15 Best TextMagic Alternatives 2024

With TextMagic, gone are the days when sophisticated SMS marketing and customer management operations were exclusively for big businesses.

With features like message scheduling and two-way SMS chat, the Estonia-based online messaging service has made it easier for small and medium scale businesses to connect, retain, and convert customers.

But software development is a marathon, and a lot of SMBs want more than TextMagic currently offers. Perhaps because of its limited carrier network that results in failed or late SMS delivery, the lack of pricing tiers, or occasional unresponsive customer service.

For those businesses, there is a need to explore alternatives.

Here, I’ve compiled 15 alternatives that I believe are good replacements for TextMagic. Some are purely SMS Messaging Services, while others offer a little more like Customer Relationship Management tools.

But one thing is for sure, you will find something that speaks to your needs. Let’s get to it.

Best TextMagic Alternatives

1. Brevo (formerly Sendinblue)

For business owners and marketers that want all that TextMagic offers and a few things more, Brevo is an attractive option. It has all the highlights of TextMagic such as two-way SMS chat, email to SMS, and the ability to integrate the software with your website with SMS API.

Where Brevo goes further is putting additional digital marketing tools under one roof. This includes creating Facebook Ads, customer segmentation, and a way to create landing pages for each campaign.

The digital marketing software offers all of this along with robust analytic and A/B Testing features that allow businesses to keep track of their business performance.

Finally, Brevo wraps it all up in a more flexible payment model compared to TextMagic. While TextMagic users buy credits per user, Brevo offers preset monthly plans customizable according to the features you need.

There is also a free plan with unlimited contacts and free email marketing for up to 300 emails per day. A perfect option for new businesses that are still growing their customer base.

Brevo (formerly Sendinblue) | CRM Suite

Be it marketing, sales, or customer relations, Brevo is an all-in-one tool helping businesses to carry out everyday business functions with ease. Try it today!

We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

2. EZ Texting

EZ Texting’s UI is one of the few qualities that instantly jumps out to you as a new user. While that’s not to say TextMagic has poor usability (it doesn’t), anyone who has struggled with it should find EZ Texting more approachable.

It has a simple layout, and you can add contacts one at a time or add them in bulk by uploading a .xls, .csv, or .xlsx file. A copy/paste feature is also embedded in the software for easy duplication.

Complicated operations like integrating with external business software like Google Sheets and HubSpot are also easy. With Zapier, you can integrate EZ Texting with over 2,000 applications across the web.

It allows you to automate tasks between apps and expands your business reach, especially for owners of eCommerce stores.

EZ Texting offers a 30-day trial and no credit card is required if you are interested in giving it a try. You also get 120 credits to send SMS messages.

If you end up loving what you see, its paid plans come in four monthly and annual tiers. This is combined with TextMagic’s credit pricing model so you can buy credits instead if you don’t want a monthly commitment.

3. GoReminders

TextMagic’s text message scheduling and auto-replies are two popular features that allow businesses to save time sending out appointment reminders. However, they are part of a whole and might not be as robust as many would like them to be.

For people in this category, GoReminders is worth a look. It allows you to send automated text and email reminders to customers, reducing the chances of no-shows and boosting revenue.

The booking feature enables customers to schedule and confirm appointments automatically. You can customize the services, locations, and staff available for online booking and the appointment volume.

GoReminders is compatible with Google Calendar and iCal, and appointments automatically sync with your calendar of choice. The service is available via web browsers and mobile on iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Switching from TextMagic for such a critical part of a business is tricky. Thankfully, GoReminders offers a 14-day free trial and reliable customer service to help you through whatever issue you might face.

4. ClickSend

Like TextMagic, ClickSend lets you send transactional and marketing SMS texts to customers and employees. And because it is cloud-based, it integrates well with other apps, allowing businesses to expand their reach and streamline their processes.

But those similarities aren’t the only reasons to consider ClickSend as an alternative to TextMagic. It also allows users to track their campaign’s process in Google Analytics, making it a one-stop-shop for your digital campaigns.

Another thing is that ClickSend offers various methods for messaging distribution and reception. Asides from SMS, MMS, and Email, you can also send and receive memos via fax, letters, and calls.

This is especially useful for businesses whose targeted audiences have limited online presence or expertise.

Furthermore, ClickSend SMS messaging isn’t restricted to mobile text, unlike TextMagic. Users can send text messages via channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Apple Business Chat from a central dashboard.

The company offers a free trial and a 14-day refund policy, despite running a pay-as-you-go pricing system. ClickSend promises to return your money no questions asked if you are not satisfied with the service.

5. Textedly

With only a 14-day trial, Textedly might seem like an inferior option to TextMagic, which offers a 30-day trial. However, that would be a hasty conclusion as the cloud-based mass text messaging service offers businesses many benefits.

One, it has a simple layout that is easy to understand for owners and employees new to text messaging software. The tab structure is intuitive, and the software is available via their browser on phones and desktops.

Two, Textedly allows users to send longer texts over the standard 300 character limit offered by TextMagic. You can fit in a lot more copy in your messages without having to pay extra.

