Emuparadise – 15 Best Alternatives in 2024

Nowadays, we have games like Fortnite, Minecraft, Apex Legends, Call of Duty, etc. The list is endless.

No doubt these are fantastic games, but sometimes, all you want to do is play retro games – games produced over twenty years ago.

However, such games are not easily accessible. In addition, most consoles that supported these retro games are long off the market.

You sure can’t play Super Mario Bros on PS5 or XBOX.

With a site like Emuparadise, you could download retro games and even play them online via a virtual console.

Unfortunately, Emuparadise shut down in 2018. While you can still browse and search the site, you can’t download any game.

Nevertheless, there are other sites you can use. Check out some of the best Emuparadise alternatives below.

Best Emuparadise Alternatives

1. The ROM Depot

The ROM Depot was launched in 2018, about the same time Emuparadise shut down.

It’s an ideal Emuparadise alternative for downloading ROMs and game emulators. It also features ISOs but not so many.

You must register and log in to use The ROM Depot. Registration is swift; you only need to choose a username and enter a password.

The site doesn’t request your email, and there’s no verification other than completing a CAPTCHA.

After you log in, you can access the retro games from the “Archive.” It’s the first option on the dashboard, and The ROM Depot has over 340,000 files in its archive.

Like it was on Emuparadise, the files are in alphabetical order, making it easier to find what you want. You can also use the search button.

The ROM Depot features no ads. Users attest that the ROMs and ISOs are clean and free from viruses. In other words, it’s a safe alternative to use.

As a user, you can also upload your own retro game files for others to download. Furthermore, you can make suggestions via the Discussion section.

The ROM Depot has a Discord channel too.

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2. RomUlation

If you need ROMs for games like PSX, PS2, SEGA, and Nintendo consoles, RomUlation is one of the best websites available.

The website may not have many old games like Emuparadise did, but it does feature a lot of console game ROMs that are not popular nowadays. You’ll find over 27,000 of them.

You can simply use the search box to find any game you want or sort the catalog by platform. In total, RomUlation features games for over 16 consoles.

However, RomUlation is a freemium platform – some games are free while others are premium.

Furthermore, you have to create an account. You can create an account by filling out the registration form or signing in with your Google account. Ultimately, you must create an account.

RomUlation uses a point system to limit downloads. It ensures that some users don’t consume excess bandwidth and cause a bad experience for others.

When you sign up, you receive 10,000 points. Each point equals 1 megabyte, and you get 500 points every 24 hours.

You can only get a maximum of 50,000 points for free. Once you reach the limit, you can no longer download unless you become a premium member.

To become a premium member, you either pay $9.99 per month or $19.99 for three months. Note that pricing can change at any time.

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3. The Old Computer

The Old Computer arguably has the largest database of retro game ROMs and emulators. Without a doubt, however, it has a more extensive database than Emuparadise.

It has a database that’s over 4,500 GB in size with more than 461,000 ROMs. You can download emulators for computers, arcade machines, consoles, and mobile devices.

The Old Computer also lets you download box arts, game music, manuals, retro radio audio, and MISC Retro files.

However, unlike Emuparadise, The Old Computer isn’t a 100 percent free website. Only specific and very limited ROMs are available for free. You must pay for a premium subscription to access all the game ROMs.

Nevertheless, The Old Computer isn’t expensive. You only pay a $20 one-time fee to become an unlimited member. Afterward, you can access the games for life.

With an unlimited membership, you can download at unlimited bandwidth speed. In comparison, the speed download limit as a free user is 192 kb per second.

Furthermore, while the free account lets you download a maximum of six files concurrently, you can download up to 25 with an unlimited one.

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4. CDRomance

CDRomance is described as a “digital video game library of retro games.” It’s an ideal Emuparadise alternative if you want retro games from sixth-generation computers and older.

More specifically, the website features 8-bit and 128-bit retro games. You’ll find retro games for DOS, SCUMM, and outdated home computers.

However, unlike Emuparadise, some games on CDRomance are mods. Also, some are fan translations from games in different languages.

You can search for a game on the CDRomance website by its title or ID. Most games on the website are for PSP, PS2, Dreamcast, Gamecube, Saturn, TurboGrafx, and Game Gear consoles, to name a few.

You can download and run these retro games as ROMs and ISOs on different platforms. CDRomance features games for Windows, Linux, Mac, and Android.

Not only games, CDRomance features screenshots for each game, so you can also download ISO images.

The retro games and emulators on CDRomance are free to download. In addition, there are no download limits, unlike some other alternatives.

CDRomance operates in compliance with DMCA. As a result, it’s safe and legal. You won’t be breaking any rules.

Explore more platforms like CDRomance in this post.

5. Romsemulator

It’s clear-cut, from the description, what you get from this website – ROMs and emulators. Romsemulator features an extensive library of retro games, some from third-party partners.

If you need an Emuparadise alternative that’s easy to use and navigate, Romsemulator is one of the best.

You can select games to download directly on the homepage. It features two tabs, one for ROM games and the other for emulator games.

