15 Best Doodle Poll Alternatives 2023

Doodle poll is a favorite among its users because you can quickly create polls to choose the ideal day and time for an event. And you can ask others to participate in the poll or share a link to the poll with your invitees even if they don’t have a Doodle account, making them ideal for casual gatherings, team meetings, and more.

However, the Doodle poll tool has its flaws. The client booking interface is really rudimentary, and it’s difficult to add additional information to a poll.

Plus, you cannot save a group of contacts. Instead, to disseminate the link for each meeting poll, ‌ you must enter emails manually. Clients may also find the Doodle poll impersonal when booking a meeting.

If all these flaws sound like deal-breakers to you, we’ve listed 15 of the best Doodle poll alternatives you can use for all your polling needs. Let’s dive in.

Best Doodle Poll Alternatives

1. NeedToMeet

NeedToMeet is a tool for scheduling meetings like Doodle, which is equally simple to use. It offers a calendar interface where you can schedule meetings. Invitees can then select the most convenient time for them.

Its mobile app can generate personalized URLs, and you can send notifications and make comments on it.

Plus, it offers an easy polling form as Doodle does, and you don’t need to create an account to use the service. Just enter a brief explanation of your meeting’s objective, schedule your availability on a calendar, and send guests the link.

Unlike Doodle, this tool allows your meeting attendees to specify their preferred day and time, rather than having to choose from a list of dates and hours provided by the meeting host.

You can send out your calendar and let your team members choose their time slot using NeedtoMeet’s scheduling option, which helps you save time and emails.

A free plan is available, though it has a limit on the number of time slots and invitees. You can upgrade to the premium version to remove such restrictions, and share and integrate your calendar with the paid version.

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2. Rallly

Rallly is a simple online tool that lets you and your friends discover a mutually agreeable day to get together. It’s an excellent place to start if you’re seeking Doodle poll alternatives.

The tool is user-friendly, easy to use, and allows everybody, including the person who created the poll, to submit their replies anonymously.

There are no accounts to create, but the organizer must provide an email address. Your data will “never be used for any commercial objectives,” and the project is open-source, so you may study the code.

The software also allows you to construct a basic, straightforward poll in which participants vote on the best day for an event, unlike the Doodle poll, which makes you enter emails manually. On the meeting page, there is also an open comment section where attendees can organize the agenda or discuss details before the event.

Rally is perfect for remote teams because it allows you to agree on group meeting times more quickly. You can build a voting poll to determine the ideal time for most of your employees and allow them to comment and discuss the greatest time slot for everyone.

It has an intuitive digital interface, is absolutely free to use, and it combines all the functionality of a scheduling tool into one.

Rallly’s most useful feature is the option for invitees to negotiate the optimal meeting time. One advantage is that most people arrive at the meeting more prepared, which increases the meeting’s productivity.

3. Crowdsignal

Crowdsignal helps you create a poll in minutes. You’ll be able to drag and drop your way to a survey or poll. It’s a simple tool, yet it’s ‌effective.

You can create your surveys and polls to look and feel ‌exactly how you want them to — match your brand, use your preferred color, and so on. Just pick from one of their pre-made themes or create your own, and circulate your questions widely.

You can also collect responses at any location, and use WordPress, Twitter, or Facebook to distribute your polls and surveys to your target audience. You can also send interactive polls and surveys to your friends and family via email.

Crowdsignal doesn’t make you struggle to create a poll and enter invitees’ addresses like Doodle poll. Plus, you can build an unlimited number of surveys, polls, and ratings with it.

The user interface is simple to navigate and features 14 different ‌questions, such as multiple choice and Likert scales. There’s also the option of conditional branching for a variety of survey paths, which you won’t find with Doodle poll.

4. SurveySparrow

SurveySparrow is a free polling tool that allows you to construct polls with entertaining poll questions. Its elegant and conversational user interface sets it apart from Doodle poll, promising a response rate of 40 percent higher.

You can create live polls, quizzes, chat surveys with pictures and GIFs, perform online polling, and check live poll results with this tool.

It comes with a free plan, enterprise-level functionality, and everything in between. SurveySparrow also offers a solution that can grow with you. You get 10 questions with each survey and 100 responses per month with the free edition.

You can also embed your survey on a page, and it interfaces with HubSpot and a variety of other tools, which makes it an excellent addition to your marketing stack.

SurveySparrow is a mobile-first, highly engaging, and user-friendly omnichannel experience management platform that bundles features such as Classic, NPS, Chat, Offline, and 360° surveys.

Multilingual surveys are included which allow you to translate your surveys into whatever language you want, and a variety of questions to collect a wide range of data from respondents.

You can generate insightful reports from the click-free interface using ‌powerful report filters, and use the white labeling to personalize every aspect of your survey.

