15 Best Artbreeder Alternatives 

Artbreeder has certainly set a high standard in the realm of AI-based art creation tools, enabling users to concoct stunning visual pieces with unprecedented ease.

But the digital world is brimming with innovative platforms, each offering its unique flavor of features and capabilities.

Today, we delve into 15 Artbreeder alternative tools that stand out in the crowded landscape of digital artistry.

Whether you are a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, this curated list is designed to present a diversified palette of options, promising to enrich your artistic journey with varied styles and techniques.

Why Explore Artbreeder Alternatives?

Artbreeder has a user-friendly interface that empowers your creativity to craft limitless and excellent artwork.

One of Artbreeder’s amazing features is the collager, which allows you to use images and shapes to create images. All you need to do is feed Artbreeder with a description of your work; the tool will bring it to life.

Artbreeder also has a robust splicer tool that lets you revolutionize art by mixing and editing image genes. The results include creating paintings, portraits, and landscapes that offer a great way to share your artwork with the vibrant and ever-growing virtual AI community.

Despite all the plus points, one of the major problems of Artbreeder is the limitation on the high-resolution downloads you can make when using the basic version. Your temptation to have more quality, mind-blowing images is restricted.

Artbreeder also lacks the option of editing your artwork after creating it. For instance, you can’t add more flowers to an edited image once you complete the editing.

Luckily, there are several Artbreeder alternatives that can help you overcome these limitations and take your artwork experience a notch higher.

Here are the 15 best Artbreeder alternatives to consider.

Best Artbreeder Alternatives

1. Simplified – Free Forever Artbreeder Alternative

Are you searching for an Artbreeder alternative that uses AI art tools to leverage your creative visions and turn them into reality?

Simplified AI is an all-in-one content platform and text-to-image generator that utilizes Dall-E 2 and Stable diffusion models to craft images.

Simplified has refined art styles, allowing you to generate vast images. The tool lets you use filters and camera angles to craft awesome images.

Simplified is free, allowing you to explore the world of AI-generated artwork. With Simplified, you can exchange prompts and experiment with different image variations.

Access social media with a click of a button and showcase your artwork prowess. Can you access Artbreeder for free? No, but the good news is that Simplified offers an alternative for creating stunning images without the hassle of premium subscriptions.

2. Deep Dream Generator

If you are an artist or individual searching for an AI tool to create more inspiring visuals than what Artbreeder offers, Deep Dream Generator is one of the best Artbreeder alternatives combining a social media application and AI generator to elevate your artwork.

The tool lets you explore your talent by creating unique images from simple input texts in seconds. Deep Dream is a legit tool that helps you create unique images with no duplicates.

Deep Dream offers three art-generating modes and vast advanced control features to fine-tune your creations. You can also use it to extend your social network by following interesting AI artists and showcasing your artwork across social media.

Deep Dream Generator’s social media feature allows you to create a profile where you can publish and share your creative works. Here’s a summary of notable features that makes Deep Dream Generator stand out:

  • Robust AI
  • Text-to-image generation
  • The tool has vast AI generator modes (text two dreams, deep style, and deep dream)
  • It offers free trials for beginners to experiment with ten images
  • Has a social media feature for creating a profile

Deep Dream also has custom settings for tweaking the AI image-generating modes for a more fulfilling experience. The tool supports SaaS/web platforms.

Deep Dream is available for a free trial, but you can subscribe to the premium versions for more features.

3. Easy-Peasy.AI

Easy-Peasy.AI allows you to explore your interests beyond just the artwork. This AI content generator and transcriber tool lets you craft beautiful, unique images and artwork in seconds.

If you want a solid tool to take your artwork to the next level, Easy-Peasy.AI simplifies things for you.

The AI-powered software helps you to generate quality images and art with the click of a button. The tool boasts the powerful technology and intuitive interface that you need to craft stunning images and visuals within seconds.

Easy-Peasy.AI also edges Artbreeder if you’re looking for content-creating software. The tool allows you to use the Marky program, a bot that answers your questions, including generating helpful information and suggestions, making your content creation easier.