Additionally, there is Instagram texting. So you can keep up with customers and promote new products from one central platform.

The service also offers unlimited subscribers at all price plans. At $24/month, it is one of the more affordable options in the market.

Add its compatibility with other business software that your company already uses, and Textedly is undoubtedly one of the better alternatives to TextMagic.

6. Twilio

Flexibility is a huge need for businesses, particularly medium-sized enterprises looking to grow into large-scale operations. As a developer platform for business communications, Twilio is ideal for companies in this category.

Unlike TextMagic, where most, if not all, of the programmable work is beyond the user’s reach, Twilio offers programmable APIs for different functions.

With support for different programming languages, you can modify code samples for SMS functions like reminders, service alters, notifications, and marketing messages.

The Conversation API allows you to create a two-way SMS communication channel with your clients wherever they are.

It is also possible to connect your custom conversation software with other business applications and websites.

With Twilio, you can create your own TextMagic alternative without all the issues you might have with the software.

This flexibility extends to its pricing model too. It uses a pay-as-you-go structure where the cost depends on the destination, carrier, and the type of message you are sending.

What’s more, it comes with volume discounts. The more users you send to, the lesser your cost per text, making it an attractive option for companies with large databases.

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7. SimpleTexting

SimpleTexting is a return to the simple plug-and-play alternatives to TextMagic as an SMS text messaging service. As cloud-based software, you can operate it anywhere via any device.

Aside from that, it comes with all the bells and whistles that make TextMagic an attractive choice. Two-way conversations, analytics to track the performance of your texts and emails, and scheduled and automated texts are some of many.

Additionally, because of its clean and simple dashboard, you can go from launching the program for the first time to executing your first campaign in minutes.

You can upload your subscribers’ list and send a batch of texts by clicking less than five buttons.

However, pricing is where SimpleTexting mainly stands out as a TextMagic alternative. It offers eight different pricing tiers that suit a wide variety of businesses and budgets.

Each one comes with free incoming SMS messages, allowing you to receive texts from your subscribers without extra costs. Churches and non-profit organizations also receive a 15% discount on their fees, and there is a 14-day free trial for everyone.

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8. Heymarket

Heymarket is for you if you want a TextMagic alternative because you want to interact with your customers via other channels besides mobile text.

The text messaging service offers additional channels like Facebook Messenger, Apple Business Chat, Line, and your business’s website.

The Messenger channel is convenient if you have an established Facebook platform and want to keep up with messages from customers from there.

Also, when you create campaigns on Heymarket, you can set time intervals and manually select days when you want to send a message. As a result, your campaign strategy is more dynamic, allowing you to respond to changes in customer demands quickly.

Heymarket is also useful for personnel management, especially for medium-sized businesses with dedicated marketing team members. You can share your inbox and contacts and assign specific clients to employees.

Authorized users can also send private messages via the platform, eliminating a need for a different tool.

The software also integrates with other tools, allowing you to leverage existing data for business growth. HeyMarket’s API integrates with Zapier, HubSpot, Salesforce, and more.

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9. Salesmsg

With a client list that includes CrossFit, Comcast, and The Ritz-Carlton, Salesmsg’s reliability is solid. However, its services are only available in the US and Canada, which is limiting compared to TextMagic’s global reach.

Regardless, for businesses targeted at audiences within those countries, Salesmsg is worth checking out. Besides having several like-for-like features with TextMagic, there is no need to generate a virtual number.

Salesmsg allows you to use your existing landline number to communicate with leads and customers. And if you wish to, you can generate local phone numbers that make your business look local and build trust with prospects.

Like TextMagic and other services, it is easy to use, perhaps a little too easy if you are looking for more flexibility and extra features. There are only four tabs for accessing your inbox, setting up broadcast messages, and managing integrations.

Salesmsg also has a call feature, with the attendant bells and whistles like call forwarding and call recording. There is also a calling analytics feature to track call performances for each team member and phone number.

10. Routee

Business owners who prefer the familiarity of legacy companies will enjoy Routee as an alternative to TextMagic. The SMS marketing company has been around for 20+ years with a client base including Uber, Microsoft, and Western Union.

That history comes with certain advantages, such as a flexible pricing model that is one of the cheapest on the market.

It has a 2000+ carrier network, compared to TextMagic’s 700+, guaranteeing high deliverability to practically anywhere in the world, a valuable benefit for any business with a global outlook.

Routee also integrates with multiple big players in the business solution and eCommerce space. These include Zoho, HubSpot, WooCommerce, Amazon, and WordPress.

Its marketing features consist of support for A/B testing, so you know what SMS copy is working and which isn’t. You can also conduct SMS surveys, allowing you to learn directly from your customers and embedded call features.

These are all available in combination with efficient customer service via email, 24/7 live chat, and phone support.

And while it is easy to use, Routee offers training to new users for the platform via webinars, video tutorials, and rich documentation.

