solving skills by cracking the puzzles that get more complex in order to progress in the game.

KNIGHTS is paid for, unlike Gameknot, which is freely available online. However, it is worth the price if you want to take your chess experience a notch higher.

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2. Board Defenders

Board Defenders is a fantasy-based chess, strategy, puzzle, and solo-player video game developed and offered by Ludus Studio. This adventure-based game is another perfect alternative to Gameknot because of the wholesome gaming experience it provides.

Your ultimate task is to eliminate all robot creatures attempting to colonize the world. Like Gameknot, you have to face some robotic creatures and use higher skills to outsmart them in a battle to rescue the world.

Board Defenders is based on a traditional chess game while presenting mind-twisting puzzles to solve. You will have a unique experience of exploring an imaginary world that most online chess games do not offer.

For instance, the game has vast maps, including a mountain, a magical world, and a forest. Each map has several levels you have to navigate in the battle to stop the robots from ruling the world.

Board Defenders allows you to unlock several achievements in addition to purchasing essential items to enhance your progress. Your collectibles and achievements are available after completing some levels.

Like Gameknot, Board Defenders is an action-packed game offering a brilliant gaming experience. The game’s core features include the following;

  • Different types of enemies
  • Multiple characters
  • Upgrades
  • New unlock challenges
  • Well-written storyline
  • Stunning visual details

You have to pay to access Board Defenders giving Gameknot the upper hand for online players looking for a free gaming experience.

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3. 3D Chess

3D Chess is an excellent option if you are looking for an alternative for Gameknot. This online chess game is a single and multiplayer sports simulation and strategy game developed by Bumblebee and offered through Rakepubish.

The good thing about 3D Chess is that it accommodates both beginners and pros. The game is equipped with unique customization features to allow you to set options and game difficulty before each level.

3D Chess also allows you to practice by learning about chess before starting each level. You have time to understand the basics of each level before playing it to ensure that you are better placed to navigate through with ease.

3D Chess is primarily designed to assist players looking forward to becoming accomplished professional chess players. There is every feature to make your learning process as flawless as possible, even when you are a beginner.

After completing the practice levels, players get into the gaming world to test their skills. Like Gameknot, 3D Chess lets you battle it with the computer, friends, or opponents.

3D Chess has four distinct figures with six different boards. Each of these aspects has unique features.

3D Chess has the following core features:

  • Multiple game modes
  • Three levels of difficulties
  • Several upgrade options
  • Achievements
  • Challenging the community
  • Notation option
  • Pleasing visual details
  • Simple controls

3D Chess is available on a purchase basis.

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4. Tabletop Simulator

Tabletop Simulator is a single and multiplayer simulation game designed and offered by Berserk Games. It allows chess players to battle with their enemies or friends like Gameknot.

Tabletop is an online game that offers an avenue to pay and craft tabletop games in a tremendous physics-inspired sandbox environment. This game incorporates multiple games, including poker, checkers, and chess.

Each of the games on the tabletop offers a real-time game player featuring real-time rules that govern each game. Players have the unique opportunity to explore the gaming world and put their skills into the task.

Tabletop Simulator is an ideal Gameknot alternative for players looking forward to trying something new besides chess in the same environment. It lets you play poker, shift to checkers, or get back to chess as you explore your gaming skills.

Basically, you choose a table to play on and create a gaming interaction platform. The process involves moving and spawning virtual pieces subject to the physics simulation.

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5. Chess Ultra

Chess Ultra is a three-dimensional board, strategy, and single and multiplayer chess simulation designed and offered by Ripstone. Lovers of Gameknot will consider Chess Ultra a worthy alternative to taking their gaming experience a little higher.

Chess Ultra is a strategy game characterized by a modern twist that provides players with a complete battle experience. The game combines VR compatibility and stunning 4K visuals to deliver an unmatched gaming experience.

The game offers multiple rooms for players, with each room having a separate board and puzzles. Chess Ultra offers a similar gaming experience to Gameknot by allowing you to test your chess skills by playing with the computer or with friends.

Chess Ultra works based on the original chess game’s basic rules. Your primary objective is to capture and take your opponent’s pieces hostage to win the game.

This game has multiple game modes to enable you to navigate through. For instance, the training mode is specifically designed to assist beginners in understanding gameplay strategy and other chess rules.