After selecting an emulator, you get a list of all available games ranked according to user ratings. As a result, you can easily download the best games.

Downloading from Romsemulator is seamless. You can download games with a single click, and you only have to wait 10 seconds for the download to begin.

Some popular games on the website include Super Mario Sunshine, Super Smash Bros Melee, Pokemon Black 2, Super Mario 64, and Pokemon Emerald Rom.

The only downside of using Romsemulator, according to some users, is that the website doesn’t feature many game ROMs for GameCube.

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6. Retrostic

Retrostic is an Emuparadise alternative website where you can download emulators, ROMs, and ISOs. The website aims to feature every archived game there ever was.

You can download over 80,000 different games for more than 50 consoles from Retrostic. In addition, Retrostic features over 410 emulators.

The website features direct download links, and as a result, you’ll find downloading easier. There are no annoying ads, viruses, and no .exe files.

You can find games you want using the search button, and you can search in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese. In addition, you can sort the search by category and genre.

Popular emulators on Retrostic include MAME, Nintendo DS, PlayStation 1, and GameBoy Advance.

You can contact the website admins and place a request if you can’t find the game you want. It should be up on the site in no time afterward.

Aside from ROMs, ISOs, and emulators, you can also download ROM Hacks from Retrostic. ROM Hacks are simply user-modified ROM game files. Hence, you can enjoy your retro game with contemporary elements.

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7. Hex Rom

Hex Rom is a good choice if you need retro games for your mobile device. It is more popular among Android users.

However, the website also features ROM games that work on PCs, Macs, and iPhones. In addition to game ROMs, the website also features console ROMs, emulators, and BIOs.

The top consoles available on Hex Rom include GameBoy Advance, Nintendo 3DS, GameBoy Color, Nintendo 64, GameCube, and Super Nintendo.

The top games available include Pokémon, Super Mario, Grand Theft Auto, Ben 10, and Zelda.

While Emuparadise wasn’t hard to navigate, you’ll find Hex Rom is even easier to use. The website loads fast, plus there are no ads.

You can download games and emulators with just two clicks: first, click the download button and then select the device you use.

If you browse the list of consoles and emulators, you can sort the games by genre and region. Hex Rom features retro games from the USA, Japan, Europe, France, Germany, Korea, Italy, and other parts of Europe.

Like Emuparadise, you pay nothing to download retro games from Hex Rom.

Each game features an overview and FAQ section where you can find more details about it, and the website recommends similar games.

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8. Roms Download

Roms Download, also known as Killer Roms, features free retro ROMS mainly for Windows and Android devices.

The website is widespread, with some emulators reaching about 100 million downloads. In total, user downloads are over 500 million.

It also features popular emulators, including Gameboy Advance, Gameboy Color, Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DS, PlayStation, and PlayStation Portable.

From the Roms Download homepage, you can easily select any of the featured popular games and consoles to download.

Download from Roms Download is fast at an average speed of close to 1 MB per second. Each game features the necessary emulator to play. Hence, you can download both from the same page.

You can search for games you want with the search button or by navigating the menu. It’s easy to find the best games and emulators from featured ratings.

Roms Download is a free and safe Emuparadise alternative. You don’t pay for games, and they are free from malware.

Although Roms Download mainly features retro games for Windows and Android devices, you’ll also find games for macOS. However, there are no games for iPhone or other iOS devices.

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9. WowRoms

WowRoms doesn’t feature as many ROM and ISO games and emulators as Emuparadise, but it’s still one of the best alternatives.

You’ll find the most popular emulators, including PlayStation, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Super Nintendo, and many others.

WowRoms feature emulators for consoles, handheld devices, arcades, and computers. The website groups retro games into three main categories: GBA, PSP, and SNES.

However, when searching for ROMs and ISOs, you can sort the list by original releases or in alphabetical order.

Due to the large ads, the website interface isn’t as user-friendly as Emuparadise. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t find it hard to navigate, and you download games with a single click.

After you click the “Download ROM” button, you only need to wait four seconds for your file to start downloading.

You can drop comments on the game pages to interact with other users. These comments offer insights and help you know if a game is worth downloading or not. In addition, WowRoms has an official forum on Disqus.

Aside from ROM and ISO games, WowRoms also feature extras. These extras include Bios files, game magazines, game manuals, and game music.

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10. EmulatorGames

When you visit the EmulatorGames website for the first time, you would think it’s just a blog as the homepage features articles. Far from it, the website features a vast database of ROMs, ISOs, and emulators.

You’ll find all your favorite retro consoles on EmulatorGames. PlayStation Portable, Gameboy Advance, Super Nintendo, Nintendo DS, and GameCube are only some of the available consoles.

The website lists all the available consoles on the left sidebar, and you can click on any to view the available ROM and ISO games. Alternatively, you can enter a keyword in the search bar.

You can download games like Super Mario, Sonic, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ultimate Mortal Kombat, and X-Men, to name a few.

Simply click on “Save Game” from the game page to download. Downloading starts after eight seconds.