Easy-Peasy.AI is available in a free version for trials. However, you can opt for any of its premium packages to access more features.

4. Picsart

Picsart is an image editing tool boasting multiple exceptional features, making it one of the best Artbreeder alternatives. It was initially available for Android users only, but the increased demand and solid following prompted the developer to release an iOS version.

One fantastic aspect of Picsart is that it allows you to create beautiful collages of your memories and add filters, text, and emojis to your images.

You can also complete your colleges by adding your favorite tunes, refining your images with more beauty features and colors, and adding trending hashtags.

Picsart has more features than Artbreeder. For instance, you can include animation effects and edit videos with Picsart. Other outstanding Picsart features include:

  • Flyer Maker
  • Logo Design
  • Meme Generators
  • Photo Editing
  • Poster Maker
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Social Media Video
  • Video Making

Picsart is preloaded with read-to-use templates for Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. It also allows you to access free templates for podcasts.

Picsart has a user-friendly interface, even for beginners. You don’t need any photo editing experience to use Picsart; all you need to get started is to upload a picture from your gallery.

Picsart has a free plan with basic features. You can upgrade to any of its premium plans to access advanced features.

Explore more apps like Picsart in this post.

5. Microsoft Designer

Microsoft Designer, from the household Microsoft brand series, is a web tool for creating graphics and visuals ranging from banners, logos, signs, invitation cards, images, and more.

You’re probably familiar with Microsoft products, and the inclusion of Microsoft Designer on the Artbreeder alternative list doesn’t come as a surprise.

Microsoft Designer incorporates various features that allow you to execute multiple tasks and artwork. Microsoft introduced this AI image generation tool towards the end of 2022 but published a user-guide blog post in April 2023, showing the Designer’s best features.

The latest Microsoft Designer version boasts numerous AI features that allow you to take your visual design a notch higher.

The tool is integrated with Microsoft Edge, making it vital for you to avoid third-party services and software when making visuals.

Some of the outstanding features of the Designer include:

  • Text-to-image creation
  • Instant live preview
  • The tool is ad-free
  • No coding skills required
  • Pick colors

Microsoft Designer covers all your needs if you want to craft simple posters or social media templates. Despite its recent innovation, the tool is gaining traction in the market, and it’s worth checking out.

6. NightCafé Creator

NightCafé Creator is an AI image generator whose market hype and popularity make it one of the best Artbreeder substitutes. This AI image-generating tool has more features and algorithms than most generators.

NightCafé Creator lets you leverage neutral style transfer to turn your images into a masterpiece. You can enjoy an even better experience than Artbreeder by using text-to-image AI to generate artwork from a text prompt.

All it takes is navigating the main menu and clicking the ‘create’ button, then selecting a suitable method.

Another amazing feature of NightCafé Creator is that it allows you to share your artwork with your network. You also get the chance to browse other artists’ works, like, and comment on their creations.

Here are the outstanding NightCafé Creator features that may tempt you to try it:

  • User-friendly interface that makes creations hassle-free
  • Collection creation
  • Supports blockchain
  • Download up to five artworks daily
  • View top artworks
  • Import content and edit images
  • NFT minting

You can use the tool online even without setting up your account. The cutting-edge creativity that NightCafé Creator offers is something that you’ll want to try.

7. Adobe Fresco

Adobe Fresco adds charm to static, boring images opening limitless possibilities to retell your story.

Fresco is a painting and drawing application for touch and stylus gadgets to assist artists in exploring their creativity prowess beyond inspiration.

Adobe Fresco is available for Windows and iPad. The world becomes your studio once you install Adobe Fresco on your phone.

Thanks to the in-built brushes, the tool allows you to draw and paint an array of amazing collections. Fresco’s unique brushes that offer you the oil or natural watercolor option are something that even Artbreeder still needs to offer.