Chess Ultra is packed with multiple core features, including the following:

  • Online leaderboard
  • Tournaments
  • Mini-games
  • Over 80 challenging levels
  • Upgrades
  • Dynamic backgrounds and music
  • Objective storyline
  • Ultra-HD visual effects

Chess is one of the best video games to purchase and redefine your online gaming experience. It helps you take your love for chess a notch higher than Gameknot.

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6. Gigachess

Gigachess is another Gameknot alternative developed and offered by Gigatross Games. This strategy, puzzle, board, and single-player video game has all it takes to redefine your digital gaming experience.

This game features a party of knights fighting against continuous waves of pawn opponents trying to control the bottom of the board. Gigachess follows the traditional chess gaming rules besides offering a more refined gaming experience.

You are allowed to create a team of knights at the beginning of the game. The next move is getting onto the game board by placing the knights in strategic positions to eliminate the enemies.

Your primary goal is multiplying the knights on the board to overpower the enemy. Every player is on a mission to dominate the board by reducing the enemy’s numbers.

Gigachess’ game session involves capturing and killing the enemy creatures. The game incorporates the following features to make it more interesting:

  • Endless game mode
  • Trading cards
  • Various kinds of enemies
  • Power-ups
  • Unlockable achievements
  • Smooth controls, great game settings, and excellent mechanics

Gigachess is not free like Gameknot. However, the gaming experience that it delivers is worth it.

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7. Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is a video game created and published by Hammerfall Publishing. The company’s strategy, turn, and chess-based, single-player game is another Gameknot alternative.

The game is set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, and like Gameknot, you can face a computer opponent or real opponents. You are free to choose who you battle with.

This game’s gameplay revolves around two primary battle modes; Regicide and Classic. It also has two factions; Angles Chapter and Space Marine, guided by basic rules.

You can immerse yourself into Warmmmer 40,000: Regicide’s challenging gaming world by selecting one of the two factions. The challenge involves battling with opposing factions.

Warhammer 40,000: Regicide offers a gaming experience similar to a traditional chess game refined by an exciting battle experience. The battlefield is set on an 8×8 board with pieces including the rook and the king.

Typical gameplay entails a player using his capabilities to plan, strategize, and wage attacks on the enemy. The player achieves victory by conquering the enemy’s opposing forces.

Some of the attractive aspects of Warmmmer 40,000: Regicide include ideal game settings and controls, brilliant visual effects and details, and elaborate mechanics.

You can access the game by purchasing it from the publisher.

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8. Check vs. Mate

Check vs. Mate is a casual board battle, strategy, and single/multiplayer online video game created by Targem Games and published by Topware Interactive. This game is set in a magical world characterized by animated fantasy figurines waiting for commands.

Like Gameknot, Chess vs. Mate follows the traditional chess rules. It offers the players real-time chess gameplay featuring a complete real-time battle experience.

This unrivaled champion strategy game attracts a legion of players. It combines essential, timeless components and simple, ingenious concepts to create unique professional chess featuring combat-oriented mechanics.

In Check vs. Mate, your main objective is capturing and conquering the opponent to keep them from progressing. Players enjoy a battle experience similar to Gameknot.

The six different board environments combined with rich cinematic animated sequences make Check vs. Mate an action-packed game.

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9. Hero Academy

Hero Academy is an action, single/multiple-player turn, puzzle, and strategy video game created and published by Robot Entertainment. This game focuses on a strategy that requires players to assess and plan each step before carefully executing it.

The game is based on puzzles like Gameknot. Besides, the battle unfolds in a magical fantasy world where players can battle with their friends to learn new skills and tactics.

Hero Academy also offers a similar Gameknot experience through multiple teams led by a fearless captain. Individual teams have unique advantages and heroes depending on which team you choose.

You are allowed to select your team and heroes at the beginning of the gameplay. You then enter the gaming world with your teams and enjoy the game characterized by a real-time battle system.

Besides, you can choose between single or multiplayer modes. Like the Gameknot and traditional chess games, your main aim is to capture or defeat the enemy’s army and win the game.

Both teams have their own weapons and unique magical tactics in their quest to defeat the opponent.

The most intriguing aspect of Hero Academy is the customization option that lets you create your army with a plethora of customized features. Hero Academy also has a host of core features, including:

  • Unlock new teams option
  • Communication system
  • Multiple themes for customization
  • Online leaderboard
  • Random playfield

Hero Academy boasts of an engaging gameplay experience like Gameknot. Besides, players enjoy elaborate visual details and excellent game settings.

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10. Archon Classic

Archon Classic is a puzzle, strategy, and adventure-based single/multi-player online video game developed and offered by React Games. This chess board-inspired game is a suitable alternative to Gameknot because it abides by traditional chess rules.

