20 Best Graphic Design Apps For iPhone

Graphic design is one of the best ways for individuals to express themselves and for companies to advertise or create an identity.

The good news is that modern technology has made it easy for just about anyone to get on their gadget and create impressive graphic designs.

If you are using an iPhone device, you may be wondering about the best apps for you to use in your quest to create unique graphic designs.

In this article, I have listed some of the best graphic design apps, especially for iPhone users.

Come along as I take a deeper look at these exceptional apps.

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Best Graphic Design Apps For iPhone

1. Adobe Express

Adobe Express is arguably one of the best graphic design apps for iPhone. It comes in free and paid versions.

The paid version gives you access to more tools and functions. However, even with the free offering, you can enjoy an immense number of tools for your design work.

With this app, you get to choose from a library of pre-made templates to start your design project. Templates can be used for posters, flyers, photo collages, logos, banners, business presentations, ads, and more.

The app allows you to use thousands of its royalty-free photos. It also provides users with the means to quickly remove image backgrounds, animate, resize, and apply text or effects to images.

You can also use this app to convert photos or videos into GIFs. With Adobe Creative Cloud Express, you can sync your devices and share your work directly to social media platforms.

Download Adobe Express from the App Store.

2. Pixelcut

Another excellent app you may want to turn to when looking for the best graphic design apps for iPhone is Pixelcut. The app lets you snap photos and upload them into the system within a few seconds.

It features an easy-to-use background remover allowing you to get rid of any scenes or settings that may be compromising the quality of your photos. It incorporates an object eraser that lets you get rid of single or multiple objects that may be inappropriate or cluttering your images.

Another impressive thing about Pixelcut is that it utilizes an AI art generator to come up with unique images. You can use the images to create marketing messages, build a personal library, or showcase your work on social media.

Easily increase the quality of your images by using the Upscaler feature which works by adding resolution. You can also make your photos pop out or come alive by using the app’s colorizer.

Another thing you can do on this app is to create some of the best profile photos. Simply upload a picture and use the tools at your disposal to crop and retouch the image to meet the standards you desire.

Download Pixelcut from the App Store.

3. Assembly

SVG Vector Design – Assembly is another impressive application you can use to create outstanding graphic designs on your iPhone. It features a comprehensive library of royalty-free shapes and stickers for creating unique designs.

You can use the shapes and stickers in their original form or modify them to suit your needs. The app comes with a brilliant snapping tool for easy shape placement.

Another benefit of using this app is that it allows you to create your own stickers and share them at will. The app includes 25 dynamic fonts for writing text.

If you do not like any of the fonts, you are free to import others that will meet your preferences. Instead of working on your iPhone alone, you can sync the app across different devices through the iCloud feature.

With this app, you can import PNG, SVG, and JPG images and export them in the same format or convert them into PDFs. The app includes 25 color palettes to make your coloring work easier.

Download SVG Vector Design – Assembly from the App Store.

4. Procreate Pocket

Procreate Pocket is another app that works brilliantly on your iPhone. It incorporates an innovative QuickShape feature that allows you to create perfect shapes.

Its ultra-high-definition canvases ensure your final product conforms to modern standards of quality, while the intuitive Dark Mode makes it possible for you to work on a project even under less-than-ideal lighting conditions.

There is the option to connect an external keyboard and utilize shortcuts for quick results. Procreate Pocket helps secure your work thanks to the auto-save feature.

It is another graphic design app that comes with hundreds of brushes to simplify different tasks. You can even design your own custom brushes within the Brush Studio.

The app allows users to easily add vector texts using built-in fonts. Individuals can also import fonts if the ones available do not meet their expectations.

This is also one of the few graphic design apps that include Animation Assist with automatic onion skinning.

Find Procreate Pocket on the App Store.

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5. Canva

Canva comes in a downloadable file size of 159MB. It features a built-in photo and video maker that enables you to create different works of art from the said media.

With this app, you can adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of any image to achieve the perfect look. There is also the option to blur the background of any image and sharpen its main object for better visibility.

The app’s effects and filters make it possible for you to easily retouch any image and give it an exciting look. Another impressive feature of this app is that it allows you to add text to both images and videos.

The application lets you crop your images in the traditional manner but also incorporates a function for you to circle-crop your images. You’ll be pleased to know that Canva can even convert text to images thanks to its AI image generator.

The paid version of this application gives you access to thousands of photos, illustrations, and icons to work with. It also comes with a one-click feature that uploads images to all your social media networks.

Canva is available on the App Store.

6. iArtbook – Digital Painting

iArtbook – Digital Painting makes it to this list of the best graphic design apps for iPhone because of its simplicity and range of features. For starters, it has an interface that can be interchanged to accommodate both right and left-handed people.

Users can switch from light to dark mode depending on their preferences. They can even use a custom color for their interface.

With this app, you can work on your graphic designs using hundreds of preinstalled professional brushes. You are free to adjust the brush settings to achieve the best possible results.