The thousands of sophisticated built-in brush collections put Adobe Fresco in its own league. The vector, pixel, and live brushes for your vast needs include:

  • Illustrations
  • Animes
  • Sketches
  • Oil paintings
  • Watercolor
  • Photo collages

The application also allows you to take your artwork a notch higher by adding Photoshop and Kyle Webster’s popular brush collection. You’ll also love Fresco’s security feature that syncs your created files to individual Creative Cloud accounts.

Fresco out-performs Artbreeder by allowing preserving layers of artwork by transferring them to Illustrator as PDFs. The app moves you to Fresco immediately after you sign in to Adobe Draw or Adobe Sketch.

8. Runway

Runway, a video-centric application tool, allows you to use machine learning and training to create image collections and videos.

It offers vital tools for generating models that offer a variety of ways to create realistic images. It also produces 3D models and animations.

Are you searching for an Artbreeder alternative that steers you to perfection in image editing? Runway offers keyframe control, precision editing, collaboration, real-time, and magic tools to explore your visual-making journey.

Runway’s main features include the following:

  • You can automate AI magic tools with time-consuming editing
  • Make videos and trim them to your specifications
  • Choose customizable templates
  • Runway AI optimizes your workflow
  • Access to 400+ filters and effects
  • Eliminate background noise from your videos
  • You can add custom animation controls

Runway Basic is free, but you can purchase any of its premium plans to enjoy advanced features. The application is compatible with Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

9. StarryAI

StarryAI allows you to generate artwork in simple steps. AI art generation processes are often technical and require expertise to produce quality images. But StarryAI simplifies this process and makes it intuitive even for beginners.

This iOS and Android-compatible application requires you to enter a specific prompt of the AI you want to work with and select your style. Unlike Artbreeder, StarryAI doesn’t need much input.

StarryAI leverages machine learning algorithms to process images and produce your AI-generated artwork within minutes. This feature makes Starry one of the most efficient AI artwork generators.

StarryAI’s most amazing feature is that you enjoy exclusive ownership rights of the generated artwork. You can decide to use the images for personal or commercial purposes.

Here’s a summary of the StarryAI landmark features:

  • StarryAI uses your description and words to create art.
  • The tool has vast aspect ratios, two cutting-edge Altair and Orion models, styles, and initial images for bespoke creations.
  • Create up to five free and non-watermark arts.
  • StarryAI leverages the latest technologies and methods to create art.
  • Use the up-scaling feature to scale your art up to 16 times.
  • Stores your creation on the server.
  • Simple and intuitive interface for beginners.

StarryAI is free on Android and iOS.

10. Wonder-AI Art Generator

Wonder-AI Art Generator is one of the best Artbreeder alternatives that allows you to turn words into stunning digital artworks.

Marvel at the wonder of technology and artificial intelligence by entering a prompt, choosing a preferred art style, and sitting back as Wonder Art does the magic in seconds.

The tool requires you to describe what you want to be done and leave the rest to AI. For instance, you can key in the description, “shattered rainbow” or “plants under the sea,” and pick a style before hitting the create button.

It will generate original and unique, and mesmerizing artwork in seconds. Choose your ideal style, from ornate baroque to futuristic paintings, to complete your digital artwork.

You can also use your artwork as a lock screen and showcase it as your creation.

Some of the primary features of Wonder-AI Art Generator include the following:

  • Wonder has a stable image generator
  • Range of styles to choose from
  • Text-to-image
  • Supports iOS and Android

Wonder-AI Art Generator is available in a free and premium package.

11. Stable Diffusion WEB UI

Stable Diffusion WEB UI is a powerful web interface text-to-image tool that uses artificial intelligence to generate artwork. It can generate photo-realistic images from text inputs.

Stable Diffusion WEB UI’s text-to-image feature works as Artbreeder’s collager. The easy-to-install tool has the following features:

  • One-click installer
  • Out painting
  • Advanced in painting
  • Upscaling capabilities
  • AI art generator
  • Built-in color sketching
  • No code required

Stable Diffusion WEB UI cultivates your freedom to generate incredible imagery using AI art. The web-based user interface empowers you to craft stunning art in seconds with a button click.