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11. Avochato

Suppose you are considering a TextMagic alternative due to inefficient customer service. In that case, you might find Avochato to be a better option. Several online reviews highlight the company’s customer service.

As for its feature offerings, Avochato is great for businesses with a team system. It has a shared inbox for maintaining real-time conversations with customers and clients.

That also includes support for MMS texts, so you can share product images and attachments when necessary.

There are also automated tags that allow you to understand and segment customers better and assign the right contact to them.

Marketers can gather information from customers and automatically save responses to a contact’s profile. This allows them to deliver tailored promotions and improve the quality of engagements.

It is an advantage that is most apparent when creating campaigns. Instead of blasting impersonal messages to customers, you can create automated campaigns personalized to each member of your audience.

Avochato offers integration with several business communication tools, including Slack and Teams. It also has native Zapier triggers that allow you to connect your inbox to thousands of apps.

12. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 is an SMS marketing service that allows you to do more than send and manage text-based conversations with customers. It is an all-in-one tool with CRM, project management, HR management, and collaboration features.

Its marketing tools allow you to run multiple campaigns across multiple channels, via email, text, or Google, Instagram, and Facebook ads.

Naturally, you can also track the performance of these ads with analytics that measure metrics like bounce rate, open rate, and CTR. The sales analytics also allow you to gain insight into your top-performing channels.

Bitrix24’s broad integration with different platforms also means customer service and marketing teams can chat with customers across multiple IM and social media apps on one platform.

Being a team-oriented software, Bitrix24 is free for unlimited users with access to public and private chats and 5GB of online storage.

Lastly, because it is feature-rich, it can take a minute to master the software. However, Bitrix24 offers videos, webinars, and documentation for self-learning and company-wide training. There is also 24/7 customer support.

13. TextUs

Since there is no shortage of text messaging services, the suitable alternative to TextMagic comes down to what you need. For businesses who want a tool that allows easy communication with customers and between employees, TextUs is a viable option.

A lot of this comes down to its interface. It doesn’t matter whether you are a marketing professional or an HR manager, it is easy to use for everyone. The service uses a tab system with a categorized conversation structure.

You can archive, star, and end conversations, and each one is viewable according to action.

When you open a conversation, there is a sidebar with contact and analytic information on each customer. It gives real-time context to interactions, irrespective of the attending employee.

Additionally, the analytic report is richer with details. You can track different metrics, including the number of sent and received messages, response rate, campaigns sent, and deliverability percentage.

Like TextMagic, TextUs supports multiple users. However, its TextUs Next enterprise features also allow you to set which teams and individuals have access to what.

14. Yotpo

Yotpo is an SMS marketing platform designed specifically for eCommerce stores. As a result, its prized advantage over TextMagic is its integration with major eCommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, Walmart, Facebook, and Instagram.

As a result, you have a wider net for signing up customers to your SMS and email subscribers list.

Another thing, Yotpo has a robust segmentation engine that enables you to design hyper-targeted campaigns for varying customers. Via a singular interface, you can create a campaign that sends different SMS messages based on their purchasing history.

With Yotpo, you can also design automated texts that deliver messages based on real-time events. Instead of automated messages triggered by basic events, you can create texts that respond to each subscriber’s behavior.

These are paired with real-time analytics features that give you key business insights. You will know where your subscribers are coming from and other metrics like revenue, CTR, and ROI for every text you send.

Also, several Yotpo features are available for free for a lifetime, which is better than TexMagic’s pay-as-you-go model.

15. Klaviyo

Like Yotpo, Klaviyo is an all-in-one SMS marketing service designed for eCommerce businesses. It offers reliable and efficient integration with all the major players, from Magento to Shopify and WooCommerce.

It also offers direct integration with other platforms and business software with simple APIs. The service also provides signup forms like TextMagic to capture email subscribers.

Klaviyo goes further by offering an easy-to-install code that lets you read customer behavior on your website. As a result, you can deliver personalized recommendations to customers based on their purchase history.

Another reason to consider Klaviyo is pre-built automation and the option to design your own triggers and replies. Using the service’s A/B testing feature, you can determine the responses that are driving sales and the right purchase signals.

However, while it shares a lot with YotPo as an eCommerce-focused SMS marketing service, it uses the same pricing model as TextMagic. You only have to pay for the email and SMS contacts you need.

There is also a free option for 150 messages for 50 SMS contacts a month.

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SMS marketing is a powerful tool for marketers to connect with leads and customers. With a success rate well into the 80th percentile, it is no surprise that there are many services angling to deliver these returns to businesses.

While TextMagic has proven reliable and amassed a large customer base as a result, for various reasons, there are still a few unsatisfied customers. These 15 services are some of the best alternatives on the market.

Of course, the best doesn’t always mean the right one for your team, but if I had to choose, Brevo is my pick. It strikes the best balance between being a standard SMS messaging service and an all-in-one digital marketing tool.

It is inexpensive, easy to use, works for new and established businesses, and has dependable customer service to resolve any issues.

Whatever you choose, one thing is for sure. There are a lot of great options to pick from.

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