17 Best Games Like Factorio 2024

Factorio is a factory construction and survival game. The game’s premise is deceptively straightforward, but the gameplay is deep and allows for a high degree of customization.

You crash-landed on an alien planet and need to figure out how to build a rocket to escape it. At the same time, you need to deal with the locals. They are not too happy about you dropping uranium in their water supply and everything else you build.

Factorio requires you to use your imagination to combine simple elements into innovative structures. You also need to manage its operations and protect it from creatures who don’t like you.

This game also allows multiplayer modes so that you can join forces with your friends for a more social experience. And if you need to make alterations for a unique game experience, you can even mod the game.

But the negative side of Factorio is that there are not enough tutorials on how game mechanics work for new players. Another main concern for players, according to the Factorio forum, is that the game lacks full rendering in 3D. As a result, a lot of the detail is lost when players zoom out from their creations.

Fortunately, several alternatives to this game exist with the same concept but are now more developed in terms of graphics, tutorials, and maps. Here are some of the best games like Factorio:

Best Games Like Factorio

1. Mindustry

My first recommendation for games like Factorio is Mindustry. If you are a Factorio fan, you’ll love this game. In fact, gamers have nicknamed this game “Factorio-lite” because of its similarities with Factorio.

However, it has an increased focus on the tower defense elements since you need to build conveyors to fit armor into your turrets while making strategic placements of towers to deter enemies from destroying your base.

At the surface, what you see in Mindustry is a lot of conveyor belts, factories, and things flowing from one thing to another. But such is the gameplay loop of games like this. While Factorio is an open-world game, Mindustry is level-based.

There’s a handful of different scenarios you can find yourself in – each of them with various configurations of diverse materials that you can find on the map. This configuration of materials will dictate what you want to take down to the planet and which technology you have available.

Mindustry has simple visuals, crisp sound, and textures that work well together. At $6, it is also cheaper than Factorio.

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2. Satisfactory

Another game like Factorio, but in 3D, is Satisfactory.

Satisfactory is an open-world game focused on factory building, combat, and exploration. You can enjoy this game alone or with friends – where you explore an alien world, build factories at different altitudes, or over vast plains.

Initially, it seems Satisfactory is just a 3D version of Factorio. But when you start diving into everything this game offers, you can tell that it is much more. For instance, Satisfactory is focused more on exploration and gives you a kind of immersion that Factorio can’t compete against.

But this game is more than just exploration – or else it wouldn’t have made this list. You can also automate your factories and build mines and harvesting modules.

What’s more, Satisfactory has a vehicle feature that ensures you explore in style. Trucks, factory carts, or trains – you choose!

The potential of Satisfactory is immense. Apart from minor bugs, which is typical in early access games, it is a fantastic alternative. The developers are also working hard to release new content regularly to make it even more attractive.

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3. Hydroneer

Hydroneer is a mining sandbox game where you dig for gold and other precious resources. This first-person, open-world game also involves setting up water pipelines and automation systems.

In Hydroneer, you can also goof off and engage in activities like fishing, which is not the major highlight of the game, but it feels good to give yourself a break now and then from your mining activities.

Hydroneer offers a modular construction system for building hydroelectric and mechanical structures. You can also construct hydro pipeline networks and control pressure, making resources, weapons, and jewelry. Build the base of operations according to your specifications to maximize efficiency.

One of the upsides of Hydroneer is that it is also a cheaper alternative to Factoria.

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4. Kubifaktorium

If you prefer a more explicitly base builder or colony scene type element, Kubifaktorium may be of interest. The main difference between this game and Factorio (and other games on this list) is that you actually see your workers going about their lives and working on projects.

In Kubifaktorium, you oversee the growth of a settlement. Besides the many biomes to investigate, the game features plenty of resources to explore, complicated transportation systems and automation to build, and intriguing production chains to master.

Those who gather resources grow crops, and craft tools and weapons are the core of your colony.

Maintaining your colony’s efficiency requires managing your colonists’ skills and needs. There is no one-size-fits-all colonist. The colonists each have distinct abilities and skills that evolve with their work.

With the growth of your colony and the production of your products, transporting the resources you need becomes more difficult.

Kubifaktorium is rendered in 3D, and also less pricier than Factorio. That’s a big plus for a game with so much to offer.

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5. Shapez.io

Not a fan of combat and just want to build factories? Shapez.io is an excellent choice.

Shapez.io is logistics-based. Unlike Factorio, you don’t cost any resources. All you do is build factories and more factories. Your goal is to keep creating and accomplishing what the missions demand.

It starts relatively easy, and you might go into the game wondering, “Is this game really worth it?” This is because the game starts you off with just a barebone set of tools and things you can do.

As you complete each mission and concentrate on the resources you need to upgrade things, you will become overwhelmed with the number of factories and tools necessary to create an efficient stream of vast and varying shapez.

