10 Best Barbie Fonts On Canva In 2024

With the recent rise in popularity of the Barbie movie, a lot of graphic designers have been incorporating Barbie-like fonts into their designs.

A popular tool that a lot of graphic designers use to create banners, social media posts, and flyers is Canva.

One of the good things about designing images in Canva is that there are so many fonts to choose from. Today, I will be showing you the fonts in Canva that are most similar to the Barbie font.

The short version: Dancing Script, Holiday, and Homemade Apple are the most similar to the Barbie logo font. For more Barbie-like fonts, such as Bukhari Script, continue reading!

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What Is the Font Used for the Barbie Logo?

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The Barbie logo doesn’t use a standard font; you can’t really find it anywhere. Instead, it uses a custom typeface that it developed for the proprietary use of the Barbie logo.

This typeface has changed over the years, as you can see in the image above.

Nevertheless, there are several fonts that are remarkably similar to the Barbie font, and some of them are available in Canva.

Read on to learn what they are.

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The 10 Best Barbie Fonts on Canva

1. Dancing Script

The Dancing Script font has a flowing, dancing style that is playful and cheerful, somewhat reminiscent of the Barbie script.

Dancing Script is most similar to the current Barbie logo and the Barbie logo of the 1960s, in which most of the letters are connected to each other.

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2. Holiday

The Holiday font is most similar to the Barbie typeface of 2005-2009.

The font has nice, sleek curves, but with legible lettering that stands out and is easy to read.

The lowercase “i” has a simple dot – nothing fancy, just like the 2005 Barbie font. However, it is missing some serifs and curves that the Barbie font has.

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3. Homemade Apple

Homemade Apple is strikingly similar to the current Barbie font. The “r” is almost the same, and the letters are connected in very similar ways.

There are some differences, of course. One thing I noticed is that the “B” is different – there is a space in the curve in the middle of the “B,” not at the bottom of the “B” like in the Barbie logo.

Also, the font is more stretched out. The letters are not as compressed as in the Barbie logo.

Other than that, though, it is very similar. This is especially true for the lowercase “b,” “i,” and “e,” which are very similar on Homemade Apple and on the Barbie logo.

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4. Satisfy

Next on our list is Satisfy, which is also very similar to the current Barbie logo and similar to Homemade Apple as well.

It’s simpler than Homemade Apple, though – it’s not as flowery and fancy, and it’s more legible.

The biggest similarities, in my opinion, are the lowercase letters “r,” “b,” “i,” and “e.” These letters are strikingly similar to the Barbie logo.

However, the lowercase “b” has less of a curve in its upper part compared to the lowercase “b” in the Barbie logo.


5. Great Vibes

Next on our list is Great Vibes. It is similar to the current Barbie logo in many ways, although there are some noticeable differences.

For example, the “B” is strikingly different – it has a serif on the upper left side – a nice curve that the Barbie logo is missing. It also has more pronounced curves on the bottom left.

The “a,” “r,” “i,” and “e” have remarkable similarities, though. Overall, the look of Great Vibes is similar to the Barbie typeface.

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6. Allura

Another font somewhat similar to the Barbie logo is Allura, which is a cursive script that reminds me of the current Barbie logo.

In particular, I find the “r” and “e” similar, although the “a” and “i” also bear some similarities.

Overall, Allura is a casual, legible, and clean script that is easy on the eyes. It’s simple and not too complicated.

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7. Anton

Anton bears a striking similarity to the Barbie logo of the 1990s.

In the 1990s, the Barbie logo featured a bolder, simple typeface.

Anton is a reworking of a conventional sans serif font that was traditionally used for advertising and marketing materials. It was redesigned to be used for the web and reshaped as a web font.

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8. Bukhari Script

The Bukhari Script is a bold monoline cursive font, often used for printing, marketing flyers, and business cards.

The font is wider and heavier than the Barbie logo font, but it bears many similarities. The uppercase “B” is shaped in almost the same way, something that many other Barbie-type fonts are lacking.

The lowercase “b” is different, but all other letters bear a good resemblance to the original Barbie font.

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9. Gotham

Gotham is similar to the Barbie font of the 1990s. However, while the letters have pretty similar shapes overall, it is much thinner and lighter.

In addition, it is simpler and less fancy, with fewer curves.

One additional difference is that there is more spacing between the letters compared to the Barbie logo.

The Gotham font, which is a geometric sans-serif font, was released in 2000, after the Barbie logo of the 1990s.

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10. Nickainley

Finally, the last Barbie-type font on our list is Nickainley. This monoline font is meant to mimic handwriting.

As such, it has lots of beautiful curves – more than the Barbie logo, in fact.

It is a bit lighter and thinner than the Barbie logo and with a touch of extra flair. The uppercase “B,” in particular, stands out for its stunning curves.

Nevertheless, the lowercase letters are pretty similar to the Barbie script.

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Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – 10 fonts that are similar to the Barbie logo typeface.

In other editors, you may be able to use additional fonts, such as Barbie Medium Italic and Dollie Script, which bear more resemblance to the Barbie logo. These fonts are available for download on a variety of websites as well.

Canva doesn’t feature them, though.

Remember, to find fonts in Canva, simply use the text insertion tool, and you will be able to choose a new font from the drop-down menu at the top of the editor, as shown in the screenshots above.

Good luck with your Barbie designs!

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