The app includes a library of shapes you can use as basic building blocks for your designs. There are also built-in color palettes to use at will.

In case you do not fancy any of the palettes in the app, you can go ahead and import the ones you need. The app simplifies the process of creating animations by providing unlimited frames of animations.

Additionally, you get multiple animation layers. This is also one of the few apps that allow you to create your designs through gestures.

For instance, a two-finger tap on the screen can undo an action while a three-finger tap on the screen redoes an action.

iArtbook – Digital Painting is on the App Store.

7. DesignLab

Next up is DesignLab which comes with thousands of professionally designed templates. Users can quickly organize these templates for easy access thanks to the Favoriting tool.

There are hundreds of photo filters for you to choose from and different photo adjustment settings for good measure. With this app, you can manipulate the brightness, contrast, saturation, and exposure of any image you are working on.

DesignLab offers an array of text-adding tools to simplify your work. These tools allow you to add multiple text layers and control text size, positioning, opacity, rotation, and color.

There is also the option for you to manipulate text to curve, bend, or even apply 3D transformations. Users who love traditional artwork will be happy to find hundreds of interesting illustrations, decorative ornaments, and design elements.

You also have the freedom to import your own artwork and use it as an editable layer. The app includes thousands of free stock photos and illustrations that can be used to create ads, logos, flyers, and posters.

It also features different cropping ratios to suit different needs and a library of shapes to use as the basic building blocks for graphic design projects.

Find DesignLab on the App Store.

8. Logo Maker Shop

Logo Maker Shop was developed to simplify the process of creating logos. The app features over 2500 premade logo templates for you to choose from.

Once you pick the ideal template, go ahead and utilize the over 6000 font, symbol, and background design resources to achieve a desirable outcome.

This app incorporates iCloud support meaning you can sync it with different devices and enjoy working on multiple platforms rather than restricting yourself to an iPhone only. It includes the auto-save feature that helps guard against the loss of new edits.

Once you are done with the designing bit, you can save and share your work in both PNG and JPEG files. Alternatively, you can save your files as transparent PNG images of up to 4096 x 4096 resolution.

You can download Logo Maker Shop from the App Store.

9. Desygner

Desygner is another incredible app available free of charge from the App Store. It comes with thousands of templates for you to base your work on.

The templates can be used to create ads, posters, logos, and even social media posts. This app simplifies the process of adding text to any photo and changing its size and color.

You can also use filters and effects to give your images an even better appearance. The app has a comprehensive library of free images, fonts, and icons so you’ll never have to worry about finding the right ones to use.

Users can install the app on different devices and synchronize it to offer the flexibility to work on any platform. Note that the app allows you to share projects with a simple click of a button.

Get Desygner from the App Store.

10. Vectornator

Vectornator is among the best graphic design apps for iPhone because of its array of features for creating amazing designs. It has a modern interface with a layer tab that lets you edit nested groups.

There is a quick actions bar that simplifies access to the most useful tools and actions. The app incorporates gesture controls so you can undo, redo, copy, paste, and control tools with simple motions of your fingers.

Instead of having built-in libraries, this particular app allows you to utilize add-ons for an even better experience. For instance, the Inconator addon gives you access to thousands of royalty-free icons while the Unsplash addon gives you access to over one million royalty-free images.

Vectornator allows users to paint fluid vector shapes with an innovative pressure-sensitive brush. It also makes adding color and text a breeze.

With this app, you can draw exceptional geometric shapes and sculpt complex illustrations within minutes. You can also work on different devices seamlessly thanks to the app’s iCloud sync feature.

Vectornator is on the App Store.

11. VistaCreate

Another app you can turn to is VistaCreate. It comes with over 100,000 professionally designed templates.

The app features over 80 digital and print design formats giving you the flexibility to work on different types of projects. There are also over 30,000 stickers, shapes, and illustrations you can use as the basic building blocks for your projects.

You’ll be pleased to know that VistaCreate includes over one million free premium images and over 6,000 animated templates. These options make it easy for you to design logos, posts, ads, posters, and even letterhead.

The app allows you to crop and add filters or effects to images just so you can achieve a desirable outcome. What’s more, you can add text using different types of fonts.

Finally, you can remove the image background and add sound to your visuals.

VistaCreate is available on the App Store.

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12. PhotoRoom

PhotoRoom is one of the best graphic design apps for iPhone because it is packed with future-facing features and functions. It helps users save time by editing dozens of photos simultaneously.

It Includes an Assisted Cutout feature for users to easily refine edges with simple actions. The app simplifies the removal of unwanted objects and defects from images thanks to its Magic Retouch feature.

With this app, you can get rid of bad backgrounds and add text or filters to improve the overall appeal of your images. You can also use different color palettes to improve visual quality.

Once you are through with your graphic design project, effortlessly export the end result to multiple social media sites via the Magic Resize option.

You can find PhotoRoom on the App Store.

13. AR Art Projector

Da Vinci Eye’s AR Art Projector is another option you can go for when thinking of the best graphic design apps for iPhone. The app lets you upload personal photos and edit them to achieve a desirable outcome.