However, with EmulatorGames, you don’t always have to download games and emulators to your device. You can also play them online, an option that wasn’t available on Emuparadise.

As mentioned earlier, the website’s homepage features articles. Hence, you can also stay up to date on the latest news about retro games.

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11. RomsPedia

If you need an Emuparadise alternative for downloading retro games on your iPhone, you can use RomsPedia.

The website features free ROMs and emulators. Aside from the iPhone, you can also download retro games for Android, Windows, and Mac. In addition, RomsPedia features BIOS files.

From the RomsPedia website homepage, you get a list of all available ROMs, ranked according to popularity. You can sort the list by selecting a particular emulator.

The featured emulators include MAME, GBA, Dos, BBC Micro, Amiga, Apple, and Atari.

RomsPedia features ads but not the redirecting ones or any that’ll affect your browsing experience. As a result, downloading from RomsPedia is seamless.

You have two download options: fast and slow. Interestingly, both options are free, and you only wait six seconds for downloads to begin.

RomsPedia ROMs are usually in ZIP files, which you’ll have to extract after downloading. On the download page, you’ll find similar games.

Via the tags, you can also browse similar retro games (games from the same publisher, for example).

Downloading BIOS from RomsPedia is even more seamless. There’s only one download option, and the download is immediate; you don’t need to wait for a few seconds.

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12. CoolROM

CoolROM focuses on providing retro games for mobile devices. It’s a recommended Emuparadise alternative if you’re new to ROMs and game emulators.

You’ll find an extensive tutorial on the homepage. The tutorial briefly guides you through the download and installation process; for both games and emulators.

Notably, if you use an iPhone, you can download retro games from CoolROM if your device is jail-broken or not. Other supported devices include Android and Windows Phone.

CoolROM groups emulators according to the device. As a result, the website is seamless to navigate, and you can easily find the game you want.

Furthermore, when you select an emulator, you get different categories. The categories include Top Games By Region, Featured Games, Browse By Letter, Top 25 Downloaded, and Top 25 Rated.

The descriptions plainly explain what you get from each category. You get a list of games and featured screenshots when you click on any category.

Unlike some Emuparadise alternatives on this list, CoolROM doesn’t make you wait before the download begins. It starts once you click the “Download Now” button.

If you don’t want to download the game to your device, there’s an option to save it to Dropbox.

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13. Roms-Hub

Like Emuparadise, you can download ROMs, ISOs, and emulators from Roms-Hub for free. Popular ROM emulators on the website include Amiga 500, Commodore 64, Neo Geo, Nintendo 64, and PlayStation Portable. You can also download BIOS from Roms-Hub.

To download your favorite retro games from Roms-Hub, simply enter a keyword or ROM title in the search bar. You can also browse the menu to select a particular ROM or emulator category.

You get a list of the top games that match your search keyword on the search results page. The list displays their size and ratings. The latter can help you decide if a game is worth downloading or not.

However, Roms-Hub has a notable downside. Although you don’t pay to download retro games from the website, you must wait 20 seconds for your download to begin.

Nevertheless, there are other upsides aside from the vast retro game database. In particular, Roms-Hub features a blog and a comprehensive guide to using ROMs and emulators on its homepage.

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14. RomsDownload.net

Here’s another Emuparadise alternative you can use if what you need are retro games for mobile devices. It’s also one of the best for easy navigation.

Like many other websites on this list, RomsDownload features a quick search bar. Simply enter your ROM title and click the search icon to find the game you want.

However, on the homepage, you get a list of popular consoles. The list features GameBoy ROMs, Super Nintendo ROMs, Nintendo DS ROMs, and PlayStation ISOs, to name a few.

Below the list of popular consoles is a list of popular games. Hence, you don’t always have to search; you can uncover the best games others are downloading.

You can sort the game list by genre and region. While there are many genres available, there are only three regions: Europe, Japan, and the USA.

RomsDownload features a redirecting ad before downloading. However, you don’t pay for the games, and you only wait five seconds before the download begins. You can also share the game on Facebook or Twitter for your friends to download.

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15. Edge Emulation

With Edge Emulation, you not only get a website for downloading retro games, but you also get a retro browsing experience.

The website’s interface, typeface, and colors look like the screen of a 1980s computer. It’s void of ads or any other page element except text.

You can find the game you want by sorting the list of available consoles on the homepage. Alternatively, you can browse the featured game categories.

You get a list of random games and top downloaded goals for each category.

Edge Emulation is arguably the best Emuparadise alternative for instant downloading. There’s no download button.

Simply click the game you want from the list, and the download begins immediately.

Bottom Line

Emuparadise was once an in-vogue website for downloading ROMs, ISOs, and game emulators. Currently, you can’t download 1 kb of anything on the website.

However, this doesn’t spell the end of downloading retro games. You can still download the best retro ROMs, ISOs, and emulators from any of these Emuparadise alternatives.

Overall, The ROM Depot is the recommended option. The website is exclusive, safe, and has an engaging user community.

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