Archon Classic’s gameplay entails adding a player-controlled real-time battle to the board. The player fights to overpower his opponent using powerful monsters or a team of fantasy creatures.

The battle is to defeat the opponent, like in Gameknot. The battle arena consists of creatures fighting in real-time until the winner claims the chessboard square.

Archon Classic immerses the player into a real-time battlefield.

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11. Disney’s Aladdin Chess Adventures


Disney’s Aladdin Chess Adventures is an online video chess game created by Sierra Entertainment and supplied by Fluent Entertainment. This top-down, turn-based, and strategy single/multiplayer game offers a more redefined and addictive Gameknot-similar experience.

The game is also used to tutor beginning chess players to sharpen their skills and become accomplished professional chess players. You navigate through the splendid Disney Aladdin world to complete game quests.

The gameplay involves facing enemy creatures and other obstacles as you gather essential resources and items to enable you to complete designated chess pieces. After completing some chess challenges, you expand your chess armies by collecting gold magic items.

Disney’s Aladdin Chess Adventures also features addictive gameplay like Gameknot because of the rich storyline and unique visual details.

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12. The Dark Legions

The Dark Legions is another alternative online game for Gameknot. This video game was created by Silicon Knights and offered by Strategic Simulations.

The strategy, action, puzzle, board, and single/multiplayer video games offer a similar experience to most chess games. It also offers an exciting storyline that will take your digital gaming experience higher.

You participate by purchasing armies with predefined credits at the beginning of the game. Furthermore, you must select an Orb Keeper that plays the role of the king in a typical chess game, and the game is over once the Orb Keeper dies.

You also form a team and choose your game map. Every player begins the game with a single piece and fights the opponent’s army.

A win is achieved once you conquer your opponent’s army in totality. The Dark Legions includes several features, including:

  • Multiple modes
  • Real-time combat
  • Over sixteen different units
  • Various maps
  • Vast characteristics

The Dark Legion also boasts compelling gameplay, like Gameknot, offering players an opportunity to enjoy a more refined gaming experience.

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13. Star Wars Chess

If you love Star Wars, the Star Wars Chess game developed and published by Software Toolworks Inc. is a perfect alternative for you. Its turn-based strategy, board, and single/multiplayer game is set in a beautiful world.

The game offers a Gameknot experience with two teams battling against one another to control the world. This chess game draws character pieces from the Star Wars Universe.

Beginners and experienced players striving to enhance their chess mastery can complete the tutorial levels that accompany the game. Be sure to go through the tutorials before getting into the actual game.

You enjoy the Gameknot experience by choosing one of the presented two aids to get into the game. The primary objective is subduing the opponent.

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14. Lego Chess

This Lego-themed, turn-based, strategy, single/multiplayer digital game is created by Krisalis Software and published through Lego Media. You can alter the game’s rules to accommodate multiple variations making it a popular game.

Lego Chess, like Gameknot, complies with the conventional rules of a traditional chess game. For instance, you can click on the pieces to suggest the available places to move during the game.

Your objective in Lego Chess is also similar to Gameknot. The goal is to capture your opponent’s pieces to win the game.

Unlike Gameknot, Lego Chess is available in three modes: tutorial mode, story mode, and versus mode. You can choose pirates or a western theme to play.

Lego Chess is also equipped with more features, including:

  • Different levels of difficulties
  • Soothing background music
  • Vast themes
  • Brilliant visual details
  • Excellent mechanics

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15. Battle Chess: Game of Kings

Battle Chess is a Gameknot-like adventure single/multiplayer online chess game created and supplied by Interplay Production. This game is based on traditional chess game rules.

Battle Chess has six different pieces with distinct colors. Interestingly, however, a king cannot capture a king in the game.

Unlike Gameknot, you are trea

ted to 35 different animations. A win involves eliminating your opponent’s pieces.

Additionally, you can choose between single and multiplayer modes. Battle Chess’s multiplayer mode is similar to Gameknot as it allows you to battle it with a friend using the same computer.

The game has a host of exciting features, including:

  • Smooth controls
  • Great game mechanics
  • Beautiful visual details
  • Smooth controls

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You can also access alternative games that offer similar or even more refined gaming experiences, as seen in the case of Gameknot above. The best Gameknot alternative on our list is Chess Ultra.

The 3D game has many features that take the chess gaming experience a notch higher than most games on the list. Besides, it allows the players to test their chess skills acquired in Gameknot.

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