One feature you won’t find on Doodle poll that SurveySparrow provides is the One-Click Login, which allows you to access the platform with just one click. And you get IP Restriction to allow only trusted networks and locations to access your account.

You can share your surveys via a variety ​​of channels with the simplest sharing choices and add your own personal touch to each survey with custom CSS. Workflows are used to automate repeating operations and improve the efficiency of actions.

With SurveySparrow’s built-in automation, you can schedule polls to run when you want them and evaluate the results in real-time with the help of sophisticated analytical reports.

5. StrawPoll

StrawPoll is a polling app that allows you to generate polls in under a minute. Straw Polls and StrawPoll Meetings are the two basic forms of polls available.

With straw polls, you have the option of making them private or public, as well as adding elements such as anonymous voting. StrawPoll Meetings‌ allow you to plan meetings based on the opinions of each participant.

These polls will always be secret and can have an unlimited number of participants.

After you’ve created your polls, you can embed them or share them on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and manage all your polls from a single interactive dashboard with real-time results.

When you first visit the site, you’ll see a normal poll form ‌ you may edit with your question and as many responses as you want. Depending on your demands, its polls can allow for a single response or multiple-choice responses.

StrawPoll also protects against spam, which Doodle poll doesn’t offer. You can select to look for duplicate IP addresses or duplicate browser cookies. Picking one choice will increase the poll’s reliability.

After you’ve made your poll, share the URL so that people may participate. Neither you nor your poll respondents need to create an account to use the tool. You can, however, sign in using Twitch if you choose, save drafts, and easily access the results of any prior polls you created by creating an account.

6. Easypolls

Easypolls is a free online poll-making tool that offers embeddable polls to help you better understand your clients.

With the help of its ‘poll container’ function, which you won’t find on Doodle poll, this free poll maker may make the entire process of embedding polls much easier. The poll container is just a piece of code that you may build using Easypolls to embed polls on your website.

Instead of manually changing each page and adding the embed code, you can just add the poll to the container. However, the container‌ cannot contain many polls at the same time – each poll must have its own container.

And you can choose from one of the tool’s 21 current themes or design your own to personalize the look of your polls. However, you must register or log into the poll generator in order to save any of your polls.

7. Poll Junkie

Poll Junkie is a popular free online poll builder that allows you to create polls quickly and easily. Like Doodle poll, you don’t need to create a poll with Poll Junkie to register or log in.

This free poll builder is simple to use and allows you to construct polls fast without some ‌struggles you’ll find in Doodle poll, like manually entering emails. All you have to do is go to Poll Junkie’s homepage, click the “Get Started” button, and you’ll be able to create polls in no time.

Poll Junkie has a variety of question kinds to choose from, including ranking, free text, multiple-choice, and rating. You can easily save your work, amend polls, share polls, and view poll results.

If you’re looking for a simple and free poll creator, Poll Junkie is undoubtedly one of the best Doodle poll alternatives available.

8. Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is ‌one of the most effective online poll generators for ‌presentations.

Poll Everywhere transforms any presentation into a two-way dialogue—right in PowerPoint, Google Slide, or Keynote.

Participants can react to questions using their mobile phones in real-time, and the findings emerge in stunning, animated displays almost quickly. So there’s no manual keying in emails like Doodle poll.

At conferences, town halls, training sessions, marketing and outreach events, and everyday meetings, Poll Everywhere engages every participant. By replacing the traditional hand raise with Poll Everywhere, presentations become more engaging.

You can create a poll on its website and include it in your presentation using the Poll Everywhere widget. During your presentation, you can also ask the participants a question and they can respond by texting a response or loading the poll on their phone’s browser.

With Poll Everywhere, you get 25 responses per poll for free while the Basic package, which includes 50 responses, is offered at a premium monthly subscription.

9. Outgrow

Outgrow has gained a lot of traction in the industry.

With a variety of appealing templates and question styles such as drop-down, text input, opinion scale, star rating, and more, this free poll creator allows you to create a poll and add branding components to it in real-time while making it more personalized.

You can also save contacts, which you can’t do on Doodle poll.

You may also embed it on your website or share it instantaneously through other channels such as chat, pop-up, and so on. After that, you can use Outgrow’s analytical reports to study the poll results.

10. SurveyMonkey

Creating a basic survey with SurveyMonkey is simple, and you can share it right away via a link or embed code.

The free edition only permits each survey to include 10 questions and collect 40 replies, which makes it a decent alternative for smaller businesses with fewer clients.

It does, however, allow your team to construct an unlimited number of surveys, allowing you to send out as many 10-question surveys as you like.

Compared to Doodle poll, SurveyMonkey is a considerably more professional polling platform. It is intended for ‌political research, event feedback, course feedback, market research, and other categories.