You can use the app to make hyper-realistic drawings thanks to the Strobe feature – another impressive feature of the app is that it enables you to separate images into layers by color value.

AR Art Projector includes a variety of filters and effects to help spruce up any piece of art you are working on. Its zoom-in option lets users capture the micro details of their pieces easily.

The app comes with video tutorials to help users learn how to draw and work on different aspects of graphic design. It also has a community of active users that collaborate and share their work.

Find AR Art Projector on the App Store.

14. BeFunky

BeFunky is another exciting app you can use for your graphic design work. It features some of the most innovative effects yet.

For instance, the photo editor can easily turn your photos into paintings, cartoons, and sketches. The app utilizes AI technology to remove bad backgrounds so you can present a more desirable overall appearance.

The AI technology can also adjust color properties and contrast to give you a more vibrant result. Another cool feature is that it can automatically improve your portraits or profile pictures.

Again it utilizes AI technology to get rid of blemishes on all skin tones, whiten teeth, and even brighten eyes for a stunning look. It comes with hundreds of templates to form the basis for your projects.

Install BeFunky from the App Store.

15. Nomad Sculpt

Nomad Sculpt is a unique graphic design app because it offers an array of tools for different design projects. Its sculpting tools include different types of brushes for clay, flattening, smoothing, and masking.

It also includes lasso, line, or curve-cutting tools. It comes with painting tools that allow you to vertex paint with roughness, color, and metalness.

This particular app features a simple interface allowing one to navigate to various sections quickly. The interface is one of the most customizable letting users tweak things to suit their preferences.

Other things you can do with this app include post-processing, primitive shaping, the creation of dynamic topology, and PBR rendering.

Download Nomad Sculpt from the App Store.

16. Sketchbook

Sketchbook is one of the best graphic design apps you can download and install on your iPhone. It features a simple interface with an unobtrusive design.

The app incorporates hundreds of brush types to ensure you can easily carry out different functions. These include pencils, markers, airbrushes, paint, and smear.

The brushes are customizable, making it possible for you to get everything just right. The app has layers and color-fill tools that allow you to create colorful depictions quickly.

With this app, you can use different coloring techniques including dynamic linear and radial gradients. It also has precision tools to help simplify your drawings.

These include traditional rulers, curved rulers, ellipses, and French curve tools. Sketchbook also incorporates vertical, horizontal, and radial symmetry tools.

They also help you achieve your desired result by mirroring your pen strokes to create complex art designs. The Sketchbook working area interacts intuitively with the stylus to ensure you get a realistic feel while drawing.

As you draw, you’ll get an almost faithful representation of your pen’s actions thanks to its pressure and tilt feedback effects.

Sketchbook is available on the App Store.

17. Paper by WeTransfer

Another app that should be at the top of your graphic design list for iPhone is Paper by WeTransfer. It offers an array of tools for you to sketch, collage, paint, and draw whatever you have in mind.

This app allows users to upload multiple photos on a single page and then edit them as they deem fit. With this app, users can stick, cut, rearrange, and fix defects with a few clicks of a button.

Another impressive thing about this app is that it includes informational articles to help you learn how to create the best graphic design pieces.

Get Paper by WeTransfer from the App Store.

18. Infinite Painter

The next app you can use for your graphic design needs is Infinite Painter. It features a minimalistic and intuitive interface that allows you to navigate and initiate various operations easily.

It offers an array of pencils for you to choose from and allows you to easily group layers for quick designs. It has hundreds of built-in brushes including airbrushes, calligraphy, chalk, charcoal, and glow.

This app also allows you to search through more than one million free commercial-use images and import them into the system for your personal use.

Infinite Painter is available on the App Store.

19. Fotor: Image Editor

Another cool graphic design app to consider is Fotor: Image Editor. One of the standout features of this app is that it allows you to enhance your photos by adjusting light and tone properties.

It lets you crop, add text and filters, and even remove backgrounds. Additionally, it provides advanced editing tools such as curve, HSL, color balance, dehaze, and denoise.

You also get access to hundreds of pre-designed templates to use as the starting point for your projects.

Download Fotor: Image Editor from the App Store.

20. DesignEvo

Last, but not least, on this list of the best graphic design apps for iPhone is DesignEvo. It comes with over 3,500 professionally designed logo templates.

Its preset graphics make it easy for just about anyone to use them. Some of these preset graphic options include badges, shapes, lines, decorations, banners, and symbols.

With this app, you can edit photos by adding text, removing objects, cropping, and even including filters and effects. There are multiple fonts to choose from and you can even adjust their size and spacing at will.

Download DesignEvo from the App Store.

Wrapping Up

All the apps mentioned above are easily available from the App Store. They offer professional and casual graphic designers the means to come up with new designs and share their work with others worldwide.

A close look at each of the apps above reveals that Adobe Express stands out from the rest because of its immense collection of graphic design tools. It is relatively easy to use and comes in both free and paid versions.

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