Stable Diffusion WEB UI has a friendlier user interface than Artbreeder simplifying your AI artwork-generating process. Marvel at the quality images that you can create from your text by pressing the generate button.

Stable Diffusion WEB UI supports SaaS/web. Its basic plan charges $9 monthly, while the premium plan costs $149.

12. Artsio

Artsio allows you to explore your AI artwork prowess. The platform assists you in unleashing your wild imagination, creativity, inspiration, and adventure as you turn thoughts and words into artwork.

Artsio lets you use your aesthetic scores and insights to explore AI art through vast AI models. The platform opens unique doors for you to maneuver and experience the limitless creativity of the people around you through various images, including DALL-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion.

It features a user-friendly interface simplifying navigating and accessing information to expand your ideas. Artsio offers room for open discussions allowing you to interact with other artists and exchange ideas.

One of Artsio’s remarkable features is the Artsio Discord service, where you can access the latest trends, events, and news to take your artwork a notch higher.

The platform offers a perfect opportunity to foster creativity and innovation, making it a top choice for creators, innovators, and artists to leave a mark in the world.

13. Fotor

First launched in 2009, Fotor is an AI technology, user-friendly, powerful online photo-editing suite accessible globally.

Fotor boasts cutting-edge photo editing features such as a photo enhancer, AI enlarger, background remover, one-tab skin retouch, object remover, and AI effects that create stunning images.

Fotor has 100,000+ ready-to-use templates and creative content for photo collages and graphic designs, offering an even better experience than Artbreeder. The platform supports AI image generators through advanced text-to-image input.

Summary of unique features:

  • Multi-language
  • Data visualization and storage management
  • Blockchain support
  • Customizable template
  • Content sharing

Fotor supports vast platforms, including Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android. It allows you to edit your images and complete your work across various platforms.

Fotor is free to download, but you can upgrade to the premium versions to access advanced features.

14. USP.ai

USP.ai is one of the best professional AI image generators in the market. The platform is a perfect Artbreeder alternative because it gives you access to quality and unique AI-generated images for your copies, articles, and blogs.

USP.ai allows you to generate quality images and stunning artwork that resonate with your blog, website, article, and marketing materials’ themes. The platform will elevate your story-telling ability if you’re an artist or digital illustrator keen on using personalized images to tell your story.

USP.ai has a “create image” option that opens a new page where you enter an image prompt and fill in essential artwork details. The x4 magnification image upscale enhances your images, boosting clarity and quality.

The primary features of USP.ai are:

  • Royalty-free
  • Recipes page
  • Showcase your search
  • Recipes page
  • Image upscaler

USP.ai has a free trial with 10 credits per month. You can upgrade to any of its paid versions to access more credits and features.

15. Photosonic

Are you searching for an Artbreeder alternative that brings your wild thoughts and imagination to the screen within seconds? Photosonic is a web-based tool that leverages a text-to-image AI model to craft images from text.

It allows you to use AI art to generate amazing digital artwork. The Writesonic-powered AI image generator offers a platform to explore your innermost artistic interest.

One remarkable feature that makes Photosonic stand tall among the best Artbreeder alternatives is the watermark removal feature, which enables you to generate autonomous images. The tool’s premium version also provides HD quality and enhanced faces.

Enjoy a range of Photosonic features, including:

  • Autocomplete prompt
  • Editor’s picks
  • Painting generator
  • Recent generations

You can use Photosonic to generate images of various styles, such as cyberpunk and oil painting. The platform also allows you to use the Unreal Engine to create 3D images.

The platform is freemium, meaning it has free and premium versions. Use Photosonic’s free trial to create images and marvel at your limitless capabilities.

Best Artbreeder Alternatives – Wrap Up

Each Artbreeder alternative in this guide is great in its way and what it offers.

However, remember that every application or platform has pros and cons, depending on the perspective you view the individual app from and the intended use.

Considering all these factors, NightCafé Creator is the best Artbreeder alternative on the list. It offers cutting-edge features that promise a better experience than most other Artbreeder alternatives.

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