Shapez.io is a chill, relaxing game -so if you’re like me and just want to build your factories free of confrontation – get this game at $4.

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6. Automation Empire

Automation Empire is among the best games like Factorio.

This game allows you to build complex industrial networks of factories and mines. Use conveyors, trains, trucks, and drones to transport and maximize your production.

Automation Empire is a traditional base builder. It also features resources, buildings, and research options. There is no player avatar, but it’s easier to get started.

As you discover new technology, you can upgrade your facility with the power of your extracted resources. As you advance in your engineering pursuits, you’ll gain access to advanced automated machines and systems that will increase your production capability.

Automation Empire is rendered in 3D, so its graphics are of higher quality. The only complaint by fans is that the developers ended the game on their own terms.

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7. Factory Town

Another game that doesn’t have you worrying about enemies or combat and has a 3D advantage over Factorio is Factory Town.

Just like Kubifaktorium, there are workers on-screen to gather the resources. After quickly gaining the ability to build conveyor belts – that’s where the fun begins.

You have crews who assist you in moving products between production facilities and markets. However, it makes sense to use mechanical systems to automate as much of their work as possible. Use conveyor belts, fitters, gravity-powered chutes, railroads, and sorters to organize items.

Factory Town is also reasonably priced at $10. Overall, it is an appealing alternative with many of the same elements as other games like Kubifaktorium.

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8. Automachef

Tired of building factories? Yeah, me too!

How do you feel about building kitchens….for a robotic fast-food tycoon who believes he is human?

That should be interesting. And Automachef doesn’t disappoint.

This game has you building an automated robotic kitchen that lets you cook and serve food quickly and efficiently.

I recommend this game, especially if you are new to this sub-genre. In contrast to Factorio, it has a level-based structure where you take on specific missions of increasing difficulty. Plus, the difficulty curve of Automachef is also not too overwhelming.

This game has a nice look and theme, too, so you won’t be bored with the gameplay.

In addition, Automachef offers computers that are programmable in assembly code. It works through a visual editor that allows other machines, like robotic arms, to do whatever you wish.

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9. Dyson Sphere Program

Dyson Sphere Program is an early access factory automation game that has gained a lot of acceptance.

In this game, you are attempting to build a Dyson sphere, a sci-fi mega-structure that attempts to encompass a star to harness its energy. Your job is to fly to different planets, create, and link them together.

A different universe appears each time you play the game: your playthrough will be completely different. Stars, planets, and resources will vary in type and distribution.

In the campaign, you play as a space engineer who has to establish an interstellar factory and production line.

You must form teams to transport materials from one planet to another, gathering resources, and transporting them to where they are needed.

With conveyor belts, you’ll be able to transport your resources between facilities, and you’ll be able to automatically fit your buildings into the grid during construction.

In both prices and rendering quality, Dyson Sphere Program outshines Factorio.

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10. Prison Architect

If you are looking for a city builder game with an extra twist, then Prison Architect is for you.

Prison Architect is one of the most detailed city-building games you are likely to play. This game will make you never want to end up behind bars.

It is not necessarily a hyper-realistic game, but the developers did an incredible job, covering as many aspects of running a prison as possible.

You are the warden of your prison. Invest in optimizing your compound, but don’t restrict crowd flow to avoid floods, fires, fights, or full-blown riots.

With federal resources, you can work against combating gang activities, infestation, and other complex issues that can disrupt your prison.

Don’t forget to invest in muscle and therapy programs to instill discipline and order among the prisoners.

To make the experience more engaging, Prison Architect has add-ons with scenarios like Going Green, Cleared for Transport, Island Bound, and more that’ll give you plenty of challenges and adventures to play through.

Prison Architect has a sort-of, almost hidden 3D mode that gives it an edge over Factorio in terms of rendering quality.

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11. Autonauts

Autonauts is a game similar to Factorio that takes place in space. Autonauts is a game about building and creating the world of your dreams.

With Scratch-style programming, you create bots, instruct them to work, and nurture an agricultural paradise of industry and enlightenment. The game’s purpose is to build the most prosperous colony conceivable.

Many exciting features in Autonauts will keep you glued to your game screen. These features include ventures with limited opportunities to colonize and optimize, playful programming with an easy learning curve, charming creativity for creating a unique play space, and excellent automation.

If you love Factorio but want something more detailed than just tilling soil or mining ore, then Autonauts is perfect!

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12. Gunsmith

Gunsmith is a strategy game in which the player controls a hapless gunsmith, who must first buy and repair his wares, then sell them to other players. The game has been praised for its bright colors and solid 3D graphics.

The tight and responsive controls feature a treasured gun made from parts stored in inventory slots.

Gunsmith is a strategy game where you have to manage an arms manufacturing factory. Your job is to materialize and upgrade your weapons, allowing you to use them during battle. This means you need to collect raw material, create guns, and upgrade them to become more efficient in combat.