Despite the additional capabilities, you can still create a poll with up to 10 questions for free—though you must first create an account.

You will have to pay if you want access to other features including an infinite amount of surveys and questions, up to 5,000 monthly replies, customizable branding, data exports, data analysis tools, A/B testing, and the opportunity to collect payments.

You can create polls using a variety of templates, send them through email or display them as a pop-up on your website, and collect input to help you make better decisions. The poll generator includes capabilities for data analysis, live results tracking, and email dissemination‌.

11. Google Forms

Google Forms doesn’t have a premium version, so you can access all of its features plus a wide range of custom design and data export possibilities for free.

It’s simple to export data from Google Forms because it immediately syncs with Google Sheets. Google Forms is a superb choice for small businesses looking for a complete set of functionality in a simple design. It allows you to add photographs or videos and include collaborators.

With Google Forms, you can create simple embed polls in a matter of minutes. Customize your polls with your own logo, choose a suitable color, or choose from a range of Google Forms themes to make them more engaging.

You can also choose from a variety of question kinds, such as multiple choice and drop-downs, plus linear scales, grids, and other options.

It’s an excellent option if you are searching for a blend of professionalism and ease of use, and you can save contacts unlike with Doodle poll.

Your Google Drive account gives you access to all of your Google Forms responses. And, you can view responses in sheets or charts in real-time to analyze them and effortlessly communicate with your team to generate polls.

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12. Zoho Survey

With Zoho Survey, you can construct an unlimited number of surveys, but it limits each one to 10 questions and 100 replies. This is a decent alternative for small firms who need to create quick, simple surveys with a little flair.

Zoho Survey allows you to develop intelligent online surveys and launch them in minutes. With this poll software installed, you can save time by using the drag-and-drop builder to create polls quickly, compared to Doodle poll, which has some manual entry hassles for email contacts.

While the commercial editions of Zoho Survey include a slew of useful features like bilingual surveys, offline surveys, and advanced reporting, the free version includes all the elements you’ll need to build a successful survey.

Reach out to your audience across all platforms and get graphically displayed results in real-time. You can use themes to make the poll fit your brand and style, collect and disseminate your surveys with your whole mailing list via social media and email campaigns, and enjoy security and privacy thanks to Zoho Survey’s SSL protection.

The application also works with other Zoho apps, allowing you to manage your survey across many business areas.

13. SurveyLegend

With SurveyLegend, you can create an unlimited number of surveys, questions, and responses, as well as share them via email or embed them on your website.

With this poll tool, you can create unique polls by including image-based questions that can help you communicate with respondents more effectively. The poll generator is very flexible, allowing you to create polls using a variety of styles and themes.

You can tweak the look of your survey as you see fit, and show collected data with eye-catching and insightful graphics. You don’t need to be a market research professional to use our platform because creating questions is as simple as dragging and dropping, unlike Doodle, whose email entries are manual and you can’t save the contacts.

With a single click, you can distribute your polls through different channels, and get real-time feedback on the results.

14. Slido

Slido helps you crowdsource top questions to spark interesting dialogues, participate in live polls, and collect vital event data – which Doodle poll doesn’t provide.

The simple question-and-answer and polling tool is built for you to have an open dialogue in a live meeting, whether in person or virtually.

It has enabled two-way discussion at over 600,000 events internationally, thanks to a team of over 150 individuals devoted to offering the easiest product experience with excellent customer service.

Slido is compatible with video conferencing and presentation systems, including Webex, Microsoft Teams, PowerPoint, and Google Slides.

15. Swift Polling

Swift Polling allows you to create trivia, quizzes, Q&A, and live polls to promote audience participation. You can also create an endless number of polls in several formats, such as multiple-choice, open-ended, and word cloud.

With Swift Polling, you can display with a single click and gather replies in real-time on any screen. No internet connection is required for your audience to vote online and/or SMS using any internet-connected mobile device, unlike Doodle poll, which requires a connection.

Plus, Swift Polling integrates with PowerPoint and Google Slides, so you can quickly create polls, gather, and display the results in real-time on any screen.

You can engage your audience through web and text polls, online surveys, and interactive Q&As. Swift is used in presentations, conferences, business meetings, classrooms, and churches to promote audience engagement.

Wrapping Up

Polls are one of the most successful methods for gathering feedback from customers. Creating and disseminating them‌ can be an entirely different challenge.

Most of Doodle’s functions are rather easy. Other functions, like entering emails, take time and effort. Many of the listed alternatives are substantially better in these areas.

However, each individual and business has unique requirements. Specific features may be required, which will determine the ideal alternative for you.

Test each one of them to see which one works best for you before making a final decision.

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