You will also have to deal with law enforcement agencies and other players who want to take over your facilities, steal your inventories, etc.

Factorio is a much more complicated game where you can’t just control an entire factory-like in Gunsmith. You must build factories and mines, plow fields, and simultaneously set up transportation networks.

The most significant difference between Factorio and Gunsmith games is that the latter is about building weapons and robots, while the former focuses on AI and automation.

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13. Infinifactory

Infinifactory is a game about building industrial robots. As a master engineer, you’ll be responsible for creating robots that can design and produce items, explore dark underground caverns, and solve puzzles.

It is built on the premise that you can make anything using the right combination of construction bots, raw materials, and energy. When compared to Factorio, Infinifactory has a considerably stronger puzzle emphasis.

Resources are arriving at a set rate, and you must process them efficiently. The resources you gather will be put to good use in your factory complex, where they will be processed into items that can be used to expand your facilities or improve existing ones.

Your factory collapses if it’s not solid. There are different modes for construction and running, and items cannot be moved on the fly.

You need to construct a self-contained system for consuming inputs and creating outputs. It’s a lot closer to writing code and working with Minecraft Redstone.

The most significant difference between the two games is the experience. In Factorio, there is a sense of constant growth, conquering obstacles, and integrating ever greater complexity into your factory.

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14. Stormworks: Build and Rescue

Stormworks is a base-building game like Factorio that allows you to create and venture into the vast open world as an air-sea rescue pilot. It gives you a unique chance to approach everything from an entirely new viewpoint.

Beyond ships and submarines, Stormworks’ customization lets you design your scripts and build original scenarios that you can play with other gamers.

You’ll need to use your creativity to make new vehicles, fix damaged ones, and tackle dangerous storms while managing each pilot’s stamina level as they work through demanding missions.

For those looking for a game like Factorio with expanded mechanics, Stormworks’ immersive physics simulation lets you craft and pilot your air and sea rescue vehicles.

It also has a variety of difficulty settings, a tight-knit community, Steam Workshop compatibility, and a robust set of building tools.

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15. OpenTTD

A game based on the famous “Transportation Tycoon Deluxe,” OpenTTD has been around since 2004 and already has a vast library of cars, trains, and so on. A must-play if you like the genre (or if you just enjoy transport games).

OpenTTD is a turn-based strategy game where you control the railway traffic, providing passenger and freight transport to cities, towns, and villages. By experimenting with different policies and building your railways wisely, you can amass a vast fortune!

You leverage a land, sea, and rail network to convey people and goods across lengthy spans of road, rail, ocean, and air to make money.

People who wish to develop their problem-solving abilities to new levels and maximize their brain’s capacity can try this.

In addition, OpenTTD focuses on transportation. OpenTTD has many more features (bridges, tunnels, terrain modifications, essential signals, path-based signals, entry/exit signals, etc.) while Factorio has only train-logic (block vs. chain signals).

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16. Space Haven

Space Haven is for you if you want a game with a good storyline. Space Haven might be the game for you if you’re not down with being stranded on a planet but still want to play an RPG.

Space Haven is an open-world, sandbox survival game set in the not-too-distant future. Space Haven combines a deep, vibrant combat system with a sophisticated crafting system.

The game allows you to build and maintain your spacecraft, man it with robots and humans, and battle enemy vessels to control space lanes.

With its role-playing feature, the game will enable you to be whoever you want. You have the option to be a pirate, slave trader, alien hunter, or a force for good.

You’ll also have to find food and shelter, build shelters, store and repair your gear, manage your inventory, and craft new gear.

Like Factorio, the game provides incredible opportunities for building bases. You can make your ship tile-by-tile and fine-tune the placement of doors, walls, and hulls. In addition, come up with new plans to survive while working your time in real-time.

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17. RimWorld

RimWorld is a sci-fi colony sim featuring intergalactic colonization of a procedurally generated planet. You will face challenges like hostile wildlife, hunger and thirst, alien diseases, and galactic conflagrations.

Like Factoria, you’re an explorer on a quest to build a colony on an alien planet. But you’ll also need to build bases, craft tools and weapons, research alien technologies, grow crops, and fend off hostile creatures while forging alliances with other colonists or opposing factions.

The player’s goal in this game is to ensure the longevity of his colony and its inhabitants. The game also includes combat against unknown threats that will harm your colony.

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Wrapping Up

I think the best game like Factorio is Satisfactory.

Here’s why; Satisfactory offers everything you can find in Factorio, including automating factories, protecting your base against enemies, and more – in 3D. That’s undoubtedly an upgrade for Factorio!

The incredible thing about Satisfactory is that it is a game still in early access, but it is already going toe-to-toe with Factorio. This game has sold over three million copies as of February this year.

The potential is unlimited when you consider that its developers will continue to add features to the game. It also has a decent price point.

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